September, 2022

How can banks embrace a growing Gen Z workforce?


Getting young graduates excited about working in commercial banking will be a challenge for incumbents, as our report on Commercial Banking Top Trends in 2022 highlights. I began this series with a look at the industry’s outdated image in Wall St to Elm St: Surviving the talent nightmare.

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Will biometrics be the future of payments?

Payments Dive

The use of biometrics to authenticate payments is poised to bring more security and speed to transactions, but some say broad adoption on the part of consumers and merchants is still far from reach


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How banks can measure return on experience

ATM Marketplace

Everyone is familiar with return-on-investment, but at times that may not be the best or only thing a bank or company should measure. A panel at the Bank Customer Experience Summit discussed how banks can measure return on experience

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The benefits of construction loan management software


Construction loan management software Construction loan management softwares are a windfall of efficiency for financial institutions. Learn more about what they are and how they help banks and credit unions gain needed efficiency in the loan administration process.

What Lenders Need To Know: Increase of Standardized Loan Rejections

As the CRE market continues to tighten, the rejection of substandard loan documentation is on the rise. Don’t put your loans at risk. Check out the Infographic.

Two key factors for a successful fintech integration


As promised in our last post, today we are diving deeply into why a technology integration strategy is a critical enabler for a successful fintech acquisition and for fostering (and, ideally, for accelerating) the growth of the fintech. Historically, the banking industry has been slow to modernize.

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Banks want happy crypto campers

Daily Fintech

Small banks are facing intense competition from their big rivals and to compete effectively and win they need a smart strategy. If they try to fight toe to toe with the giants, they will be overpowered and outspent. So, how do they prevail? They need to think like David.

Gun merchant code approved for card purchases

Payments Dive

An international standards body approved a new merchant code that will apply to gun sellers for transactions using credit card networks like Visa and Mastercard

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Running Up That Bill: Collections Lessons from Stranger Things

SWBC's LenderHub

In season four of Stranger Things, Eleven and the crew battle an ambiguously undead supervillain and his cadre of squelching vines and vampiric bats in the Upside Down to save the world. Collections


The benefits of construction loan software


Construction loan softwares are a windfall of efficiency for financial institutions. Essential technology for modern lending and credit departments. Learn more about what they are and how they help banks and credit unions gain needed efficiency in the loan administration process.

Digitally Transforming the Engagement Experience for Financial Institutions

Customer experience has become a key differentiator. Learn how to launch your digital transformation by incorporating two customer experience trends into your digital transformation strategy: self-service & personalization.

What is the metaverse and why should you care now?


I’ve been hearing a lot about the metaverse and how it’s going to shake up all sorts of markets, and I began to wonder what it will mean for the auto and equipment finance sector. Here in the US, the Today Show recently brought the metaverse to life in a segment every day for a….

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The Bank of England Blinks

South State Correspondent

The Bank of England Blinks.

Lemonade+Metromile: Bright spot on insurtech’s disruption roadmap

Daily Fintech

With a market cap of $2 billion, Lemonade had traded at about eight times its annual sales. Most traditional insurers, like Allstate and Travelers, trade at around one multiple of the year’s sales.

Extra costs biggest reason shoppers ditch online carts

Payments Dive

With cart abandonment costing online retailers up to $136 billion annually, Coresight Research’s findings suggest they might want to focus on total purchase price more closely matching shopper expectations

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The Lender's Guide to Automating Complex Loans

Providing commercial lenders with key insights into how commercial lenders can automate small-balance, mid-market, and large-cap loan documentation with advanced technology.

Protecting Your Borrowers’ Income in the Event of a Disability

SWBC's LenderHub

One of the most common ways your borrowers can suffer significant loss of income is through a disability. While many disabilities cause only temporary loss of income, the average long-term disability lasts 31.2 months. Insurance


How construction loan administration can help you


Construction loan administration Find out how today's technology has changed the shape of construction loan administration, creating a better customer experience and reducing risk. You might also like this webinar, "How to manage a high-performing construction loan portfolio." WATCH.

Now is the time to build a decisive super-app strategy


Every bank of every size in every market will soon be forced to make a high-stakes decision: What should we do about super-apps? A bank’s answer to this simple, powerful question could mean nothing less than rewriting its strategy and rewiring its business model.

The Terminal Fed Funds Rate – How Far Will The Fed Go?

South State Correspondent

Last week the Federal Reserve again raised the Fed Funds rate by another 75 basis points – and again, that was in line with the market’s expectation. The question is when will the Fed stop, and what will be the terminal Fed Funds rate?

The New 7 Facts on Housing Interest Rates and What Banks Can Do About It

The CRE multifamily sector has created tremendous momentum that won’t be slowed by interest rate hikes. Check out the facts right here!

Stablecoin News for the week ending Wednesday 28th September.

Daily Fintech

Here is our pick of the 3 most important stablecoin stories during the week. Are Crypto and Stablecoins used primarily for bad things? We keep hearing how everything Crypto is all just bad. Bad for Climate, Money Laundring, Drugs, Pornography, its a long list.

Busting the myths on FedNow

Payments Dive

Jessica Cheney, a vice president at Bottomline Technologies, aims to dispel myths about the meaning and impact of the coming Federal Reserve instant payment system

Bank execs share innovative services at BCX Summit

ATM Marketplace

Four presenters shared elevator pitches for innovative banking services products at the Bank Customer Experience Summit, held in Chicago from Aug. 31 to Sept 1

Moving on from your construction loan spreadsheet


Construction loan spreadsheets are slowing you down. Construction loan risk management software leverages technology and sound process management to pull construction lending away from its manual roots. You might also like this webinar, "How to manage a high-performing construction loan portfolio."

How to Choose the Best Automated Documentation System for Commercial Loans

Not all automated loan doc prep solutions are created equal. That is why we have put together a checklist to help you evaluate potential partners and find the best-automated documentation system for your requirements and needs.

Our top 10 cloud transformation lessons for banks in 2022


As Yogi Berra once famously said, there is no difference, in theory, between theory and practice— but in practice, there is. That’s certainly true for tech transformation projects at banks. Most banks by now are well aware of the benefits of moving their tech stacks into the cloud.


The Fed and Their Forecasts

South State Correspondent

The Fed and Their Forecasts. Now that the FOMC meeting has come and gone, and the Treasury and equity markets have resumed their selling as a consequence, let’s take a look at those forecasts and see what they might tell us.

Stablecoin News for the week ending Wednesday 14th September.

Daily Fintech

Here is our pick of the 3 most important stablecoin stories during the week. How much can having your own stablecoin be a competitive advantage? It seems if you’re an exchange or even a country, quite a lot is the answer.

Bank CEOs defend Zelle in Senate hearing

Payments Dive

Elizabeth Warren called the peer-to-peer payments network “unsafe,” claiming Zelle users were defrauded out of $500 million last year

Digital Commercial Lending Technology Case Study: Increasing Loan Volume and ROI

In this Commercial Lending Case Study, you'll discover how to leverage digital lending technologies to accelerate growth and leapfrog the competition in the private lending market. A new and innovative approach to mortgage lending — growing lending volume by orders of magnitude.