FAA OKs American Robotics Drones To Fly Without Human Operators


The Federal Aviation Administration is letting commercial drone-maker American Robotics operate drones without on-site pilots — but with a number of caveats, according to a decision recently posted on the agency’s website.

Wirecard North America goes on market, while operations allowed to resume in UK

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UK regulators reached agreement to let operations resume there Wirecard North America officials said the company was looking for a new owner as the multi-billion accounting scandal at the German-based payments firm reverberated across the globe.


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Finding the right operating model and governance for Open Banking


When transitioning to Open Banking, one of the key considerations for banks is their operating model and governance structure. If banks do not adapt to new ways of working, they may risk losing market share to savvy new digital entrants. The post Finding the right operating model and governance for Open Banking appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Uncategorized Governance Open Banking Operating Models

Ant Group Overhauling Operations To Satisfy Chinese Regulators 


After having its $37 billion dual IPO pulled by Beijing, Jack Ma’s Ant Group is working fast to overhaul operations to comply with government regulations, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday (Jan.

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Marketing Ops: The New Revenue Hero

As data continues to play a starring role in today’s B2B organizations, both marketing and sales operations professionals are poised to solidify their place as critical revenue drivers. In particular, the evolution of the Marketing Operations (Ops) role has created a new standard in marketing and has become a vital component of an organization’s success.

Farmhouse Market’s Remotely Operated, 24/7 Grocery Store


Such locations can be critical in expanding retail options for smaller cities and towns, too, and staff-free grocery store Farmhouse Market seeks to do just that for consumers in New Prague, Minnesota. The pair ultimately designed a concept that could operate without any on-site staff to solve this quandary. “We The Rasmussons debuted Farmhouse Market in a 650-square-foot space in 2015.

What’s holding you back from modern banking operations?


In the first of a four-part series, our team of guest bloggers will share how getting to simplified, future-ready bank operations may be more easily imagined. . However, banks are unable to support this if they do not modernize their operations. North America bank operations executives say that by 2020, up to 40 percent of their bank’s spending on digital transformation will be in operations. 1 So, how do banks get to simplified, future-ready bank operations?

Lithuania Suspends SatchelPay Operations


6) that the nation’s central bank has suspended the company’s activities because it allegedly failed to provide the government with required financial data on its operations this year. Lithuania is aiming to become a regional FinTech hub by creating favorable conditions for financial market participants,” said Bank of Lithuania Director of the Supervision Service Vytautas Valvonis in a statement.

Judge To Decide Whether Uber Can Operate In London


Bloomberg News reported that Transport for London (TfL) will stay neutral and let the court decide whether Uber can operate in its biggest European market. Citing that Uber was unfit to hold a license, TfL suspended the company’s operations last November.

Uncovering the Hidden Efficiencies in Loan and Deposit Operations


Addressing common loan and deposit operations process inefficiencies can help financial institutions deliver optimized value to customers and stockholders. In recent years, many financial institutions have been focused on improving their digital delivery capabilities, often at the expense of their operational groups. Now, a shift is under way in FIs’ operational units as the conversation turns to transforming legacy banks into “smarter banks.”.

Amex Cleared To Operate In China


The post did not say when Amex would start operations in the country. Final approval from the PBOC is still required in order for Amex to begin operating there. China aims to open up the market to international companies, as many foreign firms have been lobbying to enter the country for about 10 years. Barriers to American companies operating in China are so high that Chinese institutions dominate in many areas, especially finance.

Bitcoin Daily: Nigeria’s Crypto Market Surges; Alleged Crypto Capital Operator Charged With Fraud


Binance , Nigeria’s cryptocurrency market, has seen sign-ups surge 50 percent so far in 2020. The market is scrambling to provide users with a stablecoin. Roughly 300 people signed up for a corresponding “masterclass” for the market in January, which taught them how to set up eWallets and explore the margin-trading strategies available. This is in addition to charges of bank fraud, an unlicensed money transfer operation and conspiracy.

