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DoorDash Ordered To Cut DashPass Commissions By DC Attorney General


While DashPass is a premium marketing offering and provides benefits to many restaurants, we have decided to not charge DC restaurants their contractual DashPass rate at this time. The letter that was sent to the delivery company on Tuesday (Dec.

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4 takeaways from Michael Barr’s DC Fintech Week speech

Payments Dive

The Federal Reserve’s vice chair for supervision stressed caution for banks’ ties to crypto and spotlighted how stablecoins differ from other digital assets.

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DC Attorney General Sues Facebook Over Data Collection


Prosecutors in Washington, DC, are suing Facebook over stolen user data related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to reports. The DC attorney general’s (AG) office announced the lawsuit on Wednesday (Dec. The DC attorney general’s (AG) office announced the lawsuit on Wednesday (Dec.

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Today In Payments: Facebook Calls Out Apple; DC AG Sues Instacart


DC AG Sues Instacart Over Fees Customers Thought Were Tips. Facebook Inc. alleges that Apple demanded it remove a message in its app that told customers about the computer giant’s 30 percent cut of online sales for its new events feature. The attorney general for the District of Columbia alleged in a lawsuit filed on Thursday (Aug.

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USDA?s SNAP Benefits Can Used In 25 States, DC To Buy Groceries From Amazon


That list brings the total number of states where these benefits are available up to 25 along with Washington DC, with more states to come soon, the company said. Partnering companies working with Amazon are included in the deal, the release says. The full list of the states where the partnership is available can be found here.

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Manasquan Bank's Reward Checking Account Offered In 16 States And DC


Manasquan Bank's high-yield reward checking account, Infinity Cash, and the companion savings account, Infinity Saver, are available in 16 east coast states and DC.

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Understanding U.S. Regulator’s Proposed Extended Comment Period


Mail: Forward your comments to Chief Counsel’s Office, Attention: Comment Processing, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, 400 7th Street SW, Suite 3E–218, Washington, DC 20219. Hand Delivery/Courier: Personally deliver your comments to 400 7th Street SW, Suite 3E–218, Washington, DC 20219.

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