February, 2018

The 11 Companies Announced for the Bank Innovation 2018 DEMOvation Challenge

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – Here they are. This morning, Bank Innovation officially announced the 11 companies that will be participating in its 2018 DEMOvation Challenge.

Why bitcoin is not a ‘fraud’ or ‘bubble’, but something you should take seriously

Chris Skinner

Unless you have been asleep for the last year, you cannot have failed to catch the buzz around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum’s Ether and Ripple’s XRP. There are even some coins that were created as a joke that are getting significant investments, such as Dogecoin. Dogecoin was … The post Why bitcoin is not a ‘fraud’ or ‘bubble’, but something you should take seriously appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

What makes you think?

Insights on Business

Watch the video. It’s clear: Customer Experience is the battleground for banks, insurance, and financial services companies. Pressures from fintech competitors, regulators, cybercriminals threaten the relationships incumbent banks have built with their customers.

39 Top Payments Execs Tell Us What’s Next


A good forecast is a notoriously difficult thing to write – particularly if one is trying to write it about the payments and commerce ecosystem.

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How financial services will change in the next era of human-machine partnerships

Mobile Payments Today

Mark Baunach, global financial services consulting industry leader at Dell EMC, discusses how blockchain and emerging technologies will reshape the financial services industry over the next decade

A Mission You Can Bank On

Credit Union Geek

Originally published on CUInsight.com A recent post, Giving Back Has ROI, Too, linked your charitable efforts with your growth strategy. You can do the most for all parties when your “good” aligns with your mission.

BNP Paribas Opens Fintech Investment Fund

Bank Innovation

French bank BNP Paribas has launched a new fund to invest in fintech startups, the bank announced today. The amount of the fund was not disclosed. The fund will be managed by BNP Paribas’ Capital Partners, and will be taking minority stakes in financial services and insurance startups, the bank said.

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Staying on brand: How to humanize virtual agents, just enough

Insights on Business

We are currently at a moment in time where virtual agents (VA’s) have become more commonplace within customer service than ever. The use of VA’s is expected to grow by 1000% by the year 2020.

NEW DATA: Cash’s Influence In Mexico Goes Digital


Cash plays an outsized role in Mexico’s economy. Whether it’s a convenience store, a restaurant or an online marketplace, when it comes to running a business in Mexico, accepting cash is not an option, but a necessity for survival. And that’s a lesson major e-tailers in Mexico are taking to heart.

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Zelle 'scam' reveals the need for consumer responsibility

Mobile Payments Today

Bottom line: don't do business with people on Craigslist unless you meet them in person

The Five Building Blocks of the Automotive Industry Disruption

CU Direct

As with any concept, to understand disruption, and its power to either help you or damage you, let’s break it down into manageable chunks. In the business marketplace, we see disruption emerging as an increasingly powerful force in five key areas: 1. Increased customer power.

Fiserv Has Largest U.S. Marketshare of Top Bank Core Processors

Bank Innovation

Fiserv, FIS, and Jack Henry all come to mind when thinking of the top bank core processors. But what is each firm’s market share in the U.S. last year? According to data gathered by FedFis.com, the top processor is Brookfield, Wis.-based based Fiserv.

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9 out of 10 blockchain trials go nowhere

Chris Skinner

I just read an interesting new report from Deloitte about blockchain. They tracked the history of 86,034 blockchain projects hosted on GitHub since 2009 to pull out “key lessons” on where the blockchain industry is going and its long-term prospects. Here are some of the highlights: More than 26,000 blockchain … The post 9 out of 10 blockchain trials go nowhere appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Fintech Grid Numbers

Digital transformation: How a three-phase process can fund itself

Insights on Business

Digital transformation is on the agenda of virtually every bank and insurance company in the world. Organizations everywhere, it seems, are trying to transform into more agile, efficient and competitive versions of themselves, end-to-end.

How Toll Transponders Are Putting Commuter Commerce In The Fast Lane


Every workday, some 135 million Americans get behind the wheel for 15 to 30 minutes of commuting each way. In doing so, they reportedly drive $212 billion in annual commerce.

The future of direct carrier billing in 2018

Mobile Payments Today

PSD2 in Europe has already begun paving the way for new generations of payment providers and direct carrier billing services, which are offering a more compelling customer-focused strategy, compared to the existing legacy providers

13 Orgs And Corporate Giants Testing Out Blockchains And Distributed Ledgers

CB Insights

Digitized, secure, and tamper-proof blockchain ledgers are promising to disrupt the database as we know it. Many corporations still work using a web of fax machines, handwriting, and siloed databases spread across disparate countries and contractors.

Digital Banking Leads to Most Bank Branch Closings Since Great Depression

Bank Innovation

Is digital banking killing physical bank branches? How much truth is there to the longtime fear that online banking will replace consumer interaction with bank branch tellers?

Unleashing $3.7 trillion of producitivty through a mobile phone

Chris Skinner

I just hosted a couple of conferences in Africa and you cannot attend a conference in Africa without financial inclusion, mobile wallets and microfinance coming up. It’s always on the agenda and top of mind, because most Africans have been excluded from financial services to date. In particular, focusing upon … The post Unleashing $3.7 trillion of producitivty through a mobile phone appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Case Studies Fintech Grid Inclusion Innovation Opinion

The future of regulatory compliance converges at IBM RegTech Europe

Insights on Business

A common assumption in risk and compliance is that financial institutions typically have to spend more to meet their regulatory obligations.

