15 Minutes With … Josh Guttau

Independent Banker

Josh Guttau believes that the long-term competitiveness of community banks will heavily depend on their having great analytical skills and technology. Josh Guttau in Iowa on making decisions with data. Josh Guttau. CEO and Chief Financial Officer. of the $290 Million-Asset.

Iowa 299

How Citizens Bank of Edmond Amplifies Their Brand And Creates A Strong Culture

Banker to Banker

If you ever doubted the power of a CEO, consider Jill Castilla, CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond. Taking over at the start oft his year, she has been quick to change the culture.

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Is Your Financial Institution Data Driven? Survey says, ‘Probably Not’

Celent Banking

Data analytics is not a new pursuit. SAS, for example, has been offering solutions since its inception in 1976. But owing to the inherent complexity of advanced data analytics platforms, experience with data analytics has been the domain of only the largest organizations.

Survey 218

Top mistakes accountants are making with existing clients


Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell was referring to environmental impacts when she sang, “Don’t it always seem to go/That you don’t know what you’ve got/Till it’s gone” in "Big Yellow Taxi."

Taxes 207

ICBA “Going Postal”

Finer Points

I’m all for outside-the-box thinking. Fresh ideas and brainstorming are as important in community banking as they are in any other business. But sometimes an idea comes along that is so bad—so half-baked and ill-considered—that it should be politely heard…and then squashed outright before it has a chance to gain any traction. In case you […]. Advocacy Community Banks Washington

Tim’s Online Banking/Mobile Banking Franken-Banking Product


Gonzo bankers, I get asked who has the best online banking/mobile banking offering a lot. I mean, a lot. Banks and credit unions, struggling with numerous challenges around remote delivery (banking online, mobile banking, mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC), bill pay, etc.),

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Your Auto Loan Product Experts are Just a Click Away

SWBC's LenderHub

Have you ever had a moment like this? Customer Service Lending

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How to become a Digital Bank

ABA Community Banking

Book Review: Handbook suits both Digital Aliens and Digital Natives Management Lines of Business Technology Core Systems Vendor Management Blogs Books for Bankers. 1Books for Bankers

5 Intra-African Travel Barriers


There’s a lot of talk about removing intra-African trade barriers. But how about barriers for Africans traveling within Africa? If it’s easier to travel, it will be easier for people to cross borders, see & seek opportunities and build trade & business networks.

Bank Innovation Watch List

Bank Innovation

Welcome to the Bank Innovation Watch List! The Watch List monitors the fintech startups from around the world that could change financial services. Here you’ll find some of the freshest, most innovative fintech startups in the world today. Our global team of industry experts constantly hunts down the newest and most-disruptive technologies. See a sample […

ICBA Community Bankers of the Year

Independent Banker

ICBA inaugurated its Community Banker of the Year award program this year to recognize the exceptional work of the individual employees of ICBA member community banks.

This Credit Union and Banker Amazed Us

Banker to Banker

If you are looking for examples of how banks have to change, stop by Grow Financial Federal Credit Union the next time you are in Tampa and see Natalia Spratlen. Grow Financial FCU presents a nice, open small footprint branch space and creates an environment of high productivity.

Tampa 309

What does “Digital” mean in banking?

Celent Banking

Everyone in banking is talking about “Digital.” Celent has hosted fascinating roundtables on the topic, and it’s the basis of one of our three themes. And yet, there’s a startling lack of consensus on what Digital means.

Groups 216

Thought starter: Top challenges accountants face and actionable ideas to solve them


Comedian and television writer/producer Larry David has said, “I''m not a person who embraces challenges. I run from challenges. I break world records running from challenges.” ” Humor aside, accountants don’t have the luxury of thinking that way.

Millennials Are the Future for Community Banks

Finer Points

Forget what you think you know about Generation Y. The nation’s millennials—the biggest and most diverse generation of customers in our nation’s history—account for more than $1 trillion in annual purchasing power. And according to ICBA’s recently released 2014 American Millennials and Banking Study, this generation represents a major opportunity for community banks. This is […]. Community Banks

Do We Need Better System Integration or Fewer Systems to Integrate?


“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”. ?Douglas Douglas Adams, the Salmon of Doubt.

System 108

Now You're Speaking My Language!

SWBC's LenderHub

When coaching our financial institution clients on how to sell SWBC’s products (like GAP, MMP, credit life insurance, etc.), our training team encourages participants to provide ongoing feedback.

Your Eyes are the Window to… Your Bank? Q&A with EyeVerify

Banking 2020

After first hearing about EyeVerify at Finovate Spring earlier this year, where the company won best of show, we were intrigued.

