July, 2018

How AI is redefining financial crimes detection technologies

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TRENDING: Real-Time Payments Networks — For Real In Retail?


Across the U.S., financial players are still exploring the best practices to offer faster payments to corporate clients. A recent survey of 20 of the nation’s top-60 banks found that there’s a lack of consensus among banks when it comes to managing and charging businesses for real-time payments.

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Microlender SoLo Funds Could Help Banks Enter $90-Billion Payday Loan Space

Bank Innovation

A new fintech startup is letting consumers make loans to peers and positioning itself as an alternative to the payday loan industry, and there’s something in it for banks too.

Tokenization's role in IoT security

Mobile Payments Today

While more connected devices is convenient for consumers as far as payments, it also opens a window for cybercrime and security breaches

Big banks are not feeling the FinTech heat (yet)

Chris Skinner

A few years ago Jamie Dimon was renowned for saying that bitcoin developers “are going to try and eat our lunch” and that silicon valley was coming to get the banks. Three years later, it’s not quite the case. The big banks are getting bigger, and the FinTech community is nibbling … The post Big banks are not feeling the FinTech heat (yet) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Digital Bank Fintech Grid Numbers

Rebeca Romero Rainey: Look beyond the day to day

Independent Banker

“It’s up to each of us to make the time to create a strategic vision for ourselves and our banks.”. By Rebeca Romero Rainey, president and CEO, ICBA. Summer is a time to reflect.

Blockchain for KYC: Game-changing RegTech Innovation

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IBM RegTech Innovations. One of the best things about working at IBM—and in the RegTech field in particular—is meeting daily with the engineers and developers who are driving technological innovation in the financial industry. Consider, for example, the blockchain space.

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Chatbots to Save Banks $11 Billion in Costs by 2023

Bank Innovation

Bank of America has Erica, Capital One has Eno, Bank of Montreal has Bolt. Safe to say that most major banks are at least exploring the possibility of a virtual assistant, if they don’t already have one.

Digital payments and the retailer

Mobile Payments Today

Some retail outlets are experimenting with moving to digital payment-only operations. As non-cash payments become the norm, some retailers, particularly in hospitality, no longer accept cash. While there are downsides to managing cash, what are the pitfalls of refusing to deal with it

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The battles for the future of fintech

Chris Skinner

Whilst in New Zealand, I had an interview with the country’s most respected business paper: National Business Review. The subsequent article is behind a paywall but, as they sent it across to me, I feel it’s worth sharing here. The battles for the future of fintech The future of financial … The post The battles for the future of fintech appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Chris Skinner Digital Bank Fintech Future Grid Opinion Payments

How LOS Efficiency Helped Elevate Trailhead CU to New Heights

CU Direct

When Justin Olson joined Trailhead Credit Union in 2013 as vice president of member services, the credit union was facing an uphill climb. With a loan-to-share ratio of just 59 percent and on a steady monthly decline, the $120M credit union was only originating around $1 million per month in 2013.

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An innovative risk path beyond aggregation for finance: An interview with Peter Chirlian

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IBM RegTech Innovations. IBM recently announced its acquisition of Armanta , a provider of aggregation and analytics software to financial services firms. Armanta’s technology platform allows financial institutions to aggregate data across multiple systems in near real-time speed.

MoneyGram And Visa Team To Deliver Real-Time Global P2P


MoneyGram and Visa announced today (July 24) that they have partnered to deliver real-time digital disbursements to MoneyGram customers using Visa’s push payments platform, Visa Direct.

3 Fintech Data Analytics Startups to Watch

Bank Innovation

Financial institutions harnessing the power of big data must glean meaningful insights from many disparate data sets. Several startups helping banks and financial institutions make sense of data, alternative and otherwise, have emerged.

Biometrics: Are they becoming the nirvana of personal security?

Mobile Payments Today

The combination of mobile banking and biometric security in our smart devices will enable consumers to have more confidence regarding their personal security and will be far safer than it has ever been

Visa: Cost Of Digital Acceptance 57 Pct Less Than Cost Of Cash Acceptance For SMBs


It’s a striking difference: A new Visa study has found that digital accounts for 38 percent of consumer retail purchases, but when it comes to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), only 15 percent of their sales are conducted via eCommerce.

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Why Household Finances Under The Hood Don’t Look So Good


Paul McCartney and The Beatles may have told us that money can’t buy us love , but new research claims that it can certainly buy us happiness. And how much money consumers need to be happy.

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The secure digital platform for financial services innovation

Insights on Business

Savvy leaders in the banking and financial services sector are already seeking a meaningful competitive edge that will position their organization for the future. Developing a substantive advantage will very likely focus on the execution of a compelling digital transformation agenda.

3 Bank-Backed Challenger Banks to Watch

Bank Innovation

PREMIUM - It's not just startups that need watching -- neobanks are springing up across the globe, and a particular breed is becoming more common -- those backed by traditional banks. These banks are usually digital-only, but some may have physical branches.

