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[Podcast] Optimizing Big Data to Drive Real Value


Big data can revolutionize and shape data-driven digital transformation and engagement across multiple industries. It’s important for businesses to have a good data strategy and data scientists in order to take full advantage of all the benefits your data can offer. Why do big data projects fail? [2:10].

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Byte 10 – Are you building the big data solutions right?


Bigdata solution is a field to process data from disparate sources, store the data, and perform analysis to get a meaningful and measurable action from the data. The benefits from big data processing provide a variety of insights, bring values to the organization. . Understand your data. .

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Big Data Explosion


This challenge is compounded by the growing use of alternative data from sources like customer data platform (CDP) providers, fintech partnerships, and even from sensors and IoT devices. Financial services cloud adoption is accelerating, due in part to the significant computing horsepower required by big data and AI analytics.

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What Are the Big Data Initiatives at Major Companies?

Bank Innovation

Financial institutions and other large corporation are using Big Data for a range of successful projects and initiatives, according to a recent survey. Almost 81% of executives, surveyed by consulting firm NewVantage, characterized their big data investments as “successful.”

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Four opportunities for CFOs and big data


The big data era is upon us. Financial enterprises are swimming in zettabytes—a billion terabytes—of data. For financial services firms, big data can offer a path to. The sheer volume can be overwhelming… unless you know how to use it. Read more.

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How CFOs can benefit from big data


Financial firms looking to deploy big data to drive better business are, in my opinion, making the right move. Accenture’s paper on the topic, Exploring Next Generation Financial Services: The Big Data Revolution, outlines some of the gains of working. Read more.

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Big Data Firm Palantir Prepares For Potential IPO


Founded in 2004 by CEO Alex Karp and venture capital tycoon Peter Thiel, Palantir specializes in Big Data, working with major corporations and government agencies to crunch large volumes of information. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) informing the agency of its plans.

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