August, 2019

The best FinTech startups in Europe

Chris Skinner

I received a long and lengthy article last week from Taylor Ryan, CMO at ( The link provides a comprehensive article on European FinTech developments. It’s so good that I am happy to share it with y’all. Enjoy.

The ever changing challenge of payments fraud detection

Mobile Payments Today

While data shows that credit card fraud has decreased from the standpoint of payment volume, there remains a concern in the industry that cybercriminals are using sophisticated methods of changing tactics to avoid detection and put consumer payment information at risk

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Inside OTP Labs, Eastern Europe’s most adventurous bank innovation experiment

Bank Innovation

It might have $55 billion in assets and 10.5 million customers in 10 countries, but OTP Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, might be one of the most unorthodox banks on the Continent.

In Latin America, Ripple Makes Remittance Waves


In Latin America, news comes this week that Santander Group is boosting its use of Ripple’s technology to aid payments across what CoinDesk reported is a “payment corridor” in Latin America.

FinCEN Steps up Efforts to Protect Against the Six Biggest Threats to the U.S. Financial System


The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is tasked with protecting the financial system both within the United States and internationally. Financial criminals are working hard, using technology and innovation to their advantage, to stay one step ahead of FinCEN and financial institutions.

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Is your sales performance management mid-year correction strategy effective?

Insights on Business

Building a strategy and doing the right planning in order to achieve corporate objectives is the key to any business, and no doubt, planning sales compensation plays a crucial role in meeting those goals.

Are these FinTech unicorns worth it?

Chris Skinner

There’s a regular itch that I feel in the back of my neck. I scratch it, but it won’t go away. The itch is an alarm call really, and it’s asking whether all this FinTech investment is worth it. Last year, $111.8

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Banks push for more fintech startup collaborations, despite failures

Bank Innovation

When it comes to bank-fintech collaborations, banks are finding more failure than success. That’s according to a study by Bank Innovation and INV Fintech, a startup accelerator, released today. Carousel Innovation Strategy INV Fintech Startups

Mastercard Looks To Hire Crypto Team


Mastercard , already an ally of Facebook’s Libra , announced it’s in the midst of planning its own cryptocurrency team, the New York Post reported on Saturday (Aug.

Rebeca Romero Rainey: Take pride in the work we do

Independent Banker

“While community banks could certainly benefit from the tax advantages credit unions have, we flourish despite them.”. There’s something about September that inspires a focus on priorities. Maybe it’s a throwback to back-to-school, or perhaps I’m gearing up for the switch of seasons.

Payments modernization: Addressing threats and assessing new opportunities

Insights on Business

Payments modernization initiatives around the globe have long been a topic of huge interest and are at different stages of implementation in different countries. Time and again, it has proven to be a catalyst for transformation that has fueled innovation.

The key to IoT is identity

Chris Skinner

The term The Internet of Things (IoT) was first used twenty years ago. Twenty years later, IoT is emerging rapidly. We have our cars and homes networked but, more than this, we have gadgets like Google Home, Siri and Alexa.

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How prepaid and eGifts can boost engagement in the payments space

Mobile Payments Today

Prepaid cards and eGifts can help increase engagement and boost loyalty among retail customers

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Inside Kiva’s digital identity solution for banks in Sierra Leone

Bank Innovation

Confirming a customer’s identity is an ongoing pain point for banks and financial institutions around the world. It’s an even bigger challenge for countries that have high underbanked populations like Sierra Leone.

Visa: New Cyber Threats Require New Fraud Tools


The phenomenon of payments fraud is not a modern one — far from it. But as RL Prasad, SVP of payment system risk at Visa , told Karen Webster in a recent conversation, what is new today is the who and the how of fraud, particularly in a digital world.

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Achievement is a Moving Benchmark

Credit Union Geek

Originally published as feature article in February 2015 issue of student newsletter at my dojo, University Karate Center. Then published on Training in martial arts isn’t easy. Same with any other sport or activity.

Ask the expert: 20 questions fraud fighters want to know

Insights on Business

In our webinar yesterday, the first in the series AI Fraud Detection — Beyond the Textbooks , we ran out of time and weren’t able to address some great questions we had from the audience.

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AI is not a technology change but a cultural one

Chris Skinner

I just picked up a Financial Times article talking about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the way you deal with money. It’s actually more about the Chinese internet giant Ping An, and how they’re changing finance using AI.

