Banks’ Definitive B2B Payments Guide To Sibos


While FinTechs are offering a greater variety of solutions to business users than ever before, corporate finance chiefs and treasurers still turn to their banks first to improve their B2B payments strategies. One way, of course, is through collaboration and data integrations with FinTechs, which continues to be a paramount strategy in augmenting corporate financial services.

When did FinTech become cool?

Chris Skinner

When did FinTech become FinTech? I guess the first thing is to define FinTech, which I did badly four years ago. I say badly because my definition back then was: FinTech [is] a new market that integrates finance and technology. Fintech Grid

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The Definitive Guide to Digital Banking Platforms


The post The Definitive Guide to Digital Banking Platforms appeared first on Dataconomy. Data Science Finance FinTech Digital Banking fintechDid you doze off and miss the digital banking revolution?

Programs galore; definitely on the right path

Matteo Rizzi

We are definitely on the right path with our assigned programs for the year at FinTechStage. Financial Inclusion FinTechStage fintech fintechstage fintechstage news matteo rizzi matteor rizzi news

Top 5 Emerging Fintech Hubs in The U.S.

Bank Innovation

Silicon Valley, New York City, and Boston all have thriving fintech communities, and are definitely worth a trip for the invested fintech entrepreneur, but the U.S. is already seeing a cluster of other fintech hubs emerge.

The FinTech Wave, Part Two

Chris Skinner

As mentioned in the first part of these two pieces, we talk a lot about FinTech. There are nuances to this market that is over a decade old today, that need to be fleshed out in more detail as, just as with technology in general, some of this FinTech is in the hype cycle, some is in the chasm, and some is coming into the mainstream as accepted. So, here is the FinTech Wave, Part Two. Fintech Grid

Wellness in a world of Fintech

Bank Innovation

Another strong opportunity for Fintech identified is to help that large percentage of the population who are not necessarily financially unwell but perhaps not as strong as they should be. Newswire finance financial inclusion fintech innovation wellness

Happy 5th Birthday Daily Fintech

Daily Fintech

I celebrated the first birthday of Daily Fintech with this post on 30 June 2015. So Daily Fintech is 50% there if it is 10 years and 71% there if it is 7 years. Liquidity” is the definition of success for an investor. Daily Fintech Advisers b2b media daily fintech

FinTech Credit: Not So Clear And Present Danger?


As the payments landscape evolves and becomes ever more digital in scope, and as FinTech firms make inroads into traditional financial services, regulators are looking at FinTech credit — and how it might be defined and shaped.

Pandemic Leveling Playing Field Between Banks And FinTechs?


The battle between traditional financial institutions (FIs) and tech-nimble FinTech challengers has been a pitched one. Consumers Think About the Key Issues Driving the Connected Economy,” some old-school definitions of banking hold sway when individuals are asked what banking is all about.

Fintech Lenders Moula & Prospa Winners In Government Loan Scheme

Daily Fintech

SME fintech lenders Moula and Prospa have been bought into a landmark government guarantee scheme – the Coronavirus Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Guarantee Scheme – that will see up to $40 billion in lending make its way to Australia’s hard-hit SME sector in the coming months.

Visa, Marqeta Team To Boost FinTech Expansion Across Asia Pacific


Many of them are technical in nature, as firms — especially FinTech firms and traditional financial institutions (FIs) that want to bring digital payments to new markets — must navigate new relationships with multiple payment processors on a market-by-market basis to gain that acceptance.

FinTech Startup Sezzle Tops 1M Active Customers


Digital payments FinTech startup Sezzle announced on Monday (Feb. Payment Methods BNPL FinTech News Retail sezzle What's Hot10) that it topped 1 million active customers. .

Fintechs Are Driving Customer Expectations, but Banks Should be Wary of the ‘Hype Cycle’

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE--Fintech startups are definitely driving change within the financial service industry--no surprise there--but more than providing some necessary technical upgrades, fintech has established such a place in the industry that is now driving what customers expect from their banks.

FinTechs Press States To Streamline Regulations


The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) said earlier this month that it had put in place a set of action items to standardize the national experience of FinTechs and non-bank entities. Our FinTech industry advisory panel did include a few community banks.

What does the term ‘challenger’ really mean?

Chris Skinner

I realised post the post that the issue is definitions. In general, the term challenger banks has become accepted to be used in FinTech circles as banks … The post What does the term ‘challenger’ really mean? Digital Bank Fintech Grid

Deutsche Bank: How To Make FI/FinTech Partnerships Work


It may be conventional wisdom to assume that banks and FinTech firms are on opposite ends of the financial services spectrum, where large, asset-rich, traditional financial institutions (FIs) stand in stark contrast to small, bootstrapped tech upstarts, competing for clients’ attention and spend.

