New China Guidelines Increase Foreign Business Opportunities


The 30-page draft guidelines published by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) aim to reverse a slowdown of economic growth partially caused by the U.S. The draft guidelines include better protection of intellectual property, equal market access and more support for private businesses and small companies as part of wider plans to stimulate the economy.

Reserve Bank Of India Provides Guidelines For Payment Systems


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has set forth guidelines for “on tap” authorization for various payment systems, including the Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU), Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS) and White Label ATMs (WLAs). The Economic Times is reporting that the guidelines include the minimum amount of net worth required, among other guidelines, in an attempt to foster innovation and competition.


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New EU Guidelines Ask Google, Digital Platforms To Disclose Search Ranking Criteria


European Union (EU) guidelines released on Monday (Dec. The guidelines indicate that online platforms should be asked to explain how their algorithms prioritize some results over others and that they should clearly state when a featured listing was paid for.

Kroger Advises Peers On Reopening Guidelines


In the absence of clear federal government direction, retailers are taking reopening guidelines into their own hands. The most notable example comes from Kroger, which shared a COVID-19 reopening playbook for all retailers and supply chain contributors on its website on this week.

Draft Guidelines Clarify GDPR Scope


As GDPR continues to take root, having an impact in Europe and beyond the confines of the continent, news came late last month that the European Data Protection Board has published draft guidelines that touch on the data protection regulation’s territorial scope. As reported through sites such as, the guidelines help clarify, for non-EU based companies, whether GDPR covers their own operations.

Lawmakers Call For Stricter Guidelines On NSA Data Collection


Regulation amendment data data collection Government guidelines lawmakers News NSA regulation Surveillance warrant What's HotTwo lawmakers want to pass an amendment that aims to stop a massive data collection program run by the National Security Agency (NSA). The bipartisan amendment wants to defund the program unless the government vows that it won’t intentionally collect data of Americans, including emails, messages and browsing data, without a warrant.

Apple Revamps App Store Guidelines For Games, Classes


Before the anticipated deployment of iOS 14 later in September, Apple updated its App Store guidelines on Friday (Sept. Also, Apple’s guidelines now indicate that digital one-on-one classes, such as exercise instruction, can circumvent the company for payment.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority Drafts Guidelines for Virtual Banks

Bank Innovation

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has released draft guidelines for virtual banks looking to set up in the region, the South China Morning Post reported today. The authority, which will issue its final guidelines on the matter in May, is proposing that virtual banks will need to have a minimum of $38.6 million U.S., or […]. Compliance Exclusive Online Financial Regulation Hong Kong Hong Kong fintech virtual banks

More PPP Forgiveness Guidelines Unveiled, But Clarity Remains Elusive


Treasury Department and Small Business Administration (SBA) have tried a few times to clear up the confusion, most recently unveiling new guidelines through a loan forgiveness application. With the new guidelines , firms have to use 40-hour weeks to determine full-time equivalent hours.

RBI Releases Guidelines For Electronic Card Payments


The Reserve Bank of India has released guidelines for what it calls the “tokenization” of debit and credit card transactions, according to reports. Tokenization will replace card details with a code, called a “token,” which will be specifically for the card, the token requestor and the device being used to pay. Instead of the card’s details, the token will act as the card at point of sale (POS) terminals and quick response (QR) code payment systems.

Facebook Seeks Clear Guidelines For Data Sharing


Facebook is asking global regulators to write new data sharing guidelines after the company was compelled to revamp its own approach to the issue, according to a report in the Financial Times.

Zuckerberg Talks Guidelines For How To Regulate Facebook


Facebook is something in between a newspaper and a telecommunications company, said CEO Mark Zuckerberg , and he wants it to be regulated accordingly, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Bankers embrace new guidelines for ethical AI

American Banker

Regions, Citizens, BMO and others are adopting principles IBM unveiled at Davos. Artificial intelligence Corporate ethics Corporate governance Risk management Machine learning Consumer banking Commercial banking

Auto, Tech Industries Have Competing Patent Guidelines For Autonomous Tech


Guidelines for patents on self-driving car technology and internet-enabled vehicles have put tech firms and automakers at odds, according to a report by Reuters. The obvious disparities between car makers like BMW and Daimler and tech firms like Qualcomm and Nokia show the future potential for legal problems and antitrust lawsuits regarding the guidelines. The guidelines by the two industries differ in the way licensing fees get calculated, and the rules for using patented tech.

Japan Eyes Guidelines For Regulation Of Tech Firms


In Japan, the Fair Trade Commission said last week that it has draft guidelines in place that would promote tighter regulation of larger tech firms. The guidelines would address concerns over customer data and would impact companies such as Facebook, Apple and Amazon, among others. Under the terms of the draft guidelines, firms would have to disclose to users their reasons for collecting personal data.

Revised HMDA Examination Guidelines Issued

CFPB Monitor

The CFPB recently posted on its website revised Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) examination guidelines. The revised guidelines address the exemption adopted in the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (also known as S.2155) applicable to the new HMDA data categories added by Dodd-Frank and the HMDA rule adopted by the CFPB in October 2015.

EU Sets Guidelines To Support Sharing Economy


And recently, the European Union set out guidelines about its thoughts on how the sharing economy — AKA companies like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb — should be regulated. This new set of guidelines is only advisory and has no true regulatory powers. What the commission will do is use this series of guidelines to help government legislation form a better framework so that national laws don’t violate any of the EU laws.