PSD2 Creates Turbulence For Travel Operators


PSD2 is already having a strong impact on the travel market, with merchants ranging from airlines and hotels to travel aggregators working with third-party services, deploying new authentication standards while still adapting to changing customer preferences. With PSD2 in full swing in the European Union (EU), any merchant dealing with the payment data of EU citizens must upgrade their payment protocols to stay compliant.

Why Mexico’s SMBs Need A FinTech Operating System And Not Another Bank


Emerging markets have their own challenges when it comes to banking, where big, traditional financial institutions (FIs) are anything but efficient. The world needs a FinTech operating system.”.

Freight Logistics Startup Buys Uber’s European Freight Operation


The deal is expected to strengthen sennder’s position as the largest digital freight forwarder in Europe and enhances its service across its key markets. That followed a joint venture with Poste Italiane, one of Italy’s largest logistics operators.

Careem Concludes Operations In Sudan


Less than a year after the ride-hailing company rolled out in Sudan, Careem has concluded its operations in the country, with a planned takeover by Uber on the horizon. The firm started its Sudan operations in September 2018 following the lifting of economic sanctions by the United States in 2017, Reuters reported. A spokesperson said in a statement, “There are no plans to close any other markets, and ceasing Sudan operations will not have any effect on Careem’s other markets.”

Apple Resumes Operation Of All China Retail Locations


has reportedly put all of them back into operation. China is the third-largest market for the tech company. After it was forced to shutter its retail locations in China because of the spread of COVID-19, Apple Inc. The closures were one of the main reasons the tech company cited for removing its March quarter sales outlook, Bloomberg reported. Apple has been slowly reopening the locations, with 38 of the 42 shops open for business as of last week.

JPMorgan Consolidates SMB, Enterprise Payment Operations


JPMorgan Chase is planning the consolidation its corporate payment operations by combining small business (SMB) and large enterprise solutions, the Financial Times ( FT ) reported on Thursday (Jan. and internationally,” said Co-President and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Pinto in the memo. Still, the bank noted that consumer lending and credit card performance remained strong, with revenues up on consumer and community banking operations.

Mastercard Selects New President For European Operations


He will be tasked with developing strategy, direction and comprehensive success of Mastercard’s operations across 53 countries in Europe. Javier has driven deep partnerships with local, regional and global customers, opened up new markets, and navigated and maximized new regulation and legislation,” said Caldart. “He He has diversified our business to set us up for continued success while making Mastercard a true market leader across Europe.

Crypto market crash is causing startups to shutter operations

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The plunge in the cryptocurrency market is weighing on the software-development community that spawned over 1,000 digital coins amid dreams of independence from traditional financial systems and instant wealth. Cryptocurrencies

How Customer Reviews Provide Lifeblood For Restaurant Operations


How Customer Reviews Provide Lifeblood To Restaurant Operations. That focus has only grown amid the takeout- and delivery-only operational shifts due to COVID-19-related social-distancing efforts. The following Deep Dive explores the influence digital reviews have on restaurants’ standings with customers, the impacts of negative feedback and how operators can use the world’s digital focus to their advantage.

Restaurant Operators On Life Before, During And After COVID-19


Restaurants are tough businesses to operate, even in the best of times — 60 percent fail within their first year, and 80 percent within their first five. They can’t change the crisis, the closures or the course this is going to take, but they can and have shifted their operations and will likely continue doing so long after this pandemic has passed. The same holds true for Bamboo Asia, an establishment that operates throughout San Francisco’s financial district, said van de Rijt.

On-Demand Delivery Service Munchery Ceases Operations


In May Munchery said it was planning to focus on its largest market, which was San Francisco, in an effort to become profitable. Munchery , the on-demand delivery startup that raised $125 million in venture funding, has shut down the service effective immediately. Reports citing an email Munchery sent to customers Monday (January 21) said the shutdown isn’t too surprising given in May it was forced to lay off 257 employees, which amounted to 30 percent of its workforce.

