TaskRabbit Acquisition Is Latest Move In Ikea’s Digital Strategy


Ikea has been looking for ways to boost its digital customer service capabilities, as Amazon and other digital-first rivals are stepping up their game in terms of home goods and installation. As an independent subsidiary, TaskRabbit will retain its existing leadership and staff, including CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot. TaskRabbit , the contract labor marketplace startup known and loved within the gig economy, has been purchased by Swedish home goods giant Ikea.

Gartner IT Expo: Healthcare Payers Practical Digital Strategy

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Director and Analyst at Gartner, spoke about the (mostly) hype free plan to digital strategy. Digital Strategy to her is about optimization. Your digital business strategy is probably about transformation. To create this plan, you need to know what leadership is looking for. Answer: For CIO’s, Growth is the leadership priority. Digital is the second highest priority (but why do organizations keep spinning digital wheels?).

Digital strategies for recruiting top talent

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To maintain the positive work environment you’ve worked so hard to create and find top talent to fill your job openings, take a closer look at your digital strategies for recruitment before you post anything online.

3 tips for executing a digital strategy to support changing member expectations

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The cost of not responding to this sea change in expectations is very high, with McKinsey & Company predicting that that digital laggards could see up to 35% of net profit eroded, while digital leaders may see a profit upside of 40% or more. A Digital Strategy for the Future.

Your credit union’s digital strategy is probably wrong

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Competing in the digital space is getting more and more difficult but also more and more essential to the credit union’s sustainability. Chances are your current digital strategy is missing these five things.

Office Depot Makes Changes In Leadership Team


Office Depot has made some key changes in its leadership team, including naming a new chief digital officer. According to Chain Store Age , Kevin Moffitt is now the company’s chief digital officer.

2 IT Modernization Strategies to Avoid the Complacency Death Spiral

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Therefore, implementing IT modernization strategies has become critical. Digital continues to disrupt industries. IT must lead as an innovator and be the source of new digital business models and products. Digital initiatives are the top priority for 2019.

Credit unions and digital readiness: Offering online banking services is no longer enough

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Faced with the reality that 40% of Americans aren’t visiting bank and credit union branches in favor of online and mobile banking, financial institutions today understand that they must be “digitally ready,” with an online presence that meets the expectations of today’s consumers. .

Reinventing the client advisor interaction model is the future of wealth management

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As the rise of digitalization continues to transform wealth management, and firms attempt to keep pace, the ways in which financial advisors and clients interact are evolving as well. And, clients are demanding that these interactions happen digitally.

How digital content and online relationships can transform your financial institution

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As your bank or credit union continues into the second half of the year and begins to plan a digital strategy for growth in 2020, here are three keys to transforming your financial institution’s marketing and sales approach for the changing consumer.

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Digital transformation: Do it now, and do it well

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Digital transformation can seem a little daunting, overwhelming, or even a bit confusing. But digital transformation doesn’t need to be a massive, expensive project taken on all at once. The post Digital transformation: Do it now, and do it well appeared first on CUInsight.

Moving Beyond The Limits Of ‘Cash And Dash’ ATMs


In an interview with Karen Webster, Norbert Knievel, head of Banking Thought Leadership at Diebold Nixdorf , said FIs would do well to reconsider the role of the ATM in an age where cash usage endures even with the continued inroads made with digital commerce.

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Discover how your bank can become a change master


Instead of a flash of light and a miraculous rebirth, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that to win in the digital economy, banks not only need to have the right business strategy, they also need to master the discipline of continuously reinventing themselves.

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How Digital Payments Could Help Rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral


After much of Chicago burned to the ground in 1871, rebuilding the city involved various fundraising and restorative strategies. And a digital 3D scan of the cathedral completed by a recently deceased professor also seems likely to help with rebuilding and renovation.).

Engaged Employees Create Satisfied Digital Members

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Credit union leaders know the importance of providing their members a quality digital experience, especially as mobile and online banking transactions are growing, while visits to brick and mortar locations are decreasing.

