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Can you recognise a fraudster when you meet one?

Chris Skinner

I’ve pointed out many times that it’s easy to scam people online and defraud them. I even once got a phone call from an elderly gentleman asking me if he had really won £1 million on the Financial Services Club lotto. I had to let him down gently.

SunTrust Banks' Vitale says mobile customers still want a little bit of friction

Mobile Payments Today

Andy Vitale, head of user experience design at SunTrust, says creating a mobile banking expereince for customers is about learning how they use their devices both in and out of the bank.

MoneyGram, Wing Team Up On Cambodian Digital Wallet 


MoneyGram has announced a partnership with Cambodian bank Wing on a digital wallet venture that will allow funds to be deposited directly into customers’ accounts.

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Why Arvest Bank is focusing on customers’ future credit profiles

Bank Innovation

Fayetteville, Ark.-based based Arvest Bank is using underwriting tools from TransUnion to assess current customers on their suitability for financial products in the future.

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Banking is inherently sexist

Chris Skinner

Actually, it’s not just banking. It’s money. Money is about control – something I blog about regularly – and men control societies, economies and the world.

Google, Citi see integrated payments, mobile banking as mutually beneficial

Mobile Payments Today

The blockbuster agreement for Citi to integrate its Google Pay wallet with Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union's mobile checking accounts represents an evolution of Big Tech and traditional banking to offer a mutually beneficial expansion of their digital banking and payments businesses

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BlackBerry On 5G And The IoT Security Problems That Must Be Fixed


IoT providers have hit an innovation streak in recent years, utilizing increasingly sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and data tools like machine learning (ML) to rapidly expand the world of connected things.

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Tomorrow’s bank? What do HSBC and Wells Fargo think?

Chris Skinner

I always like to hear what bankers think about the future of banking – it’s probably more accurate than what janitors or futurists think – and so was pleased to see two items in my in-tray this week, one from HSBC and the other from Wells Fargo.

ATMIA's Ron Delnevo sees cash access still playing critical role in banking, society

Mobile Payments Today

Ron Delnevo, executive director of Europe at the ATMIA, believes in payment choice. He also thinks independent ATM operators play an important role in keeping cash accessible

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Why The Future Of Brick-And-Mortar Isn’t About Sales


In 2014, it was hard to pick up any article about retail and not end up reading an obituary for the mall.

A Strong Loan Review System Is Good for Your Business


Key Takeaways Effective credit risk review promotes lending agility. Many of the objectives of a credit risk review system support business goals. Keys to effective loan review are independence, sufficient standing in the organization, and adequate funding.

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Big Banks AND Big Tech (not versus)

Chris Skinner

I’ve said for a while that the Big Tech giants will not become banks. Amazon and Alibaba will do a lot of bank-like activities, but they will never move into full-service banking, as in offering deposit accounts. Why won’t they?

Marqeta adds CMO and new tools to help clients expand

Bank Innovation

A company that operates quietly in the background of popular financial apps and platforms is taking steps to become more visible.

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NEW REPORT: With 5G Anticipation Building, Security Threats Loom


The 5G network is rapidly being deployed in markets around the world, and the advance of the network could mean profound changes for the Intelligence of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Two-thirds of businesses have plans to develop new tools and technologies that will leverage 5G by 2020.

New Research Highlights Global Market Opportunity for Secure Commerce at the Pump I New Report I EMV I Pay at the Pump I Trends I Survey

Mobile Payments Today

Download this new report which explores the findings of a survey commissioned by TNS among US, UK and Australian adults about their current usage of pay-at-the-pump facilities and their willingness to engage with new technologies and services at the fuel dispenser

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Things worth reading: 11th November 2019

Chris Skinner

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Weekly Wrap: FICO fights fraud with selfies, as tech providers pitch ‘social’ banking

Bank Innovation

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly wrap video series, for the week ending Friday, November 15, 2019.

