How To Create A High Performing Bank With An Employee Handbook

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Your bank employee handbook is probably a snooze-fest. If you are like most banks, your employee handbook was likely cobbled together from a template given to you by a third-party human resources firm or a revision of another bank’s handbook. Let’s be honest.

Three More Changes to Make to HR Handbook

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Good Afternoon Folks, Sorry for the delay but the morning got away from me. As much as I would love to dedicate space to the disclosure of the CapitalOne data breach I still have to get you updated on some HR bills signed by the governor recently that will have a direct operational impact on […]. HR New York State technology A.5308 Capital One Hairstyle interview

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New Exam Handbook Sparks Fears of Higher Bar for Small Banks

American Banker

A new exam handbook released by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is sparking concerns that the agency is quietly expanding heightened regulatory guidelines meant for larger banks to smaller institutions.

If you have an employee handbook you have to read this…

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Whether or not you work in a unionized workplace, the National Labor Relations Board has used an expansive view of federal law to insert itself into , and implicitly attempt to micromanage, the American workplace in a way that is directly impacting your credit union operations. Those of you who think I’m exaggerating andor those […]. HR Legal Watch Regulatory interest-rate risk policies NLRB

5 Mind Blowing Concepts In Culture Banks Can Immediately Use

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Earlier this week ( HERE ), we highlighted how an employee handbook can have a colossal impact on culture that can radically alter your bank’s trajectory.

How to become a Digital Bank

ABA Community Banking

Book Review: Handbook suits both Digital Aliens and Digital Natives Management Lines of Business Technology Core Systems Vendor Management Blogs Books for Bankers.

An ATM business built on big ideas — and brotherhood

ATM Marketplace

If there were a handbook titled "ATM Business-building for Dummies," Rule No. 1 probably would be "NEVER go into business with family." But the band of brothers who founded Grant Victor would argue that it's family bonds that form the bedrock of their ATM company

The LEI mechanism implementation: Next steps explained


The LEI Handbook, Exchange Data's Guide to Financial Codes, written by economist and Harvard trained Ozren Cvjetic, has recently been published.

CMB Ushers China Into Blockchain eInvoicing


In May, President Xi Jinping stated that blockchain remains a “breakthrough” technology, while a handbook also appeared, geared toward educating government officials on blockchain.

The Big Spike In ‘CEO Fraud’


That’s an unfortunate but in some ways impressive record, considering that most BEC/EAC fraud relies on what the FBI referred to as “the oldest trick in the con artist’s handbook: deception.”.

Fraud 186

Preparing for the Worst, Hoping for the Best

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Maybe it’s because the desolate Albany landscape with its frozen mounds of exhaust-tinged snow and sub-zero temperatures makes me feel like I’m inhabiting a post-apocalyptic world, but a couple of days ago I got around to reading the FFEIC’s new appendix to its examination handbook dedicated to disaster preparedness entitled Strengthening the Resilience of Outsourced […].

HUD Announces Suspension of Effective Date for New Down Payment Assistance Requirements

CFPB Monitor

HUD also advises that mortgagees may continue to follow the guidance in HUD Handbook 4000.1

HUD says “no” to DACA recipients

CFPB Monitor

HUD policy, currently reflected in HUD Handbook 4000.1 , provides that “[n]on-U.S.

Important Considerations When Growing the CRE Portfolio


The OCC Comptroller’s Handbook on CRE lending is careful to point out that CRE lending brings a unique take on other common lending risks, such as credit, interest rate, liquidity, operational, compliance, strategic and reputational risks. In a survey of community banks and credit unions at the 2016 Sageworks Risk Management Summit, 42 percent of respondents said Commercial Real Estate, or CRE, lending was their primary focus for loan portfolio growth.

Solving the Fintech Vendor Due Diligence Conundrum

Celent Banking

Banks are ultimately responsible for all of the services that they provide, even when they contract with third parties to help them deliver those services.

Is a Test Environment Necessary? 5 Reasons Why Financial Institutions Need One for Their AML & Fraud Monitoring Systems


The FFIEC IT Examination Handbook goes into more detail and states that “large and complex institutions should have a change management policy that defines what constitutes a change and establishes minimum standards governing the change process.” Change is inevitable. Software systems get upgraded; new technology gets implemented. Financial institutions should have Change Management Policies that define change, as well as establish the procedures around managing change.

China’s Move To Embrace Blockchain


Government officials have even been given handbooks on how blockchain works and can be deployed. For China , cryptos are anathema, while the blockchain is to be embraced, or so it seems in light of recent policy and project announcements. China has grappled with cryptos , eying them with suspicion amid speculative trading that has seen both fortunes made and lost.

HUD Throws in the Towel on Down Payment Assistance Revisions

CFPB Monitor

HUD also advised that mortgagees may continue to follow the guidance in HUD Handbook 4000.1 We have reported on the attempt by the U.S.

Helping SMBs Crack Digital ID Verification


To take a phrase from the journalist’s handbook: Trust, but verify. The marketplace economy — name a vertical within that space, whether it’s ride-hailing, project design or eCommerce — is growing by leaps and bounds, crossing borders and (at times) regulatory jurisdictions.

