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Jumio CTO Paints A Portrait Of ‘IDV Nirvana’


“On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”. It was the original internet meme, more than two decades before the term “meme” would even be coined.

Fintech Unfiltered: Chris Skinner on Ant Financial and the Global Payments Landscape [PODCAST]

Bank Innovation

Over the past few years, mobile payments has become a service that customers expect from their banks, FIs and e-commerce platforms. Most countries have their own idiosyncratic mobile payment platforms. In the US, we have PayPal-run P2P platform Venmo, and the bank-backed Zelle, among many others.

Getting back to basics: Let omni-channel engagement form the basis of your bank’s transformation

Insights on Business

Having become used to frictionless, streamlined digital services, most customers are all too aware of what superior customer engagement and service feels like.

immersion18: Empowering CUs of Tomorrow, Today

Credit Union Geek

Be sure to read my on-site roundup of conference happenings as a prelude to this article. Additionally, look back to May 10 on my Twitter feed to see live contributions. They have hammocks on the beach?” asked one attendee, as another gleefully nodded. They made it to future sessions, worry not.

NEW REPORT: Millennials Raise Credit Unions’ Innovation Bar


In a landscape that’s fast evolving to match the needs of tech-savvy customers, credit unions are innovating to compete with larger commercial banks and FinTech firms to attract and retain customers.

Chime Crosses 1 Million Users Thanks to Referral Program

Bank Innovation

Neobanks, better established across the Atlantic in Europe, are starting to grow up in the U.S. as well. challenger bank Chime is growing by 100,000 accounts per month, according to CEO Chris Britt.

Three success factors in security operations

Insights on Business

There are five trends that all industries are facing, but I’d argue no industry is feeling them more acutely than financial services: Shareholders increasingly demand higher margins, as customers increasingly expect more personal and convenient experiences.

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NEW DATA: Why 44 Percent Of Health And Beauty Customers Use Retailers’ Mobile Apps


For years, pundits and industry experts have been predicting the end of brick-and-mortar business. But those rumors of demise may have been greatly exaggerated, with merchants like French-import Sephora expanding their network of physical locations in recent years.

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HSBC Looks to Blockchain to Solve a Major Pain Point in Trade Finance

Bank Innovation

Big bank thinking and the danger of the technology testing hole

Chris Skinner

Building on Friday’s blog about small bank thinking, there’s another anomaly that occurs with big banks which is their usual response to technology is to test it. The problem with testing technology is that it is just a test. A false implementation. It is not designed for reality and can … The post Big bank thinking and the danger of the technology testing hole appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Fintech Grid

Talking With: Alipay's Souheil Badran about merchant partnerships, consumers' needs

Mobile Payments Today

Souheil Badran has been the face of Alipay in North America as the company continues to expand merchant acceptance in Canada and the U.S. to keep pace with the growing number of tourists visiting popular tourist cities every year

TRENDING: Chipotle’s CIO On A Decade Of Mobile Order-Ahead


Rarely are the first ideas the brightest. Thomas Edison, for one, claimed to have found 10,000 ways not to make a lightbulb before ultimately producing a bulb viable for use. Getting a product right, after all, takes extensive testing and revising.

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Banks Need to Take Note of Small Businesses or Lose Valuable Customers

Bank Innovation

Small business loans might be small in dollar amounts, but the SMB customer may be the most profitable customers to a bank. And yet, since the credit crisis, banks have not returned to meet the expanding need for SMB loans.

Suits you sir!

Chris Skinner

It’s very confusing these days. I turned up at a conference recently in a suit and tie and no one, literally no one, was wearing a suit or tie. No one had told me the dress code either, so I grinned and bared it. Then I got to another meeting … The post Suits you sir! appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Fintech Grid Humour

Intel's drive to redefine the customer experience is all about technology

Mobile Payments Today

Christie Rice, director of the worldwide global digital signage and interactive kiosk segment for the Internet of Things Group at Intel, talks about her company's work with so many of the technologies that enable interactive customer experiences of today — and tomorrow

TRENDING: Prepping Banks For AI’s Pandora’s Box


From artificial intelligence to blockchain to new mobile app features and offerings, banks and financial institutions are investing more in innovations to give customers a better experience and gain an edge over their competition.

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Are Humans the Weak Link in Bank Security, or Is It Outdated Technology?

Bank Innovation

The most vulnerable aspect of a bank's security is the people -- employees and customers -- or so the story goes. But four security experts came together to discuss the issue and opinions differed. For example, can you still call humans the weak link when banks fail to use the best technology?

What is the preference: human or digital relationships?

Chris Skinner

I’ve often been hired to run a workshop or presentation at a bank’s boardroom meeting. Usually, I’m hired by the frustrated digital guy who wants to convince the rest of the leadership team that it’s important. They don’t get digital, he or she will tell me, so you must make … The post What is the preference: human or digital relationships? appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Digital Bank Fintech Grid Opinion

PayPal eyes servicing SMBs with $2.2B iZettle acquisition

Mobile Payments Today

PayPal made the largest acquisition in its history Thursday when it announced an agreement to purchase iZettle, commonly referred to as the European Square


Building A Bridge To The Next Generation Of Commerce


Millennial is now a generational definition that encompasses both those just leaving their parents’ home and entering college, and those paying a mortgage on their house and worrying about paying for their kids’ college.

