How to get rid of the legacy

Chris Skinner

It doesn’t have to happen. You can have an overlay of middleware to deal with it. You don’t need to change those old systems. And … The post How to get rid of the legacy appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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How to be a Unicorn (Part One)

Chris Skinner

Marko Wenthin, co-founder of solarisBank, recently contributed to my blog and, as a mate, has sent some great insights about starting up a FinTech firm which I thought I would share of FinTech banks last week.

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How to be a Unicorn (Part Two)

Chris Skinner

As mentioned yesterday, Marko Wenthin is contributing this week on how to become a FinTech unicorn. How to be a Unicorn (Part Two) If you manage to get some investors interested … The post How to be a Unicorn (Part Two) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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Ten chairs: how to change the bank

Chris Skinner

I was in the middle of a conversation about how to change the bank, when we started talking about the boardroom issue.

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How to be a Unicorn (Part Three)

Chris Skinner

He began with funding and then moved on to the issues you face once you secure that funding. In this final part, he focuses upon why it may be better to focus upon B2B2C, rather than just B2C. Marko Wenthin is contributing this week.

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Visa On How To Use AI Responsibly


To steal a line from the Marvel Universe, “with great power comes great responsibility.”. To steal another line from the Hippocratic oath, penned centuries ago, “first, do no harm.”. Perhaps the data sets are being examined in order to protect individuals and businesses from fraud.

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How to choose the right payment processor for your business

Mobile Payments Today

Choosing the right payment processor for your business, whether it be a retail shop, restaurant or service provider, is a critical decision that requires several major considerations, including security, PCI compliance, convenience and ease of use

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How To Pay The Millennial Workforce


Demand for instant and peer-to-peer (P2P) payments is heating up, and financial institutions (FIs) are seeking to cater to that need, knowing that if they don’t, their customers are likely to turn elsewhere. Dee p Dive: How RTP Has Changed the Bill Payments Game.

How to use ElasticSearch for Natural Language Processing and Text Mining — Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of How to use Elasticsearch for Natural Language Processing and Text Mining. It’s been some time since Part 1, so you might want to brush up on the basics before getting started.

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How to break free from legacy infrastructure

Insights on Business

Three years ago, a group of IBM Cloud experts, myself included, answered an important question still facing nearly every incumbent bank worldwide today: How can we rethink our architecture to better serve our customers with more innovative applications, through more agile, faster development?

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How To Become A Better Trusted Advisor In Banking

Banker to Banker

IMPROVING BANK PRODUCT SALES A surge in alternative lenders and intense competition among banks has forced community bank lenders to further differentiate themselves and their institution. Many lenders are switching their professional focus from being a salesperson to being a trusted advisor.

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How To Build High Performance Via Digital — and Humans


Fraud is a two-headed beast, but the beast can be defeated as more consumers flock to marketplaces and other eCommerce destinations. Meanwhile, there are fresh ideas about how to scale open banking and the role of humans in customer service for marketplaces.

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Citi: Why And How To Bring More Collaboration To Payments


That’s only half the story when it comes to the concept of working together for the greater good. The first part , released in March, focused on global payments and corporate responses to cross-border transactions. Consumers will have access to a variety of payment methods as a result.

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How to Woo a Bank

Celent Banking

When it comes time to choose a business partner, banks will favor those who help them execute their third party risk management (TPRM) responsibilities over those who begrudgingly comply. Banker’s Guide to Third Party Risk Management, Part 1: Strategic, Complex, and Liable.

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How To Motivate FinServ To Take Action On Cybersecurity


To those who understand the importance of cybersecurity, and the monumental risks that growing cyberthreats impose on organizations, safeguarding systems and data may be assumed to go hand in hand with digital transformation.

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How To Grow Deposits With The Latest Marketing Techniques [Webinar]

Banker to Banker

Earlier this week we ran an article on the Price of Attention for Bank Marketing ( HERE ) and we were inundated with questions about how to pull some of these techniques off.

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How To Keep Investment Platforms AML-Compliant


The global economy offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses to expand their reach, and promote their brands to new markets. What’s more, companies must also work to remain compliant with the laws in place across the different regions where they operate.

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How To Build A High Performing Platform Payments Fraud Team


If there is a sine qua non to the growth of platforms like Airbnb, eBay and Uber, it is the seamless experience they offer their users. It’s this latter problem, known as false positives, that lies at the heart of digital platforms’ struggle to improve fraud detection.

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How To Break The Disbursements Check Habit


There are many reasons for consumers to have a love/hate relationship with businesses that send them checks. There’s the unpredictability of knowing when they might arrive, as well as knowing when one will have access to those funds once they’re deposited.

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How To ‘Moneyball’ Restaurants


National treasure Kim Kardashian has taught us all a series of invaluable lessons over the years: how to break the internet, that there is no such thing as too much eyeliner and that, if you are on the phone with Taylor Swift, the smart money is on hitting the record button. The problem is that getting to that elite status is not all that easy. There was no way I was getting in because they didn’t know me and because I am only able to get out once every three months.

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How To Sell Sleeping Like A Baby (Literally)


billion business worldwide, and according to industry watchers, that figure is on track to grow to over $100 billion by 2023. And although pills and other chemical solutions for insomnia still make up the majority of the market, their share has fallen to 65 percent.

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How To Optimize Loan Performance

CU Direct

Read more » The post How To Optimize Loan Performance appeared first on CU Direct Blog. Rapid growth in credit union indirect lending programs has triggered more examiner scrutiny and additional emphasis on the performance of these programs.

