Will Exercise Junkies ‘Save’ The Smartwatch?


The activity tracker became the device of choice for the middle-aged consumer looking to get in better shape by starting an exercise routine. That said, activity tracker companies must continue to broaden their portfolios to satisfy more exercise-focused consumers, combining specialist functions with generalist capabilities.”. So, if the smartwatch has a future — and companies like Apple are praying that it does — maybe it’s with the uber-fit exercise junkies?

An Exercise in Biometric Payments

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The early morning exercisers who stop at Thrive Café in Loves Park, Ill. may be drenched in sweat and dressed in outfits devoid of any pockets, but they can still pay for their post-workout refreshments without a wallet or phone. security technology risk-analytics

Fitness Goes Micro With ‘Workout Pods’ Designed For On-Demand Exercise

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With 1.35 billion people – or roughly 20% of the world’s population – living in China, real estate is at a premium in the country’s urban areas. As a result, brick-and-mortar businesses in China’s big cities are going small.

PSD2: Another painful compliance exercise or an opportunity?

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The European Commission’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will bring about one of the biggest changes that the banking sector has ever faced. However, as the Commission has indicated this is not a change being dictated by banks; it is a reaction to the ongoing disruption of payments

4 reasons exercising makes better leaders

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One of the most common goals people set at the start of a new year is to exercise more often. However, daily exercise can improve more than just your physical health – it can also make you a more effective leader.

What are some key credit union table top exercises?

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Table top exercises enable you to work through what would happen in a similar situation, and set clear expectations for each employee’s roles and responsibilities. Eventually, you can run a table top exercise before you do your Disaster Recovery (DR) test.

Credit Union ‘Jump Starts’ Staff Passion for Hispanic Member Service with Immersion Exercises, Training


Coopera’s staff took us through an immersion exercise where we went to a local market for lunch,” said Jakubowski. “We Buy-in from management was a critical first step to developing the Prime Financial Credit Union’s (PFCU) Hispanic member growth plan. And it did not come easily. After all, the credit union was still recovering from a conservatorship, and prudent board members wanted to be sure the plan would be strategic and well-executed. “We

Getting ready for a credit union tabletop exercise

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At Ongoing Operations, we facilitate hundreds of credit union tabletop exercises a year. To help you prepare your staff for an internal tabletop exercise, we’ve put together this checklist for you to use. What Is A Credit Union Tabletop Exercise?

Noom’s New Approach To Solving The Obesity Epidemic


The brand is frequently billed as the Weight Watchers for millennials – in fact, the two share some similarities: Users set a weight loss goal, and then undertake a customized diet and exercise plan to attack that goal over 16 weeks, during which time they log their food consumption and activity, which is pretty standard for any weight-loss app. The accountability aspect — inputting data such as caloric intake, sleep, exercise, etc.

Wirz: NCUA Charter Conversion Rules An Exercise in Government Abuse

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Henry Wirz, the CEO of SAFE CU in North Highlands, CA, wrote that NCUA''s rules governing the charter conversion process are "an exercise in government control." Earlier this week, I wrote that NCUA''s conversion rules needed to be re-examined. Adding fuel to the fire is Henry Wirz''s scathing commentary on NCUA''s role regarding credit union conversions in the October 15th edition of Credit Union Journal (paid subscription).

Groupon And The Big Business Of Beauty


Retail anti-aging products beauty beauty products Cosmetics exercise facials Featured News fitness floatation tank grooming Groupon gym memberships hand cream Health laser hair removal makeup Massage mobile app moisturizer News shaving products spas supplements waxingBeauty is and always has been one of humanity’s favorite topics. English poet Thomas Overbury famously observed that it is only skin deep, while Irish poet Margaret Wolfe Hungerford noted that it is “in the eye of beholder.”