How Fifth Third Is Preparing for Gen Z

Bank Innovation

Financial services are taking on the task of innovating for Generation Z, usually classified as young people from ages 2 to 19. The prime age for marketers and financiers is 11-to-16-years old as they learn about establishing credit and working with banks.

Why investment banks have the digital edge

Chris Skinner

For some years, I’ve been heavily involved in high frequency trading and quantitative trading, areas that are highly automated and pretty complex. I don’t blog about it much here, as it’s not appealing to the everyday person. It involves too much dialogue explaining acronyms used in investment markets and acronyms … The post Why investment banks have the digital edge appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Digital Bank Grid Innovation Technology

Securing Real-time Payments with Payment Account Tokenization

Mobile Payments Today

Real-time payments (RTP) have been proliferating globally since 1973, increasingly driven by the need for payments clearing to keep pace with today’s on-demand digital world

The Chatbot Revolution: When, Not If


Sometime around the year 2000, small business (SMB) owners woke up one day and realized they needed a website. The case for SMBs having their own websites is so clear as to be moot today, but that wasn’t the case in the early days of the World Wide Web. Businesses could be forgiven for failing to see the value of staking a claim on their corner of the web. Obviously, that has changed in the past two decades.

10 Years Later, Simple CEO Josh Reich Steps Down

Bank Innovation

Josh Reich, CEO of the digital bank Simple, announced yesterday that he was stepping down from his role after 10 years. Simple was started (as BankSimple) one year into the credit crisis as an alternative to the big banks.

It will be all right

Chris Skinner

I don’t know how generations think. I only know how my generation thinks, and they call my generation baby boomers. It’s a massive net that catches me, even though I feel like I’m Generation X – a punk and new romancer – but hey, marketing people need their categories. We … The post It will be all right appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Future Grid

Real-time Payments and How to Secure Them

Mobile Payments Today

In today’s digital, on-demand world, we have instant access to information, products and services. Digitization and digitalization has driven this change, and we are now accustomed to almost instant payments via cards, web services and apps

Amazon Go To Expand To San Francisco And Chicago


The Amazon Go store is getting ready to expand into San Francisco and Chicago. The first cashierless Amazon Go store opened in January in Seattle after being in development for five years. It’s located on the ground floor of the eCommerce giant’s new headquarters. Customers are able to choose from pre-made salads, sandwiches, snacks and meals, as wells as beer, wine and other beverages. Shelves are also stocked with produce, meat and Amazon meal kits.

Wells Fargo Revamps Mobile Experience in Attempt to Build Customer Trust

Bank Innovation

Wells Fargo is hoping its new digital and mobile features will help better establish trust between the bank and its customers, one of the top goals of the bank after it was rocked by a series of breaches and scandals last year.

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Things worth reading: 15th May 2018

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Singapore’s Biggest Bank Takes on China Giants in Fintech Battle Banks are already bumping up against the limits of AI in lending decisions Santander Will Roll Out New Online Bank In UK Inside Shanghai’s robot bank: China opens world’s first human-free branch Eurozone economic … The post Things worth reading: 15th May 2018 appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Reading

Payment Analytics As-a-Service

Mobile Payments Today

Data analytics is a top investment priority for banks

What Evine’s Surprisingly Dramatic Journey Means For The Future Of Home Shopping


If one were to play a word association game and throw the term “cable home shopping” into the mix, more likely than not the two most frequent responses would be “QVC” or “HSN,” the two leading players in the space. Classifying them as two separate players is a bit outdated, though, since QVC’s parent firm, Liberty Interactive Corp , purchased the remainder of HSN’s parent, HSNi, in July of last year. Liberty had already owned 38 percent of HSNi prior to the purchase.

PayPal Steps Up Offline Retail Presence with iZettle Announcement

Bank Innovation

PayPal’s $2.2 billion acquisition of Swedish small business commerce platform iZettle will boost its presence in 12 markets across European and Latin America, particularly in the physical retail space.

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Things worth reading: 18th May 2018

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … TSB customers complain about fraud alert failures Banks abandon interest-only home loans amid FCA scrutiny of ‘mortgage prisoners’ Germany most likely to win the World Cup, say UBS number-crunchers Expensive remittances Defusing mortgage timebomb ‘like Space Invaders’ PayPal acquires Swedish payments firm iZettle Home … The post Things worth reading: 18th May 2018 appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Reading

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Instant Payments is the New Norm for Digital Transaction

Mobile Payments Today

The implementation of instant payment schemes varies across the globe

 Notaries Taking Note Of The Digital Documentation Push


Talk about analog to digital. The analog part? It’s been around for centuries. The digital part? In a way, it’s just getting started. The notary — he or she who draws up and certifies contracts and acts as an impartial witness — has a genesis that stretches back centuries. In one example, a notary association in England has been around since the 1300s. The affixation of seal, and stamp, and signature is a process that seems necessarily bound in paper and ink.

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Citibank Refines Its Mobile App Experience in the Philippines [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

Citibank unveiled an improved mobile app experience for its Phillippines market with added features for billpay, funds transfers, and PFM.

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