Western Union Links Puerto Rico Entrepreneurs To Cross-Border Payments


Western Union (WU) is bridging small businesses (SMBs) and entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico to cross-border payment services, the financial institution (FI) said on Monday (March 11). In a press release , the company said its Western Union Business Solutions unit is collaborating with TuChequera.com in Puerto Rico, linking entrepreneurs on the island to cross-border payment services that support more than 130 currencies.

Tech Center: Microsoft In Montreal, Puerto Rico’s Entrepreneurism


In this week’s Tech Center tracker, we round up the latest tech news happening around the globe, including Microsoft’s expansion of its artificial intelligence (AI) footprint in Montreal, how Puerto Rico is taking on tech innovation and Indianapolis’ efforts to lure tech talent. The New Puerto Rico. In an effort to revitalize its economy, Puerto Rico is working to foster tech innovation and entrepreneurialism within the country.

Why Cash Is King In Puerto Rico


Cash is king—and that is particularly true when it comes to helping victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, the Center for International Disaster Information provided 55 ways people can turn their goods into cash to send to Puerto Rico, including hosting a garage sale.

Fizzle Of The Week: Puerto Rico’s Cash Crisis


Fizzle of the Week: Puerto Rico’s Cash Crisis. The troubles in Puerto Rico are almost too numerous to list: lack of fresh water, lack of food, lack of ability to communicate with the outside world and everyone’s least favorite lack of — power. Not only are the lights out in Puerto Rico, they are likely going to be out for quite some time. Puerto Rico is short on cash. Sizzle.

Off The Continent And Into Puerto Rico For Online SMB Lending


In a partnership formed recently with Puerto Rico’s Oriental Bank, Biz2Credit said late last month that it has begun offering its digital lending platform to the bank’s commercial clients. The company has said that it is the first bank in Puerto Rico to offer digital services, ranging from business credit cards to working capital loans to SBA loans. For small businesses, expansion is key, and expansion needs capital.

Could lenders have done anything differently in Puerto Rico?


Few small businesses in Puerto Rico applied for credit to finance recovery from hurricane damage. Small business Small business lending Disaster recovery Hurricane Maria Hurricane Irma Community banking Federal Reserve Bank of New York Puerto RicoThe reasons are instructive for financial institutions’ response to disaster recovery, the New York Fed says.

Sounder economic data could pay off for Puerto Rico — and its banks


Regional banks Economic indicators Hurricane Maria Consumer banking Law and regulation Underbanked Puerto RicoThe federal government's more active role in GDP, payroll and other vital statistics produced by the island could hasten its recovery from Hurricane Maria and lift lending and bank valuations at the same time.

Puerto Rico Issues Revised Fiscal Plan for COSSEC

Keith Leggett's Credit Union Watch

On April 19, the Government of Puerto Rico issued its Revised Fiscal Plan for the Public Corporation for the Supervision & Insurance of Cooperatives in Puerto Rico (COSSEC). However, the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico on April 20 postponed certifying the Fiscal Plan for COSSEC until it can complete further analysis of COSSEC's projections. According to the plan, Puerto Rico's 116 financial cooperatives have $8.7

Study and service in Puerto Rico: “Launching operation Stormbreak”

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It is with that spirit Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions will return to Puerto Rico August 1-6, after the World Credit Union Conference (WCUC) July 28-31 in The Bahamas. Puerto Rico is part of the U.S.

'Rogue informant' sues Puerto Rico over banking license denial


Now his plan for his next act — opening a bank in Puerto Rico — is hitting a snag. Lawsuits Puerto RicoGuy Gentile ran a stock brokerage. He spent years running sting operations as an FBI informant. Then, after he was arrested anyway, he beat the charges.

Accounting gaffe surfaces at First Bancorp in Puerto Rico


Loan-loss provisions Accounting Commercial lending Hurricane Irma Community banking Puerto RicoThe San Juan company disclosed an error in the way it calculated the provision for losses in its commercial loan book.

Puerto Rico Oversight Board Certifies Fiscal Plan for Island's Credit Union Regulator and Insurer

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The Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico has certified a fiscal plan for the Public Corporation for the Supervision & Insurance of Cooperatives in Puerto Rico (COSSEC). billion in deposits The fiscal plan acknowledges the risks coops face amid Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis, as there is a high level of concentration in Puerto Rico’s debt among some cooperatives that could compromise the solvency of some.