Mid-Year 2018: Payments Execs Map Out What’s Next


The world is getting faster these days. Change happens at the speed of, well, if not light, then sound. The information deluge is constant. Commerce is constant. Payments and financial services? Always on, too, and always in demand. There’s no such thing as “bankers’ hours” anymore.

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Securing real-time payments with tokenization

Mobile Payments Today

For banks, direct debit fraud represents a bigger financial risk than card fraud. In particular, growing momentum for real-time payment schemes across the world is creating huge opportunities for fraudsters and placing increasing pressure on banks and clearing houses, who now have only seconds instead of days to identify fraudulent transactions

Financial Services will Invest $9 Billion in Big Data This Year

Bank Innovation

Data is created at every financial transaction, and as datasets expand beyond what a single database can hold, big data is born. As complex as these datasets can be, they hold valuable information for financial institutions and are spurring financial services investments.

By 2030 Millennials Will Have $20 Trillion In Wealth. Here’s What They Want In Robo-Advisors

Bank Innovation

Millennials are expected to have $20 trillion in wealth by 2030, according to a July 2018 CB Insights study. Marketing investment options and robo-advisors to this mobile-centric group will require a specific strategy. Currently, millennials’ combined financial assets come up to $4.5

IBM again a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management

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IBM RegTech Innovations. When IBM acquired OpenPages in 2010, it was widely recognized as a pioneer and market leader in governance, risk and compliance software.

TRENDING: Can mPOS Solutions Win Over Cash-Centric Industries?


Players in the mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) space are focusing on catering to payment needs of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

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Cybersecurity Stocks Still Benefit From Equifax Scandal


Following the massive data breach at Equifax last year, the cybersecurity sector has flourished – and so have some of the investments that track the industry. The ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF, for example, has risen 18 percent this year, CNBC reported. The exchange-traded fund, which was founded in 2014, notched staggering returns of 31 percent following the Equifax data breach in 2017, twice that of the S&P 500 return during that same time period.

How a wearable changed the customer experience for Carnival Cruise

Mobile Payments Today

John Padgett, Carnival Cruise chief experience and innovation officer, outlined the company’s digital and guest-centric strategy in a keynote at the recent ICX Summit conference

From Cause to Cure: How Technology Can Solve Skill Gaps in Financial Services

Bank Innovation

The digital revolution of financial services is here, and the question isn’t whether your organization should adopt a digital-first approach, but how quickly can you catch up with the digital leaders in your industry.

TRENDING: Using IoT Tech To Sell 4th of July Goodies On The 5th


New efforts in the IoT space are aiming to help payment-enabled wearables and devices come to market faster, and assist grocery stores to leverage their existing sensors and other in-store tech for deeper customer insights and tightly targeted, in-the-moment marketing.

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A defining moment of exponential impact: Building trust with banking, Cloud and AI

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Data, data, everywhere, but how in fact to THINK. If you’re the ancient mariner of Samuel Coleridge’s epic poem, then you know this rhyme another way, but if you’re in the banking and finance industry, then the words make total sense. As IBM CEO Ginni Rometty mentioned in her 2018 CEBIT keynote address , it is a moment of “exponential impact.” Yes, the value of networks is equal to the square of the nodes that gave rise to platform companies and big data.

Today In Data: Changing The Technology And Evolving Preferences


Normal operating procedure for consumers on the eve of the 2020s is incredibly different than it was on the eve of the 2010s – and it’s almost unrecognizable from the eve of the millennium.

Deep Dive: Why Employers Are Turning To Payroll Cards


Employers are increasingly moving away from depositing paychecks into employees’ bank accounts, offering instead to add them to payroll cards. Payroll cards work like debit cards, allowing employees to purchase goods and services or make cash withdrawals from ATMs.

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Podcast Episode 3: Masabi exec discusses future of transit with mobile payments, and Uber

Mobile Payments Today

Host Will Hernandez, discusses the future of transit, Uber, and how mobile payments ties it altogether, with Jonathan Donovan, chief product officer of Masabi.

How Digital Transformation Can Lead to Greater Revenues for FIs

Bank Innovation

There is a correlation between an FI’s revenues and its digital strategy. A new report from advisory firm EY suggests that the more mature an FI’s digital strategy is, the more revenues it is likely to generate.

TRENDING: IoT’s Big Security Fail


Over the next five years, some 40 billion connected devices are expected to be installed by consumers and businesses around the world. This rapid proliferation of Intelligence of Things (IoT) devices calls for robust infrastructure that can securely accommodate the upsurge of network traffic.

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Continuing the path to real-time payments innovation

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Since the 1960’s, IBM has worked with banks to help simplify their payment operations by upgrading payment processes, integrating existing silos and renovating legacy systems.

The Shopper’s Brain On Bargains


Everyone loves a bargain, and there is something uniquely satisfying about not only getting whatever product one is after, but also getting it for a really, really low price. This is why so many of us have, usually in defending a purchase that someone questioned, uttered the following phrase at least once in our lives: “It’s not what I spent, it’s what I saved.”.