Why the insurance industry should prioritize digital payments

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The insurance industry needs to consider how their payments technologies match up with increasingly disruptive trends in the financial services space

Payments’ Role In The Fourth Industrial Revolution


If you look across the technology industry and the payments industry, the pace and movement of change is accelerating,” Mike Kresse, division executive for card and money movement at FIS , recently told PYMNTS in an interview.

How mobile payments are changing the restaurant industry

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Mobile payment acceptance is leading to rapid change in the restaurant industry, impacting everything from credit card use to delivery and online ordering as well as customer loyalty

Walmart Canada Eyes Cannabis Industry


” Earlier this year, Constellation Brands , which owns Robert Mondavi, Corona and Svedka, took a stake in Canada’s Canopy Growth — an up-and-coming player in the blooming marijuana industry. “It’s Retail canada Cannabis Cannabis Industry News walmart What's Hot

Bank Of England Mulls Blockchain Amid ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’


The digital revolution comes to the land where the industrial revolution was born? B2B Payments B2B Bank of England banking Banking Circle Blockchain cross-border payments digital industrial revolution Ixaris News Ripple SABB Virtual IBAN

Digital is transforming the European specialty finance industry


The post Digital is transforming the European specialty finance industry appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog.

Uber Freight Gains Share Of $796B Trucking Industry


The trucking industry generated $796 billion in revenue last year, while the global ride-hailing market was valued at just $36 billion in 2017. The city has always been at the heart of the global transportation industry, and we’re eager to continue that legacy.”.

PSCU Partners With Lean Industries For Dispute Management


PSCU, a national payments credit union service organization, is teaming up with dispute management firm Lean Industries to process disputes, PSCU announced in a press release on Monday (Nov.

What's the future of the ATM industry?

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The sixth edition of the ATM Future Trends report, which includes the results of an extensive survey and industry insights from ATM thought leaders, is available

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How Faster Pay Fuels the Trucking Industry


It’s a very capital-intensive industry,” Carlgren noted. “So, Factors can stand out among the competition by specializing in particular industries and offering invoice management supports. . “If

FDA Warns Of Cybersecurity Risk In Healthcare Industry


And the software may be used in a wide array of industrial and medical devices. As a result, the software may be incorporated into a variety of medical and industrial devices that are still currently in use.

How Pay Advances Affect The Retail Industry


Though retainers or deposits are commonplace in highly skilled industries, it hasn’t been the norm among gig workers, especially among unskilled industries like transportation and arts and entertainment. This study looks at how the desire for pay advances differs by industry.

Advancing Innovation in the Global Financial Services Industry

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Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and cybersecurity are poised to transform the financial services industries. Perhaps no industry more than finance is more concerned about maintaining data privacy. IBM RegTech Innovations.

Artificial Intelligence: How AI is changing the banking industry

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in banking can be used to establish more meaningful conversations with customers by solving real problems and managing finances

CBD And Cannabis Industries Attract Payments And Compliance Players


When it comes to the new and emerging legal cannabis industry – along with the closely related trade in CBD products – payments and compliance issues, as one can imagine, have tremendous importance, and companies are striving to get into the game via those angles.

Virtual Cards Can Be Valuable For Analog Industries


Many industries are still heavily analog, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in particular. only agriculture and hunting invest less in digitization than the construction industry, according to recent data.

DeSL Rolls Out B2B Purchasing Platform For Fashion Industry


DeSL) has announced a new procurement platform designed for the fashion industry. The firm’s platform connects industry players to procurement and inventory management tools, marketing, payment processing and financing. Discover e-Solutions Ltd.

Disrupting The $31 Billion Toilet Paper Industry


today, toilet paper is a $31 billion per year industry – and growing, as the average American runs through three rolls per week. While toilet paper seems like a product that should have been around for as long as there has been commerce, it actually is a fairly modern invention. Before 1857, the most common “toilet paper” in the United States actually consisted of pages from the Sears Roebuck catalog.

Apple Card launch generates major buzz, but industry split on long-term impact

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The official launch of Apple Card has generated major buzz across the payments and banking industry, however a split has emerged about whether the technology company will truly break new ground on a digital payment product that grows the business with consumer friendly financial services

The Grocery Industry’s Self-Driving Future


From connected cars to smart ovens, the Intelligence of Things (IoT) ecosystem is projected to grow into every area of consumer life by the end of 2019. Overall spend on IoT devices is set to skyrocket this year. South Korea alone, for instance, is expected to spend $25.7

Restaurant Industry Sales Projected To Reach $863B In 2019


And overall industry sales are forecast to hit a high of $863 billion this year, per projections from The National Restaurant Association, CNBC reported. As more consumers spend a larger part of their budgets on dining, U.S.

FPC Chooses Industry Expert Kimberly Ford As Exec Director


Faster Payments Council ( FPC ) has chosen industry expert Kimberly Ford as the organization’s first executive director. The U.S. Ford, who used to work with the First Data Corporation, will start on June 24 (Monday), the company said in a release.

Financial industry reps worry OCC regulatory ‘sandbox’ could stifle innovation

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It's meant to ensure regulatory cover for new products, but some industry leaders worry it could get in the way […].

