Deep Dive: Buy Now, Exercise Now, Pay Later


Exercise can help individuals maintain both their physical and mental health, and there are myriad options available for fitness beginners and enthusiasts alike. Exercise options’ often hefty costs can put a damper on this enthusiasm, however.

SoulCycle To Debut Home Exercise Bike To Compete With Peloton


Retail Bike exercise home fitness News Peloton SoulCycle spinning subscription What's HotSoulCycle is gearing up to release its own at-home bike that could compete with rival Peloton, after teasing the product last summer, according to reports.

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FDIC advises banks to exercise caution with agricultural loans

American Banker

To guard against headwinds in the agricultural sector, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. recommended that institutions consider the “overall financial status” of farm loan borrowers. Risk management Policymaking Ag lending Agriculture industry Farm and rural mortgages FDIC

Basking in foreign fintech investment, India exercises its kingmaker role

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Last week, Indian regulators ordered an antitrust probe of Walmart and Amazon while Jeff Bezos and other Amazon execs traveled to New Delhi to tout a $1 billion investment to digitize local businesses. The message is U.S. investment is welcome, as long as U.S.-driven

Will Exercise Junkies ‘Save’ The Smartwatch?


The activity tracker became the device of choice for the middle-aged consumer looking to get in better shape by starting an exercise routine. That said, activity tracker companies must continue to broaden their portfolios to satisfy more exercise-focused consumers, combining specialist functions with generalist capabilities.”. So, if the smartwatch has a future — and companies like Apple are praying that it does — maybe it’s with the uber-fit exercise junkies?

Get Financially Fit With These Money Management Exercises


Here are some sure-shot exercises that will give your money the workout it needs. Depending on what category your finances fit into, you can follow the prescribed exercises – they’re worth the end result. Want your finances to look their absolute best?

PSD2: Another painful compliance exercise or an opportunity?


The European Commission’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will bring about one of the biggest changes that the banking sector has ever faced. However, as the Commission has indicated this is not a change being dictated by banks; it is a reaction to the ongoing disruption of payments

Fitness Goes Micro With ‘Workout Pods’ Designed For On-Demand Exercise

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With 1.35 billion people – or roughly 20% of the world’s population – living in China, real estate is at a premium in the country’s urban areas. As a result, brick-and-mortar businesses in China’s big cities are going small.

Installment Payments Push Sports-Equipment Sales Over The Finish Line


consumers to take their exercise routines indoors. percent of Americans exercise for 30 minutes at least three days per week, but between gym memberships and fitness classes, the costs of this hobby can begin to add up.

Note to Regulators: Exercising Fiduciary Responsibility is Not a Community Bank Board Problem – But You Might Make It One!

Finer Points

As community bankers we have a fiduciary responsibility to our customers and communities as well as our shareholders. While it may not always be an explicit legal duty, it’s inherent to the community bank relationship business model and serves a key role in our success—after all, community banks only succeed when their customers and communities do the same. That’s […]. Community Banks

ClassPass CEO: The Feds Need To Flex Their Muscles To Help The Fitness Industry


Coronavirus business ClassPass COVID-19 digital classes economy exercise Featured News fitness industry Government gyms News Rent stimulus

Flywheel To Shutter Some Cycling Locations


In the latest reported sign that boutique fitness studios are struggling to keep pace with home exercise offerings, Flywheel Sports Inc. The report also noted that Peloton has grown to have over 500,000 subscribers for its exercise products and fitness apps.

ClassPass Lands $285M To Scale Fitness Marketplace


Subscriptions ClassPass exercise fitness funding group fitness Health Investment News reservations Retail subscriptions Venture Capital Wellness What's Hot

Bringing The Jane Fonda Magic To Streaming Fitness Classes


Aerobic workouts, strength training, Pilates, yoga, cycling – name a form of exercise, and the odds are good to great that there plenty of fitness apps one can choose from to work out at home. Retail Editors' Picks exercise fitness mobile apps News Obe on-demand Shop Talk Streaming workouts

Online Fitness Experiences Where Signup Is The Light Lift Differentiator


Retail content streaming exercise fitness News subscription commerce subscriptionsFor fitness aficionados and those just looking to get in a workout, several online platforms have emerged to help them bring home the gym experience.

Groupon And The Big Business Of Beauty


Retail anti-aging products beauty beauty products Cosmetics exercise facials Featured News fitness floatation tank grooming Groupon gym memberships hand cream Health laser hair removal makeup Massage mobile app moisturizer News shaving products spas supplements waxingBeauty is and always has been one of humanity’s favorite topics. English poet Thomas Overbury famously observed that it is only skin deep, while Irish poet Margaret Wolfe Hungerford noted that it is “in the eye of beholder.”

Noom’s New Approach To Solving The Obesity Epidemic


The brand is frequently billed as the Weight Watchers for millennials – in fact, the two share some similarities: Users set a weight loss goal, and then undertake a customized diet and exercise plan to attack that goal over 16 weeks, during which time they log their food consumption and activity, which is pretty standard for any weight-loss app. The accountability aspect — inputting data such as caloric intake, sleep, exercise, etc.