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TCH Gives Banks An Open Banking Template


Against the backdrop of Open Banking, and in an effort to compete, financial institutions (FIs) must give consumers the ability to share their data with third parties, including FinTech firms.

Is “openness” the next big word in financial crime?

Insights on Business

About a month ago, I attended the IBM RegTech Summit in London, which brought together a mix of financial services professionals, regulatory experts and technologists. But the terminology was markedly different than most financial crime and compliance events I’ve attended.

The Finanser’s Week: 4th November – 10th November 2019

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Seven Fin and Tech truisms we wish were myths (with thanks to Anne Boden) I attended the New Statesman’s FinTech Summit yesterday.

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Porn site says PayPal ban will hurt more than 100,000 performers

Bank Innovation

PayPal Inc. is blocking transactions at Pornhub, a move the adult-video site says will halt payments to “over a hundred thousand performers who rely on them for their livelihoods.” PayPal took steps to stop the Pornhub transactions after a review of the situation, the online-payment giant said. “We

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Google To Team With Banks To Offer Consumer Checking Accounts


Google is planning to launch consumer checking accounts next year in partnership with Citigroup and Stanford University, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Wednesday (Nov. Code-named Cache, the accounts will be handled by Citigroup and a credit union at Stanford University.

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FinCEN Reissues Real Estate Geographic Targeting Orders


On November 8, 2019, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) reissued their Geographic Targeting Orders (GTOs) for 12 metropolitan areas. GTOs are authorized under the Bank Secrecy Act to detect money laundering and other illicit activity through the purchases of real estate.

Joy to the World … and Please Pay Me!

Chris Skinner

Just over a month away from Christmas and the festive season is off to a rock and roll start.


Point-of-sale financing an untapped opportunity for banks

Bank Innovation

Banks need to embrace new customer acquisition models or risk falling behind, a recent Accenture report argued. The report, titled 5 Big Bets in Retail Payments in North America, examined how banks risk losing payments revenue to technology startups and other non-bank competitors.

Zillow: Tackling Real Estate’s $1.6T Money Laundering Epidemic


Governments are tightening know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements on various industries out of increasing concern over fraud threats.

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The Risk Your Asset/Liability Management Process Might Be Missing


ALM | 4 minute read Key Takeaways Many financial institutions view asset/liability management as a "check-the-box" regulatory exercise.

Things worth reading: 13th November 2019

Chris Skinner

RTP network growing 25% every month: The Clearing House

Bank Innovation

The Clearing House reports that its real-time payments (RTP) network is growing more quickly than anticipated.

TikTok Enters eCommerce With In-App Shopping Links


The popular video app TikTok is testing out a new feature that will give certain video creators the option to add links to videos for eCommerce purposes, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

Digital is transforming the European specialty finance industry


Things worth reading: 15th November 2019

Chris Skinner

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With EVERFI training partnership, Zelle focuses on Gen Z

Bank Innovation

Early Warning Services, the bank-owned company behind peer-to-peer payments service Zelle, is on a path to position the brand as part of a solution to financial health challenges, particularly among Gen Z users. Its latest move is a partnership with education company EVERFI, announced Thursday.

Why The 2020s Will Be The Logistics Decade


Amateurs talk tactics, while professionals worry about logistics. That’s a variation of an old saying common to people who study military matters, but it certainly applies to the world of digital payment and commerce.

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Why Specializing in Commercial Verticals Can Boost Bank Profitability

Banker to Banker

COMMERCIAL SEGMENTATION Much has been written about the merits of community banks developing banking expertise around specific verticals. We recently worked with a bank that won the banking mandate for a family-run funeral home. At first we were surprised that the term loan was 93% LTV.

Things worth reading: 14th November 2019

Chris Skinner

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With QuickBooks integration, Tide adds data-driven personalization

Bank Innovation

Tide, a U.K.-based based business banking startup, is integrating with Intuit QuickBooks to save users time and eliminate tedious bookkeeping tasks.

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