Beware of Charging Unicorns: SoFi’s Vision of a “Bankless World”


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Poll: Top challenge of valuation practices is attracting new clients


Consider downloading a free checklist, Marketing Checklist: Maintain Or Grow Your Practice , of tips and techniques to grow your firm. Also helpful, Sageworks’ blog post, 3 Keys to attracting and retaining higher-paying clients , provides insight on how to obtain clients through thinking like a business owner, identifying niche markets and networking. In today’s marketplace, the delivery of a referral is only the first step toward earning new business.

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Curating Themed Socks For The Holidays (And Year-Round) Through Subscriptions


Seeff saw there were a few options on the market, and he subscribed to them. When it comes to the target market, Seeff said its “honestly everyone.”. He noted that some people think socks are a niche market. The company gets the word out through online marketing.

What are analytical procedures and their benefits?


Another blog post, How to get referrals and grow your firm , stresses the importance of referrals with client acquisitions and provides advice for generating referrals from satisfied clients or others in your professional network. A post from the AICPA, The New Realities of Referral Marketing for CPAs , identified how the process of client referrals has grown more complex through time with the surfacing of the consumer decision journey.

Beyond efficiency: Using technology to ramp up a valuation business


Referrals ? Marketing ? By Brad Spence, Director of Sageworks Valuation Solution What drives new business for your valuation practice? Cross-selling current accounting clients? How about technology? Is your firm using technology to drive new valuation engagements?

A Referred Customer Is A Better Customer


Advocate marketing is the most reliable and effective method of digital and social marketing for retailers today,” Roche said in a statement. With Extole’s premium retail package, marketers can provide a more efficient sharing experience for their customers, while improving tracking through the customer’s journey. In one example of how Extole’s referral platform works, Roche noted that Ulta Beauty, the largest specialty beauty retailer in the U.S.

Fall In! FinovateFall 2015 Presenting Companies Revealed

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Market segments include insurance, banks, telecom, utilities, and property management. Alfa-Bank offers a wide range of products and operates in all sectors of the financial market, including corporate and retail lending.

We analyzed 7 of the fastest-growing personal finance apps of all time to figure out the secrets to their success — here’s what we learned

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It’s even harder when your target market would rather never think about what you’re trying to sell them — retirement, for example. Below, we’ll show you: How to use pre-launch marketing to build trust and hype. Use pre-launch marketing to build both trust and hype.

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