Reliance Industries Rolls Out Online Shopping Platform


As it aims to tap into its massive digital subscriber base to take on worldwide eCommerce companies, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries is launching an early version of its online retail offering. Retail ecommerce india mobile app News online shopping Reliance Industries What's Hot

Walmart Canada Eyes Cannabis Industry


” Earlier this year, Constellation Brands , which owns Robert Mondavi, Corona and Svedka, took a stake in Canada’s Canopy Growth — an up-and-coming player in the blooming marijuana industry. “It’s Retail canada Cannabis Cannabis Industry News walmart What's Hot

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Why the insurance industry should prioritize digital payments

Mobile Payments Today

The insurance industry needs to consider how their payments technologies match up with increasingly disruptive trends in the financial services space

Bank Of England Mulls Blockchain Amid ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’


The digital revolution comes to the land where the industrial revolution was born? B2B Payments B2B Bank of England banking Banking Circle Blockchain cross-border payments digital industrial revolution Ixaris News Ripple SABB Virtual IBAN

How mobile payments are changing the restaurant industry

Mobile Payments Today

Mobile payment acceptance is leading to rapid change in the restaurant industry, impacting everything from credit card use to delivery and online ordering as well as customer loyalty

Payments’ Role In The Fourth Industrial Revolution


If you look across the technology industry and the payments industry, the pace and movement of change is accelerating,” Mike Kresse, division executive for card and money movement at FIS , recently told PYMNTS in an interview.

Vietnam’s Vingroup To Exit Retail For Industrial, Tech Focus


18) it will be exiting from its retail business to focus on becoming a technology and industrial company. The withdrawal from retail reaffirms Vingroup’s determination to become a leading industrial and technology services corporation,” the company stated.

Ouai Prepares For Ulta Beauty Store Rollout; Reliance Industries Launches Retail Service


Reliance Industries is launching an early version of its online retail offering as it aims to tap into its massive digital subscriber base to take on worldwide eCommerce companies. Retail Bazaarvoice Glossier News Ouai Reliance Industries Retail Pulse Ulta Beauty United Parcel Service

China Beats Growth Expectations In Retail, Industry


As government support backed demand in the second-biggest economy in the world, growth in the retail and industrial sectors of China came out ahead of estimates in November. Industrial production increased 6.2

LA Looks To Boost Taxi Industry With Rideshare-esque Revamp


As Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing companies continue to prosper, California is seeing a reckoning with the question of their need for regular taxis. To fight back against the dominance of ridesharing apps, the City of Los Angeles is enacting sweeping changes to its taxi system.

What's the future of the ATM industry?

ATM Marketplace

The sixth edition of the ATM Future Trends report, which includes the results of an extensive survey and industry insights from ATM thought leaders, is available

Uber Freight Gains Share Of $796B Trucking Industry


The trucking industry generated $796 billion in revenue last year, while the global ride-hailing market was valued at just $36 billion in 2017. The city has always been at the heart of the global transportation industry, and we’re eager to continue that legacy.”.

Imperial Brands Moves Into Cannabis Industry


Imperial has a strong portfolio of intellectual property in the vaping space, which has substantial overlap with the cannabis industry, and it’s found a sensible partner to help seize the commercial opportunity without taking substantial risk,” said Nico von Stackelberg, an analyst at Liberum.

Rebeca Romero Rainey: Community service is at our industry’s heart

Independent Banker

When I think back on that theme and look at the banks profiled in this issue for their outstanding community service, I’m reminded yet again how unique our industry truly is. Community banking is not a one-size-fits-all industry! Columns From the President & CEO Industry Insight“Community service is a timeless tradition that’s core to every community bank.”. By Rebeca Romero Rainey, President and CEO, ICBA.

How Faster Pay Fuels the Trucking Industry


It’s a very capital-intensive industry,” Carlgren noted. “So, Factors can stand out among the competition by specializing in particular industries and offering invoice management supports. . “If

Can Crypto Change The Music Industry?


Others, however, have complained that a million listens on a streaming service are worth about $100 to the writer of the song, once the music industry has taken its cut. Out of The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week — and with several high-profile artists and a few million new dollars in funding — music industry blockchain startup Vezt has recently captured an awful lot of mainstream attention.

Advancing Innovation in the Global Financial Services Industry

Insights on Business

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and cybersecurity are poised to transform the financial services industries. Perhaps no industry more than finance is more concerned about maintaining data privacy. IBM RegTech Innovations.

Artificial Intelligence: How AI is changing the banking industry

Mobile Payments Today

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in banking can be used to establish more meaningful conversations with customers by solving real problems and managing finances

When IoT And The Automotive Industry Collide


The automotive industry just had a head-on collision — with technology. He explained that the automotive industry is the one place where the concepts of IoT can be made very real to the mass market — where they will be able to see it, understand it and really feel its impact. With the onset of the IoT and a greater focus on innovation, it’s clear the automotive industry is quickly moving toward the opportunity for greater efficiency, McCammon said.

How Pay Advances Affect The Retail Industry


Though retainers or deposits are commonplace in highly skilled industries, it hasn’t been the norm among gig workers, especially among unskilled industries like transportation and arts and entertainment. This study looks at how the desire for pay advances differs by industry.

FDA Warns Of Cybersecurity Risk In Healthcare Industry


And the software may be used in a wide array of industrial and medical devices. As a result, the software may be incorporated into a variety of medical and industrial devices that are still currently in use.

Blockchain Startups Fine-Tune The Music Industry


Startups specializing in blockchain may have their eye on disrupting the $15 billion music industry. According to Forbes , the music industry stands to benefit greatly from the use of blockchain technology. These inefficient intermediaries leave the industry in a position where it is ripe for disruption. The mainstream channels for music distribution in the industry face two major challenges: payments and accessibility.

