Why 96% of Enterprises Face AI Training Data Issues


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Walmart Associates Train For Black Friday With Virtual Reality


To enhance the training of its employee associates, Walmart is investing in virtual reality (VR) to help employees experience retail situations like the Black Friday rush. Retail Black Friday employee training News Oculus virtual reality walmart What's Hot

More Sales Training? Think Again

MZ Bierly Consulting, Inc.

So what if you allocated more of your sales training budget to your bank’s sales managers, taking some of what you currently spend on programs for your front-line sales team and investing more in their coaches? Sales management training is an afterthought, usually included after the Training Director or outside consultants insist on a (very abbreviated) Executive Overview so that sales managers “know what’s being discussed” in the sales training sessions.

Can Banks Get On The Super App Train?


Here’s some bad but potentially motivating news about banks: So far, they are missing out on an emerging opportunity to get into the “super app” game, which is shaping up to be one of the biggest focuses of payments and retail innovation in the 2020s.

Alexa Researchers Reveal Pros Of NTTS Training On Multiple Speakers


The study revealed in tests involving 70 listeners that a model trained on 5,000 utterances from seven different speakers resulted in more natural-sounding speech than one that was trained on 15,000 utterances from a single speaker.

Easy Ways BSA Officers Can Get Their Required Training


Ongoing training is at the very heart of a satisfactory Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) compliance program in financial institutions. And beyond those events, it can be tricky to find affordable training that doesn’t require a costly new membership or subscription.

Walmart To Offer VR Training For All Employees


Walmart has announced it’s expanding it virtual reality (VR) employee training and development program to its more than 1 million associates in the U.S. Starting next month, four Oculus VR headsets will be sent to every Walmart supercenter and two units to every Neighborhood Market and discount store, giving every associate access to the same training that managers and department managers receive at the Walmart U.S.

Fitness Subscriptions Stretch To Bring Personal Training Home


Livekick delivers real-time personal training through video on devices ranging from phones to laptops and tablets, or streamed to a smart television. Trainers go through a rigorous training process for providing live, equipment-free workouts via video.

APIs is all about trains, ships and standards

Chris Skinner

It was a fun meeting and covered the in’s and out’s of closed versus open APIs, the implications of allowing Trusted Third Parties (TTPs) access to the bank’s … The post APIs is all about trains, ships and standards appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. We had a meeting of the Financial Services Club in Oslo last night, talking about the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and Open APIs (Application Program Interfaces).

Riding The Blockchain Train, Together


Blockchain has come a long way over that last few years. Since bursting onto the scene as the rails guiding the fast-growing and mysterious cryptocurrency known as bitcoin, blockchain has become an accepted and important part of the financial infrastructure.

Amazon Launches Job Training Program In Seattle


Amazon is partnering with nonprofit organization FareStart to launch a job training program in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. The initiative will also bring five new eateries to Seattle, which will serve as the training location for those enrolled in the program and help people in entry-level foodservice jobs attain the skills needed to earn a higher income. Amazon’s generous support will help us train more people to fill those vacant positions.”.

Storage App Used Photos To Train Facial Recognition Software


A popular photo app called Ever, which was ostensibly used for cloud storage of photos, has been using customer pictures to train facial recognition AI software, according to a report by CNBC. Some users were not aware their photos were being used to train an artificial intelligence program.

3 Steps for Creating a Bank Sales Training Course

Bank Innovation

A simple walkthrough on creating a bank sales training course. See how to train and assess communication skills through dialogue simulations. Sponsored Technology simulation TalkMaster

Course 151

Comerica Bank Turns to Virtual Reality to Train Employees

Bank Innovation

Comerica Bank’s innovation team thinks so, which is why the bank is using virtual reality to train its employees, or “dabbling in futurism,” as Geoff Novak, Comerica’s senior technology and innovation executive, calls it. “A

Cubic Expands Contactless Payment System To Sydney Trains


Cubic Corporation announced Monday (November 26) that its Cubic Transportation Systems unit and Transport for New South Wales will expand the contactless payment system to cover Sydney’s train network.