Governor Signs Off on Prize-Linked Savings Bill

New York's State of Mind

It feels nice to be able to bring you good tidings this morning, Yesterday, Governor Cuomo signed off on legislation (A.9037A (Robinson)/S.6805B (Lanza); Chapter 370) authorizing credit unions to offer prize-linked savings lottery programs. The legislation also permits banks to offer the same products if and when bank regulators follow NCUA’s lead and authorize savings […]. Advocacy New York State prize-linked savings

Meet the BE team

ABA Community Banking

Our mission: Provide “Competitive Intelligence for Banks” Feature3. 1Promo


Bank Innovation

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Excited To Help People

Independent Banker

“I believe that you need to get in the trenches with your people and give them a helping hand. One person cannot do it all—there’s just way, way, way too much to do.” —Jim Jim Gowen, Merchants & Planters Bank. In Arkansas, Jim S. Gowen Sr.

Once Upon A Time: How An Examiner’s Enlightened Words Turned This Bank Around

Banker to Banker

Once upon a time there was a bank that was close to failure. It used to be a great bank with branches filled with vibrant customers and earnings as thick as Kansas soil. However, over time customers moved on and the staff started to feel that they had little to offer compared to the largest of banks.

Kansas 255

Actual vs. Perceived Value (Behavioral Economics)

Celent Banking

Our humanity, as individuals and as consumers, continues to fascinate me, particularly as it relates to our irrationality. My dad would drive miles out of his way to save 2 cents per gallon of gas, just for the principle of it (whatever that principle was!).

Miami 197

Spotlight on lending: Preparing for Q3 bank reports


With the fourth quarter of 2014 well underway, both banks and credit unions are in the midst of reporting their results from the previous three months.

Regulatory Capture Old News for Community Banks

Finer Points

A new report exposing the New York Fed’s coddling of Wall Street megabanks—particularly Goldman Sachs—is making waves in Washington. And why shouldn’t it? The ProPublica report exposes the New York Fed’s culture of deference to the megabanks it is charged with regulating as well as its marginalization of the few examiners who have spoken out. […]. Regulatory Exams Too Big to Fail

Apple Pay from the Front Lines


It’s been a good three weeks since the new iPhone 6 arrived in the mail. It was a bittersweet moment as I had regretfully given up my iPhone 4S, primarily out of the geeky obsession that it was rumored to be the last product in which Steve Jobs was able to oversee development from start to finish.

Apple 105

The Top 6 Customer Services Mistakes You Make Time and Time Again

SWBC's LenderHub

We''ve all been a customer at some point, and, unfortunately, we''ve probably all been subjected to horrible customer service. We also all know that word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. You''ve probably heard about a new product or restaurant and immediately asked around to see what others thought.

Tools 115

Delivery Redirect: Mapping Your Business to Changing Consumer Behavior – Webinar

Banking 2020

*Disclosure: Banking.com is powered by Digital Insight. The Digital Age is here, and with it is an ongoing change in consumer behavior. As consumer preferences are changing as quickly as technology, it’s a challenge for financial institutions to keep up.

Kenya Political Party Financing in 2014


It’s been a year and a half since the last elections, and a year since parties last published financial accounts of their performance. They are now doing the same for the 2013-2014 year and with numbers in from most of the ‘major parties’ - what’s changed and what trends are there to see?

Trends 127

Why the Facebook of Banking won’t own a charter

Banking 4 Tomorrow

2014 was the biggest year in FinTech by far with billions being invested globally, which is to be expected in a global growth sector. But how much was invested globally in FinTech this year? It depends on how you classify FinTech. StrategyEye estimated that there was $2.8Bn raised in 2014 via venture capital investments in […].

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Bank Innovation


Main Street Focus

Independent Banker

Tess Ousley expanded her Chicago child development center, All About Kids Learning Academy Inc., with financing from Urban Partnership Bank. A Special Mission. Urban Partnership Bank builds up people and communities. By Ed Avis.

Maine 239

The Perfect Bank Customer Appreciation Event

Banker to Banker

This week, we spoke on the future of business at one of the best bank customer events we have attended. CTBC Bank ($2.3B, CA) put on a stellar show and today we break down the events elements that will give you some ideas for your next customer “thank you” lunch.

CA 250


Celent Banking

I’ve just returned from my last conference of the year, the excellent and intimate NetFinance Interactive held in rainy (sic) San Diego.

Accountants win more clients doing these 3 things


Have you ever wondered why your accounting firm lost out on a recent engagement? Do you get frustrated when clients show little interest in utilizing the firm’s additional services that are offered?

Groups 185

Too-Big-To-Jail Talk is Cheap

Finer Points

Here in Washington, I hear a lot of talk. People will say just about anything and claim it’s the truth, no matter what the record shows. Well, I’m from the Show-Me State, where actions speak louder than words. Attorney General Eric Holder recently said that there is no such thing as too-big-to-jail. In a […]. Too Big to Fail Washington