CBD And Cannabis Industries Attract Payments And Compliance Players


When it comes to the new and emerging legal cannabis industry – along with the closely related trade in CBD products – payments and compliance issues, as one can imagine, have tremendous importance, and companies are striving to get into the game via those angles.

Post-Equifax Breach, Security Industry Shockwaves And Tremors


PYMNTS asked nine executives from a cross-section of the payments industry for their thoughts on how Equifax changes everything, and how it doesn’t. Sometimes events in the payments world are seismic ones.

How Smaller Grocers Are Keeping Pace With Big Food Industry Changes


Industry conglomerates like Kroger , Walmart and Amazon are driving innovation in the grocery space, embracing eCommerce and diving into the waters of supply chain and logistics innovation. Food is big business.

The Grocery Industry’s Self-Driving Future


From connected cars to smart ovens, the Intelligence of Things (IoT) ecosystem is projected to grow into every area of consumer life by the end of 2019. Overall spend on IoT devices is set to skyrocket this year. South Korea alone, for instance, is expected to spend $25.7

Auto Industry Predicts Black Friday Sales Bump


Auto industry analysts are predicting extended Black Friday deals will offer a bump in car sales this year. Reports in Reuters said industry consulting and auto shopping website Edmunds is forecasting a 3.5 It also doesn’t hurt that automakers are starting to really sweeten the deals to clear out lingering 2017s and end this year on a high note,” said Edmunds’ executive director of industry analysis Jessica Caldwell in a statement Wednesday (Nov.

Digital is transforming the European specialty finance industry


The post Digital is transforming the European specialty finance industry appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog.

Post-Brexit Pains Hitting Many Industries


According to a new confidential industry report, the consumer side of British banking could soon find itself hard hit by Brexit. ” Europe Brexit britain economy European Union industry manufacturingJust over three months since Brexit, and the world is starting to see how it’s affected Britain and its economy. Some examples are too micro to overlook. Reuters reported that a British metalworking firm, Robert Bion & Co.,

FPC Chooses Industry Expert Kimberly Ford As Exec Director


Faster Payments Council ( FPC ) has chosen industry expert Kimberly Ford as the organization’s first executive director. The U.S. Ford, who used to work with the First Data Corporation, will start on June 24 (Monday), the company said in a release.

Virtual Cards Can Be Valuable For Analog Industries


Many industries are still heavily analog, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in particular. only agriculture and hunting invest less in digitization than the construction industry, according to recent data.

Square to Create Industrial Bank, Square Financial Services Inc

Bank Innovation

Mobile payments processor Square is filing an application to create an industrial loan company with the Federal Insurance Corporation. Most notably, as an industrial bank, Square […].

Apple Card launch generates major buzz, but industry split on long-term impact

Mobile Payments Today

The official launch of Apple Card has generated major buzz across the payments and banking industry, however a split has emerged about whether the technology company will truly break new ground on a digital payment product that grows the business with consumer friendly financial services

Financial industry reps worry OCC regulatory ‘sandbox’ could stifle innovation

Bank Innovation

It's meant to ensure regulatory cover for new products, but some industry leaders worry it could get in the way […].

EU Government Backs New Laws To Protect Creative Industries


Governments making up the European Union have backed an initiative by the European Commission aimed at protecting Europe’s creative industries, ensuring fair compensation when the likes of Google and Facebook use their content.

Blockchain Tracker: Insurance Industry Feels Blockchain Impact


Blockchain technology has the potential to impact nearly every industry involving money. If there was any industry that could be viewed as the definition of mundane and stuck in its ways, it would be insurance. To help better understand blockchain technology and how it is impacting the insurance industry, we sat down with global innovation platform Plug and Play ’s Principal and Director of InsurTech, Ali Safavi, and its Founder and VP, Scott Robinson.

Why the insurance industry has fallen behind on the digital highway

Mobile Payments Today

Insurance companies face some of the same challenges as incument players in the finance industry, yet have been slow to adopt to the needs of consumers in an increasingly digital-first environmnent

DeSL Rolls Out B2B Purchasing Platform For Fashion Industry


DeSL) has announced a new procurement platform designed for the fashion industry. The firm’s platform connects industry players to procurement and inventory management tools, marketing, payment processing and financing. Discover e-Solutions Ltd.

Turning Industrial Procurement Into A Well-Oiled Machine


In industrial spaces like the oil and gas sector, procurement is no straightforward process. That’s in stark contrast to the “front office” operations of the sector, according to analysis by DNV GL, an oil and gas industry advisory firm.

How Blockchain will Reshape the Financial Services Industry (Research)

Chris Skinner

The Executive Summary is as follows: From Concept to Reality: How … The post How Blockchain will Reshape the Financial Services Industry (Research) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Scratchpay: Teaching An Old Veterinary Industry New Payments Tricks


While money cannot buy love, it can be a relatively good measure of love in some cases — particularly when looking at consumer spending.

EY To Use Blockchain For Auto Industry, Ride-Hailing Services


Ridesharing bitcoin Blockchain cryptocurrency EY food industry IBM Microsoft News Tesseract Toyota Toyota News What's HotBlockchain, the technology that makes cryptocurrency like bitcoin possible, is moving into the auto and ridesharing markets. According to a news report in Reuters , EY, the consulting unit of Ernst & Young Global, announced Wednesday (Aug. 30) it is launching a blockchain system that will let companies and/or individuals share vehicle ownership more easily.

Restaurant Industry Sales Projected To Reach $863B In 2019


And overall industry sales are forecast to hit a high of $863 billion this year, per projections from The National Restaurant Association, CNBC reported. As more consumers spend a larger part of their budgets on dining, U.S.