Credit Unions Jump On The FI-FinTech Collaboration Train


One of the biggest ways FinTech firms have been able to gain a competitive edge on traditional banks, for small business (SMB) customers, is through relationship-building. Banks are shuttering their physical branch locations at the fastest pace in years, according to The Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ).

International Train Service Eurostar Adds Google Pay Support


The train connects the U.K. High-speed rail service Eurostar is adding Google Pay support to its service in an effort to reduce the usage of paper tickets, according to reports. With the Google Pay tickets feature, customers using Google Pay on an Android 5.1

Target Trains Its Bullseye On Millennials With ‘Smartly’ Brand


Target is rolling out a new discount brand, dubbed Smartly, intended to appeal to millennials. The line will include the kinds of household essentials that they might need in their apartments or starter homes, like dish soap and toilet paper.

Ethics and Compliance Training: It’s Getting Better All the Time


For those of us who work in Corporate America, whether it be at a financial institution or any other company, ethics and compliance training is a familiar, and often mundane, part of our job responsibilities. Training historically has been designed to ‘check the boxes’ and provide the required information but rarely does it engage the. The post Ethics and Compliance Training: It’s Getting Better All the Time appeared first on Deluxe FS.

JPMorgan commits $350M to job training programs


JPMorgan Chase said it wants to improve training for technology-related jobs and help community college programs. Recruiting Artificial intelligence Machine learning Robotics Training JPMorgan Chase MITThe five-year initiative is one of several the company has announced in recent years in the name of community development.

Capital One Trains Virtual Assistant Eno To Be Proactive with New Tax Feature

Bank Innovation

Most virtual assistants are reactive, but Capital One is training its virtual assistant, Eno, to be proactive, according to Ken Dodelin, VP of conversational AI products at the bank.

Security awareness trainings to become important as cybersecurity breaches increase

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Security awareness training will become an increasingly important part of enterprise cybersecurity practice, according to Juniper Research

Goldman Sachs’ Cybersecurity Training Utilizes War Games


Goldman Sachs is using cyber security war games so that its technology staff will better learn how to fight and prevent threats that could harm the bank and its clients. According to the Financial Times , Goldman is the first financial institution to sign up with U.K.-based based Immersive Labs , which offers learning tests and war games on cyber threats.



In exchange for your email, Tony will send you a short sales training video a week for a... The post FREE SALES TRAINING! Tony Morris, one of the UK’s leading sales trainers, has offered potential clients an amazing deal.

Training matters. High-impact training matters more.

CU Insight

The right training unifies a credit union: employee-to-employee and branch-to-branch , enhancing member experiences at every level. But, not all training is equal in quality and effectiveness. What credit unions should consider is training that gains a unified base of knowledge , creating a common vision and shared strategies, practices and expectations. Only proper training can do all that. Training should stress how internal support for members is paramount.

Today In Data: Jumping On A Fast-Moving Digital Payments Train


The trouble with a fast-moving train, however, is that jumping on and holding on can be tricky – and consumers and businesses can sometime struggle to be fully aware and caught up on those advances.

Retail Pulse: Nike Opens Digital-Powered Flagship; Walmart Taps VR Tech For Training


Big brands are opening big stores in big cities, but Nike is taking a decidedly digital approach with its New York City flagship: that is, the customer payment and shopping experience in the new space is powered by mobile technology.

Idea Exchange: Bloomberg and Reuters financial journalism training


Bloomberg: The Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa Financial Journalism Training program has resumed. After four years of training financial journalists in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria, the BMIA now moves on to Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal.

Can The Insurance Industry Get Aboard The Faster Payments Train?


When Hurricane Matthew’s Category 5 bluster wreaked havoc on U.S. homeowners this fall, thousands were forced to seek shelter far from home, only to later return and find their homes destroyed or severely damaged by the storm.

