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The Bitcoin Bust And Its Ripple Effects


It has not been a great week for the price of bitcoin, or really any cryptocurrency for that matter. The price of bitcoin has fallen and stayed below $6,000 for the last four days and no one’s predicting a rally anytime soon.

What banks can learn from British Airways

Chris Skinner

Something happened to me this week that made me think of big bank friends. It’s a different industry and one that, last month, I said we could learn from:the airlines. So, here’s a sobering, learning lesson.

IBM Open Banking Platform launch: Key takeaways

Insights on Business

In today’s financial services industry, issues ranging from new regulations to unforeseen competitive pressures are placing ever-growing pressure on traditional banking institutions to move toward open banking models. To address this need, IBM introduced the IBM Open Banking Platform.

Cyber crime seen as major risk to mobile shopping during holiday season

Mobile Payments Today

As cyber attackers develop more sophisticated methods of attacking online sites, security experts and retailers are increasingly focused on protecting mobile shopping and payment platforms to ensure a safe holiday season

US Bans Chinese Facial Recognition Tech


A Chinese company that develops facial recognition technology could be facing a ban in the U.S. According to the Financial Times , the facial recognition cameras are created by Hikvision , one of the world’s biggest CCTV companies, selling video surveillance throughout China and across the globe.

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Are you really ‘doing digital’?

Chris Skinner

I’m regularly asked why I don’t think banks are doing digital yet, and my answer consists of a series of steps. First, does the banks’ leadership team talk about digital, digital banking, digital investment and digital transformation? Invariably, all bank people tell me yes.

Thinking Forward: Financial Services and the AI Revolution

Insights on Business

Artificial intelligence is changing the game. According to Stanford professor Andrew Ng , AI is the “new electricity,” already generating billions in value as it transforms industries such as IT, health care — and now financial services.

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Is India’s ATM Disappearing Act A Digital Payments Boon?


In India, get ready for new lines. News came this week that as many as half of the ATMs that dot the country’s landscape may be shuttered by March of 2019. The estimate is courtesy of the Confederation of ATM Industry (CATMi), which focuses on the domestic ATM industry.

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Ten chairs: how to change the bank

Chris Skinner

I was in the middle of a conversation about how to change the bank, when we started talking about the boardroom issue.

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Taking a proactive stance on conduct risk with real-time, AI-powered risk analytics

Insights on Business

Watch the video. In many cases, one of the most significant operational risks organizations face today doesn’t come from fraudsters or cybercriminals—it comes from their own employees.

Carrier billing in the Nordics: 2018 market report

Mobile Payments Today

This market report gives an overview of the mobile payments landscape in the Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway

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Amazon Aims To Put Its Digital Wallet In Stores


Amazon is preparing to enter the mobile payments market, reportedly working to get retailers to accept Amazon Pay as a payment method. The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, reported Amazon wants the service to be expanded beyond making payments online.

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OMG!!! Did you see #Alibaba’s Singles Day numbers???

Chris Skinner

The 11th of November. 11 November. 11/11. Not 9/11 or 5/11. 11/11. For Europeans and Americans, 11/11 means the end of the First World War.

Bank of America Survey Shows Americans Believe a Cashless Society is Nearing

Bank Innovation

The U.S. is still far from a cashless society, but something important is nonetheless changing in this regard -- consumer perception. Digital payments have a long way to go in the U.S., mainly because checks, particularly in the business world, are still nearly ubiquitous.

Is Selling In Your Credit Union Culture?

Credit Union Geek

“We’re a service organization, not a sales culture.” ” I’ve heard those words from a number of credit unions. Too bad they’re wrong. Put down the pitchforks and torches! Please, at least for a moment!

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NEW DATA: 14 Ways To Improve Mobile Checkout Conversion


Smartphones are now more ubiquitous than laptops and desktops. As many as 86 percent of modern consumers own a smartphone, and 23 percent of them shop on their mobiles.

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The 1% will always get richer

Chris Skinner

Emmanuel Macron faced protesters across France during the weekend, in a country where he has been dubbed The President of the Rich. What interests me is that title. The President of the Rich. Are not all governments, the governments of the rich?


Amazon Pushes Further into Retail with Payments at the Point of Sale

Bank Innovation

Amazon is pushing retailers to accept yet another digital wallet at the point of sale -- its own Amazon Pay, which until now has been used almost entirely in the e-commerce world, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

SoftBank’s Collaborative Insurtech & Real Estate Tech Investment Strategy

CB Insights

SoftBank wants its portfolio companies to get along. . The Japanese conglomerate’s recent investments in insurtech and real estate tech point to a strategy of promoting c ollaboration among its portfolio companies. get the 44-page real estate tech report.

