Can Crypto Change The Music Industry?


Others, however, have complained that a million listens on a streaming service are worth about $100 to the writer of the song, once the music industry has taken its cut. Out of The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week — and with several high-profile artists and a few million new dollars in funding — music industry blockchain startup Vezt has recently captured an awful lot of mainstream attention.

Airline Industry Caught In Late Payment Spats


Late payments can threaten supply chains in any industry, but one sector in particular has seen the supplier payments struggle turn stark in recent days. Two of the airline industry’s largest players — Airbus and Lufthansa — are caught in late payment disputes, recent reports revealed, and issues can be traced back to contractual disagreements and struggles down the supply chain.

Auto Industry Predicts Black Friday Sales Bump


Auto industry analysts are predicting extended Black Friday deals will offer a bump in car sales this year. Reports in Reuters said industry consulting and auto shopping website Edmunds is forecasting a 3.5 It also doesn’t hurt that automakers are starting to really sweeten the deals to clear out lingering 2017s and end this year on a high note,” said Edmunds’ executive director of industry analysis Jessica Caldwell in a statement Wednesday (Nov.

When IoT And The Automotive Industry Collide


The automotive industry just had a head-on collision — with technology. He explained that the automotive industry is the one place where the concepts of IoT can be made very real to the mass market — where they will be able to see it, understand it and really feel its impact. With the onset of the IoT and a greater focus on innovation, it’s clear the automotive industry is quickly moving toward the opportunity for greater efficiency, McCammon said.

UK Continues Payments Industry Consolidation


continues to consolidate its payments industry, with its New Payment System Operator (NPSO) announcing the latest step in the initiative. The U.K. A press release on Monday (July 2) said the NPSO acquired the U.K. Payments Administration and has taken control of the nation’s check and credit clearing operations. The move includes the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company Limited (C&CCC) merging under the NPSO, it said.

How The Toy Industry Is Growing Around The World


Sales of toys around the world are on the move: The NPD Group found that toy industry sales topped $18.4 In terms of regions, Mexico saw the most toy industry growth at 15 percent for the first half of the year. More than entertainment, brands have been an important trend to move the needle for the industry so far this year,” The NPD Group Global Toys Industry Analyst Frédérique Tutt said in a press release. toy industry rose by 7 percent to $7.9

Post-Brexit Pains Hitting Many Industries


According to a new confidential industry report, the consumer side of British banking could soon find itself hard hit by Brexit. ” Europe Brexit britain economy European Union industry manufacturingJust over three months since Brexit, and the world is starting to see how it’s affected Britain and its economy. Some examples are too micro to overlook. Reuters reported that a British metalworking firm, Robert Bion & Co.,

Storage Industry Surprisingly Highly Lucrative


eCommerce’s impact on the retail industry has no doubt been immense over the past decade. The cost to operate these new storage industry leases is a fraction of the profits at just $149 million. This type of profit margin has no doubt lured people into going into the storage industry for to store people’s prized possessions. Retail ecommerce News online shopping Public Storage self storage storage facilities storage industry

Blockchain Tracker: Insurance Industry Feels Blockchain Impact


Blockchain technology has the potential to impact nearly every industry involving money. If there was any industry that could be viewed as the definition of mundane and stuck in its ways, it would be insurance. To help better understand blockchain technology and how it is impacting the insurance industry, we sat down with global innovation platform Plug and Play ’s Principal and Director of InsurTech, Ali Safavi, and its Founder and VP, Scott Robinson.

EY To Use Blockchain For Auto Industry, Ride-Hailing Services


Ridesharing bitcoin Blockchain cryptocurrency EY food industry IBM Microsoft News Tesseract Toyota Toyota News What's HotBlockchain, the technology that makes cryptocurrency like bitcoin possible, is moving into the auto and ridesharing markets. According to a news report in Reuters , EY, the consulting unit of Ernst & Young Global, announced Wednesday (Aug. 30) it is launching a blockchain system that will let companies and/or individuals share vehicle ownership more easily.

TRENDING: Can mPOS Solutions Win Over Cash-Centric Industries?


He explains to PYMNTS how mPOS providers can address those issues and serve taxi industry-specific needs, with features like instant settlement, multi-operator identity codes and others.

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NACHA Report: Inaugural Meeting Of API Standardization Industry Group


Created in 2017, the API Standardization Industry Group has begun developing an application program interface (API) standardization “playbook” to help enhance support for payments and the business needs of financial institutions, companies, FinTechs and other industry stakeholders and participants. financial services industry — has been slow. NACHA and the Industry Group believe one of the biggest challenges is a lack of standardization.

