Fri.Dec 13, 2019

Is cashless underserving the underbanked?

Mobile Payments Today

As cashierless shopping becomes more popular, a stark disparity is coming to light — the underbanked are getting left behind. In this blog post, Plain Green's Guy Dilger talks about the move away from cash and how some cities are fighting back


MoneyGram takes aim at startups with peer-to-peer international payments

Bank Innovation

MoneyGram is branching out beyond international cash pickup services to digital account-to-account transfers across borders.

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Doing Battle With Holiday Fraudsters At The ATM


The holiday season is in full swing. That means opening up wallets and purses at the point of sale, which often means paying with cash … and cash? Well, that means trips to the ATM. For fraudsters, armed with new technologies, the ATM is fertile ground for fraud.

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Data shows smaller FIs are far behind because of weaker mobile technology

Bank Innovation

Smaller banks and credit unions are under increasing pressure from larger banks and tech-centric financial services companies. New data shows why significant gaps in mobile banking capabilities are complicating these FIs’ struggles to keep up.

5G Can Drive More Connected Vehicle Value — But Battles Remain


Everything else is getting smarter these days — homes, phones, wearables and even clothing — so why shouldn’t the same standard apply to automotive wheels?

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Banks could save more than $70 billion using new tech by 2025

Bank Innovation

North American banks could save more than $70 billion through 2025 using technology to automate jobs or assist employees, according to estimates from Accenture Plc.

Tapping Into The Power Of Pop-Ups To Help Those In Need For The Holidays


There are all kinds of pop-up shops that have, well, popped up over the last several years.

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Commerce Uses Visuals To Improve Customer Experiences


Don’t look now, but retailers and commerce are getting more visual with reality. Recently, Verizon announced that it’s partnering with Snap Inc.,

Funding Loan Growth: How to Set Your Institution Up for Success


Key Takeaways To grow your FI, you must support the growth with proper funding. Relationship pricing leverages your customer base and cross-sells products for a larger share of the deposit wallet. Bundling accounts can make a loan more attractive for both the institution and the borrower. .

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Walmart India Backs Grocery Supply Chain Startup Ninjacart


Walmart India is investing in B2B supply chain management startup Ninjacart, a company that specializes in streamlining the strategic sourcing operations of the grocery sector. Reports in Fresh Plaza on Friday (Dec.

Dynamic vs. Static Approach to Asset/Liability Management: Why It Matters


Key Takeaways Changing your perspective on asset/liability management can position your financial institution for better business results. A dynamic ALM approach provides an ongoing method for evaluating risk and return and for strategic decision-making.

Vanguard, Ant Financial Team For Investment Services In China


To provide retail consumers in China with a new widely available and streamlined investment advisory service, Vanguard and Ant Financial Services Group announced a partnership.

FDIC Releases Formal and Informal Enforcement Actions Manual


Key Takeaways. The FDIC released a manual on Formal and Informal Enforcement Actions. ABA study shows banks are reporting more cases of EFE. The Senior Safe Act provides a safe harbor for financial institutions reporting suspected EFE. .

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NJ Launches First Mobile App For Lottery Tickets


To give players an easy way to order official state lottery tickets, Jackpocket today announced the public rollout of its lottery app in the Garden State.

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Three challenges as we navigate the future of payments


Payments have been an indispensable part of people’s lives for many centuries. Throughout history, we have seen significant advances from the use of leather money in ancient China, through the development of gold coins and paper notes, all the way to today’s contactless payments, which can now be initiated via smartphones and wearable devices. Whilst…. The post Three challenges as we navigate the future of payments appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog.

Revenue-Based Financing Challenges The Bank Loan Status Quo


Traditional bank loans remain the undisputed leader in small business lending. Fueled further in the U.K.

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Why IADs need to pay close attention to next-gen ATM

ATM Marketplace

Donna Embry is the SVP of global payment strategies at Evolve Bank & Trust, and she's involved with next-gen on multiple levels. ATM Marketplace spoke with her to learn more about why IADs, in particular, should be paying attention to the project

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Inside N26’s Strategy To Win US Customers


Challenger banks with a couple of operating years behind them are beginning to get a taste of the problems they handed to legacy banking institutions.

