Pinterest Unveils Promoted Video Tool


Advancing its advertising efforts, Pinterest said that it plans to offer a promoted video tool, which allows marketers to gain more real estate than the platform’s typical grid-style layout, TechCrunch reported. Beyond the video tool, Pinterest also said it hired Mike Chuthakieo for the role of industry sales lead and Tina Pukonen for the role of entertainment strategist.

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Will Voice Banking Become Mainstream? [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation 2018 Video Series Exclusive Innovations Online Payments AI Bank Innovation 2018 Video CardLinx chatbots clinc conversational AI voice bankingHow are banks going to interact with their customers in the next five years? In the next ten?

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Top 15 Bank Video Ads of 2017

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The 15 videos below were not chosen based on the number of viewer impressions or any other form of data-driven measurement, but were selected […]. Exclusive Features Payments Startups Videos advertisements Mobile banking online banking payments Social Media top 15 banking videos

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PayPal Introduces Personalized Smart Checkout Button [VIDEO]

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Exclusive Mobile Online Payments Premium Videos eCommerce payments PayPal personalizationPREMIUM - PayPal has rolled out a new feature that will help its retail clients increase conversions, making it easier for shoppers to become buyers.

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Amazon Could Meld Shopping With Live Videos


Amazon, the eCommerce giant that is in hiring mode in New York, is looking to add positions to one of its startups that puts videos into online shopping. According to a report from CNBC , one job posting was for Amazon Live, the video startup. The company is looking for an experienced designer who “leverages interactive streaming video to create new shopping experiences for customers.”. Both are investing money and resources to become the place to watch live videos.

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Greek Bank Launches Skype Banking [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

The Cooperative Bank of Epirus (CBE), based in Ioannina, Greece, has launched video customer service using Skype in April for its online banking customers. Now, even Skype is a banking channel.

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Acorns’ Micro-Investment Video Game Startup Snags $5M


Video game startup Blast has raised another $7 million in funding. Investments Acorns Blast micro-investments News ROTH Capital Partners startup investment video games Walter Cruttenden What's HotThe company, founded by Walter Cruttenden, the founder of Roth Capital Partners and co-founder of the micro-investment application Acorns , has managed to attract a few thousand users in its open beta. It raised its initial $5 million round in March. “It

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‘Most ICOs Are Scams,’ VC Says [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation 2018 Video Series Cryptocurrency Exclusive Startups Videos Bitcoin BlockChain cryptocurrency ICOs NAB Ventures venture capitalLike many others, venture capitalists are skeptical about investing in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). In fact, all four panelists on “Where and How to Invest in Fintech Now,” at Bank Innovation 2018 in San Francisco, unanimously dismissed investing in ICOs. ICOs are rapidly falling in popularity.

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Facebook Readying Video Chat Device Dubbed Portal


Facebook is gearing up to enter the hardware market with Portal, its video chat device aimed at Amazon’s Echo. Citing people familiar with the matter, Cheddar reported that the device, which is the social media giant’s first major entrance into the hardware market, is being marketed as a way for friends and families to connect via video chat and social features, rather than a voice-controlled speaker.

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Top 20 Bank Video Ads of 2016

Bank Innovation

Every year, Bank Innovation chooses the bank and fintech videos that made us laugh, the ones that made us cry, the ones that made us want to go out and buy baby animals, and of course, the ones that made us go out and better manage our finances (well, we tried.)

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Facebook Tackles Fake News By Fact-Checking Photos And Videos


Facebook has announced that it is now “fact-checking” photos and videos in an effort to prevent hoaxes and false news stories from making their way to the site. In addition, manipulated photos and videos have also been an ongoing problem — not just on Facebook, but also on other social media sites. Lyons did not say how Facebook or AFP was evaluating the photos and videos, or how much they would have to be altered to be deemed fake.

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HSBC Employs a Robot to Increase Branch Traffic [Video]

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Cards Commerce Compliance Exclusive Operations Premium Retail Social Media Videos artificial intelligence HSBC HSBC Digital BankingPREMIUM - If you walk into HSBC's flagship New York branch, the chances that you will be greeted by a robot are pretty high.

