Bankers Can’t Afford to Ignore LinkedIn


Almost every time I go to follow a new bank on LinkedIn, I’m disappointed at the lack of engagement and presence of their staff, especially their business development staff and investment folks.

The Dangers of Regulatory Overreach and Those Who Exploit It

Finer Points

In case you missed it, American Banker this week launched a series that sheds some light on the unintended consequences that can result from the aggressive application of regulations. The series explores National Fair Housing Alliance allegations that several large banks have failed to adequately maintain foreclosed properties in predominately minority neighborhoods, which they say […]. Regulatory Relief

CNOB Rings the NASDAQ Closing Bell

Banking on Main Street

This past Thursday, ConnectOne Bancorp, Inc. had the honor of ringing the NASDAQ closing bell to celebrate our IPO. This was a memorable milestone for us here at CNOB and for the entire financial industry.

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Laskos on Credit Unions

This morning as I opened my eyes after a night of blissful dreams, I bid farewell to the holidays and set my gaze on a nascent new year and all that it might unfurl before me in the weeks and months to come.

Banks Versus Credit Unions: Much Ado About Nothing

Jeff For Banks

Credit Unions don''t pay taxes! They''re trying to steal our business customers! I often quote Sun Tzu from his over 2,000 year old book, The Art of War. One of my favorites: "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."

Bitcoin legal classification in Germany: much ado about. ?

Money and Payments

These days I noticed an interesting discussion in my Twitter time line and on the web on the fact that the German government has ''recognized'' Bitcoins (even as legal tender, as cnbc reported for some time). There were many reports on the matter, outlining that Bitcoin is apparently gaining further acceptance among regulators. But as the reports were a bit confusing I felt it would be good to track the sources.

A Look at New Products for Underserved Hispanics


More than one in four households (28.3 percent) in the U.S. today is underserved, conducting all or some of their financial transactions outside of the mainstream banking system.

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Quick and Dirty (and Effective) Social Media Training Tool

Social Media and Banking

ATTENTION BANKS USING SOCIAL MEDIA! The day you have been fearing is here! With the recent release of draft guidance by the FFIEC regarding social media use, social media is now front and center.

Just In Time For Finovate: Adding More Fun (And More Focus) To Fintech Applications

The Discerning Technologist

How can we add more fun to fintech applications? …or at least a bit more focus ? As you look above at the dominant themes of applications at this week’s Finovate in New York – aka the Disneyland of Fintech™ – do you envision a series of engaging user experiences?

Defining Your Marketing Functions

Community Bank Marketer

Marketing’s key responsibilities can vary greatly by bank. They are usually based on a variety of factors, including: Your bank’s approach to marketing. How your execs view the role of marketing at your bank and their priorities for marketing. Your marketing staffing budget.

Why Grumpy Cat Hates Your New Checking Account Line Up!


[link] – in case you don’t know who/what Grumpy Cat is. If you don’t, I feel bad for you. Recently I participated in an excellent seminar by two serial entrepreneurs in Jonathan Fields and Charlie Gilkey. One of the exercises was designed to get into your customer’s head.

Confidence Trumps Sales Training EVERY Time

The Emmerich Group

Thousands of bank executives are waking up saying, “SALES training! Of course! It’s SALES training we need.” Yeah, well sometimes the first thing that pops into our heads isn’t a keeper. Sales training is fine, but it’s NOT what you need to solve your problem and create a sustainable solution.

Banking, Bernanke & The Housing Bounce

Banking on Main Street

Recently, I visited Steve Schaefer over at Forbes to discuss the long term effects of the Fed’s decisions to stimulate the economy and what rising interests rates mean for the housing market & banking industry.

International Credit Union Day—How Will You Be Celebrating?

Laskos on Credit Unions

Back on Saturday, October 2, 2010, I published a blog post on this site featuring 12 simple ways to mark your observance of International Credit Union Day.

Does fee income hedge banks and credit unions from spread swings?

Jeff For Banks

The drum is starting to beat again for fee income in the minds of banking executives and in financial institution strategy sessions. This week I heard "hedge" against interest rate fluctuations, a comment more common in the late 1990''s to mid 2000''s.

Is a 'democratic' crowd based cryptocurrency just as fair as the traditional ones?

Money and Payments

Having gone through my daily portion of Bitcoin-reads (and being somewhat sceptic), it struck me that one of the compelling arguments of collective currencies: ''money to the people'' is highly flawed. It is the strong resentment against governments and financial institutions that makes many people believe that it would be good to take the power of money-creation out of governments'' hands. But what would happen if we would indeed forget for a moment about the governments?

Credit Union Takes a Step Back to Better Align Hispanic Outreach Efforts


With 40 percent of its local market claiming Hispanic heritage, the growth path of People’s Trust Federal Credit Union , headquartered in Houston, Texas, was pretty clear: It would be critical to make a strategic investment in expanding the credit union’s Hispanic outreach efforts.

CEO Compensation at Large State-Chartered CUs, 2011

Keith Leggett's Credit Union Watch

The average 2011 compensation for CEOs at state-chartered credit unions with $1 billion or more in assets was about $814 thousand. The median CEO compensation was approximately $673 thousand. The information on credit union CEO pay was pulled from the Form 990s filed by state-chartered credit unions.

