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Top 5 Myths Around Banking Cannabis-Related Businesses (CRBs)


Key points in this article include: Risks exist in states where canabis is illegal > LEARN MORE Ensuring compliance when not servicing CRBs > LEARN MORE Determine your tier of acceptance > LEARN MORE Banking hemp vs. marijuana vs. CBD > LEARN MORE The gray area of banking CBD > LEARN MORE.

Bank Customer Lifetime Value

Jeff For Banks

Who are your target customers? Answer: XYZ Why are they your target customers? Answer: They are our most profitable customers. May I see your profitability reports that show this? Answer: *crickets* Is "most profitable" the right answer?


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Commoditization, Optimization or Transformation: What’s in Your Core Wallet?


Three winning core strategies to accommodate any financial institution’s budget, business case, and future vision. It has become crystal clear that digital transformation is now the largest technology initiative for regional and community financial institutions.

Visa's Crypto-Backed Cards Count $1 Billion In Spending


Visa said Wednesday that its cryptocurrency-backed credit card is growing in popularity. The company’s chief financial officer told CNBC today that users of the card had spent more than $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency globally on goods and services in the first six months of the year. “We

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Payment Optimization & PCI Solutions: Combining Offense and Defense With a Single Provider

Speaker: P. Andrew Sjogren, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Very Good Security and Matt Doka, Co-Founder and CTO of Fivestars

In this webinar, our esteemed panelists will discuss using Zero Data as the defense and payment optimization as the offense. A startup will have a well-rounded security approach that enables them to get to market sooner, grow their business faster, and minimize costs for both security and compliance.

U.S. Bank deal would double size of asset management unit

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Fintech on Fire: Deals to Watch


The fintech market is smokin’ hot right now. But is it headed into a warm, steady burn, or will it end up as a dumpster fire? After a year in lockdown where consumers and investors saw Zoom stock zooming, investors are flush with cash (or stock) at the ready.

Global FinTech Circle Going Public With SPAC At $4.5B Valuation


Global FinTech Circle is planning to file for a public listing on the NYSE with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Concord Acquisition Corp at a valuation of an estimated $4.5 billion.

10 reasons El Salvador President made the right call on Bitcoin at the right time 

Daily Fintech

Nayib Bukele is the telegenic young (born 1981) 46th President of El Salvador who came to office on 1 June 2019 and announced the stunning move to make Bitcoin legal tender on 25 June 2021 (to take effect on 7 September).

How lenders will spend federal windfall on low-income communities

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Going to Market Smarter in the New Economy

In 2021, as companies continue to move more functions online, employees will take a more virtual -- and flexible -- mindset and lifestyle in parallel to the digitization of businesses. To succeed, you must change the way you conceive and build new products as a digital business. Download the report today to discover more!

Hidden Costs of Managing Multiple Vendors


Assess the full cost of your software investment. Managing multiple vendors can be complex and expensive. It's important to consider hidden costs, like time and resources, associated with multi-vendor relationships. Would you like others articles like this in your inbox?

Visa Expands Ecosystem For Crypto-Linked Cards As Spending Tops $1B


Visa said it had struck partnerships with more than 50 cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges to allow end-users to spend digital currencies at 70 million merchants globally via crypto-linked cards.

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XBRL News from down under, sustainability and digital accounting

Daily Fintech

Here is our pick of the 3 most important XBRL news stories from the last week. 1 ASIC gets the lowdown on the benefits of digital reporting Should Australia go digital, and why?

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How to Explain EVE Policy Exceptions to Your Board

Strategically Speaking

Economic Value of Equity (or “net economic value” for credit unions) is the difference between the fair value of assets and the fair value of liabilities. Economic value of equity (EVE) is a longer term look at interest rate risk.

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q2 2021

In our 24-criterion evaluation of B2B marketing data providers, we identified the 11 most significant vendors — Data Axle, Dun & Bradstreet, Enlyft, Global Database, InsideView, Leadspace, Oracle, SMARTe, Spiceworks Ziff Davis, TechTarget, and ZoomInfo Technologies — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps B2B marketing professionals select the right one for their needs.

Wells Fargo hires JPMorgan’s Bei Ling as head of HR

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Payhippo Raises $1M Toward B2B AI Lending


Payhippo , the artificial intelligence (AI)-driven lending platform, has raised $1 million in pre-seed funding, which it plans to use to hire more engineers and keep financing smaller businesses, a Friday (July 2) press release said.

This Week in Fintech ending 9 July 2021

Daily Fintech

This week our experts brought you the following insights based on their experience as investors, entrepreneurs & executives.

Bank Customer Experience Summit to offer key insights into banking trends

ATM Marketplace

The Bank Customer Experience Summit will address key trends in the financial industry and how to reach a more demanding customer base

4 AI Hacks to Make Sales Teams More Efficient

Over the last two years, there’s been a 76 percent increase in AI adoption across sales organizations. For sales teams, AI opens up a world of new possibilities, including automating outreach, identifying best-fit buyers, and keeping CRMs flush with fresh data. Read on to learn the four AI hacks sales teams need to improve their performance. Download the eBook today!

In Plaid, European neobanks find an open banking passport

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Sweden's FSA Probes Klarna Over Customer Info Breach


Payments firm Klarna is under the microscope of Sweden's financial watchdog, over reported violations of security laws, Reuters reported Monday (July 5). On May 27, for around 30 minutes, users of Klarna were able to see other users' data. The report said that data didn't include users' card data.

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Alt Lending week ended 9th July 2021

Daily Fintech

HSBC bucks trend as European banks decline in importance The Banker magazine has released new data on the standing of the worldwide banking industry.

Podcast: How One Bank Turned a Cycling Hobby into a Line of Business

ABA Community Banking

It's summer cycling season, and the Tour de France is in full swing. Barry Allen of Tower Community Bank joins the ABA Banking Journal Podcast to talk about biking adventures closer to home.

How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

CRM software is a powerful tool when used correctly, yet another obstacle to a sales team’s efficiency when it’s not. Leveraging research and commentary from industry analysts, this eBook explores how your sales team can get back valuable time by overcoming some pain points with your CRM, such as low adoption rates, integrations, and data quality.

KeyCorp hires Wells Fargo executive to fill new ESG role

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FBI: Businesses Need AI To Curb Social Engineering, Phishing Fraud


Digital fraud has been a steadily growing issue over the past few decades, but it was kicked into overdrive during the past year due to record levels of digital engagement.

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Ethereum is on track to overtake bitcoin’s market cap

Daily Fintech

Bitcoin is the most popular and crypto protocol, and the standard for the entire crypto economy. In 2021, the competition between bitcoin and ethereum has intensified, as the struggle for cryptocurrency domination heats up. Ilias Louis Hatzis is the founder and CEO at Kryptonio wallet.

What types of businesses have used government support during the Covid-19 pandemic?


Will Banks, Sudipto Karmakar and Danny Walker. This post is the first of a series of posts about the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on business activity. During the pandemic, UK businesses have received unprecedented levels of government support , set to total 9% of GDP.

4 Data-Driven Steps To Drive Successful B2B Demand Generation

Fact: Good data lives at the core of every successful B2B demand generation strategy. Without quality data, it’s nearly impossible to identify and segment your target audience and create messaging that speaks to their values and interests. Whether you’re stepping into a new position or you’re new to demand generation, learning the tricks of the trade can be, well, tricky. In this eBook, you’ll discover how to improve your demand generation program—and your bottom line.