Reinvent your talent for the digital edge

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Prioritize the reinvention of your talent to gain an edge in the digital world. According to data collected by IBM on the digital transformation now occurring, organizations that outperform their peers in the digital race paid the closest attention to their culture.

Help Wanted: Digital strategist

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As a result, more and more individuals are accessing financial services through digital channels. Implementing a winning digital strategy combines IT, marketing, e-commerce and member service initiatives with your website and social media, as well as your online service offerings.

The rise of the digital customer

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Retail FI’s have a tremendous opportunity to capture new value and drive their own disruption through digitization. Digitization is not an option for the banking industry, rather it is inevitable because every industry is being digitized and the banking sector is no exception.

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2018 trends in wealth management: Meeting the complex needs of a changing industry

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Across a generally robust wealth management landscape, significant changes are taking hold, accelerated by technology and bold digital strategies. Management/Leadership Personal Finance Cheryl Nash Fiserv

The changing role of the 21st century CEO

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In the late 1980s Max DePree, Chairman and CEO of Herman Miller, wrote about the art of leadership and of the leader’s role as servant to those one wished to lead. CEOs Need to Communicate Strategies Holistically to Transform Business.

Ride the digital wave with innovative lending technology

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The trend toward digitizing business operations to eliminate labor-intensive and time-consuming paper processes is more than just a passing fad. It has, in fact, grown into a revolution with wide-ranging adoption of innovative digital technologies throughout entire organizations. Driven by a digitally-empowered consumer, companies today must reshape themselves to meet the performance benchmarks set by digital pioneers like Apple, Uber, Amazon and Google.

Payment Security: Aligning To A Broader “Digital Business Transformation” Agenda


To attend this live digital discussion on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 1:00 PM (EST), please complete the registration form shown below: [contact-form-7]. About The Live Discussion: It’s no secret, that e-commerce is one of the biggest drivers of digital business transformation.

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How do I become a CEO – And should I really want the job?

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Developing the skills that help manage digital strategies, artificial intelligence, cyber security risks and nimble technology that improves the member experience are all talents that could springboard one into an impactful leadership role.

Credit union success in a digital world

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In today’s hyperconnected digital world, it can be difficult for credit unions to stay top of mind and top of wallet amongst current and potential members. It is imperative that credit unions dedicate the necessary resources to leverage digital tools to thrive in an increasingly competitive financial services industry. Future of Digital Service. The post Credit union success in a digital world appeared first on CUInsight.

USA Technologies Partnership Extend Micromarket Foothold


We leverage their thought leadership, knowledge of the industry and commitment to identifying opportunities to keep us ahead of the curve and help us streamline and grow. In addition, Five Star will be able to access other tools like digital advertising, premier loyalty rewards programs and nutritional information, via the ePort Connect platform. This new technology enables us to take a retail mindset and apply a retail strategy for vending.

How personalized video can elevate your onboarding and tracking processes

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Having a digital strategy to clearly and effectively communicate these asks and needs could go a long way in building up your relationship with your members. Community Credit Unions Data Digital Management/Leadership Allied Solutions Mallory Porter Management Onboarding

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Driving Patient Engagement at Dignity Health with Sitecore

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It is exciting to see the breadth and depth of Perficient’s Digital Health capabilities making a difference in the market with Dignity Health and Sitecore. Dignity Health’s leadership in driving better patient engagement is well-known, and it has long been a major point of emphasis and differentiation. It is this commitment to investing in Digital Health tools and solutions that make the process of healthcare so much more efficient and enjoyable for patients and families.

4 strategies for fighting today’s cold war against fraud

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This shift has been promised for years but trust me – it’s actually happening and the time to revisit and strengthen your CNP strategy is now. Digital strategy isn’t a precious cliché. The post 4 strategies for fighting today’s cold war against fraud appeared first on CUInsight.

Bankers: You spend like drunken sailors.