Go All In? Not Until You're Ready

Social Media and Banking

In her recent article, " 7 Things Banks & Credit Unions Don''t Do In Social Channels (But Should) ," Julia Verbrugge, Marketing Coordinator at Andera, makes some good recommendations for bankers and credit unioners.

The Future of Financial Services (In A Mobile World)

The Discerning Technologist

During this year’s NetFinance conference in Phoenix, I participated in Digital Management Inc.’s ’s closed session with seventeen financial industry experts to discuss the impact of digital and mobile technologies on the future of financial services. This white paper below is the product of that discussion.

Developing a Bank Marketing Plan: Seven Steps

Community Bank Marketer

I am big on planning. It works. If you are going to be successful, you need to start with clear goals and a well-developed plan.

Why Your Business Bankers Need to Optimize Their LinkedIn Profiles (how’s that for a sexy title?)


I’ve been active on LinkedIn since sometime in 2008. When I received my first invite for their platform, I thought it was related to the town I live in (Lincoln, NE). This was despite the fact that LinkedIn was founded in 2003. Yes, it’s been around for a decade!

The Sure-Fire Way to Stop Disorienting Your Best Salespeople—and Help Them Massively Succeed.

The Emmerich Group

It’s consistent…The one thing that most banks do wrong is sales training. In fact, in most cases, it is a train wreck. Most banks are screaming for loan growth. But they’re not going to get it. They think the only way to achieve that growth is to do traditional sales training.

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What’s Driving the Economy?

Banking on Main Street

As we begin the second half of our fiscal year, we are seeing our economy moving in a positive direction. Home prices are continuing to rise, car sales are the strongest they’ve been in 5 years and manufacturing is up. In my recent interview with Larry Kudlow , I discuss the trends we are seeing here at ConnectOne Bank and what is driving our economy forward. See the full interview below to hear my thoughts. Uncategorized 2013 CNBC Community Banking Economic outlook economy Larry Kudlow

3 Lessons From the Vatican: Know When to Hang Up the Mitre

Laskos on Credit Unions

This week, the world will witness an event that has not occurred since the year 1415—a Pope stepping down from the Papacy.

Community Banks and Our Retirement Problem

Jeff For Banks

How can your financial institution stand out in a crowded marketplace? Why don''t we play a critical role in solving the nation''s retirement problem?

Cloud computing in FS: An essential guide

Bob's Guide

In this first bobsguide blogger (aka contributing editor) submission from Barclays’ CIO Andrew Witney the issue of cloud computing is addressed. The pros and cons of private, public and hybrid cloud solutions for financial services (FS) firms are examined alongside uptake; the Infrastructure


In 5 Years, 50% of revenue will be digital

Banking 4 Tomorrow

Where’s the revenue going to come from? Mobile use is exploding in the banking scene. If you are a retail bank today in the developed world and you don’t have an app for your customers, you are increasingly becoming an exception. Certainly almost every bank in the world today has some form of Internet website […].

Loss of Tax Exemption Could Benefit CUs

Keith Leggett's Credit Union Watch

Below is a video of Ken Kies discussing how two businesses that were previously tax exempt have prospered after their tax exemption was repealed. Ken Kies is currently Managing Director of the Federal Policy Group, LLC.

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The proposed EU-directive on Bank Accounts: wrong tool

Money and Payments

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1951 - Quote on the Purpose of the Credit Union "Common Bond"

Credit Union History

The following quote is excerpted from Richard Y.

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Elements of a Bank Marketing Plan

Community Bank Marketer

Okay, I will admit that I can go a little overboard on my marketing plans. I am the kind of person who likes to make lists and organize just about everything. So, I believe in developing a comprehensive marketing plan that is a real blueprint for the coming year. And, I usually add to it as we go.

Your Bank Hasn’t Earned the Right to be on LinkedIn


A few weeks back I decided it was time to write a blog post on “How Banks Can Best Use LinkedIn.” But then Jeffry Pilcher at TheFinancialBrand.com wrote this great post: 12 Steps Financial Marketers Can Take To Get The Most From Their LinkedIn Page.

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The Seven-Step Formula for Creating a Franchisable System

The Emmerich Group

So you’ve built your bank into a thriving, successful business. Nice work! But now you’re looking to expand—sending other branches out into the world like beloved children. Can you give them what they need to succeed?

Is Small Business Ready For The Recovery?

Banking on Main Street

No one can argue that the past 24-36 months have tested the confidence of small businesses and the ability to regain footing in the current economic environment.

Another Tax Break for the Wealthy!

Laskos on Credit Unions

Something is wrong, absolutely seriously wrong in our beloved United States —and I do mean, SERIOUSLY WRONG! Just a few minutes ago on the radio, I heard the news that Republicans in Congress are putting together their version of a plan to balance the budget.

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Loan Pricing: Must It Be So Complicated?

Jeff For Banks

When it comes to pricing loans, my experience tells me we use competitor pricing as our de facto pricing model. For consumer and residential loans, where rates and fees appear on the competitors'' websites, it''s not so difficult.