Verizon Buys Drone Operator


In a press release , Verizon said Skyward, which is based in Portland, adds drone management to the Verizon IoT portfolio, making drone operations easier to manage for any size company. companies rely on Skyward to manage drone operations, improve safety and lower operating costs. With the deal, businesses small and large can turn to Verizon for integrating, managing and wirelessly connecting their drone operations.

WEX Gets $400M From Warburg Pincus To Boost Operations


WEX has reported a $400 million investment from a partner of Warburg Pincus , which the financial services tech firm will use to continue operations amid the global pandemic, according to a press release. “This better positions us to remain focused on our long-term strategic initiatives to drive our future success, and capitalize on the economic recovery when market conditions improve.”.

Ready Or Not, Faster Payments Will Impact Corporate Operations


However, regardless of how corporates adopt faster payment technologies, many experts agree that the acceleration of payments in the country will have profound effects on the broader financial services space, and those changes are likely to impact how companies manage money and operate in a new ecosystem of payments innovation. reflects a larger shift in the market — one that could certainly have profound implications for business payments.

4 strategic marketing moves for ATM operators

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With so many new advertising and marketing options available, it can often be hard for businesses to decide what strategies and technologies will be the best fit for their companies — and reach their target markets

Why Affirm Would Delay Its IPO Amid A Hot Market


The Wall Street Journal cited unnamed sources over the weekend as saying that Affirm decided to push its IPO off until at least January, apparently to let markets calm down and avoid the massive first-day “pops” Airbnb and DoorDash recently saw.

Amazon Eyes Deal For Stake In Rising Indian Mobile Operator


Amazon may become the latest American tech giant to buy its way into India’s fast-growing telecom market as it eyes a deal that could upend the nation’s mobile market. The eCommerce company is in the early stages of exploring a deal to take a $2 billion stake in Bharti Airtel , India’s third-largest telecom operator, Reuters reported , citing three sources with knowledge of the talks. billion in various investments since entering the Indian market seven years ago.

Sinemia Shuts Down U.S. Operations Amid Lawsuits


operations. In a letter on its webpage, Sinemia said it was ending operations in the U.S. While we are proud to have created a best-in-market service, our efforts to cover the cost of unexpected legal proceedings and raise the funds required to continue operations have not been sufficient. market and the core economics of what it costs to deliver Sinemia’s end-to-end experience ultimately lead us to the decision of discontinuing our U.S.

Boston Market Deploys AI To Fight Fraud, Improve ROI


The health crisis has forced some eateries to close entirely, while others must operate at reduced capacities depending on state and local restrictions. Boston Market On The Fraud-Fighting, Customer Service-Enhancing Power Of AI.

Boston 217

The Digitally Reshaping Market 


Data: $100B : Estimated value of the mobile gaming market by the end of 2020. $3M 22K : Number of kiosks operated by Coinstar in nine countries worldwide. In a world gone digital, consumers have changed, forcing those who serve them to modify nearly every interaction.

An untapped market: The unbanked shopper

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Billions of people do not have access to a bank account, either due to the lack of income, unstable financial markets or the lack of verifyable identification. At the same time, millions of these same people operate in major consumer markets and shop for food, apparel, household goods and gifts

Restaurant Operator Blames Bankruptcy On Wage Hike


an eatery operator with 35 restaurants, has filed for bankruptcy and is blaming the misfortune on a recent minimum wage hike in court filings, according to a report by Bloomberg. The company operates restaurants ranging from high-level fine dining to more “polished casual” places, including notable names like Kincaid’s, Stanford’s and Henry’s Tavern. Restaurant Unlimited Inc.,

The Rise of Alternative Data in the Lending Market

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Exclusive Innovations Lending Mobile Operations Payments Affirm alternative data artificial intelligence credit invisible Elevate FICO FICO score lending machine learning Petal Underwrite.ai EXCLUSIVE – There were conflicting views on the importance of the FICO score at the PayThink Conference in Phoenix this week. While only some professionals were bold enough to say the standardized credit scoring has become marginalized, others maintained that it was here to stay.