Jeff For Banks

Now let''s assume you had this thirty mil to execute a strategy to build your bank for a sustainable future. Whatever that strategy may entail, could you not find the resources to fund it? Or is our digital strategy champion hyper-focused on installing ATMs that are ADA compliant?

Good Governance: What your CEO wants for the holidays

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Your board can raise its level as a strategic asset by investing more in the following: tracking such trends in the financial industry as mergers, digital strategy, customer experience advances and customizing products by member life stage (younger, older, business, retired).

Are you worth opening? What your email efforts say about your brand

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Email as part of the communications strategy is one of the most effective digital strategies. When reviewing your outbound marketing strategies, it can be a difficult task to decipher how many emails to send out each month.

Going beyond the call center

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As digital strategies continue to proliferate throughout the credit union industry, the contact center has become essential. Management/Leadership Call Center Communication interactive voice response IVR Nate Wentzlaff OnApproach skills

Velocity Solutions Denver Executive Summit – Free to qualified attendees

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You will discover the most innovative and competitive ways to: Embrace and implement a digital strategy for consumer and business lending. Uncategorized Community Denver Executive Summit Leadership Management native Velocity SolutionsThe Industry’s Most In-Demand Event for Credit Union Executives! September 18, 2018 – The Westin Denver International Airport.

A member-focused approach to remaining competitive in the digital age

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If you aspire to overcome current market disruptions, grow and evolve your business on a continual basis, and provide Amazon-level service to your members then it is imperative you begin building a data strategy right away.

The future of banking: Preparing for a digital world


Digital change: Technology is reshaping almost every sector, and banking is no exception. Organizations face pressure from customers to provide the latest digital innovations, while also being required to update legacy back-end systems to streamline cumbersome processes.

Your 2025 strategy: Seven key success drivers

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The two young ladies have an account with a digital financial institution that can seamlessly accept all kinds of payments. 11 tenants residing close to a college pay their landlord via a digital wallet. The senior citizens prefer using digital to transact. We also need to develop a strategy on cryptocurrency and mitigate fraud. Create a Foundational Digital StrategyDigital will continue to change and evolve.

A Taste of Our Own Medicine


As we implement our own Digital Strategies program on filene.org, we want to bring you along, in real time, while we redesign our website to make it more convenient to get access to the information our busy members are looking for.

Good Governance: No zombies allowed in strategy development

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Some planning only renames existing operational goals with popular lingo like “digital strategy,” “organic growth” or “marketing refresh.” When did your planning process actually result in a fresh approach to your marketplace, brand, digital products or member service?

The CUInsight Experience: Steve Swanston – Do the next right thing

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What leadership lessons and life hacks have they learned along the way? In this episode we discuss data, digitalization and deposits. As we always do, we wrap up this episode getting to learn more about Steve’s leadership style, life hacks and what life looks like outside Velocity Solutions. The digital lending platform Steve mentioned: Akouba. We talked about data, digitalization, and deposits. They expect to be able to do it all in a digital process.

Investing in the future

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How about talent and leadership development? While developing and implementing a talent strategy comes at a price, credit unions finding themselves with extra dollars to spend would be well served to consider investing back into their workforces. Leveraging Leadership.

Trying to boil the ocean? There’s a better path to digital transformation

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They’re financial institutions and other high-risk companies that know future success is tied to new technologies; yet, implementing a full digital strategy can seem overwhelming. Digital transformation” ranked highest by all respondents.

End-to-end digitization – the key to outstanding customer experience?


For every financial services provider operating today, digital technologies and channels are a key part of the mission to deliver the highest possible standard of customer experience. Digitization brings huge opportunity, not only to maximize availability and convenience for the consumer, but also to streamline processes, reduce costs and enhance efficiency for the bank. End-to-end digitization. Firstly, there should be clear leadership from the very top of the organization.

Does your credit union have ‘Phase Two Syndrome’?

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Symptom #2 – You are frustrated with most of your digital vendors because you need new features or have paid for new features and they are not out yet. That’s why here at BIG we have our digital strategy offering that includes guidance on continuous improvement and delivery.