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FTC, Florida reach $150,000 settlement with Chargebacks911

Payments Dive

The Federal Trade Commision and Florida had sued the company for using deceptive tactics to prevent consumers from disputing credit card charges.

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Florida weighs cashless ban

Payments Dive

Lawmakers in the state are considering legislation that would require merchants to accept cash payments.

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Predatory Loan Prevention Bill Introduced in Florida to Codify “True Lender” Analysis

CFPB Monitor

Florida SB 146, a bill that would add a “Predatory loan prevention” section to the Florida Consumer Finance Act has been introduced in the Florida Senate, seeking to curb bank-model lending programs and codify a “true lender” analysis with language similar to legislation enacted in Minnesota and other states within the past three years.

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Florida Officials Soft-Pedal Notion Of Vaccine Tourism


Scuttlebutt is circulating that Florida — among the first states to open COVID-19 vaccines to anyone over 65 — is getting a rush of medical tourists seeking vaccinations, the Associated Press reported on Thursday (Jan. They get medical care in Florida. We are seeing lines all across the state of Florida. The state has seen 1.5

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Bitcoin ATM operators to benefit from pending Florida legislation

ATM Marketplace

In a move that is sure to please owners of Bitcoin ATMs, Florida legislators have voted to clarify the state's position on cryptocurrency sales. This means that soon, crypto assets can be bought and sold between two parties in the Sunshine State without fear of regulatory repercussions.

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Florida Retail Reopening Fails To Draw Consumers


Retail reopening events continued to draw light foot traffic on Monday, as Florida joined Texas in allowing non-essential stores to reopen. Florida granted permission for stores to reopen Monday (May 4), the first phase of a return from the coronavirus lockdown. Meanwhile the digital shift momentum continues to draw new infrastructure.

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Florida bank finds a new credit union buyer

American Banker

Innovations Financial Credit Union is purchasing First National Bank Northwest Florida, taking the place of Harvesters Credit Union, which terminated its 2022 deal to acquire the bank.

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