Bonus Podcast: Digging into the Details on CRA Modernization

ABA Community Banking

In this bonus episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast, senior OCC policy official Grovetta Gardineer digs into the details of the OCC and FDIC's notice of proposed rulemaking on the Community Reinvestment Act.


eBay Releases New AI App For Fast Car Listings


Online marketplace and auction site eBay has released eBay Motors, a new app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to list a car in under five minutes, according to a report by The Verge.

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U.K. election, trade progress give B2B payments welcome visibility

Payments Source

Payment companies looking for relief from international political chaos got a moment of clarity in the form of a decisive U.K. election and nominal progress in the trade war. Fintech U.S. B-to-B payments Brexit ATMs China

CEO Of Fincera Arrested By Chinese Police


The CEO of lending platform Fincera, Li Yonghui, was arrested on Friday (Dec. 13) in China on suspicion of financial crimes, according to a report by Reuters. Yonghui is a Canadian national and Shijiazhuang police said he allegedly illegally accepted public funds.

Partner Spotlight: LexisNexis Risk Solutions


The post Partner Spotlight: LexisNexis Risk Solutions appeared first on Zoot Solutions. Data Acquisition Fraud Partner Spotlight fraud prevention identity fraud partner spotlight risk management

Retail Pulse: H-E-B Rolls Out New App; Jimmy John’s Launches Loyalty Program


Grocery retailers are making it easier for consumers to shop with their mobile devices through digital innovations.

Klarna eyes IPO in U.S. expansion

Payments Source

Swedish payment provider Klarna Bank AB is preparing for a potential initial public offering in the next one or two years as the most valuable European fintech startup expands rapidly in the U.S. Fintech Digital payments

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Delivery Hero Agrees To Purchase Woowa Brothers For $4B


Heating up a worldwide battle to meet consumer demand for delivered meals, European food delivery firm Delivery Hero SE has agreed to purchase Woowa Brothers for $4 billion.

Bitcoin whale consolidation may mean more turbulence ahead

Payments Source

A closer look at Bitcoin holdings data shows a potentially troubling trend among the anonymous accounts -- increased consolidation among large owners. Digital payments Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies

Data Standardization’s Path To Faster Supplier Payments


One can’t move money without moving information — a fact that’s particularly true for the B2B payments space, in which remittance and transaction data is a critical component of accounts receivable and accounts payable operations.

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Stolen data's a hot potato that gets quickly passed around

Payments Source

Whether data leaks come from internal mistakes and exposures or from direct hacking, the outcome is the same. Data is exposed and cybercriminals are using it for fraud today, next year or several years from now, says NuData's Rosemary O'Neill. Risk Payment fraud Authentication Retailers Data Center ISO and agent Payment processing

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The Walmart Amazon Whole Paycheck Tracker: The Delivery Edition 


The clock is ticking — holiday shipping deadlines are approaching and the last of the holiday shopping procrastinators are either rushing to order online or resigning themselves to a last-minute trip to a crowded mall or shopping center to tough it out in line with all the other procrastinators.

Curve hires exec to fuel credit expansion

Payments Source

Curve has appointed Paul Harrald to lead a business line that will allow the all-in-one card company to offer support for credit card debt reduction and installment payments. Credit Digital payments Retailers Cards

Costco Sees Sales Boost Amid Brick-and-Mortar Focus


Costco, the big-box membership retail store, has seen its sales continuously rise throughout the holiday season, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

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This Week in Fintech

Daily Fintech

This weekly summary from our 5 experts, brings you insights based on their experience as investors, entrepreneurs & executives. Ilias Hatzis started his first company, an internet search engine, during the dot-com era & now focusses on crypto.

Facebook Employee Payroll Info Stolen In Smash And Grab


Payroll information for tens of thousands of Facebook employees, including banking information, names, bank account numbers and the last four digits of Social Security numbers, was stolen from an employee’s car in an apparent smash and grab, according to a report by Bloomberg. .

Four Emerging Trends Driving Financial Technology Through 2020

Strategically Speaking

The world of financial technologies has bee n experiencing dynamic changes in recent years.

New Facebook AI Doubles Detection Of Fake Accounts


Facebook has been using a new type of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and delete hundreds of millions of fake accounts, according to a report by VentureBeat. In its most recent Community Standards Enforcement Report, the company said it has removed 3.2

Swedish fintech Klarna eyes U.S. IPO to fund expansion

American Banker

The United States could be the point-of-sale lender's largest market within two years, its CEO says. The firm's investors include BlackRock, Sequoia Capital and the rapper Snoop Dogg. Fintech Point-of-sale Consumer lending