Strategic planning guide, Part I: Pre-planning exercise

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Before you embark on the strategic planning process, consider completing the exercises below (Hint: this is a good exercise for your management team): 1. Exercise: Why does your company value having a strategic plan in place? (Is

The boom after the storm; Berkshire exercises B of A warrants


Following short-term disruptions from Harvey, Texas bankers expect a long-term lift to the local economy; Buffett’s company officially becomes the bank’s largest shareholder. Morning scan Payday lending Reverse mortgages CFPB Berkshire Hathaway Federal Reserve Bank of America

Exercise to be a better leader

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Exercise is a word you hear often this time of year, and it’s usually surrounded by words of regret. For example, “I wish I had made it to the gym more this year,” or “I definitely didn’t exercise as much as I would have liked the past few months.”. But what if we decided exercise could make us better leaders? Shelley DuBois, in FORTUNE, says exercise shows a person’s true colors. Management/Leadership Berger Credit Unions exercise leader Leadership

Dimon's Defense of Big-Bank Model: An Exercise in Hubris


JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon tried to defend his bank''s size and scope by suggesting that community banks are just as vulnerable in a crisis. But he succeeded only in proving that Wall Street firms will make the same mistakes all over again unless the government takes steps to disincentivize their risky behavior. community-banking

Two exercises to help your credit union tell a better digital story

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This exercise you have completed has not been done in vain. Considering the critical role your website and other digital channels play in helping to guide a consumer to open an account or apply for a loan, I would now like you to conduct a second exercise.

Uber Of X: SwitchFit Is The Uber Of Workout Regimens


uber of x exercise fitness gyms Retail studios SwitchFit Uber of X working out workoutYear after year, it’s safe to say that most New Year’s resolutions include some form of getting in better shape. People join a gym with good intentions, but then their rate of going either slows down or stops altogether. Consumers seem to want to be in physically good shape, but when it comes to that journey, most have a hard time committing to a specific gym or routine.

NextGen Know-How: A powerful visioning exercise for 2017

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The post NextGen Know-How: A powerful visioning exercise for 2017 appeared first on CUInsight. Credit unions that have a vision of where they want to go and can align the entire organization around that vision create momentum towards their goals.

Credit union ‘jump starts’ staff passion for Hispanic member service with immersion exercises, training

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Coopera’s staff took us through an immersion exercise where we went to a local market for lunch,” said Jakubowski. “We The post Credit union ‘jump starts’ staff passion for Hispanic member service with immersion exercises, training appeared first on CUInsight.

Black Friday credit union marketing exercise: get to the malls

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This exercise can be done in a few ways. by: James Robert Lay. You have a choice to make on Black Friday. Sleep in and eat leftover turkey. Or hit the malls early and wait in line. If you are planning to grow your credit union in 2015, make sure to set your alarm. When was the last time you spent time talking to consumers? Better yet, when was the last time you spent time watching consumers? Storytelling Starts With Observation. Now is a great time to hit the mallm but not to shop.

Cryptomathic signs on as PCI SSC participating organization

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The company hopes its experience as a designer of secure software solutions can help PCI become 'a business enabler, rather than a simple compliance exercise

Beneficial finds local still sells in Philly

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Bank with savings roots grows via commercial, exercises caution on CRE Management Financial Trends CSuite Community Banking. 1Community Banking

4 reasons you should hit the gym (other than weight loss)

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Studies have shown that exercise directly effects the quality of your sleep. Less sickness: Regular exercise can help decrease your chance of heart disease, as well as other illnesses like diabetes and osteoporosis. Lifestyle energy exercise happiness John Pettit life sickness sleep

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Glint to raise GBP 1.25 mln as part of financing round of GBP 15 mln

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million via a crowdfunding exercise, as part of a Series A funding to raise of GBP 15 million (The Paypers) Glint has announced that it will raise GBP 1.25

B of A’s biggest shareholder is now Warren Buffett


His Berkshire Hathaway exercised 6-year-old warrants to buy 700 million shares at an $11.5 billion discount. Capital Commercial banking Bank of America

Samsung Launches Galaxy Watch Priced Starting At $329.99


The Galaxy Watch comes equipped with a heart rate monitor that provides breathing exercises, advanced sleep tracking and advanced fitness tracking features. According to Samsung, the fitness tracking automatically tracks six of the most popular exercises — walking, running, cycling, elliptical, training, rowing and dynamic workouts — and features 21 new indoor exercises from a selection of 39 activities. Samsung Electronics announced on Thursday (Aug.

