How B2B Payments Balances Compliance With A Better User Experience


Indeed, says Robert Courtneidge, CEO of payment technology firm Moorwand , this space is one of the most exciting and busy when it comes to innovation. Service providers are increasingly understanding that, like consumers, businesses demand a better and more seamless end-user experience.

Groupon Targets User Experience With Local Destination Offerings


Groupon said it is striving to become the ultimate destination for local happenings with the launch of its new personalized user experience (UX) approach that aims to connect people with relevant business deals.


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Payments Providers Combat The Conflict Between Security, User Experience


Lior Cohen, senior director of cloud security products and solutions at cybersecurity firm Fortinet , recently told PYMNTS why the digitization initiatives many payment service providers undergo in the name of better customer experience can exacerbate security risks.

User Experience Is Key to Customer Satisfaction, Report Says

Bank Innovation

Having a "frictionless" user experience (UX) is among the top three qualities that bank customers look for when picking a new bank, right after "security" and "trustworthiness," according to a new report by financial technology provider, FIS. Artificial Intelligence Daily Post 2 DataBank Exclusive Experience & Design?

Citi Explores The Real-Time Payments User Experience


The payments industry has been riding the wave of shifting consumer habits and demands, placing the end-user experience at the forefront of new products, services and infrastructure. Those users, both consumers and businesses, aren’t just demanding choice, however. Sinha pointed to the iPhone as a piece of technology demonstrating the need to anticipate customer needs. The Best Experience Is No Experience.

Accounts Receivable Realigns Its Focus To User Experience


It also evolved into a new focus for innovators and developers of these solutions, enabling these tools to operate in harmony with each other, with data integration and sharing of paramount importance to corporate users. But AI is far from the only technology disrupting payments.

How trending technologies and the user experience go hand-in-hand

Mobile Payments Today

Technology is ever-evolving, but contrary to what you might expect, it can become more human, not less so, in the process. Learn what this means in financial services terms in a video presentation from the 2017 Bank Customer Experience Summit

Streamline the User Experience with Mobile Carrier Data


This norm of using mobile devices to do everything from shopping to banking, mean security and a great user experience need to go hand-in-hand. That is a staggering statistic clearly pointing to a poor user experience. A streamlined user experience that eliminates typing and scrolling is essential. Look for us there if you’d like to hear more about how technology and data are coming together in innovative ways to drive the future of mobile commerce.

User experience hinges on mastering omnichannel payments

Payments Source

An omnichannel payment platform offers customers a unified shopping experience across whichever channel they decide to make a purchase, whether via point-of-sale in-store, online, mobile or even telephone, writes Nick Aceto, senior vice president of technology for CardConnect. ISO and agent Online payments CRM systems Customer experience

How can trending technologies enhance the user experience?

ATM Marketplace

Technology is ever-evolving, but contrary to what you might expect, it can become more human, not less so, in the process. Learn what this means in financial services terms in a video presentation from the 2017 Bank Customer Experience Summit

Scotiabank, Fifth Third, SunTrust: Amazon, Apple inspiring UX

Bank Innovation

The popularity of Amazon Prime and Apple is forcing bankers to rethink user experiences, industry practitioners said at Bank Innovation Build. With the growing adoption of digital banking platforms, user experience specialists said human experiences should underpin digital product roadmaps, with technology performing a supporting role. “Technology is an enabler, but user experience design provides […].

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USAA opens user experience ‘design studio’

Payments Source

Digital banking Mobile banking Customer experience Customer-centricity Bank technologyThe new office will look for ways to improve UX for customers in digital and traditional channels.

Aligning to disruption: Emerging trends in the user experience journey


The fact that rapidly evolving technologies are changing the very nature and model of banking is now du jour. New competition, new technologies and changing customer expectations are driving the digital transformation for large established players in banking. To meet these evolving market and

New Canadian Digital-Only Bank Banking On User Experience


The challenge for the bank will be remaining competitive when the interest rate is ultimately dialed back and the offering itself – namely its features and user experience — need to steer the ship. The focus for us has to be customer experience,” Dickinson explained of the pause due to speed of growth. “It’s But I think we’re just trying to find a few things that fix the experience, like getting rid of the old construct of checking versus savings,” he said.

Disruptors are forcing issuers to revolutionize user experience

Payments Source

Financial services organizations increasingly need an unwavering commitment to customer experience in order to compete, or the competitor down the street will do it first, writes Chris Millner, a principal of financial technology and a payments consultant at North Highland.

How We Build Products to Improve User Experience

Strategically Speaking

As financial services become more reliant on the technology we leverage to better serve our clients , it would benefit us to view our own product processes through a modern lens. The manifesto starts with this statement: customer experienceAuthor: Derik Sutton,

Survey shows that tools with strong user experience are key to better risk management across the enterprise

Insights on Business

In the current complex regulatory environment (see Figure 1), and with growing costs associated with reporting, Know Your Customer (KYC), sanctions and the like, it is important to have effective and user-friendly governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tools that staff will readily adopt and use. User experience, or relative effective ease-of-use, is a key driver of engagement.