How to make Puerto Rico your new crypto home

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Is Puerto Rico a haven for crypto-currency? Identifying the steps to becoming a bona fide resident of Puerto Rico as an individual and/or a company is a multi-step but well-documented process. What is a Bona Fide Resident of Puerto Rico? Just to be completely clear, Puerto Ricans are United States citizens. If you have a business in Puerto Rico providing services in Puerto Rico, you can exclude that income from federal taxes.

Helping distressed communities like Puerto Rico can boost banks' bottom line


Financial literacy CRA Community banking Corporate philanthropy Puerto RicoIn providing aid, banks can earn Community Reinvestment Act credit and burnish their reputation.

First BanCorp in Puerto Rico freed from post-crisis regulatory order


Community banking Capital Hurricane Irma Hurricane Maria Federal Reserve Puerto RicoThe company, which is still recovering from two recent hurricanes, said it will voluntary comply with several key restrictions that were in the 2010 written agreement.

Cash may reign for weeks in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico

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Cash Puerto RicoIn post-hurricane San Juan on Monday, commerce picked up ever so slightly. With a little effort, you could get the basics and sometimes more: diapers, medicine, or even a gourmet hamburger smothered in fried onions and gorgonzola cheese. But almost impossible to find was a place that accepted credit cards.

First BanCorp in Puerto Rico sells big troubled loan for a loss


Selling a participation in a line of credit to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority reduced the company's nonperforming assets by 9%. Commercial lending Credit quality Growth strategies Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's Cooperative Credit Unions' Financial Outlook Is Dire

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Addressing a federal oversight board overseeing Puerto Rico’s financial restructuring, Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla stated that Puerto Rico’s cooperative credit unions face huge financial losses and could collapse.

First Bancorp in Puerto Rico Sells Insurance Business

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First Bancorp in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has sold an insurance agency. community-banking pr breaking_news dealmaking-strategy

N.Y. Firm Appoints Director for First Bancorp in Puerto Rico

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First Bancorp in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has added a managing director from a New York private equity firm to its board. breaking_news people corporate-governance pr community-banking

Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis and Credit Unions

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The impact that Puerto Rico’s decision to renege on paying a $58 million debt payment has a unique impact on credit unions that service the Island Commonwealth. There are approximately 116 credit unions on the Island of Puerto Rico. Crucially, Puerto Rico has its own cooperative share insurance system, meaning that the hit suffered by […].

Popular rebounds from Maria, but Puerto Rico's challenges endure


The San Juan company has largely recovered from the hurricane that hit a year ago, and it has made extensive preparations for future natural disasters. Yet its home market is still suffering from debt and net outmigration of residents. Hurricane Maria Consumer banking Disaster recovery Disaster planning Natural disasters Popular Inc

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico strives to make banking easier for customers

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Like many banks, Banco Popular has discovered the need for an agile structure that allows the institution to serve customers who are comfortable with technology, but who also want a wide range of options for banking

Fed's emergency cash plan swings into action in Puerto Rico


The Federal Reserve's nationwide preparedness plan for cash emergencies is being put to a unique test in Puerto Rico. Stocks are being replenished with daily flights, but the lack of power to ATMs and branches is contributing to reports of cash shortages. Hurricane Maria Cash Consumer banking Disaster recovery Disaster planning Crisis management

Popular in Puerto Rico Posts Lower Profit on Loss-Share Ruling

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in San Juan, Puerto Rico, said its quarterly profit fell after losing an arbitration dispute with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Popular Inc. earnings-community-banks performance fdic pr national-regional

Banks Have Huge Stake in Outcome of Puerto Rico Crisis


Financial institutions that hold government debt would be severely affected if Puerto Rico is allowed to restructure its constitutionally-backed debt. law-regulation

Popular in Puerto Rico to Record $115M Charge Tied to FDIC Dispute

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in San Juan, Puerto Rico, will absorb another hit to its earnings tied to a dispute with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Popular Inc. breaking_news national-regional law-regulation enforcement dealmaking-strategy

Popular in Puerto Rico to Record $55M Loss After FDIC Dispute

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in San Juan, Puerto Rico, will take a $55 million hit to third-quarter earnings after its bank lost an arbitration battle with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Popular Inc. breaking_news community-banking dealmaking-strategy fdic pr consolidation m-a law-regulation

NCUA: Not talking intervention in Puerto Rico

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A credit union trade report said – and NCUA later confirmed – that the agency is not involved in talks regarding insurance for credit unions chartered and currently insured by the Puerto Rican government. The post NCUA: Not talking intervention in Puerto Rico appeared first on CUInsight.