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Could You Live Your Life on Bitcoin? [Video]

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Exclusive Online Payments Technology Videos Virtual Currency Bitcoin BlockChain cryptocurrency online payment payment video virtual currencyInvesting in bitcoin is easy. Buying a tank of gas with bitcoin…uh.

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More Startups Should Launch in Bank Niches like Subprime Lending, Says TrueAccord CEO Ohad Samet [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation 2018 Video Series Exclusive Online Startups Videos AI Bank Innovation 2018 machine learning startups subprime lending TrueAccord White Clarke Group

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The Future of Biometrics in NextGen Payments [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Exclusive Mobile Security Videos amazon biometric authentication biometric payments IOT Mobile PaymentsHow will consumers use biometrics for payments in the future?

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Amazon Opens Up Video Skill API So Alexa Can Control Any TV


Amazon announced June 8 that its virtual assistant has learned to control more than just the company’s own Fire TV stick: Now, for developers that opt to use the Video Skill API, any cable or satellite TV company, streaming service or content provider can add Alexa voice control to its app. By using Alexa’s built-in video content controls, customers on millions of Alexa devices only have to ‘ask’ for your content and it’s at their command,” Isbitski said. “By

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Bringing The Video Store Back In The Age Of Netflix


The Return of the Video Store . While it’s hard to overstate how much the emergence of the VCR changed the world of movies, these days video stores are about as rare as a typewriter repair shop. But the Alamo — in its latest location in Raleigh, North Carolina — is betting that a little nostalgia can go a long way when it comes to entertainment and has thus decided to build the city’s “newest (and only) video rental store.”.

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Starling Bank Integrates API into Google Home [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Mobile-first Starling Bank released a video today showing off an integration of its API with a Google Home device. The feature is not available for Starling customers yet, though it’s coming, according to Megan Caywood, chief platform officer at Starling Bank.

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Brands Can Turn Social Video Views Into Conversions


Rachel Tipograph thinks the solution to both problems could be shoppable social video ads. With the consumption of social video so widespread, Tipograph sees all sorts of consumers making use of MikMak’s interface. As a result, she defines her target audience in terms of their behavior as opposed to their demographic: people who consume mobile videos. To fuel this behavior, videos are popping up all over the web: “Literally, the internet has become one big video,” she said.

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Citibank Refines Its Mobile App Experience in the Philippines [VIDEO]

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Commerce Exclusive Mobile Payments PFM Premium Videos Citibank mobile app update mobile PFMCitibank unveiled an improved mobile app experience for its Phillippines market with added features for billpay, funds transfers, and PFM.

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MasterCard Wants You to Masterpass All the Things [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

MasterCard released a series of videos earlier this month to promote the various ways its Masterpass service can be used to buy the little things in life with a single click. Mobile Online Payments Technology Videos MasterCard MasterPass Mobile Payments online payments

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Here’s Why Bankers Should Care About Bitcoin [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Cryptocurrency Exclusive Retail Videos Bitcoin CoolPool Fund Ethereum Transform GroupEven the most hidebound, incurious, old-school banker has heard the word “bitcoin” many times by now, whether from curious customers, well-meaning relatives, or the morning paper (print edition). But bitcoin’s continued association with the unsavory, from drug purchases on the dark web in days past to the seemingly endless string of hacks and breaches today,Read More.

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Games (Video) Bankers Play

Banker to Banker

We are not sure when the Federal Reserve is going to move, but if you play this game, they should do something quick because it is hard to keep the economy between the lines.

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Credit Card Benefits Tracker Sift Demo [VIDEO]

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Mobile Videos credit cards mobile siftKeeping track of credit card benefits can be a tedious task, at least that’s what Sift is banking on. The app helps customers redeem and track credit card benefits as well as files automated claims on its users’ behalf, when necessary.

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WorldPay Creates Proof-of-Concept for VR Payments [Video]

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Exclusive Online Payments Retail Technology Videos Bank of America BofA Google online banking online payments Samsung virtual reality virtual reality shopping VR technology WorldPay

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The Change Most Needed for Women in Fintech [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Capital Exclusive Lending Open Fintech Payments Premium Startups Videos Bank Innovation 2018 Candex CreditEase Fintech Fund National Australia BankEXCLUSIVE – In honor of International Women’s Day, it’s important to appreciate the progress women have made in the fintech world.