Improving User Experience and Increasing Security through Sign in with Apple


At Apple’s 2020 Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple debuted “Sign in with Apple”, a new feature that allows users to sign in to apps and websites that use this feature, using an Apple ID. This significantly improves the end-user experience by simplifying the sign in process.

What Restaurants and Bars Can Teach Us about Commerce User Experience


One of these aspects that almost always comes into play is user experience, and for good reason. Here’s why: Experience. The reason we are okay with spending more on food and drink is because of the experience we get.

This Week’s Reads: User Experience, Pokémon Go, EMV Payment


Latest Technology Financial Institutions Should Adopt: Evan Rose of Rose Digital shares different ways that financial institution apps can use various technologies to improve their customers’ user experience. Spotlight EMV Pokémon Go user experience

User experience and security are a tough but necessary juggling act

Payments Source

Rather than searching for a "silver bullet" and relying on a single line of defence, FIs and merchants should adopt a layered model combining different approaches and technologies, writes Elina Mattila, executive director at Mobey Forum. ISO and agent Mobile payments Retailers Authentication Biometrics

The Rise Of ‘Intelligent Engagement’ In Corporate Banking


They’re experiencing technology as consumers, and they’re bringing those same expectations into their roles and corporations regardless of the size and scale of the company,” DeLuca told Webster.

Finding Front- And Back-Office Flexibility In SMB Banking


In a recent conversation with PYMNTS, Michael Brackpool, head of product at bunq , emphasized the role that flexibility plays in being able to address end users’ needs. “We think of the user experience as critical and want to apply this philosophy on the business side.”

Trends In Retail Technology And Consumer Spending


And sellers are adopting biometric-based verification and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to attract shoppers and keep fraudsters away. 70%: Share of customers who abandon purchases because of a bad user experience.

Trends 199

Technology Considerations in Commercial Lending Transformations


Not surprisingly, many look to technology to support the transformation. Technology decisions can unduly—and sometimes unwittingly—drive the transformation process, however. We’ve seen numerous banks make critical technology investments before they thoroughly defined the business issues they were looking to address. It’s important, however, that technology solution features and functionality not drive transformation activities.

Provident Bank Chooses Gro Solutions, Boosts its Mobile-first User-Experience

ABA Community Banking

To increase its digital platform capability by seeking to deliver a “fast and intuitive” mobile experience Bank Performance Feature Management Technology Customers Branch Technology/ATMs Mobile Feature3 Fintech Financial Trends Mortgage/CRE Tech Management.

ATM 40

REPORT: Payment Tech Tops FIs’ Innovation Agendas


This starts with payment technology, the essential infrastructure needed to support current and future digital payment developments, from contactless and push payments to transactions on real-time payment rails. Payment technology is in many ways the flagship among the fleet of innovations that banks are pursuing. A significant share of FIs will turn their focus in a different direction, however, to user experience (UX) — how users interface with banking products and features.

REPORT: Why 78 Pct Of FIs Say They Struggle To Innovate


Banks today recognize that they must embrace innovation to survive in a world being rapidly transformed by digital technology. These digital products must run reliably, securely and fast — and this requires a solid technological foundation. For the past year, PYMNTS has been examining how banks are faring on the road to technological innovation. More broadly, core/IT-enabled banks lead in innovating in the crucial area of payment technology.

Reimagining The Bank As A Technology Company


Intimidated by the scale and cost of a massive technological overhaul, large financial institutions (FIs) may approach their digital transformation (DX) journeys gradually, targeting various areas of operations to modernize one-by-one.

Verizon, Microsoft Partner To Accelerate 5G Technology


Touting 5G data speeds that are already 25 times faster than current 4G technology (and will eventually be 100 times faster), the two companies said the security, reliability and ultra-low lag times will bring increased efficiency and reduced costs.

How Alternative Lending Technology Stays Flexible For SMBs


Fresh off its acquisition of Finance-as-a-Service technology platform Ario , Thinking Capital is looking toward the future of SMB financing. It's about removing digital friction for the customer, simplifying the user experience, accelerating the time they can access their funds," he said.

PAAY Rolls Out Partner Platform To Complement EMV 3DS Technology


PAAY said its EMV 3DS offering lets merchants decrease chargeback costs, bolster authorization rates and maintain compliance as they provide an easy as well as frictionless experience for users.

Voice And The Potential For Building More Elegant Payments


In the age of voice-activated UX [user experience] in general,” Gurukula told Karen Webster in a recent conversation, “users expect that a transition to a conversational mode of interacting should mean that ‘technology’ just fills in a lot of the usual information gaps without having to ask the consumer.”. The implication, Gurukula said, is that developers must learn to build skills that understand and can respond to user intent.

Complementing SAP with True Order Management Capabilities


Seamless order to fulfillment is the crux of any good experience. The interaction with users at their point of need is the tipping point and often dictates success or failure. What We’ve Noticed in Our Experience.

Reimagining the first line of defense with next-gen GRC

Insights on Business

Given the advancement in technology and dynamic business scenarios, firms have started to look at technology to get more insightful, efficient and faster since traditional mechanisms of effective risk management and regulatory compliance are fast becoming outdated. First line of defense business users have increasingly come to realize that risk is not only everyone’s responsibility but also a key part of business operations today.