My books in 2018

Lars Markull

The year 2018 is coming to an end and it’s time for me to pick up my weekly blogging again. My last blog post is actually from May and a busy summer season gave me enough excuses to not start again. And once the habit is broken it’s easy to ignore it for a longer time. But now with the new year ahead and thinking about some new year resolutions, it’s a good moment to start this again.

How much should you segment FAS 5 (ASC 450-20) pools?


As stated in the Comptroller’s Handbook, “Effective management of the loan portfolio and the credit function is fundamental to a bank’s safety and soundness.” The Comptroller’s Handbook also states that an institution must understand “the portfolio’s product mix, industry and geographic concentrations, average risk ratings and other aggregate characteristics.”

Personal Loan Offers With Zero Processing Fee


Additional Reading: Personal Loan Handbook: All Questions Answered. Need urgent cash? Fret not! We’ve compiled a list of Personal Loans that offer zero processing fees and have a quick approval process. Read on.

The FCA Is Proposing Changes To Help Victims Of APP Fraud


The FCA wants to require firms to handle the complaints in line with the complaint handling rules laid out in the FCA handbook. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the U.K. on Tuesday (June 26) announced it is proposing changes to complaint handling rules to help victims of authorized push payment (APP) fraud.

Measuring Loan Portfolio Credit Quality


But as the OCC instructs examiners in its Comptroller’s Handbook, loan portfolio management is the process by which these inherent risks are managed and controlled. All financial institution personnel play a role in the maintenance of positive asset quality through loan portfolio management, especially during periods of growth. The credit process inherently has risks.

Walmart Goes Upscale Online


One of the principles of the still-in-progress omnicommerce handbook is that, in an ideal world, inventory is a fluid commodity that flows across channels as easily as revenue does into retailers’ pockets. That’s obviously not always the case, and Walmart is seeing what happens if it breaks that rule in a major way.

Online 122

Response to FCA consultation: please clarify what will happen to the payment in 'payment instrument' in article 3k?

Money and Payments

This April, the FCA launched its consultation on the Implementation of the revisedPayment Services Directive(PSD2): draft Approach Documentand draft Handbook changes. When reading this I was in particular paying close attention to the discussion of the limited network exemption in article 3k.

Are de novos making a comback?


Published this robust handbook on May 1st to guide the application process The small but notable increase in de novo bank formation activity suggests that the FDIC’s changes are being well received. The FDIC paper The Entry, Performance, and Risk Profile of De Novo Banks published in April 2016 reports that the number of de novo bank failures and acquisitions annually has drastically declined since 2010, primarily due to the fact that new bank formations have become nearly inexistent.

FDIC 100

What Check Fraud Can Teach Banks About Preparing For The Instant Payments Future


If there was a handbook for how to become a successful fraudster, the first sentence of the first chapter would go something like this: “Go where the money is.”.

Fraud 241

New HUD Requirements for Down Payment Assistance Provided by Government Entities

CFPB Monitor

FHA mortgagees must document that the borrower’s MRI was provided by a government entity as either a gift or through secondary financing in a manner consistent with the National Housing Act and HUD Handbook 4000.1. b) and further clarified in the Handbook 4000.1; The new requirements will be incorporated into HUD Handbook 4000.1. On April 18, 2019 the U.S.

Password protection best practices for lending and risk management solutions


The FFIEC provides similar recommendations within its policies for Authenticating e-Banking Customers as part of the IT Examination Handbook. Across personal and professional platforms, bankers have experience with managing passwords to online services. Yet given the confidential nature of data often stored in web-based lending, credit risk and portfolio risk solutions, bankers have to pay special attention to potential weaknesses in password management.

SBI Home Loans


Additional Reading: Home Loan Handbook. The largest and most popular lender, State Bank of India, has some attractive Home Loan schemes. Here’s all the information you may need. State Bank of India (SBI) is perhaps the most sought-after bank in India.

Target Won’t Back Down On Bathroom Policy


Taking a page from the old Tom Petty Handbook, Target CEO Brian Cornell has officially determined that the retailer will not back down on its inclusive bathroom policy.

Tips For Teenagers To Start Early And Build A Solid Financial Foundation


Additional Reading : Financial Aptitude Handbook For Young Adults. We’re here with money tips for teenagers to last a lifetime. Read on to know more about saving for a rainy day, understanding budgets, and growing your money.

Non-performing ag loans increase, says lender survey


Prudent Ag loan underwriting requires lenders to have a thorough understanding of the borrower’s operating environment and cash flow,” the Comptroller’s Handbook on agricultural lending says. “A

Survey 130

How To Clean Up Your Credit


While money experts and handbooks can’t stress enough about the importance of staying debt-free your entire life, it’s perhaps an impractical goal to aim for unless you have millions stashed away.

5 common lending challenges and how software can help


Missing, stale or improperly executed documents can, as the OCC Comptroller’s Handbook on Loan Portfolio Management states, “exacerbate problem loans and seriously hamper work-out efforts.” Institutions are equipped to solve five common challenges when they provide staff with the necessary data through an integrated software solution: 1. Improving transparency into business development.

Does Your Tech Plan Pass the Sniff Test?


Following some longstanding Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council guidance, examiners are making sure banks have technology plans and that these plans meet the regulations. As a result, banks are taking a hit from examiners at a rate that rivals door dings in an outlet mall parking lot.