Uber Of X: SwitchFit Is The Uber Of Workout Regimens


uber of x exercise fitness gyms Retail studios SwitchFit Uber of X working out workoutYear after year, it’s safe to say that most New Year’s resolutions include some form of getting in better shape. People join a gym with good intentions, but then their rate of going either slows down or stops altogether. Consumers seem to want to be in physically good shape, but when it comes to that journey, most have a hard time committing to a specific gym or routine.

Security is about as good as a fart in a spacesuit

Chris Skinner

I know lots of grumpy old men like me lament that, when we were growing up, we were left outside to run about as we felt, find our own way to and from school, were encouraged to read more and exercise, and such like. It’s a weird world.

Cryptomathic signs on as PCI SSC participating organization

Mobile Payments Today

The company hopes its experience as a designer of secure software solutions can help PCI become 'a business enabler, rather than a simple compliance exercise

Bankers identify 2020’s greatest strengths and challenges

Bank Innovation

This exercise helps keep track of past triumphs for further success and turn past deficiencies into future victories. When preparing for a new year, it helps to assess what went well and what didn’t in the previous year.

Getting the Most Value from Your ALM Process

ABA Community Banking

Asset-liability management is often treated as a compliance exercise, not a decision engine. How can ALM help improve banks’ performance? . The post Getting the Most Value from Your ALM Process appeared first on ABA Banking Journal.

Consumers Move To ‘Digital-Most’ World During Coronavirus Lockdowns


Consumers now shop, bank, work, worship and exercise, among other activities, online. consumers have transitioned from a digital-often world to a largely digital-most world in under a month across their “business and life as usual” activities amid the coronavirus.

Beneficial finds local still sells in Philly

ABA Community Banking

Bank with savings roots grows via commercial, exercises caution on CRE Management Financial Trends CSuite Community Banking. 1Community Banking

5 takeaways from mid-size stress tests

ABA Community Banking

First “live” DFAST exercise yields mixed results for banks and regulators Management Duties Risk Management Operational Risk. 1Management

JPMorgan eyes plan to tap Fed's discount window to break stigma

American Banker

bank planned to borrow funds through the Federal Reserve's emergency lending facility in an exercise designed to break the stigma attached to that program. Jennifer Piepszak, JPMorgan's chief financial officer, said the largest U.S. Federal Reserve Randal Quarles JPMorgan Chase Jennifer Piepszak

Fintech Shouldn't Have EZ Pass into Banking

American Banker

Regulators and lawmakers must exercise healthy caution before granting fintech firms preemptive powers via national bank charters or otherwise. consumer-finance law-regulation digital-banking nonbank compliance bank-technology

Subscription Price Drop Triggers Decline Of Peloton Shares


Subscriptions linked to Peloton’s proprietary exercise bike and treadmill remain $39 per month. With the Fire TV app, people can exercise with digital classes using their own equipment or take strength training, meditation and yoga, which don’t require any hardware at all. .

Taiwan Approves $2B Stimulus To Pad Coronavirus Effects, China Sees eCommerce Boom


They’re buying makeup, condoms, exercise equipment and Nintendo Switch games. Nintendo has a game called Ring Fit Adventure which combines exercise and role playing, and it’s been selling steadily, with sales quadrupling in the two weeks leading up to Feb.

Cryptomathic signs on as PCI SSC participating organization

ATM Marketplace

The company hopes its experience as a designer of secure software solutions can help PCI become 'a business enabler, rather than a simple compliance exercise

Subscription Price Drop Sends Peloton Shares Tumbling


Subscriptions linked to Peloton’s proprietary exercise bike and treadmill remain $39 per month. With the Fire TV app, people can exercise with digital classes using their own equipment or take strength training, meditation and yoga, which don’t require any hardware at all. .

Oil flow causes stress

ABA Community Banking

SNL Report: Last year's Fed stress test included $110 oil—showing limits of exercise Management Risk Management CSuite Credit Risk. 1Risk Management

3 Blind Spots Your Bank Board Can Protect Management From

Banker to Banker

While there has not been clear guidance in this area, one area where boards can exercise credible challenge is on the subject of strategic direction and assessing management bias For years, regulators have talked about enterprise risk management (“ERM”).

The Rising Popularity Of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)


Data: 51.6%: Approximate share of Americans who exercise for 30 minutes at least three days per week. Buy now, pay later (BNPL) products, which let consumers avoid paying at the point of purchase and instead allow them to pay in increments, are more popular than ever before.

NY Wants Servicers To Document Oversight of Third-Parties

New York's State of Mind

Mortgage servicers will have to exercise more oversight over third-party providers if New York finalizes regulations proposed by the Department of Financial Services. Good morning folks. On May 1st, the Department proposed amending 3 NYCRR 419 to create a new §419.11. This section mandates that mortgage servicers “adopt and maintain policies and procedures to oversee […]. Mortgage Lending Regulatory Section 419