Western Union Reports Q4 Growth, Confirms Ripple Test


Western Union reported results Tuesday that showed continued momentum in its digital business, as consumer money transfers grew on a cross-border basis. The company posted 4 percent growth in the top line to $1.4 billion, which topped the Street by $40 million, while earnings of 41 cents a share missed the Street by four pennies.

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Mobile payments prompt retailers, card networks to innovate

Mobile Payments Today

Karen Katz, former president and CEO of Neiman Marcus Group, and Visa CEO Alfred Kelly shared insight, expectations and strategy during a panel talk at the NRF Big Show in January on boosting the retail mobile commerce customer experience


CB Insights

Imagine a future where parents can create bespoke babies, selecting the height and eye color of their yet unborn children. In fact, all traits can be customized to one’s preferences: the size of domestic pets, the longevity of plants, etc.

ACH Is a Sieve of Fraud That Needs to Be Fixed

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – This month, my company, Royal Media, was robbed. This was a civilized heist, mind you. No guns were involved, no one got hurt?—?in in fact, not a sound was even heard. It was a faceless theft, as well.

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How bad does a banker have to behave to be jailed?

Chris Skinner

Talking of banks not being trusted, do we have reasons to mis-trust them? Yes, many. Not only are many banks regularly called out for bad behaviour, but some have gone to the extremes of forging customers signatures. Then there has been the UK’s PPI scandal and Wells Fargo’s false account … The post How bad does a banker have to behave to be jailed? appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Case Studies Grid Opinion

Discover what the world is Thinking about open banking

Insights on Business

Open banking, or the use of open APIs to develop financial applications, is famously on the rise. A simple look at the #openbanking hashtag on twitter will give you a front row seat to the open banking conversation.

Ripple Enables Real-Time Payments Into China Via LianLian


Soon after Ripple announced a collaboration with MoneyGram, the blockchain firm revealed yet another partnership, this time in China. Reports in Blockchain News on Wednesday (Feb. 7) said Ripple announced a partnership with LianLian International, a Hong Kong-based, cross-border payments company, that plans to use Ripple’s xCurrent enterprise blockchain tool to process real-time payments coming into China.

The mobile shopping experience needs an overhaul

Mobile Payments Today

Scott Voigt, co-founder and CEO of FullStory, examines the state of mobile e-commerce and the challenges still in play when it comes to delivering a robust customer experience

9 Early-Stage Enterprise AI Startups To Watch

CB Insights

Organizations are collecting and analyzing more information than ever before — and relying on artificial intelligence to predict user behavior, develop new solutions, and automate redundant processes. .

As the Dow Crashes, Betterment, Wealthfront Users Locked Out of Site, Mobile App

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE—Users of roboadvisor investment service Betterment who hoped to minimize the damage of the DOW’s crash—1,500 points as of last count—are finding themselves unable to access their portfolios or even make it to the website.

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Will platforms replace governments?

Chris Skinner

I often talk about my week in Hangzhou last year, writing the case study on Ant Financial for the new book Digital Human, and particularly the words of Jack Ma on how he sees managing the Alibaba platform: Management. The word is there for regular companies. At Alibaba we treat … The post Will platforms replace governments? appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Fintech Future Grid Opinion Uncategorized

Reimagine your business in the era of AI at Think 2018

Insights on Business

The financial services industry is at a crossroads. Faced with massively escalating data volumes, exponentially growing regulatory requirements, legacy risk and IT systems that just aren’t up to the new reality and increasing market pressure to improve performance, something has to change.

Banks To AI: Less Artificial And More Human


The banking world is racing to get smarter via artificial intelligence (AI), but how can intelligence that’s artificial stack up to human expertise and the demands of human consumers? . To tackle this issue, companies are looking to infuse AI with a bit of humanity, help consumers better connect with computer-operated services and offer improved insights.

MasterCard strengthens ties to mobile network operators

Mobile Payments Today

The Purchase, New York-based card network has already helped MNOs such as Vodafone Ukraine, Digicel Group in the Caribbean, Viettel Telecom in Vietnam and Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom to roll out various services related to digital payments

Banks Are Finally Going After Fintech Startups

CB Insights

Recently, Goldman Sachs’ consumer banking division Marcus has been on the M&A hunt. The bank acquired the team behind credit card startup Final in Jan’18, and it is rumored to be in talks with personal finance management app Clarity Money.

Goldman Sachs in Talks with Apple to Help Finance Sales for iPhone X

Bank Innovation

Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs could potentially finance users who wish to purchase an iPhone X, according to the Wall Street Journal, which reported that the firm is in talks with Apple to offer such financing this morning.

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Regulating the cryptocurrency markets

Chris Skinner

Someone made the comment on my platform piece about what happens when there are no Jack Ma’s or Mark Zuckerberg’s, as the whole thing is decentralised? I guess that this is logical as my last line was that government control of cryptocurrencies is “not so easy for cryptocurrencies that have … The post Regulating the cryptocurrency markets appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Fintech Future Grid Innovation Opinion Payments Regulation