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A Second Cyberdefense. By Noah W. Wilcox, Grand Rapids State Bank. Information is the new coin of the realm, and financial information is the most widely prized.

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Unbundling, Fidor, and the Model for Approaching Financial Startups

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I´ve recently had multiple conversations with financial institutions about the trend of unbundling financial services by fintech startups. In fact, it’s hard to discuss the future of the industry without touching on it.

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Top cash flow forecasting mistakes


By Bakley Smith, CFA Strong businesses have a solid handle on their financial reality, and the cash flow statement is an excellent, if not the best, measure of a company’s ability to generate cash in excess of cash invested.

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Banks: An Eponym of Epic Proportions

Finer Points

When most people want a tissue, they say they need a Kleenex. When you cut your finger, you don’t say you need an adhesive bandage—you need a Band-Aid! When you need to make a photocopy, regardless of the brand of the machine, you make a Xerox copy. Many marketers would consider this a compliment, especially […]. Community Banks Washington

Bank Brands We Admire, How Much To Spend and 5 Steps To Get There

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It has been said that community banks are not doing enough to differentiate themselves and are not properly segmenting their markets.

Waiting For The Tide To Turn ? Banks Can Do More

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Steamer Lane, which is named after the steam powered boats that motored past it in the 1930’s, serves as the epicenter of Santa Cruz surfing with its cool blue water from the Pacific. Standing at the beachfront of Steamer Lane, Karthik, an adroit surfer gazes the ocean for signs of high tide.

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White Papers

Bank Innovation

What’s the latest thinking and analysis in banking innovation? Bank Innovation offers these sponsored white papers to give you a peak into what some of the industry’s top experts are thinking about the future and innovations.

15 Minutes With—Les Leskovin

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Photo by Aggie Brooks. Les Leskoven. Senior Vice President and Senior Trust Officer. for the $521 Million-Asset. Community National Bank & Trust of Texas. in Corsicana, Texas. IB: Tell me about Corsicana. Where’s it located? Leskoven: We’re about 45 miles southeast of Dallas.

Analytical and Personable

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Jamey Smith Citizens Bank in Kilgore, Texas. Jamey Smith forges complete partnerships for successful commercial lending. By Judith Sears.

Top 4 Performance Stats That Will Blow Your Mind


In our line of work , we see a lot of processes and benchmark a lot of data. Here are four statistics that will blow your mind: 75% of time spent with new customers involves computer input versus building relationships through a conversation.

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The New Rules of Engagement

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Winning connections with Gen Y customers come with a few unspoken protocols of marketing and communication etiquette. By Kathryn Jackson Fallon. Four Rules of Engagement. Seek permission. Texting millennials enters their private zone.

Why the branch banking controversy will continue

Celent Banking

The branch is dead, long live the branch! Controversy around the wisdom (or not) of investing in the branch channel amidst rapidly growing digital banking adoption is showing no signs of letting up.

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Optimizing valuation engagements to aid business development


Bringing in new clients is a top priority for forensic and valuation accountants, with 87 percent calling the task somewhat or extremely important, according to a recent AICPA study. The emphasis on business development is understandable.

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Community Bankers to Washington: Let’s Work Together To Get the Job Done

Finer Points

Last week’s ICBA Washington Policy Summit showed once again that community bankers are not only willing to go the extra mile—they’re even grateful for the privilege. With nearly 1,000 community bankers and industry advocates in the nation’s capital to advocate positive reform in more than 300 meetings with policymakers, there was a feeling of enthusiasm […]. Advocacy Community Banks Credit Unions Farm Credit System Regulatory Relief Washington Washington Policy Summit

What We Learned At The ABA Marketing Conference

Banker to Banker

Fresh off the 2015 ABA Marketing and Retail conference in Denver, we have a very long Evernote page of ideas, inspirations, thoughts and tactics.

Making Blockchain Real For Business – What Does This Mean? And What Is Next?

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This past Thursday The Linux Foundation, IBM and several major Banks and Tech firms made an exciting Blockchain announcement. The Open Ledger Project , as it is known, will be looked back on as a pivotal moment in time.

Find the speed you need: How the agile bank fast tracks market responsiveness


Speed is critical for retail banks that want to master digital disruption. In the digital banking era, change happens nearly instantaneously. New competitors enter the market quickly. Industry boundaries are redrawn in a flash. Tomorrow’s technologies emerge even before banks. Read more.

Complete Listing of ICBA’s Top Loan Producers

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Vantage Point

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Corporate Capability. Five secrets to building a strong compliance culture. By Pam Perdue. What’s your community bank’s compliance culture? It’s a question regulators are asking more often these days.

15 Minutes With—Kaarin

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Kaarin Long stops by a local manufacturer while getting to know customers as Investors Community Bank’s cash management relationship manager. Photo by Mike Roemer. Kaarin Long. Cash Management Relationship Manager. for the $745 Million-Asset. Investors Community Bank in Manitowoc, Wis.

A Center-City Commitment

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Renovating Anew—Jim Haley, president and CEO of Thurston First Bank, during the renovation of the building that became the bank’s headquarters in downtown Olympia, Wash. Above is the office’s historic retail building in earlier days. Thurston First Bank makes a big move for a downtown’s future.

Ready for new ACH rules in 2015

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Community banks should prepare for several significant new ACH rules in 2015 and 2016. Here are a few. By Jennifer L. Unauthorized entry fee.

More comments on the “branch is dead” debate

Celent Banking

*As mentioned in an earlier blog, the persistence of the “branch is dead” debate seems to be to betray the deeply invested interests on each side of the debate. In many financial institutions, digital and physical channels still have separate reporting structures (Figure 1).

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How to get referrals and grow your firm


By Natasha Closs, Director of ProfitCents Consulting & Advisory Services. An ongoing challenge for accountants and other financial services professionals is attracting new clients.

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Regulatory Burden Is Capturing Big Headlines

Finer Points

While ICBA continues our full-court press toward advancing community bank regulatory relief all the way through Congress and to the president’s desk, we are also making noticeable headway in raising public awareness of the problem via the national news media. The Washington Times recently ran a special section featuring a series of articles, editorials and […]. Advocacy Community Banks Economy Regulation Regulatory Relief

Using the Emotion of Banking to Attract Customers

Banker to Banker

Later this month, Secretary of State John Kerry will attempt to bring peace to one of the world’s most dangerous troubled spots – a Washington D.C. Best Buy. There, mobs of discount-fueled shoppers will be viciously climbing over each other attempting to save $25 on the latest Xbox One.

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Dealing With Banking Industry Disruptors By Using Analytics To Transform Customer Engagement

Insights on Business

Ever had that feeling that you’re falling behind the curve when your neighbor/friend/relative shows up with the latest car, phone, home network, smart watch or other cutting-edge device?

Good governance is key to building a model risk management framework


In today’s heavily regulated financial climate, banks and financial institutions are relying more heavily on models—to help measure and manage their exposure to risk, and to help manage the overall business. These models are used in every aspect of risk. Read more.

Mobile, onboarding among dominant themes at FinovateFall 2015

Celent Banking

When I’m feeling a bit flip, I tell clients that Celent goes to a lot of conferences so that they don’t have to. Don’t get me wrong: conferences are worthwhile, and you have a lot of serendipitous conversations.

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Why Banks Should Pay Attention to “Assistant as an App”

Celent Banking

Last week I had the pleasure of going to Finovate, a biannual event (at least in NA) where start-ups and established vendors show off their newest creations. My colleague Dan Latimore wrote an in-depth piece about it last week.

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