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It was interesting that the AFP decided to hold its conference in Washington – the first time it has been held in AFP’s hometown – during the run-up to the 2014 mid-term elections, and it was clear that the town was abuzz in activity as Election Day came near. I just arrived home from Washington, D.C., where the Association For Financial Professionals – a leading society for treasury and finance professionals in the US - held its annual conference.

What interested bankers most in 2014?


Now that 2014 has come and (almost) gone, it’s appropriate to take a step back and review the year’s trends and hot topics. Other popular topics in 2014 were backtesting the ALLL , key components of loan administration systems and how to perform ALLL model validations.

FDIC 141

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The 2014 GonzoBanker Awards


It’s time for the 2014 GonzoBanker Awards! Last year, we gave Salesforce the Big Buzz award and it moved well beyond that in 2014. It’s hard for us to recall a conversation about lead/pipeline management in 2014 where Salesforce’s name didn’t come up.

Credit Union Satisfaction Index Survey 2Q 2014

Banker to Banker

This annual survey published by ACSI gives bankers insight into what credit unions are doing right and wrong. Some highlights: . Credit union customers had just slightly greater satisfaction than bank customers. Mobil and online banking has the largest impact on customer experience.

Survey 156

Banking Industry and Community Bank Performance for Third Quarter 2014 [Presentation Link At Bottom]

Banker to Banker

The latest industry data was released over the weekend and a complete presentation is attached at the bottom of this blog post. Third quarter bank industry data shows return on equity performance was down at 8.1% for the industry and 8.2% for community banks below $25B in total assets.

Kenya Political Party Financing in 2014


As at June 2014, TNA had Kshs 29 million in the bank while both URP and Wiper had about Kshs 15 million – and ODM had 1.6 It’s been a year and a half since the last elections, and a year since parties last published financial accounts of their performance.

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ICBA Community Bankers of the Year

Independent Banker

The 2014 Community Banker of the Year Recipients. ICBA inaugurated its Community Banker of the Year award program this year to recognize the exceptional work of the individual employees of ICBA member community banks.

15 Minutes With … Josh Guttau

Independent Banker

Josh Guttau believes that the long-term competitiveness of community banks will heavily depend on their having great analytical skills and technology. Josh Guttau in Iowa on making decisions with data. Josh Guttau. CEO and Chief Financial Officer. of the $290 Million-Asset.

Iowa 299

Gonzo Goes to BAI Retail Delivery 2014: Sweet Home Chicago?


The gloomy overcast ride from O’Hare followed the crushing Bears loss to the Packers, so BAI had to distract us with something provoking. And, man, did it ever … with the Aliens -esque signs of bankers getting their brains sucked out (or was it minds being blown by presenters, not sure?).

Excited To Help People

Independent Banker

“I believe that you need to get in the trenches with your people and give them a helping hand. One person cannot do it all—there’s just way, way, way too much to do.” —Jim Jim Gowen, Merchants & Planters Bank. In Arkansas, Jim S. Gowen Sr.

Inside 2014’s biggest failure

ABA Community Banking

SNL Report: Regulators required convincing before letting State Bank bid on Chi failure Management Financial Trends CSuite. 1Management

Top 10 “Best Of” Financial Services Thought Leadership for 2014

Perficient Financial Servies

The clock is ticking as we are fast approaching the end of 2014 and are already focused on what’s ahead in 2015. Before we take a jump ahead into the next calendar year, I thought I’d give readers a look back at some of the great content produced this past year.

Shares Portfolio: November 2014


since August 2014. Comparing shares to last year and last quarter , the portfolio is up 7% in three months (excluding new investments), while the NSE 20 share index is up is up 0.5% The Stable. Bralirwa (Rwanda) ?. Centum (ICDCI) ?. Diamond Trust ?. KCB ?. Kenya Airways ?. Kenya Oil ?. Mumias Sugar. Nairobi Shares Exchange ?. Safaricom ?. Scangroup ?. Stanbic (Uganda) ?. Unga ?. Changes. In: Mumias Sugar. Out: None. Increase: Kenya Airways, KCB, Scangroup. Decrease: None.

Main Street Focus

Independent Banker

Tess Ousley expanded her Chicago child development center, All About Kids Learning Academy Inc., with financing from Urban Partnership Bank. A Special Mission. Urban Partnership Bank builds up people and communities. By Ed Avis.

Maine 239

How Citizens Bank of Edmond Amplifies Their Brand And Creates A Strong Culture

Banker to Banker

If you ever doubted the power of a CEO, consider Jill Castilla, CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond. Taking over at the start oft his year, she has been quick to change the culture.

Is Your Financial Institution Data Driven? Survey says, ‘Probably Not’

Celent Banking

In our resulting report, “Customer Analytics Adoption in Banking: When Management Doesn’t Lead” (September 2014), we noted that about half of the financial institutions in the sample had some experience with data analytics. Data analytics is not a new pursuit.

Survey 218

Getting Mobile Ready

Independent Banker

One assessment of recently flat mobile banking adoption comes from a Federal Reserve report, titled “Consumers and Mobile Financial Services 2014,” published in March. Finding the right place, at the right pace in a volatile and uncertain mobile marketplace. By Collin Canright.

Mobile 222

What does “Digital” mean in banking?