How device intelligence tech can help FIs comply with key FFIEC mobile security guidelines

Mobile Payments Today

In April, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council released updated security guidelines for mobile banking and payments. Michael Lynch, the chief strategy officer for InAuth, highlights some important parts of the new document that banks need to keep in mind going forward

Fintech Business Model Spotlight: Guideline

CB Insights

The post Fintech Business Model Spotlight: Guideline appeared first on CB Insights Research. GET THE 106-PAGE FINTECH TRENDS REPORT. Download the free report to learn about the biggest trends from fintech in 2018 and ones to watch for 2019. Email. Want the full post? Become a CB Insights customer. If you’re already a customer, login here. Core Intelligence

European AI guidelines give hesitant developers green light


European Commission guidelines on the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has given developers a green light and quashed industry hesitancy to experiment with new AI solutions, though care must be taken to limit the data needed to train them, say vendors

China Issues First Guidelines For Ridesharing Industry


A Cabinet document laid out the guidelines for registrations, fares, employment of drivers and how much they should get paid. Uber, which has operations in greater than 60 cities in China, was happy about the news, saying in a statement that it looks forward to working with both the national and local government in the region to put the new guidelines into practice, while Didi called the rules a milestone in China’s march to develop the ridesharing industry.

RBI Announces Guidelines for P2P NBFCs

Let's Talk Payments

In the ever so evolutionary space of FinTech, the journey of a market starts with payments and slowly moves on to lending and so on. They come in various shapes. Banking Fintech Insights Lending Loans P2P Asia Europe India insights US

CFPB’s data-sharing guidelines are a boon for innovation

Payments Source

While the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was careful to note that the principles were not binding, the industry should still adopt the guidelines going forward. Data ownership Customer data Data transparency Digital banking Payment processing

New PPI Draft Guidelines – Shift in Approach?

Let's Talk Payments

For many decades, despite the government’s best efforts, a vast segment of the Indian market was underserved in terms of financial services, including basic banking services. In this context, and. Fintech Mobile Wallet Payments Asia Europe insights US

Flywire Offers Guidelines To Help Universities Grow Enrollment In A COVID-19 Era


To retain and fuel student enrollment for the 2020-2021 academic year, vertical payments company Flywire has unveiled a new framework.

CFPB Issues Bank Account Deposit Discrepancy Guidelines


The agencies said that the interagency guidelines state that the banks should “avoid or reconcile” what is credited to a customer account and how much was deposited. On Wednesday (May 18), the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said that it, along with four other federal regulatory agencies, issued guidance covering the oversight of consumer deposit discrepancies.

White House: New Vaccine Guidelines To Expand To Seniors 65+


The Trump administration is expected to provide new COVID-19 vaccination guidelines that will include extending vaccine eligibility to anyone 65 years of age and older, CNBC reported on Tuesday (Jan.

Swift group to set guidelines for ISO 20022 migrations

Payments Source

Payments messaging standards provider Swift has established a new group to help it promote and assure smooth migration of the cross-border ISO 20022 standard. Network rules Cross border payments

CFSI Proposes Data Sharing Guidelines

American Banker

The Center For Financial Services Innovation has released a framework it says is designed to spur safe data sharing between banks, fintechs and third-party data aggregators. breaking_news consumer-finance data mobile pfm apis sailthru-no-lead bank-technology

Banking groups' guidelines on data sharing are misguided

Payments Source

Rather than ban screen scraping, financial institutions should improve secure account connectivity so that consumers can share data with the apps they want to use. Data security Data mining APIs Digital banking Payment processing

Why India Needs to Strongly Consider Open Banking Guidelines

Let's Talk Payments

To promote the sustainable, broad-based and versatile growth of FinTech. To innovate on the distribution of banking products and services in ways that can directly impact the consumer. There are. Banking India Insights Asia FreeCharge insights Paytm

Weighing CFPB’s HMDA resubmission guidelines

ABA Community Banking

Proposal to consider changes to guidelines adds complication Compliance Blogs Common Sense Compliance Fair Lending Mortgage/CRE Residential. 1Common Sense Compliance

Join Sageworks and Linda Keith Wednesday February 24th for “The Cs of Credit Guidelines for Tax Return Analysis” Webinar


This time, Linda will be discussing "The C's of Credit Guidelines for Tax Return Analysis." When Linda Keith asks a guidelines question in Tax Return Analysis training, she generally hears different answers throughout the room, even among attendees from the same bank. To the extent your lending professionals do not agree on the guidelines, they cannot treat loan requests in a consistent manner. Should your guidelines be flexible or are they hard and fast rules?

Digital Identity, (Way) Beyond The Social Security Number


To that end, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has just updated its guidelines — spanning four volumes — on digital identity services. The drafts were finalized after 74,000 unique visitors took a look and weighed in on suggestions overhauling previous guidelines (this is the third iteration and the first in four years). . We learned a lot … it was obvious that [previous] guidelines” which have worked well over the past 10 years, needed changes.

EU Countries Gain Ability To Exclude ‘High-Risk’ 5G Suppliers


New guidelines from the European Union (EU) allow for countries to restrict or exclude “high-risk” 5G providers from important parts of their telecom networks, according to Reuters.