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OK, but the end of cash must be in sight? #coronavirus

Chris Skinner

Will the U.S. ever enact a national interest rate cap?

American Banker

Most states have some kind of pricing limit on consumer loans. But proposals for a national usury law divide even Democrats, some of whom are concerned about restricting credit.

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The 6 Items Critical to CRB Banking


With more and more states approving the sale of cannabis, either marijuana or hemp, the risks involved with banking this industry has remained at the forefront of compliance officers' minds.

JPMorgan tests US virus plan with thousands working from home

Bank Innovation

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is asking thousands of U.S. employees to work from home as it tests a contingency plan for closing domestic offices should the coronavirus spread, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

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What does ‘digital transformation’ really mean?

Chris Skinner

Buzzwords. We have a lot of them. Artificial, autonomous, augmented. Big data, blockchain, bilateral. Crypto, currency, consensus. Distributed, decentralised, democratised. I’m tempted to write the ABC of technology buzzwords, but know there cannot be any that start with X or Z*.

Teens Use TikTok To Fake Luxury Goods


Teens are using the popular social media app TikTok to show each other how to find fake luxury products , called “dupes,” according to a report by CNBC. One woman, named Holly Yazdi, put up a video on how to fake a Cartier ring that cost $1,650, for under $20. The post has 230,000 likes.

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Student loan advice platform Payitoff wins 2020 Ignite DEMOvation

Bank Innovation

Payitoff, a white-label platform that provides automated guidance on student loan repayment, won the 2020 Bank Innovation Ignite DEMOvation contest.

T-Mobile Hacked, User Data Stolen


Telecom giant T-Mobile suffered a data breach that exposed the personal information of employees and customers to unknown hackers, according to reports. “We

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Startups inspire banks to upgrade CX

Bank Innovation

Banks are beginning to recognize that they need to rethink customer experience, and they’re taking cues from startups to do so.

The end of cards and cash … just fifteen years late

Chris Skinner

I just received a report from Deloitte about credit and debit cards. It says the future is not so bright: “more payment choices, along with changing consumer preferences, are threatening the long-term viability of the credit card business model.” Damn. I said that fifteen years ago.

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Juniper Research sees digital banking poised for growth

Mobile Payments Today

Digital banking is poised to take off as incumbent banks move much of their business to mobile channels to compete against a new generation of digital-only startups

Rebeca Romero Rainey: A world of opportunity

Independent Banker

“Today’s technology environment opens the door to a world of opportunity for community bankers.”. Welcome to Independent Banker’s ICBA LIVE 2020 issue! It’s amazing that we’re already celebrating our first convention of a new decade. As a child, the concept of the year 2020 seemed so far-fetched.

Ripple Powers X-Border Corporate Payments For UAE Bank


As part of a broader effort to bring the newest innovations to its operations, the National Bank of Fujairah PJSC (NBF) has teamed with blockchain firm Ripple to enable cross-border payments via the RippleNet platform.

The end of cards and cash … not yet, according to Deutsche Bank Research

Chris Skinner

I just found that Deutsche Bank Research issued three in-depth reports in January looking at the future of payments: Part I: Cash: The Dinosaur Will Survive… For Now Cash will survive. But digital currencies’ potential could re-balance global economic power.

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How convenience stores are embracing omnichannel sales and frictionless payments

Mobile Payments Today

Scott Peterson, VP of U.S. tax policy at Avalara, explains why the technological innovation taking place across the convenience store industry has drastically increased the burden of product management, compliance, and shipping on businesses placing their stake in the omnichannel landscape

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How Rising Bank hit $150M in deposits in one year

Bank Innovation

The inability to reach someone outside of business hours is a source of friction for some digital bank customers, but Rising Bank wants to set itself apart through one-on-one attention.

World Health Organization Cautions Against Cash Usage


The World Health Organization (WHO) is advising people to not use paper tender and to use as many cashless options as possible to help contain the spread of the coronavirus, according to reports.

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The Finanser’s Week: 24th February 2020 – 1st March 2020

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … “I was the first knowledge worker whose job was threatened by a machine” Really interesting interview with Garry Kasparov in Wired magazine about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the future. Garry Kasparov is perhaps the greatest chess player in history.

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2020 ICX Sponsor Preview: Pyramid Computer

Mobile Payments Today

Pyramid Computer specializes in innovation and is looking to the future to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements

Afterpay taps Marqeta to fuel US growth strategy

Bank Innovation

Marqeta, a card issuing and processing startup, is partnering with installment lender Afterpay to provide payments solutions for merchants in North America. Australia-based Afterpay operates in several countries, including the U.S.,

Kabbage Debuts Small Business Cash Flow Analytics


Kabbage , which works with business analytics, has launched a new program that promises to help small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) calculate and predict cash flow and help them identify cash surpluses and deficits, according to a press release.

Things worth reading: 5th March 2020

Chris Skinner

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Ex-Amazon exec eyes the e-commerce landscape

Mobile Payments Today

James Thomson knows Amazon, having spent years heading up Amazon Services, and understands the challenges smaller retailers are facing in the e-commerce environment. He explains that while Amazon is the big competitor, it can also be a retailer's big opportunity

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PayPal said to find novel data prospects within Honey acquisition

Bank Innovation

PayPal has apparently unearthed a new revenue opportunity within its acquisition of Honey, a Morgan Stanley document shows.

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NJ Legislators Propose Tighter Data Privacy Regulations


Lawmakers in New Jersey are proposing a bill to solidify data privacy guidelines and inflict tougher limits on the tech industry, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday (March 2).

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Who moved my cheese?

Chris Skinner

Who moved my cheese? Like many of us, I am confused about the world, the future, life and everything. All seems good one day. The next, everything is being cancelled, government tells you to self-isolate, your view of everything is challenged and you have to change to fit.

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2020 ICX Summit Sponsor Preview: Pyramid Computer

Mobile Payments Today

Pyramid Computer specializes in innovation and is looking to the future to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements

Embedded finance’s new frontiers: insurance, health care

Bank Innovation

Embedded finance, or the concept of payments and banking being appended to other consumer use cases, is quickly evolving beyond retail and e-commerce, industry executives said at the Bank Innovation Ignite forum in Seattle this week.

UK Moves Closer To Big Four Accountancy Breakup


The Financial Reporting Council (FRC), the U.K.’s s audit regulator, announced plans this week to break up the dominance of the largest four accounting firms, Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC , according to the Financial Times. The regulator issued letters to those firms, known as the Big Four, Thursday.

Things worth reading: 6th March 2020

Chris Skinner