Celent Banking

Everyone in banking is talking about “Digital.” Celent has hosted fascinating roundtables on the topic, and it’s the basis of one of our three themes. And yet, there’s a startling lack of consensus on what Digital means.

Groups 216

It Started with a Tweet #SocialMedia #Banks @ICBA

Independent Banker

According to a statistic released as part of the ICBA 2014 Top 50 Community Bank Leaders in Social Media, nearly 2,500 banks have a Facebook or Twitter presence, and the numbers continue to exponentially grow. A status update on banks and social media. By Russ Horn, CoNetrix.

Straightforward Principles of Success

Independent Banker

“From the beginning, we’ve really tried to keep things simple. We let our actions speak for the bank.” Mark Zaback, Jonah Bank of Wyoming. Under the big Montana sky, Mark Zaback helps lead a community bank with a cowboy code. Western Region Award Recipient. Mark Zaback , Jonah Bank of Wyoming.

Banking's Total Return Top 5: 2014 Edition

Jeff For Banks

For the past three years I searched for the Top 5 financial institutions in five-year total return to shareholders because I grew weary of the "get big or get out" mentality of many bankers and industry pundits.

This Credit Union and Banker Amazed Us

Banker to Banker

If you are looking for examples of how banks have to change, stop by Grow Financial Federal Credit Union the next time you are in Tampa and see Natalia Spratlen. Grow Financial FCU presents a nice, open small footprint branch space and creates an environment of high productivity.

Tampa 309

Good News from Gen Next

Independent Banker

Out of Mom and Dad’s basement, millennials are primed to become your next best customers. By Ed Avis. Meet Jack Bauhs, your next customer. He’s a high school senior who lives in suburban Chicago.

Industry Consolidation in Financial Services

Celent Banking

The number of commercial banks in the US is declining rapidly, from 11,462 at the end of 1992 to 5,809 in 2014, while credit unions in the US went from 10,316 in 2000 to 6,491 in 2014.

Regulation and Compliance: Ready for Review

Independent Banker

The first-quarter 2014 edition of the “Quarterly Banking Profile” notes that year-over-year loan growth at community banks reached 6.6 Anticipating what’s new for your community bank’s next field examination. By Karen Hoffman.

Right-Sized Communications

Independent Banker

Thinking ‘mobile’ for customer emails will ensure the message gets through. By Elizabeth Judd. Roughly half of all emails sent to consumers are now being opened on a mobile device, according to projections by Knotice Inc.,

On Tweeting with Patti Husic, an ICBA Social Media Influencer

Independent Banker

By Ann Chen. Patricia Husic. Twitter handle: @PattiHusicCEO. Twitter followers: 330 and counting. Bank: Centric Bank, Harrisburg, Pa. Bank assets: $304 million. While perusing Twitter, it’s very common to find Fortune 500 CEOs tweeting.

More Data, More To Do

Independent Banker

Gathering and reporting bankwide data is becoming a competitive norm. By Karen Epper Hoffman. In a world where information can be the most valuable currency, community banks are gathering more of their internal data. They have lots of options. According to Mark Dittman, CEO of IBT Inc.,

Data 207

Top mistakes accountants are making with existing clients


Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell was referring to environmental impacts when she sang, “Don’t it always seem to go/That you don’t know what you’ve got/Till it’s gone” in "Big Yellow Taxi."

Taxes 207

Six Smart Steps

Independent Banker

A community bank’s practical guide to compliance cost control. By Jim Kisch. When it comes to reducing compliance costs, recommendations typically fall into complicated territory.

Shares Portfolio August 2014


Comparing the basket to one year ago , the portfolio, excluding new shares, is up 22% since May 2014 while the Nairobi Shares Exchange main index is up 5% over the same period. The Stable. Bralirwa (Rwanda) ?. Diamond Trust Bank ?. ICDCI (Centum) ?. Kenya Airways ?. Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) ?. Kenya Oil Company (Kenol) ?. Safaricom ?. Scangroup ?. Stanbic (Uganda) ?. Unga ?. Review.

Spotlight on lending: Preparing for Q3 bank reports


With the fourth quarter of 2014 well underway, both banks and credit unions are in the midst of reporting their results from the previous three months. banks, beginning with fourth quarter results in 2010, through second quarter of 2014.

Vigilance Throughout

Independent Banker

As a result, most compliance officers were likely not surprised by the August 2014 “Advisory to U.S. New BSA guidance reinforces having an appropriate ‘culture of compliance’. By Mary Thorson.

Addressing Elder Abuse

Independent Banker

Helping protect the elderly financial abuse. By Lori Millar. Arecent study published by MetLife Mature Market Institute estimates that the financial loss by victims of elder financial crimes and exploitation is more than $2.9 billion a year with approximately 2 million seniors being exploited.

Building from Scratch

Independent Banker

“I love being around people, and people are what community banking is all about.” Shirley Nelson, Summit Bank. Overcoming various long odds over the years, Shirley Nelson launched and then grew a thriving California community bank. By Beth Mattson-Teig. National Award Recipient.

Among the Last to Leave

Independent Banker

First Lieutenant Jeff Sabatke (back row, third from left) and the 3rd Platoon “Punishers” with A Company 20135 at Camp Adder in Iraq in 2011. Taking care of soldiers in Iraq before serving customers back home in Minnesota. By Jeff Sabatke.


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I’ve just returned from my last conference of the year, the excellent and intimate NetFinance Interactive held in rainy (sic) San Diego.