5 takeaways from mid-size stress tests

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First “live” DFAST exercise yields mixed results for banks and regulators Management Duties Risk Management Operational Risk. 1Management

Why My Credit Union Is No Longer My PFI

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Banking shouldn’t be an exercise in compromises and hassles, yet that was what it had become. A few months ago, I slipped a mention of my own credit union relationship. My CU of many years was no longer my PFI.

How to deal with cyber-attacks – best practices

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(The Paypers) Europol`s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) hosted a Mock Retail Cyber Hack exercise in cooperation with MasterCard, intended to simulate a cyber-attack on European merchants

Oil flow causes stress

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SNL Report: Last year's Fed stress test included $110 oil—showing limits of exercise Management Risk Management CSuite Credit Risk. 1Risk Management

MasterCard partners Confederation of All India Traders to train 50,000 Indian traders

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(The Paypers) MasterCard has partnered with the Confederation of All India Traders to train over 50,000 traders across the country under the digital campaign exercise

3 Blind Spots Your Bank Board Can Protect Management From

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While there has not been clear guidance in this area, one area where boards can exercise credible challenge is on the subject of strategic direction and assessing management bias For years, regulators have talked about enterprise risk management (“ERM”).

Trade Groups Want To Standardize Cybersecurity Data Sharing


Members of FS-ISAC began participating in the “Hamilton Series” exercises to help develop rapid response capabilities to debilitating cyberattacks industrywide. Through those exercises, we identified where there might be areas to enhance our resiliency and our recovery,” Kenneth Bentsen, chief executive of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, explained.

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Cryptomathic signs on as PCI SSC participating organization

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The company hopes its experience as a designer of secure software solutions can help PCI become 'a business enabler, rather than a simple compliance exercise

Optimising the bank-fintech relationship


Daniel Latimore provides four expert tips for exercising the 'collaboration muscle' when it comes to developing the relationship between banks and fintech.

New Year’s resolutions for credit unions in 2016

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Technology’s come a long way since the days of Jane Fonda exercise tapes. More exercise. Community Management/Leadership ATM ATM access charity enjoy life exercise features Lauren Giannini RESOLUTIONS search features stressed time with family

3 training techniques to adopt from Olympian athletes

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Management/Leadership athletes Berger Leadership Blog Corporate Culture Dan Berger emotions Execution exercise IDEAS influence Leadership learning Motivation NAFCU Olympic practice Productivity Results Strategy Success

Peloton, Bike Company, Seeks Unicorn Valuation


The New York–based company sells exercise bikes equipped with tablets that enable cyclists to subscribe to spin classes, enabling them to enjoy the workout class atmosphere from the comfort of their own home. Though it’s possible that in an economic downturn people may look to cheaper exercise options, Paul Swinand, an analyst at Four Hills Advisors, told Bloomberg that during the recession in 2008, many people actually exercised more because they had more time on their hands to do so.

10 traits of very successful people

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Dan Berger Berger Berger Leadership Blog Business challenge Coaching Communication Conferences creativity Criticism Decision Making Emotional Intelligence exercise Goals IDEAS influence Leadership Likability Management Momentum Motivation NAFCU passion Priorities Results Strategy Success

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Putting FIs Through Cybersecurity Drills To Prepare For The Next Big One


Since 2010, FS-ISAC has also invited members to participate in the organization’s Cyberattack Against Payment Systems (CAPS) exercises. During a CAPS exercise, IT professionals take part in an immersive exercise that simulates an attack on an organization’s payment operation.