Bankrupt Puerto Rico set for fresh hit from Hurricane Irma

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Puerto Rico, already dealing with a financial disaster , is about to be hit with a natural one. The storm is expected to pass near or just north of Puerto Rico later Wednesday. And Irma may permanently shrink Puerto Rico and push the island even deeper into poverty.”.

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Bill Would Change Rules on Creditors Midstream


Congress should end Puerto Rico''s exclusion from federal bankruptcy protection Â-- but it''s unfair to leave the territory''s existing creditors in the lurch. law-regulation

Popular to record big gain after exiting FDIC loss-share agreement


The agreement was tied to the Puerto Rico company's 2010 purchase of the failed Westernbank. Regional banks M&A Failures Capital FDIC Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's biggest bank finds ways to grow as island population shrinks


Popular's 16% gain in deposits and a recent acquisition bode well for its future even though there has been a major net loss of residents since Hurricane Maria. Growth strategies Deposits Auto lending Hurricane Maria Disaster recovery M&A Earnings Popular Inc

Puerto Rico rejects $1 billion loan offer from creditors

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Puerto Rico rejected an offer from Electric Power Authority bondholders to lend the utility $1 billion in the wake of Hurricane Maria, saying the deal would hamper the agency’s recovery. The post Puerto Rico rejects $1 billion loan offer from creditors appeared first on CUInsight.

Today in Data: AmEx’s $96M Discriminatory Payout


This week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced that it is planning to go after two American Express banking subsidiaries for offering consumers in Puerto Rico, the U.S. 2013 | Year American Express self-reported the differences it provided for Puerto Rico and U.S. Today In Data American Express AmEx Amex Card CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau credit cards discrimination News puerto rico Today in Data Virgin Islands

Popular's next CEO braces for fallout from Puerto Rico bankruptcy


Ignacio Alvarez, who takes over this summer from Richard Carrion, addresses the tough challenges the bank faces as looming cuts to government services and benefits could be painful for consumers and businesses on the Caribbean island. Succession planning Consumer banking Commercial banking Corporate governance

Puerto Rican mortgages: Deeply distressed and suddenly in demand


Distressed-mortgage investors are descending on troubled Puerto Rico. Distressed Foreclosures Sailthru NMN servicing no display Perella Weinberg Partners TPG Capital Goldman Sachs Puerto RicoWhat’s luring them is the opportunity to scoop up home loans and foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar.

First BanCorp adds regulatory experience with director appointment


The Puerto Rican company added Daniel Frye, a former FDIC adviser, to its board. Community banking Financial regulations Accounting regulations Corporate governance Puerto Rico


Wells Fargo to sell auto finance unit in Puerto Rico to Popular


Popular will acquire $1.5 billion in auto loans amid questions about the potential for loan losses following Hurricane Maria. The deal also coincides with Wells Fargo's need to stay inside a growth cap imposed by regulators. M&A Auto lending Hurricane Maria Consumer lending Wells Fargo

Will this be CRE lenders' new best friend?


CRE Commercial real estate lending Tax Capital gains taxes Hurricane Maria PNC Financial Services Group Treasury Department Puerto RicoFederal "Opportunity Zones" that reduce exposure on capital gains could draw rich investors — and commercial lenders along with them — into economic development projects in thousands of troubled communities around the country.

Treasury exits largest Tarp investment


million shares in First BanCorp in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for $57.7 Community banking TARP Capital Regulatory actions and programs Treasury Department Puerto RicoThe agency sold nearly 10.3 million.

Tape, batteries and attaboys: A natural-disaster checklist for banks


Regional banks Disaster recovery Crisis management Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Maria Hurricane Irma Florida Texas Puerto RicoWith hurricane season just weeks away, bankers from coastal markets share the hard lessons learned after the storms that belted Florida, the Gulf Coast and elsewhere last year. Their advice can be applied in all kinds of emergencies.

Concerns grow after Puerto Rico hit by Hurricane Maria

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has a branch located in Carolina, Puerto Rico which is just east of San Juan. Hurricane Maria made landfall on the southeastern coast of Puerto Rico early Wednesday morning as a Category 4 storm with winds of 155 mph.