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Today In Data: Correctly Capturing Consumers’ Needs


Consumers want what they want, when they want it – and they want to be able to feel confident that they can trust what they choose, whether it’s shopping online, contemplating a connected car or choosing between a card and a mobile payment method.

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Will QR codes wipe out cash and cards?

Chris Skinner

There’s been an interesting but hidden trend taking place. It started in China with Tencent and Alipay and has now gone global. The phenomenon is called QR codes.

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Finding credit needles in the (market) haystack

Insights on Business

Institutions invested in a broad range of corporate debt instruments can draw business benefit from adopting an integrated view of market and credit risks.

Podcast Episode 9: USAA's focus on mobile banking tech for military needs

Mobile Payments Today

Host Will Hernandez, discusses USAA's unique branch-less mobile banking system, which services the U.S. military. USAA is typically on the cutting edge of mobile banking, and Phil Leininger, the GM of Omnichannel Sales & Service of USAA, talks about their advancements in mobile technology

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Today In Data: Tapping Into The Tokenized Future


While the “mobile everything” future has been long predicted, as of the second half of 2018, we are actually beginning to see the shape of what that will look like.

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We need to launch a digital bank? OK, here’s $3 billion!

Chris Skinner

I recently blogged about JP Morgan Chase spending $10 billion a year on technology of which $3 billion goes into new projects. There were then several other announcements that caught my attention about Citibank and Bank of America investing similar amounts in digital.

One Credit Union’s Approach to Excellence in Auto Lending

CU Direct

Auto lending is the backbone of credit unions’ loan portfolios. Credit unions continue to not only compete in the auto lending arena, but to outperform much of the marketplace, improving their market presence, and capturing more loans.

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Today In Data: Firing Up Faster Payments While Fighting Faster Fraud


Faster payments pack a lot of potential – technologically speaking and in terms of usefulness. And they are clearly providing for a need wanted for filling, attested by the explosive growth they’ve demonstrated worldwide over the last few years.

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How the world has changed with technology

Chris Skinner

I was introduced to a lunch meeting by the Chairman of the Bank. As he made the introduction, he gave a personal account of how technology had changed the world during his lifetime. This is not his speech, but my version of his speech. I trust you like it.

Mobile Payments Today: August's top reads

Mobile Payments Today

It's time for a look back at last month's most-read content on the site

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Disrupting The Car: How Shared Cars, Bikes, & Scooters Are Reshaping Transportation And Cannibalizing Car Ownership

CB Insights

Personal car ownership isn’t dead yet. That said, as cities in the US grow more congested, public transportation systems are failing and traffic is worsening, all of which is making quick and efficient transport more difficult.

Digital Payments Advance In India And Africa


The summer, now drawing to a close, brought significant payments and commerce activity outside the Western world. A new PYMNTS story offers an in-depth look at all the recent digital happenings in India — a country that’s experiencing more competition from the likes of Google , Amazon , Walmart-owned Flipkart and Alibaba. Online retail continues to grow in the country, and that market could hit $200 billion by 2026 if one goes by a Morgan Stanley estimate.

The future of bitcoin

Chris Skinner

I sometimes find it hard to deal with our world of money these days. Everyone keeps asking should I buy bitcoin and my answer is always it’s your choice. I don’t believe in bitcoin, but I’m not one of those doom mongers who say it’s going to die.

Watch highlights from this year's CONNECT: The Mobile CX Summit

Mobile Payments Today

More than 125 retail and restaurant executives gathered in Chicago last month for Networld Media Group's annual summit

46 Corporations Working On Autonomous Vehicles

CB Insights

Private companies working in auto tech are attracting record levels of deals and funding, with autonomous driving startups leading the charge. Along with early-stage startups, VCs, and other investors, large corporations are also angling to get a slice of the self-driving pie.

TRENDING: Challenger Bank Finds Instant Rewards In Faster Payments


Around the globe, new payment schemes are on the rise. In the Eurozone, the Eurosystem’s new process for settling instant payments is slated to go live this November.

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The culture of banking is skewed to be dishonest

Chris Skinner

I was reading The Guardian’s John Quiggin’s article yesterday, about banking being geared towards the 1% and a major crash being needed to fix it.

Carrier billing in Asia: 2018 market report

Mobile Payments Today

This market report gives an overview of the digital ecosystem and direct carrier billing landscape in South-East Asia

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Goldman Sachs Delays Plans for Crypto Trading Desk

Bank Innovation

Goldman Sachs is reportedly dropping plans for a cryptocurrency trading desk. The news, which broke late yesterday, sent crypto prices further down, but in this bear market, you'd be excused for not noticing.