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How To Introduce The World To AI Assisted Cooking


The increasing population of people who own smart speakers, for example, have learned to make a wider variety of meals with an assist from Alexa or Google’s Assistant pulling up recipes in their kitchens. There are a few options for the pan – according to Favrholdt.

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How To Get Better At Bank Email Notifications and Marketing

Banker to Banker

That is not bad considering that it used to be above 25% just a couple of years ago. The work is starting to pay off. Email is one of the most effective forms of marketing we do, and the plan is to do more of it in the next year.

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How To Introduce The World To AI-Assisted Cooking


The increasing population of people who own smart speakers, for example, have learned to make a wider variety of meals with an assist from Alexa or Google’s Assistant pulling up recipes in their kitchens. A pan that does its own thinking — and learns over time how to make a better crepe?

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Banking 101: Cashier's Checks: When You Need One, How to Get One and How to Use One Safely

Deposit Accounts

Banking 101: Cashiers Checks: When You Need One, How to Get One and How to Use One Safely Square Cash App Review: What You Need to Know Before You Start Sending and Receiving Money Banking 101: What You Need to Know About Wire Transfers The Best Checking Accounts in April 2019.

How to differentiate your mobile payments strategy

Mobile Payments Today

Keith McAuliffe, the general manager of the financial services sector for Solace, believes it's necessary for providers to to cultivate the right experience for individual audiences

Banking 101: How to Save for Retirement at Any Age

Deposit Accounts

Banking 101: How to Save for Retirement at Any Age Best Bank Account Interest Rates - Summary For May 28, 2019 Banking 101: The Glass-Steagall Act Banking 101: What Is a CD and How Does It Work? Blog Banking 101: How to Save for Retirement at Any Age. Forum. Banks.

Banking 101: How to Write a Check

Deposit Accounts

Banking 101: Understanding Debit Card Foreign Transaction Fees Banking 101: How to Write a Check Banking 101: What is a Certified Check? Blog Banking 101: How to Write a Check. Banking 101: How to Write a Check. How to write a check. Forum.

Good Dog On How To Find Man’s Best Friend


Entrepreneurs are drawing from their personal and professional lives to connect prospective pet owners with their new best friends. It was really difficult to navigate as someone who didn’t really know much about the dog world,” McDevitt said.

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How to make your startup a success

Chris Skinner

Let’s say that it’s to make nice wooden caricatures of famous politicians. It still is, but when you go to a craft fare, the usual practice is cash only. What to do? So now you’ve moved your production to China. You have an idea.

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How to Get and Understand your Credit Score


It is often a requirement for job applicants in Kenya to obtain a “clearance certificates” from a credit reference bureau (CRB) as one of the half-dozen source documents to be considered in their vetting. Have you ever seen your credit report?

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How To Keep QSRs’ Digital Transformation Investments From Derailing


Not to mention, all those late nights desperately striving to absorb all the information we should have learned over the course of weeks instead of hours, had we the good sense to keep pace with the work. The progress is easy to see.

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Deutsche Bank: How To Make FI/FinTech Partnerships Work


It may be conventional wisdom to assume that banks and FinTech firms are on opposite ends of the financial services spectrum, where large, asset-rich, traditional financial institutions (FIs) stand in stark contrast to small, bootstrapped tech upstarts, competing for clients’ attention and spend.

How To Fight Online Fraud: Ruin Cybercrime’s ROI


Welcome to a different world — in this case, the world of digital thieves, hackers and other such criminals. The 2018 holiday season has barely ended and it’s a good bet that retailers and payments players have yet to identify all the fraud that took place.

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Banking 101: How to Maximize Your Bank Accounts

Deposit Accounts

Banking 101: Why the 50/30/20 Rule is Better than the 10% Savings Rule Banking 101: How to Maximize Your Bank Accounts Banking 101: Is it Worth Writing a Postdated Check? Blog Banking 101: How to Maximize Your Bank Accounts. Banking 101: How to Maximize Your Bank Accounts.

How to “squash” competitors with real-time bank pricing


Guest blogger César Rainusso breaks down how retail banks can implement a successful, real-time pricing strategy from back office to front line and across customer channels. Successful change management doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Staying on brand: How to humanize virtual agents, just enough

Insights on Business

The use of VA’s is expected to grow by 1000% by the year 2020. Virtual agents use natural-language processing and analytics together to create an engaging human-like interaction with the end-user for simple or complex tasks and conversations.

How to Motivate Lenders

Banker to Banker

It can be difficult for a community bank to attract the lending talent it needs, but we point out that many community banks are succeeding by investing in their culture and building an environment that goes beyond traditional compensation.

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Deep Dive: How To Improve Existing AML/KYC Requirements


A series of regulations was established to encourage a safer, more transparent financial services environment following the 2008 financial crisis. The following Deep Dive examines both the financial penalties FIs can face as well as the best practices to remain AML/KYC regulation compliant.

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Nice Diy Carport Design

BYM Agency

It is always a good idea to place diy carport near an entrance, versus so far from a front door. By designing carport to look good with your house, you can include it in place not far from the front door. Trim back size to fit your budget.

Popular Design Brown Paint Colors

BYM Agency

In the current decoration, they have become one of the essentials whenever we seek to create environments full of warmth. Decorations Brown Paint Colors For Bedrooms Brown Paint How To Make How To Make Light Brown Popular Brown Paint Colors Shades Of Brown Paint Chart

How to Properly Plan Your IT Strategy

Independent Banker

Planning an IT strategy for any organization is challenging, but financial institutions face additional complexities due to regulatory and security requirements. How can you balance your internal IT staff resources with the technical and business requirements of your financial institution?