And Now, a Word from Your Human Resources Leaders


Some of the Cornerstone team spent two days in roundtables recently with human resources leaders from banks and credit unions. Human resources must automate redundant tasks being done by internal staff and get employees to use good self-service tools.

Chargeback Resource Guide

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When a cardholder sends a chargeback dispute to their bank, they are requesting that the cost of a transaction on their credit statement to be refunded to them. This is because they believe the transaction is invalid

The 2019 CUSO Resource Guide for Fintechs

William Mills

While many in the credit union industry already work with – or are at least familiar with – CUSOs, others are unfamiliar with the CUSO landscape and why it is important to their business.

Millennials: An Untapped Resource to Drive Success


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Powering-Up Tools: Your Education Resources

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The courses are designed to help community bankers build a strong foundation in eight key areas of bank operations: compliance security, management, information technology, customer service and sales, teller training, human resources and health and safety.

Powering-Up Tools: Your Advocacy Resources

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The association designed the website to be a member’s primary source for community bank advocacy information and resources. ICBA’s daily morning newsletter is a primary resource for community bankers to learn about breaking news and the latest policy developments in Washington.

Resources to Accelerate User Adoption of O365

Perficient Financial Servies

To accelerate readiness for and adoption of O365, leaders should design and implement electronic and face-to-face resources (listed below) to support users through the change. Electronic Resources. Portal site to serve as a central hub and just-in-time resource.

Powering-Up Tools: Your Membership Resources

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The ICBA Community Bank Career Center is the community banking industry’s resource for online employment connections. This easy-to-use resource is designed to help community banks recruit the most qualified professionals in the industry.

HR Tech Market Map: 145+ Startups Reinventing Human Resources

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Globally, human resources technology now represents a $148B opportunity, according to CB Insights’ market sizing tool. The post HR Tech Market Map: 145+ Startups Reinventing Human Resources appeared first on CB Insights Research

Stripe Says Developers Are Economy’s Most Precious Resource


Developers, Johnson told Webster, are precious resources because they are scarce. However, she said, the reality is that they are phasing out in favor of developer-focused alternatives like Stripe because, at some point, legacy systems are costing too much of a precious resource. “To Though it’s critical to keep up with and be responsive to technological advances to build and maintain developer relationships and resources, Johnson noted, it’s not enough by itself.

How to Get Help with Paying Rent – Assistance Programs & Resources

Money Crashers

How to Get Help with Paying Rent – Assistance Programs & Resources is a post from Money Crashers. According to a 2018 study by the Pew Charitable Trusts, 38% of all American renter households put more than three-tenths of pretax income toward rent in 2015, qualifying as “rent burdened” — up from 19% in 2001. Some 17% of renter households put more than one-half of pretax income toward rent in 2015, qualifying as […].

Powering-Up Tools: Your Marketing and Communications Resources

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Other banks use the month to dedicate more resources to the community through volunteer work or hosting customer-recognition events. IB: What marketing and communication resources does ICBA have for community banks?

As Dorian Threatens SE Coast, ABA Offers Preparedness Resources

ABA Community Banking

With Hurricane Dorian bringing hurricane and tropical storm conditions to Florida's coastline this morning and threatening other coastal areas as it moves north, ABA is reminding bankers and state bankers associations of several resources to help with incident response and crisis communications. .

The Human Resources ‘Build or Buy’ Issue for 2018


At two recent gatherings, Cornerstone Executive Roundtable of human resources executives, this question was asked: “What are the most difficult jobs to fill and keep right now?” The post The Human Resources ‘Build or Buy’ Issue for 2018 appeared first on Gonzobanker.

Classroom Instruction Resources Of The Week

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Each week, I publish a post or two containing three or four particularly useful resources on classroom instruction, and you can see them all here. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About The Importance Of Prior Knowledge (& How To Activate It). © 1970 Pip R.

How to navigate technology choices: New resource available


Help navigating tech choices Sageworks, a financial information company, recently released a resource to help firms navigate technology choices and ensure that what they select meets their needs.

Optimizing Resource Placement in Bank Deserts


With fewer branch locations, the banks need to rethink where they should be situated – AI has long been used for optimizing resource placement and rural bank location should be no exception. A recent road trip for our annual beach vacation got me thinking about…banks.

How can compliance grow—despite fewer resources?


As we’ve seen in my previous two posts, compliance leaders are in a balancing act. The results of Accenture’s 2016 Compliance Risk Study show increasing demands on compliance, but also a leveling of growth when it comes to the function’s. Read more.

Domestic Resources Mobilization in Africa


African case studies on tax reform and domestic resource mobilization from Togo, Uganda and Ethiopia. The post Domestic Resources Mobilization in Africa appeared first on Bankelele. Togo IMF was not very happy when they merged the two offices of customs and revenue.

Powering-Up Tools: Your Product and Service Resources

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ICBA Securities broker-dealer institutional investment program offers community banks a full range of investment opportunities and educational resources. An interview with Ben Buehler, ICBA vice president, preferred services. Meet ICBA’s Product and Service Contact. Ben Buehler.

Millennial Employees: The Untapped Resource to Your Institution’s Success


The post Millennial Employees: The Untapped Resource to Your Institution’s Success appeared first on Deluxe FS. With millennials poised to outpace baby boomers as the largest generation and expected to represent 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, it’s more vital now than ever to prepare your millennial employees for the leadership roles ahead. The finance industry has long struggled to attract—and retain—this coveted generation, many of whom joined the workforce.