How To 229

Cross-Border FinTech Collaborations Gain Traction


In FinTech and FI collaborations , borders fall to bits and bytes. On FinTech collaboration writ large, Singapore and Dubai are working together to encourage strides in digital payments and commerce done by mobile means. It is no secret that as banks and FinTechs band together, seamless integrations of product and processes become paramount. B2B Payments B2B big data Blockchain digital payments FinTech international payments News Open Banking API wealth management

This Week in Fintech 17 Jan

Daily Fintech

Efi Pylarinou worked for top tier Wall Street firms and is now a top global Fintech influencer. Jessica Ellerm is CEO of Zuper Superannuation & previously worked for a top Fintech startup, Tyro. Bernard Lunn is CEO of Daily Fintech and author of The Blockchain Economy.

Canadian Fintech Market Map

CB Insights

Finally, looking at Canadian “fintech” (financial technology) specifically, funding was up substantially in the first half of the year. Canadian fintech companies raised $251M through the end of H1’19, nearly double the $133M raised in H1’18. The 2019 Canadian fintech market map.

FinTech Firms Ease Resistance To California SMB Borrower Protection Rules


The Australian FinTech market, for instance, received significant backlash last year after small business lending platform Prospa pulled its IPO plans amid criticism over its rates and fees.

India’s SME fintech sector flourishing – Facebook and Tiger Global take stakes

Daily Fintech

Tiger Global aren’t the only US firm doubling down on Indian fintech. Meesho are effectively redefining the definition of a SME, enabling a new generation of Indians to establish home run businesses, reselling goods via its marketplace. Small Business Fintech

Does Fintech exit the UK with Brexit?

Insights on Business

As Brexit inches closer to its culmination date of March 2019, one unanswered question from the impending exit from the EU is will London still be seen as the ‘ capital of Fintech ” in Europe? The UK is currently facing its most serious challenge so far as the fintech hub of Europe.

Payroll FinTech Paylocity Acquires Video Communication Platform


Using videos will become more and more important for businesses as the definition of work expands, including more remote positions and other such changes to the traditional office sphere.

Video 136

Wyoming creates fintech sandbox

CFPB Monitor

Earlier this year, Wyoming became the second state to create a financial technology (fintech) sandbox by enacting the “ Financial Technology Sandbox Act ” (Sandbox Act). FinTech State CFS Monitor sandbox wyoming

Mexico, LATAM’s biggest Fintech ecosystem, implement Fintech regulatory framework

Daily Fintech

Mexico is now the largest Fintech ecosystem in LATAM with over 240 Fintech startups, a YoY growth of about 50%. In the last year it has overtaken Brazil in Fintech growth as per Finnovista’s Fintech Radar (July 2017).

FinTech Startups Changing the Debt Collection Experience for Businesses & Consumers

Let's Talk Payments

Debt collection is definitely not the sexiest segment in the financial services industry. Fintech Insights Asia collectAI Collectly Europe InDebted insights Symend True Accord USTo be honest, the experience just straight-forward sucks for everyone involved in this horrendous process – lenders.

What Can Banks Learn From The FinTechs?

Insights on Business

This is definitely related to the inflection point that the banking industry is today both from their own inability to drive change for rapid digitization and also to address the threat from non-banking firms. What can banks learn from the FinTechs?

Introducing Open API Week on Daily Fintech

Daily Fintech

So when Daily Fintech Advisers started to talk to senior executives in Banks, I talked about Open APIs and a colleague told me that I needed to explain what they are (as we were not meeting with developers). My definition of Open API is very simple.

BIS Sees Boons, Risks As FinTech Credit Gains Traction


When it comes to FinTech firms and lending, might it be that what we don’t know could hurt us? The report noted that there is no internationally agreed-upon definition of what that activity might be, but for the confines of the report, it includes “all credit activity facilitated by electronic [online] platforms that are not operated by commercial banks.” There are signs, too, that commercial banks have been using FinTech credit innovations to boost their own efficiencies.

How Traditional and Emergent Fintech could converge and change Finance

Daily Fintech

Traditional Fintech is so boring – and so profitable. Two years ago, in December 2014, we took a look at the Traditional Fintech market. TL:DR Traditional Fintech was 82% of the market, much bigger than Emergent Fintech. . Eons ago I worked in Traditional Fintech.

The woman in the global Fintech arena

Daily Fintech

Speaking from experience, Daily Fintech is a spectator and analyst in the Fintech business, but in the media business we are in the arena/stage as entrepreneurs. Fintech Global Tour Strategic Viewpoint femtech first the rest

Bitcoin Daily: Bitcoin Sheds $20 Billion Off Market Cap; Gibralter-Based FinTech Launches Tokenized Securities Platform


California lawmakers have introduced a bill that would attempt to more clearly define how cryptocurrency is meant to be treated, and definitively determine if it is an investment contract.

The complex impact of fintech and legacy systems on banking

Insights on Business

Legacy systems, not fintech (November 2016), by Mike Gardner seemed to go viral on my Twitter stream. After reading Gardner’s article, I decided to tap into some of the fintech experts I’ve engaged with and see what their thoughts are on legacy systems and fintech as threats to banking.

System 200

Every wealth account starts as a savings account

Bank Innovation

By definition, big accounts have large balances, which in turn yield rich fees. But fintechs have a different […]. In the race for wealth assets, current bank wealth group behavior suggests that large accounts matter, while small accounts aren’t worth the effort to cultivate.

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