Why the insurance industry has fallen behind on the digital highway

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Insurance companies face some of the same challenges as incument players in the finance industry, yet have been slow to adopt to the needs of consumers in an increasingly digital-first environmnent

Hot baths and warm burritos of a reimagined payments industry


Mobile apps from industry newcomers, like the French challenger bank Kard and US-based Zelle, allow users to make payments and send and receive money instantly. The post Hot baths and warm burritos of a reimagined payments industry appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog.

Agricultural Industry Goes Tech With OnPay, Xero Partnership


Payroll provider OnPay is collaborating with accounting software company Xero to bring back-office services to the agricultural industry, Accounting Today reported on Wednesday (Aug.

Square to Create Industrial Bank, Square Financial Services Inc

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Mobile payments processor Square is filing an application to create an industrial loan company with the Federal Insurance Corporation. Most notably, as an industrial bank, Square […].

Retailers Eye Industry-Shaking Innovation With Accelerators


Think about Farfetch as the platform for the luxury industry.” (The Retailers are turning to accelerators to drive innovation, and Target is taking its program to the international stage: It is teaming up with Germany’s wholesale and food specialist METRO AG for its cohort this year.

Turning Industrial Procurement Into A Well-Oiled Machine


In industrial spaces like the oil and gas sector, procurement is no straightforward process. That’s in stark contrast to the “front office” operations of the sector, according to analysis by DNV GL, an oil and gas industry advisory firm.

Can Crypto Change The Music Industry?


Others, however, have complained that a million listens on a streaming service are worth about $100 to the writer of the song, once the music industry has taken its cut. Out of The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week — and with several high-profile artists and a few million new dollars in funding — music industry blockchain startup Vezt has recently captured an awful lot of mainstream attention.

Colorado’s Marijuana Industry Tops $6B


The Colorado Department of Revenue has revealed that the state’s regulated marijuana industry sales have topped $6 billion since sales began in 2014. In addition, taxes generated by the industry grew by nearly 8 percent last year. According to CNBC , the state has blamed its issues on higher taxes placed on the industry and limited access to banking.

How Blockchain will Reshape the Financial Services Industry (Research)

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The Executive Summary is as follows: From Concept to Reality: How … The post How Blockchain will Reshape the Financial Services Industry (Research) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

How Digital Is Transforming Vital Industries In 2019


As hurricane season starts, PYMNTS takes a deep dive into new issues related to digital disaster relief, and looks at how digital is transforming other industries. At the dawn of a new decade, everything from grocery shopping to disaster relief is getting a digital upgrade.

IMF’s Lagarde Calls Out FinTech As Industry Disruptors


International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde issued a warning over the weekend about the impact artificial intelligence may have on the financial system across the globe.

Industry Consolidation in Financial Services

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The analysis within each report shows a clear trend towards industry consolidation. As the industry consolidates, the majority of institutions disappearing are disproportionately coming from the lower tiers. Is the consolidation good for the industry?

Rebeca Romero Rainey: Community service is at our industry’s heart

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When I think back on that theme and look at the banks profiled in this issue for their outstanding community service, I’m reminded yet again how unique our industry truly is. Community banking is not a one-size-fits-all industry! Columns From the President & CEO Industry Insight“Community service is a timeless tradition that’s core to every community bank.”. By Rebeca Romero Rainey, President and CEO, ICBA.

When IoT And The Automotive Industry Collide


The automotive industry just had a head-on collision — with technology. He explained that the automotive industry is the one place where the concepts of IoT can be made very real to the mass market — where they will be able to see it, understand it and really feel its impact. With the onset of the IoT and a greater focus on innovation, it’s clear the automotive industry is quickly moving toward the opportunity for greater efficiency, McCammon said.

Capital One breach seen as final wakeup call to financial industry on data vulnerability

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and Canadian consumers losing access to critical personal data, should be a wakeup call to financial industry officials The breach at Capital One, which resulted in 106 million U.S.

Bank Innovation Launches Industry Watchlist

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In our constant pursuit of encouraging industry innovation, we are always on the lookout for new and inspiring players, and are eager to share our findings with our readers. To do this, Bank Innovation has launched the Watchlist. The Watchlist monitors startups from around the world, highlighting those that could transform financial services. Here, you’ll find some of […]. Exclusive Payments Startups Technology INV Fintech startups watchlist

Tailwinds Shifting to Headwinds for Trucking Industry

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Since the end of the great recession of 2008, the trucking Industry has been on a roll, and 2018 was, by any measure, a banner year. Revenues for the 50 largest companies rose by 12.2%. Tonnage across all segments was up 6.6%.

Domino’s Prepares For ‘Shakeout’ In QSR Industry


At least that’s the view of seasoned observers and Domino’s CEO Ritch Allison, who, on the company’s post-earnings conference call , predicted that a “significant shakeout” is coming to the industry.

Blockchain Startups Fine-Tune The Music Industry


Startups specializing in blockchain may have their eye on disrupting the $15 billion music industry. According to Forbes , the music industry stands to benefit greatly from the use of blockchain technology. These inefficient intermediaries leave the industry in a position where it is ripe for disruption. The mainstream channels for music distribution in the industry face two major challenges: payments and accessibility.

How Smaller Grocers Are Keeping Pace With Big Food Industry Changes


Industry conglomerates like Kroger , Walmart and Amazon are driving innovation in the grocery space, embracing eCommerce and diving into the waters of supply chain and logistics innovation. Food is big business.