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EMV, mobile ordering upgrades challenge restaurant industry

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New foodservice technologies — including self-order kiosks, mobile ordering and EMV-enabled payment systems — are being introduced at a rapid pace. Operators with existing POS investments need to be able to integrate new capabilities into their existing systems

Instant Gratification Upends Logistics Industry


The latest victims in the crosshairs of this newly developed seamless service is the logistics industry. One of the major contributors to the upending of the logistics industry, via consumer demand, of course, is Amazon with its over 65 million Prime members. The move to closer locations is what’s known in the logistics industry as the “last mile” of delivery. This movement in the logistics industry has spurred entrepreneurs to develop innovative startups in the space.

Reliance Industries To Take On Walmart And Amazon In India


The race to be the dominating force in India eCommerce has another massive player entering the field: Billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Limited announced its intentions to enter the ring in Indian retail, with a platform designed to create an omnichannel experience for India consumers. Retail alibaba Amazon ecommerce Flipkart india News Reliance Industries Limited tencent walmart

Blockchain Tracker: Blockchain’s Impact On The Supply Chain Industry


As the supply chain industry is one of the oldest businesses, it can sometimes be viewed as stodgy. While the industry has been around for well over a century, the term “supply chain management” wasn’t coined until the 1980s. Brody commented on how blockchain technology would play a role in supply chain productivity and profitability: “In almost any manufacturing and distribution-driven industry, the supply chain is how value is moved and created through the network.

Loan Defaults Plague Chinese P2P Industry


Investors have been withdrawing funds from peer-to-peer lending platforms amid a wave of defaults across the industry in China. Those problems, cited by research firm Online Lending House, which tracks the peer-to-peer industry, includes investors not being able to withdraw money, police launching an inquiry into a platform or owners running off with the cash. Survival of the fittest is a law that the development of every industry must respect.

Prudential’s DTC Insurance Move Highlights Industry Changes


It has launched a direct-to-consumer insurance service that underscores not only the enduring appeal of cutting out the middleman, but also represents one of the most recent developments in the move away from paper and analog processes for that industry. We draw from the playbook of companies like Amazon to fundamentally minimize friction and maximize delight for consumers in an industry where they’re used to their bank doing the opposite,” Varo CEO Colin Walsh told a reporter.

The Five Building Blocks of the Automotive Industry Disruption

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Self-service industry lags with EMV compliance

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The future state of self-service is turning the kiosk into a stand-alone store, and secure payment is one of the services that needs to be offered for it to be effective, says Ingenico's John Menzel, who recently shared his insights on EMV compliance in self-service

Scotland Sheds Industrial Rep For FinTech Focus


Scotland’s economy has excelled in industrial industries such as shipbuilding, steel and petroleum, but the country is turning its attention to developing a rising digital tech scene. Glasgow is undergoing a transformation — from industrial powerhouse to leading digital technology cluster. In this week’s installment of PYMNTS’ Weekly Tech Center Roundup , one of the country’s thriving tech clusters, Glasgow, takes center stage.

3 suggestions for the industry to "save" the Pays

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But the industry could do some things to help bump adoption and incentivize merchants to accept NFC-enabled mobile payments Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay aren't going anywhere, but U.S. consumers are not enthusiastic about using them at the physical point-of-sale.

Direct To Consumer: Impact On Retail Manufacturing Industry


To say direct-to-consumer retail practices have had an impact on the manufacturing industry would be an understatement. With eCommerce a major proponent of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel and showing no signs of slowing down, the retail industry landscape has been forever changed. Zebra Technologies’ senior vice president and CMO, Jeff Schmitz, commented on the report’s findings and what it means for the future of the industry.

How Subscription Services Are Changing The Video Game Industry


In fact, the industry saw some 7,600 games released in 2017 alone — roughly 21 games per day. Those games may mean plenty of revenue for the industry, but staying on top of all the latest titles as they hit the shelves is an all but impossible task for even the most dedicated of gamers.

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Aussie Accountants Brace For Industry Disruption


Australia’s Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) is urging its members to “future-proof” their businesses as the industry heads toward disruption. Further, industry trends have led the traditional accountant model to become “obsolete,” reports said, meaning accountants have to embrace the more strategic role of advisor. “By

Klever Logic Innovates Parking Industry


Klever Logic has been making waves in the parking industry since its debut over five years ago. What attracted Goodner and other investors to Klever Logic was its potential to disrupt a massive industry that has lagged behind in upgrading its technology. “It’s It’s an industry dominated by large, multi-billion-dollar players that have been selling the same old parking technology to operators for decades,” said Goodner. “If

NEW DATA: Retail Kiosks — The Next Billion-Dollar Industry


According to research inside the Kiosk and Retail Report, a USA Technologies collaboration, by the time the next decade rolls around, the interactive kiosk industry market will be worth $1.073 billion. What’s more, the industry has already experienced some impressive growth, with the U.S. One might just call this the age of unattended retail.