Marketplace Sellers Drive Amazon’s Q2 Profit Train


Another quarterly earnings reports, another rush of pleased Amazon investors hurrying to boost the stock in after-hours trading — Amazon stock jumped 4.1 percent in after-hours trading, despite notching the rare miss on revenue expectations. Profit expectation doubled analysts’ forecasts, which helped instill confidence, as did continued strength in the Amazon Web Services business and emerging strength of its advertising business. Moreover, R.J.

Merchants Hop Aboard The (OmniReadi) Train


Merchants of all shapes and sizes are going after omnireadiness at full throttle these days. According to the Q4 2016 PYMNTS OmniReadi Index™ , being OmniReadi is no longer a priority for just the top-performing merchants.

Oh Crap! Potty Training Book Review & Summary

Money Crashers

Potty training can feel overwhelming. Many parents get downright stressed about potty training, and for good reason: this is the first time you’re teaching your young child something that has to be done in a very specific order, with a very specific outcome. Potty Training Book Review & Summary is a post from Money Crashers.

Oh Crap! Potty Training Book Review & Summary

Money Crashers

Potty training can feel overwhelming. Many parents get downright stressed about potty training, and for good reason: this is the first time you’re teaching your young child something that has to be done in a very specific order, with a very specific outcome. Potty Training Book Review & Summary is a post from Money Crashers.

Studies Link Training to Innovation in the Workplace

ABA Community Banking

Recent data on training and how it relates to innovation draws a few interesting conclusions Bank Performance Financial Research Human Resources Feature Management Financial Trends Performance Tech Management Feature3. 1Management

What it takes to train the modern workforce

CU Insight

Obviously, workplace training will be essential to achieving objectives around skills enhancement for the AI era. Change is happening too fast, and training strategies have to evolve to keep up. . The post What it takes to train the modern workforce appeared first on CUInsight.

Using Algorithmic Models To Train Your Bank Staff

Banker to Banker

One problem with training bank staff is the proverbial “Man with a hammer syndrome.” The problem is that bank staff needs to be trained with new mental (or physical) models so that they have more tools than just a hammer.

Why Training Matters When It Comes To Selling In Financial Services

Perficient Financial Servies

Properly trained employees can help keep companies regulatory-compliant, increase sales, and gain the trust of customers and prospects. Financial services companies should have established standard operating procedures and training materials for all levels of employees, with oversight by managers. These training materials should stress the importance of ethical practices and provide employees with clear details regarding what is considered good or bad conduct.

Merchants Hop Aboard The Mobile (Optimized) Train For Conversion Success


Amazon has really trained us,” Barker said. And now, with the rollout of Amazon Prime Now, which delivers products in a day’s time at no extra cost to Prime members, the retail giant is training consumers to believe that they should get products as quickly as possible without having to pay for them, he said. “It’s Keeping hands off a mobile phone, it appears, is no easy feat.

Amazonian warriors’ bows trained on banks

Matt Wilcox Pro

A recent Fiserv survey confirms—among other insights—that trust remains a primary driver behind the public’s preference for bona fide banks over non-bank alternatives.

Confidence Trumps Sales Training EVERY Time

The Emmerich Group

Thousands of bank executives are waking up saying, “SALES training! It’s SALES training we need.” Sales training is fine, but it’s NOT what you need to solve your problem and create a sustainable solution. You don’t have a sales training issue…you have a confidence issue.

Is tech training different from other types of training?

CU Insight

When first asked if technology training differs much from the other types of training credit unions tend to do, Dixie Abramian, CME, CSE, responds, “not necessarily. The post Is tech training different from other types of training?

Fintech Media Training 101: Three Tips to Nail Your Next Interview

William Mills

As an agency, we have had the opportunity to train hundreds of executives and there are a few tips that go a long way toward ensuring that an upcoming media interview converts into great media coverage: Public Relations

4 reasons your employees are bored by training

CU Insight

If the word “training” elicits a collective deep sigh among your employees, you’re not alone. There’s a reason most people dread traditional training activities. Traditional training assets (e.g. THE FIX: Modern training companies have developed a solution.