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Driving, Grilling And Surfing (For Deals) — Labor Day Weekend’s On


The unofficial end of summer is upon us. But before everyone can contentedly begin sipping their pumpkin spice latte and start Christmas shopping without embarrassment, there is the last official celebration of summer, Labor Day.

Things worth reading: 5th September 2018

Chris Skinner


Will Google, Microsoft and Amazon ride the Blockchain wave into Wall Street?

Daily Fintech

I recently spoke to a friend in Silicon Valley regarding a topic in AI. He is an AI expert, and is trying to solve a tough problem in the space.

Faster Payments Sees $17 Billion Invested So Far in 2018

Bank Innovation

Faster payments and remittance services have had record-breaking amounts of investment this year. A Fintech Global report, published this week, found that global investment in payments and remittance companies has reached a historic high. For the first half of the year alone there has been $17.5

Visa Highlights Contactless Payments At New York Fashion Week


To help consumers experience new ways to pay, Visa has announced a new relationship with New York Fashion Week: The Shows. Through the on-site experience, consumers will be able to tap to pay with contactless cards and devices, the company said in an announcement. “We

Things worth reading: 7th September 2018

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include: UK fintech in buoyant mood as valuations soar How high street banks reward premier customers Nigerian bank’s former UK head was arrested U.S.

From Alcohol-Free Gin To Sparkling Cannabis Water, Alcohol Brands Are Pushing Into Non-Alcoholic Beverages

CB Insights

The alcohol industry is experiencing a slow down. Consumption in the US dropped for a third consecutive year in 2017, according to IWSR. And global figures continue to remain stagnant, with a mere 0.01% increase in volume over the same year. live briefing: disrupting the cpg industry.

After Claims of ‘Fake News,’ Goldman to Offer Bitcoin Derivative, CFO Says

Bank Innovation

Goldman Sachs CFO Martin Chavez said a report that stated the bank was closing or delaying its cryptocurrency trading desk was "fake news." This information appeared on Bank Innovation and across business media yesterday.

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Temenos Kicks Off Challenger Banking In Greece


Greece’s first challenger bank has chosen bank technology provider Temenos to implement its core banking technology, according to reports in Global Banking & Finance Review on Thursday (Sept. The bank aims to focus on small business (SMB) and consumer lending, as well as digital financial services for its customers. Working with Temenos will enable the bank to offer all-digital onboarding and services for its clients, the company said.

Things worth reading: 6th September 2018

Chris Skinner


The United Bank of Egypt drives digital transformation with Finastra

The Paypers

(The Paypers) The United Bank of Egypt (The United Bank) has modernized its core banking infrastructure across its retail, corporate and treasury business using Finastra technology

The Sorry State of Contact Center Technology


Customers love digital self-service—right up until they don’t, and then they want a live person.

Electronic Invoicing Opens A Door To SMB Digitization


For some small businesses, taking steps to digitize might feel like a game of Frogger. How does one know when to leap into a new technology without getting hit with issues like implementation problems, technical challenges and the threat of a wasted investment? What’s more, how can a business feel confident in embracing a new technology when the next generation of an innovation could be just around the corner? These anxieties are holding many SMBs back from making progress.

The Finanser’s Week: 27th August 2018 – 2nd September 2018

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines this week are … Every $1 in $50 in the banks is laundered money (and maybe more) I’ve made the comment many times that it is astounding that around $2 trillion is laundered through the banks of the world each year, up from $1.6 trillion in 2009.

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It’s easier to get a job if you are an Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) ‘expert’, and investors want to bet on companies which use the words AI or ML in their mission statements. And why should that not be the case? McKinsey estimates AI techniques have the.

Google Pay: Evolution, implementation, and future prospects

The Paypers

(The Paypers) The Paypers interviews Mounir Mouawad, Head of EMEA Product Operations at Google Pay , to understand the benefits of Google Pay for merchants

Facebook Users Unfriending The Social Media Operator


Facebook is losing its luster with some of its customers, as Pew Research finds that a “significant” share of its users have changed their relationship with the social media network during the past year. According to the report , 42 percent of Facebook users have taken a break from the platform during the past year, while 54 percent of those 18 and older told Pew Research they have adjusted their privacy settings during that timeframe.

Things worth reading: 4th September 2018

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … U.S. Growth Powers Canadian Banks SocGen expects around $1.4 billion in U.S.

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