FCA data underlines need for flexible resourcing

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For those who’ve seen it, complaints data published by the FCA for H1 2018 doesn’t make pleasant reading for banks and other financial providers. The total number of complaints reached a record level of 4.13 million, a 10% increase on the previous six months. This was the fourth

Mastercard furthers resources for small business owners with Salesforce

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(The Paypers) Salesforce has joined Intui t in the US Mastercard small business program , as additional partners delivering critical solutions to the small business space

PCI Council Creates New Cyberattack Resources For SMBs


Aiming to help small businesses protect themselves from payment data theft, the PCI Security Standards Council Small Merchant Taskforce announced Thursday (July 7) that it has developed a suite of payment protection resources geared toward small businesses. The resources are created with simple diagrams and everyday language to take the complexity out of it for small business owners.

Human Resource Manager


As the Human Resources (HR) Manager, you will play an integral role in maintaining and enhancing the organization's human resources functions to effectively deliver on our strategy and help Filene build a championship team Our people are our most important asset.

Compliance resource drain holding back capital markets innovation

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Firms “completely consumed” by solving regulatory projects are holding back proper back office innovation in capital markets, according to Alastair Rutherford senior advisor for Nomura Research Institute. Speaking at an industry event in London this week, he argued that when companies

UBS and Deutsche Bank Mishaps Prove Value of Strong Communications and Human Resources Departments

Banking Exchange

A bank’s business can hinge on one slip of the tongue Management Bank Performance Human Resources Feature Feature3. 1Management

Do you speak Spanish? Check out our Spanish-language resources and financial tools


We have a wide range of Spanish-language tools and resources for consumers and service providers on topics ranging from planning a budget or opening an account, to buying a home or car. Info for consumers Financial coaching Financial education Financial well-being

Mobilizing Domestic Resources for Africa’s Transformation


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More scrutiny on M&A resources

ABA Community Banking

Sellers paying closer attention to buyers’ ability to close Management CSuite Community Banking M&A. 1Community Banking

FFIEC offers cyber attack resources

ABA Community Banking

Agency emphasizes preparation Risk Management Cyberfraud/ID Theft. 1Risk Management

Data Mining for Social Intelligence – Opinion data as a monetizable resource


The post Data Mining for Social Intelligence – Opinion data as a monetizable resource appeared first on Dataconomy. The digital age is characterised increasingly by the collective.

New financial education resources to help teachers bring youth financial capability into the classroom


The new “Teaching the Building Blocks" provides teachers with activities and resources that help integrate the Building Blocks of Youth Financial Education into their curriculum. Info for consumers Data, research, and reports Youth Financial education Financial well-being

New classroom resources available for middle school educators to teach financial literacy


Check out our new classroom activities for middle school educators to use in helping their students develop the building blocks of youth financial capability. Info for consumers Youth Financial education Financial well-being

What To Do When Mobile Ordering Eats Up Too Many Resources


At PYMNTS, we love mobile order ahead , but what happens when mobile ordering isn’t enough – or rather, when it’s too much? After getting their first taste of mobile ordering, some restaurants are finding it’s not to their liking and are sending it back to the kitchen. Mobile apps – both restaurant-specific ones, and aggregators like UberEATS – can make ordering easier for the consumer.

A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Cash Recycling

ATM Marketplace

Automated cash recycling is one way to reduce cash-handling challenges, and it can bring significant benefits to financial institutions. Download this guide to conquering cash management costs

Owning A Home: The homebuyer’s trusted resource


Part of that work is a new rule that improves disclosure forms ; another part is giving you comprehensive and trustworthy resources to guide you through the mortgage process. That’s why we’ve created “ Owning a Home,” a suite of tools and resources on our website.

Customer calls prove rich data resource for USAA


The bank has long collected data about digital interactions. Now it’s adding tech to gain knowledge from phone call to better understand each customer. Customer service Customer data Customer experience Customer-centricity USAA

These Technologies Could Help Eliminate Resource Planning & Sourcing Bottlenecks For Manufacturers

CB Insights

BLOCKCHAIN FOR RESOURCE TRACKING. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software tracks resource allocation from raw material procurement all the way through customer relationship management (CRM). OK, so you designed a product.

Consumers Count: Responding with resources


Check out the resources we’ve created to help you understand credit cards, debt collection, mortgages, credit reports, banking accounts, and more. Learn about the five financial products and services we’ve received the most complaints about in the last 5 years. Info for consumers At the CFPB Complaints Anniversary

FAIR, National Institute of Standards and Technology Come Together To Publish New Resource


11) it teamed up with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to publish a new resource to help enterprises and government organizations enhance their cybersecurity risk analysis , reporting and decision-making. The FAIR Institute , a nonprofit aimed at developing standard information risk management practices, announced on Thursday (Aug.

Strategic Resource Management Selects Single Source for PR and Content Marketing, William Mills Agency

William Mills

William Mills Agency (WMA), the largest independent public relations and marketing firm specializing in the financial industry, has partnered with Strategic Resource Management (SRM), an independent contract advisory firm for financial institutions, to support its public relations and content marketing initiatives. Strategic Resource Management (SRM) has been trusted by more than 700 financial institutions to identify cost savings and new revenue potential in their contract relationships.

Voice payments get mainstream resources but niche adoption

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The potential for voice payments is massive and drawing significant attention from developers. But limited use suggests it's not ready for prime time. PayThink Conference Internet of things Biometrics Digital payments