Payments fraud remains on the table as PSD2 delay takes hold

Mobile Payments Today

As the payments industry works to get through an 18-month delay in implementing Strong Customer Authentication, retailers and consumers remain vulnerable as criminal fraudsters will likely seek to take advantage of the lull

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For startups to bridge banks’ fintech gap, innovation execution needs a reality check

Bank Innovation

This is the second article in a two-part series on bank-fintech collaborations based on the 2019 State of Banking Innovation Survey, a study conducted by Bank Innovation and INV Fintech.

Mastercard Buys Nets For $3.19B


In its biggest acquisition to date, Mastercard will buy Nets for 2.85 billion euros ($3.19 billion).

Two Proven Secrets To Faster Bank Decisions - Part II

Banker to Banker

CRITICAL THINKING In Part I, we highlighted how having too much information about a decision often increases the confidence about the decision but usually doesn’t change the accuracy of the decision.


Bank branches aren't dying, they're serving coffee, beer and yoga

ATM Marketplace

As people today conduct most of their banking online and pay for things with plastic cards and mobile apps, banks are having to reinvent themselves. One thing banks all seem to agree on: people still need branches. But what should the new branch become

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A bank that runs accounts for just 50 cents a year

Chris Skinner

I recently attended a FinTech conference where Henry Ma, Vice President & Chief Information Officer of WeBank, presented an update of how the bank is faring in China. For those unaware, WeBank is the offshoot of WeChat Pay, WeChat and Tencent, and focsuses upon financial inclusion in China.

eGain Solve Suite

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Customer journeys can take different turns we make getting to their destinations easy! Design and deliver memorable customer journeys with a knowledge-powered omnichannel customer engagement hub


RBC focuses on digital products as mobile adoption spikes

Bank Innovation

Royal Bank of Canada is growing its digital product portfolio as mobile user adoption grows.

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Chatbot Company Sued By Delta Over Data Breach


Delta Airlines Inc. has filed a lawsuit against a firm that powered a chatbot on its website. The lawsuit alleges that [24]

8 Ways To Attract The Wrong Clients To Your Bank

Banker to Banker

MANAGING BANK CULTURE AND PROFITABILITY Given that strategic planning season is upon us, one key affirmation is to verify if you are targeting not the customers that you have now but the customers that you want.

Seven Items That Should be on Every BSA Software Checklist


Shopping for a bank secrecy act/anti-money laundering (BSA/AML) monitoring software can feel overwhelming. There are so many options, features, and benefits to each system that it can be tough to figure out where to start. We’ve spent the last 20 years working with industry experts regarding regulatory compliance and our customer base regarding program efficiencies to build BAM+ into the ultimate BSA/AML regulatory and compliance solution.

FinTech’s lies, damned lies and statistics

Chris Skinner

There are lies, darned lies and statistics. I often quote numbers in my presentations and get pretty annoyed if they’re wrong. I also prefer to take official sources rather than estimates.

FedNow faster payments proposal sets up turf battles that may last into future

Mobile Payments Today

A proposed faster payments regime from the Federal Reserve may be just the beginning of a years-long turf battle among various sectors of the payments industry, government and other sectors

Why 6 credit unions are partnering to access better payment solutions

Bank Innovation

As credit unions look to improve their technology on smaller budgets, one solution is to band together and pool assets. On Thursday, six credit unions did exactly that to improve their online payment capabilities through an investment in the digital payments company Payrailz.

Walmart’s Answer To Facebook’s Libra: The Walmart Coin


There are many ways to introduce an idea to the world. There is something to be said for going big — fireworks, a parade and a vast array of headlines.

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America: a nation living in the 20th Century

Chris Skinner

When did you last write a check (cheque)? When did you last receive one? Although a valid payment mechanism in some countries, it has been phased out in many. Finland stopped using checks in 1993, Poland in 2006 and the Netherlands from the start of next year.

Who needs a blockchain?

Chris Skinner

I often say that blockchain is one of the most complex areas, combining all we don’t know about technology with all we don’t understand about finance. It’s a big hole of acronyms, confusion and debate.

Chris Skinner’s TEDx Talk

Chris Skinner

Well, I’ve always thought there’s a few accolades that would be good on the profile. Advisor to the White House, World Bank, World Economic Forum and United Nations all sounds good. Now I can add TEDx Speaker.

Removing friction from the global travel space

Mobile Payments Today

The travel indsustry is moving towards removing friction from the payments process, as consumer and business travel increasingly becomes more global in nature