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Netflix Admits To Throttling Videos


Last week, internet video streaming service Netflix admitted to throttling its own videos for AT&T’s and Verizon’s mobile customers but not doing the same for videos watched by Sprint and T-Mobile subscribers.

Video 163

How Subscription Services Are Changing The Video Game Industry


Video games have grown into a massive real-world business, bringing in $36 billion in revenue in the U.S. According to Doki Tops, Utomik’s CEO and founder, video game subscription services solve issues not only for gamers, but also for providers.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution [Video]

Let's Talk Payments

Digital Insights Asia Europe insights US VideoIn one of the Talk with GS series, Robert Smith, Founder of Vista Equity Partners, discusses software’s transformational impact on the economy and how digitization continues to disrupt entire industries.

Video 67

The Open Finance Marketplace in Action (six video interviews)

Chris Skinner

Just to follow on from that, here is a series of video interviews we … The post The Open Finance Marketplace in Action (six video interviews) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. I mentioned the Lego Bank not built by Lego recently.

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VIDEO: Explainable Machine Learning


He also unveils the Explainable Machine Learning Challenge, check out the video below. The post VIDEO: Explainable Machine Learning appeared first on FICO

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Google Unplugged Video Service To Launch


Google could be next to roll out a streaming video service – Google Unplugged – as soon as February. Google Unplugged is slated to be operated by Google-owned YouTube and will be yet another on-demand subscription option among the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Sling Orange and Vevo. And yet another competitor, Amazon, has plans of a live streaming sports event package under the Amazon Prime Video umbrella.

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Starling Is the U.K.’s First Bank to Offer Google Pay In-App [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Exclusive Innovations Mobile Online Payments PFM Videos Wealth Management Android Pay Google Pay Google Wallet payments Starling BankMobile-only challenger bank Starling announced last week that Google Pay has been added to their mobile app for Android.

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#Sibos Debate: Innovation in the Fintech World [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Innovations Startups Technology Videos Geneva innovatrion market disruption SibosThe #Sibos conference in Geneva this year is just wrapping up, and the 8,000 and change businesses and fintech companies that attended this year had a lot to discuss.

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Video: “First grader’s riddle answer is blowing minds”

ATM Marketplace

This has been everywhere on social media this week but, just in case you missed it, here’s a USA Today video: video

Video 76

Finovate Spring 2018 – Video Recap

William Mills

FinovateSpring Recap Video. Here’s William Mills and Steven Ramirez’s video recap of the Demos at FinovateSpring 2018. The post Finovate Spring 2018 – Video Recap appeared first on Financial PR and Marketing Agency & Financial Public Relations.

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Breaking Banks: Fintech, From Helsinki to Tokyo [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Innovations Online Technology Videos artificial intelligence Augmented Reality Breaking Banks fintechIn this episode, which aired Dec.

Video 193

Digital Is Letting Goldman Bring Its Wholesale Pricing Prowess to Retail Banking [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Capital Cards Exclusive Innovations Lending Mobile Online Payments Retail Risk Sales & Marketing Videos algorithms Automation Bitcoin Goldman Sachs Marcus trading wholesale bankingEXCLUSIVE— When Goldman Sachs & Co.

Video 193

Banks Are ‘Dipping Their Toe’ into Public Blockchains, Says Chain CEO [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Compliance Corporate Cryptocurrency Exclusive Innovations Operations Payments Videos Bank Innovation 2018 BlockChain Chain VisaBlockchain technology has been talked about in banking for so long that readers here can be excused for being a bit jaded on the subject. The technology has been touted as solving just about every problem bankers face, but as Adam Ludwin, CEO of Chain, told us in San Francisco at Bank Innovation 2018 earlier.Read More.

Video 168

Video Banking Soon to Enter Homes in the U.K.

Bank Innovation

Video banking — customers talking via video feed to bankers who may be far away — is already a big thing in branches in Britain, and it’s about to get bigger.

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