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Amazon Go Sets Sights On Larger Stores


Amazon is testing the idea of expanding its cashierless checkout technology to a larger store format, experimenting with it in Seattle in a space that is formatted to be like a big store, reported the Wall Street Journal.

The Finanser’s Week: 26th November – 2nd December

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Five digital transformation lessons In a final write-up on leadership, there was a fantastic presentation about the lessons DNB had learned in trying to make digital change happen.

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Google CEO To Face Congress Over Data Privacy


Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive is preparing to testify before the U.S. Congress next week in what is expected to be a wide-ranging hearing with U.S. Senators.

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Asking banks to be responsible is like …

Chris Skinner

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking were released last Monday. The aim is to help any bank – whatever its starting point – to align its business strategy with society’s goals. It’s a nice idea, but is it practical? In a guest column James Vaccaro, Director of Corporate Strategy at … The post Asking banks to be responsible is like … appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Future Grid Opinion

Bitcoin Daily: November A 7-Year Low For Bitcoin; Intel Patent Eyes Energy-Efficient Crypto Mining


Bitcoin just had its worst month in seven years, dropping nearly $2,400 in price. According to Coindesk , the crypto started November at an average price across exchanges of $6,341. By December 1, it was trading at just $3,964. The 37.4

Blockchain Weekly Front Page: Legacy Finance, Big Tech and Government move into Blockchain

Daily Fintech

Last week our theme was “Silvergate Bank Plans to go Public.” ” Our theme for this week is “Legacy Finance, Big Tech and Government move into Blockchain, “ For more about the Front Page Weekly CXO Briefing, please click here.

Uber Holds Deal Talks With Bird, Lime


Uber , the ride-hailing company, could make an acquisition to boost its e-scooter business, reported Engadget. Citing The Information , Engadget reported sources said Uber had talks with Bird and Lime , the scooter-sharing services, about a deal recently.

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WhatsApp Asks RBI To Expand Payment Services In India


WhatsApp , the messaging app owned by Facebook, is seeking approval from the Reserve Bank of India to extend its digital payments service to all of the residents of India.

The one banking bill Congress might actually pass next term


The financial industry is not expecting movement on a lot of legislation given a divided Congress, but one measure is beginning to attract widespread attention. Bankshot Marijuana banking Policymaking Senate Banking Committee House Financial Services Committee

Deutsche Denies Merger With UBS, Commerzbank


Deutsche Bank is not concerned it will be a takeover target despite a steep sell-off in its stock late last week after a two-day raid of its offices as part of a money laundering investigation.

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Social Security? The Numbers Say To Get In Early As Possible

Tech and Finance

Take Social Security as soon as you can — at 62 advises Steve Maersch, contradicting just about everyone in the retirement advice business. He even lists some of them: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Kiplinger magazine, Consumer Reports, Motley Fool, Vanguard Group, CNNMoney, Suze Orman, AARP and Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research. Steve has been a personal friend for years, and making these arguments as long as I have known him.

Ex-DoJ Staffer Pleads Guilty In 1MDB Scandal


George Higginbotham, a former Department of Justice employee in the U.S., pleaded guilty as part of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad bribery and embezzlement scandal. According to a report in the Financial Time s , citing the U.S.

SunTrust's AI investment fuels a future of payments by digital assistants

Payments Source

Banks are facing the potential of disruption by digital assistants from Apple, Amazon and Google — and are pouring money into machine learning to provide their own option for automating consumers' financial lives. Artificial intelligence Internet of things Venture funding SunTrust

Regulatory clashes, bad hires, battle scars: Lessons from Bankers of the Year


Our Best in Banking honorees for 2018 share some of the smartest bits of advice and blows from the school of hard knocks that they've received over the years — and who (or what) supplied them. Best in Banking Community banking Regional banks Career advancement Zions Bancorp

Retail localization needs checkout innovation and creative delivery to thrive

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Walmart, Tractor Supply and Home Depot are among the retailers using cashierless checkout ad local sourcing to tailor services for specific communities, according to Marc Gorlin, CEO and founder of Roadie. ISO and agent Retailers Point-of-sale Walmart Home Depot

5 Innovation Trends That Will Define Banking in 2019

The Financial Brand

The bank innovation trends for 2019 focus on the personalizing and digitizing product development and service delivery, improving the customer experience. The post 5 Innovation Trends That Will Define Banking in 2019 appeared first on The Financial Brand. Customer Experience Digital Banking Strategies Innovation Strategies AI API blockchain digital banking digital design innovation payments personalization

Why Ally Bank’s CMO is Really Their ‘Chief Disruption Officer’

The Financial Brand

CMO Andrea Brimmer explains how Ally Bank leverages disruption and pushes the envelope with some of the most daring marketing in banking. The post Why Ally Bank’s CMO is Really Their ‘Chief Disruption Officer’ appeared first on The Financial Brand. Branding Culture & Leadership Marketing Strategy Ally

Three Deposit Growth Strategies Bank Marketers Must Consider Now

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In the last rising-rate cycle, bankers missed the shift and lost balances. Here's how banks and credit unions can avoid repeating that mistake. The post Three Deposit Growth Strategies Bank Marketers Must Consider Now appeared first on The Financial Brand. Marketing Strategy Product Marketing deposits