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How Blockchain will Reshape the Financial Services Industry (Research)

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The Executive Summary is as follows: From Concept to Reality: How … The post How Blockchain will Reshape the Financial Services Industry (Research) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Can Digital Payments Reduce Risk For The Seafood Industry?


The journey of seafood from ocean to table is one of constant danger for the people who make up the fishing industry. The payments industry can’t do much about those first two factors. But as Jeff Matheson, senior vice president at Cambridge Global Payments , discussed in a recent PYMNTS interview, the seafood industry still has a few things to learn about managing risk and hedging bets. seafood industries — one that could see changes depending on how the budding U.S.-China

Is Activewear Industry Finally Becoming Overstretched?


After years of steady growth as other sectors of the fashion industry have declined or remained stagnant, there appear to be signs beginning to emerge that the booming appeal of the activewear industry may also be coming to an end. Last year, activewear sales grew by 16 percent, compared to a 2 percent rise in year-over-year sales for the total apparel industry, according to The NPD Group.

European Commission Proposal Consolidates Power Over Financial Industry


In an effort to extend the European Union’s (EU) control over the financial industry following Brexit, the European Commission released a proposal on Wednesday (Sept. 20) which stated it would transfer some of the power to oversee the financial industry from each country’s capitals to the European Commission. Regulation Brexit EU European Commission finance industry News regulation U.K.

UL: The Trucking Industry, Aided By Digital Tech, Is About To Get Smarter


Specifically, the technology that will start deploying in June 2019 is called the “smart tachograph,” and the general idea behind it is to encourage better enforcement of highway and driving rules, make it harder for drivers to bypass those rules, and potentially use data to otherwise bring more efficiency and safety to the road transport industry. Innovation data privacy digital economy EU Featured News fraud GDPR Legislation News regulations smart tachograph trucking industry UL

Footwear, Apparel Industries Could Be Disrupted By Tariffs


tariffs on imports from China, an industry association leader has said that American shoppers will be faced with higher prices for purchases. As a result, the industry doesn’t have many other sourcing options. With U.S. American Apparel and Footwear Association President and CEO Rick Helfenbein said the group has concerns about the impacts of tariffs, CNBC reported. “We’re We’re having some serious problems with this tariffs situation,” Helfenbein told CNBC.

150+ Startups Reshaping The Wellness Industry

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While the industry has seen its share of controversy — debates over goop’s wellness lifestyle suggestions, the infamous death of connected juicer startup Juicero , etc. Join us for a data-driven look at the industry.

Five Ways Data Is Assisting the Construction & Civil Engineering Industry


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The 4 Trends Driving Packaging Industry Disruption

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Join us for a deep dive into the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Amidst these pressures coming from above and below, the packaging industry is facing four major challenges: Track all the startups mentioned in this brief and more! Packaging.

Marc Jacobs, Microsoft Partner On Fashion Industry AP Upgrades


Fashion designer brand Marc Jacobs is collaborating with Microsoft to address key challenges in the industry’s supply chain management and accounts payable (AP) processes. The companies announced news on Wednesday (April 25) that they are partnering to enhance Marc Jacobs’ accounts payable and invoice processing capabilities. The brand has deployed MediusFlow , an accounts payable and invoice automation solution designed on the Microsoft Azure platform.

UK Bank Industry Trade Group Launches Review Of SMB Mistreatment


UK Finance , an industry trade association, is launching an independent investigation into the way the market’s banks treat small businesses (SMBs), according to Reuters reports on Thursday (March 29). The group appointed Simon Walker to lead the review, which will specifically look at the way banks handle complaints filed by small business borrowers. Reports said Walker and his team will probe how banks handle disputes with SMBs that are too small to go to court but remain unresolved.

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Go Green Processing Launches POS System For Pot Industry


Credit card processing and cash vault services for the medical marijuana industry is now available in the USA,” says Jerry Kelly, National Market Sales, Go Green Processing in the press release. . The merchant POS system is designed with an eye on giving patients and customers complete freedom to interact with the medical marijuana industry just as they do with other businesses.

The Music Industry Gets Its Merch On (Demand)


Within the music industry, merchandise sales are a major driver of revenue for artists, both online and off. Retail crowdfunding ecommerce entertainment retail merchandising Music music industry on-demand commerce on-demand marketplace sku SMBs social commerce social media Teespring