QR Payments Coming To Hong Kong Subways


The subway system in Hong Kong will allow commuters to scan a QR code as a payment method after announcing a deal with Alibaba’s payment affiliate Ant Financial last week.

Things worth reading: 23rd November 2018

Chris Skinner

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Alex Carriles, Head of Online and Mobile Banking at BBVA Compass, to Speak at Bank Innovation Ignite

Bank Innovation

Alex Carriles, Head of Online Banking, BBVA Compass will speak at Bank Innovation Ignite in Seattle in March 2019 on the Natural Language Banking panel.

“Build It and They Will Come” – Security Tokens at the Gate

Daily Fintech

This post, the 4th in a series of 4, is written by Sheldon Freedman , a fintech and funds lawyer at Hassans in Gibraltar. Click here for last week’s post in this series. 2019 is widely anticipated by blockchain bulls to be the year of the security token.

Bitcoin Price Continues To Fall — How Low Can It Go?


The bitcoin bust continued Monday (Nov. 19), with the price of the cryptocurrency falling to $4,905 by mid-afternoon, a decline of at least 12 percent. Over the past week, the price of bitcoin has declined some 20 percent — and at least 60 percent since January.

Things worth reading: 22nd November 2018

Chris Skinner

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Top 5 Emerging Fintech Hotspots in 2018 [Page 1]

Bank Innovation

The number of financial technology companies is on a rise, and every year many of these new companies as well as established ones choose to situate themselves in cities that are not San Francisco or New York.

Patent Analysis: Top US Banks Prioritize Payments

CB Insights

Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo are the three largest banks in the US by assets, with businesses spanning investment services, consumer banking, and merchant services.

In The Age Of Algorithms, Will Banks Ever Graduate To True AI?


Algorithms are taking on more of the data and security work for financial institutions (FIs), with technologies such as data mining and business rules management systems (BRMS) finding popularity among banks and credit unions.

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The Finanser’s Week: 12th November – 18th November

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Will Ripple replace SWIFT? It’s a big week of FinTech in Asia with Money 2020 China and the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) all taking place in the same week.

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What Does ‘Operational Efficiency’ and ‘Pragmatism’ Mean for Innovation?

Bank Innovation

Signs point to more difficult economic times ahead. The future is always uncertain, but banks must prepare now, and this may spell trouble for innovation teams. Wells Fargo & Co. recently notified about 1,000 employees in its Consumer Banking and Payments, Virtual Solutions and Innovations groups of the bank’s plans to eliminate their positions. The […]. Corporate Daily Post 1 Exclusive Lending Premium Forrester Research innovation group JP Morgan Chase lending Wells Fargo

As Early-Stage Deals Fall In India, Unicorns Continue To Raise Mega-Rounds

CB Insights

India’s tech startups raised nearly $10B in funding in 2017 — a record amount. However, just $206M of that went to seed- and angel-stage deals, while over $6B in funding went to the country’s then-unicorns.

Danske Bank Whistleblower: Major European Bank, U.S. Lenders Involved


Danske Bank whistleblower Howard Wilkinson, speaking during a public hearing at the Danish parliament Monday (Nov. 19), contended that a major European bank helped to process as much as $150 billion in suspicious payments, and noted that two U.S.-based based lenders were involved.

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Interview with Dmitrijus Apockinas, PayAlly, on challenges when capitalising on PSD2 opportunities

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Dmitrijus Apockinas , co-founder of PayAlly , presents the challenges companies face when trying to capitalise on PSD2 opportunities

11 Black Friday Fraud Tips from FICO


While people in the US, UK and other nations celebrate Black Friday bargains, it’s a good time to remind customers to watch out for Black Friday fraud.

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Capital One Keen on Coupons – acquires Wikibuy

Daily Fintech

Outside of airports, reward schemes and shopping discounts with credit card schemes are notoriously bad and difficult to use. Right now I could not tell you a single discount my Amex entitles me too – maybe Hertz or some obscure wine delivery company? Zero idea. But do I love a discount – heck yes!

Could The Future Of Fighting Fraud On The ‘Dark Web’ Actually Be Bright?


Keeping yourself protected from criminals can often seem a daunting task.

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One in three merchants are unaware of Visa Claims Resolution, study finds

The Paypers

(The Paypers) A survey conducted by The Chargeback Company has revealed that one in three of the merchants were unaware of VCR