How safe and secure are your ATMs during this pandemic?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused frustration and economic hardship for people throughout the world and ATMs can be an attractive target for criminals. Here are three ways financial institutions and ATM operators can take steps to secure their ATMs

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Can Linux improve ATM security?

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Upgrading an ATM to the latest version of Windows is a costly proposition. Rick Anderson, delivery director at Linux distribution company Wind River, argues that an open source operating system offers a more secure, affordable alternative

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Keeping The AI On ATMs


The ATM is a stalwart of the banking experience — always there, always on, always ready to dispense cash. It might be said that when it comes to ATMs, variability is the one constant. In that case, Johnstun said, the ATM goes through a clearing action and recovers. “In

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ATM Killer Spare Releases v. 3.0 of App

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The mobile payments app Spare wants to kill the ATM. More specifically, Spare wants to give customers access to cash from merchants for less than the cost of an ATM fee, and more security. Commerce Mobile Payments Security Startups Technology ATM Mobile Payments Spare

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ATM Security and Fraud

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Is your ATM fleet safe from smash-and-grabs, jackpotting, and cash trapping? In this whitepaper, you can learn about these major threats and how to protect your ATMs (and the cash inside If you can’t answer with a confident and resounding yes!, don’t stress.

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Secure ATM Transport an Increasing Requirement

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As financial institutions rely more and more on networks to conduct business, it makes sense to provide a secure, disruption-free avenue for ATM traffic

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To Counter ATM Fraud, Banks Need to Deal with Technology Debt

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EXCLUSIVE— While banks are making strides to improve their cybersecurity, it might be time to give the security on their physical devices, such as ATMs, an upgrade too. Exclusive Online Security ACI Worldwide ATM fraud cashless cybersecurity fraud jackpotting Mobile banking

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ATM Anti-Skimming Security

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ACG security solutions protect customers from fraudulent transactions and stolen card data; limiting institutions down time and protecting financial institutions brands and reputation

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Lock America: Securing ATM Entry Points

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Locks are the first line of defense against ATM attacks. This paper outlines the requirements for high security locks to protect ATMs from criminal access

Doing Battle With Holiday Fraudsters At The ATM


Well, that means trips to the ATM. For fraudsters, armed with new technologies, the ATM is fertile ground for fraud. They are, well, razor-thin inserts that fit within the card acceptance slot, and read the data housed within the magnetic stripe of cards inserted into the hacked ATM.

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Fortify ATM Security with Easy, More Secure Mobile Access

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What’s at Stake for ATM Security - The primary security risk[1] for ATMs is skimming, where a criminal attaches or inserts tiny devices used to secretly steal payment card and authentication data from transactions by legitimate customers

How security is the key to mobile ATM access

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Cardless ATM transactions can offer unparalleled convenience for consumers, not to mention cost-savings and enhanced efficiency for FIs. But for the technology to gain traction, it must, first and foremost, provide a secure customer experience

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How to improve ATM security with remote key loading

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Remote key loading provides a secure and cost-effective method for loading and managing ATM encryption keys across entire ATM networks, making it the strongest security choice for financial institutions

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Biometrics: The next step forward in ATM security

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Biometrics have been touted as the next leap forward in ATM security. You don't need to memorize a PIN or even carry a card to access cash. So why haven't things like palm vein readers and facial recognition been more widely implemented

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Diebold top exec boasts ATMs are market's 'most secure'

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At Diebold Nixdorf's recent DN Intersect event in Los Vegas, ATM Marketplace sat down with the company's director of systems security to talk about how the new DN Series is tackling security issues

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As ATM Thefts Rise In Europe, Europol Urges Safeguards


Europol, the European Union police organization, is calling for increased security and vigilance in response to a string of attacks on ATMs throughout the continent, according to a report by the Associated Press. In a press release , RBR said the number of ATMs stood at 3.24

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Lockdowns Drive Lower Revenues For ATM Owner Cardtronics


Cardtronics , which calls itself the world’s largest ATM owner-operator, disclosed its first-quarter results on Friday (May 8), which reflected lower revenues due to lockdowns and some location closures. . Cardtronics’ ATM operating revenues dropped to $291.9

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Podcast: ATM Security Threats - How to overcome them and keep your cash secure

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Claire Shufflebotham is the Global Security Director at TMD Security, a world-wide provider of ATM security solutions and integrated keyless access management for ATMs and branches.

Actively Defend ATMs Against Jackpotting

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Actively defend ATMs from the latest type of security breach

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FICO’s Take On Debit Security


Debit network PULSE recently sought to boost its security by adopting a FICO fraud detection platform that can help it quickly detect and respond to suspicious activities. Hackers are thus eager to use stolen debit details to deplete victims’ savings at ATMs and points of sale.

Security risk in cardless ATMs? The customer

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Phishing ATMs Cyber security Mobile banking Identity verification Fifth Third BancorpFifth Third Bank customers were swindled out of over $100,000, but not because the bank didn't have protection in place.

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ATM Debit Card Fraud Hit 10 Percent In 2017


ATMs and merchants in 2017. “While most devices are safe, fraudsters are developing new technology and methods for hacking ATMs. The data – which is taken from the FICO Card Alert Service that monitors hundreds of thousands of ATMs and other readers in the U.S. ATMs, restaurants and merchants went up 8 percent in 2017. ATM hacks have proven to be a real concern for consumers and financial institutions.

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5 common ATM security gaps and how to fix them

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These are five of the most common ATM security gaps that could impact your financial institution. Take a look and see if any apply to you

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ATM line offers security and unique versatility for financial institutions

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ATMs remain an essential self-service technology for accessing cash, yet today’s ATMs can offer customers more services and better security. Triton is showing these possibilities through its range of ARGO ATMs

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The ABCs Of ATM Fraud


The ones at the ATMs in the back of the convenience stores that covertly took down your account numbers and PINs? Because when it comes to ATMs, ATM operators have a lot more to worry about. News earlier this month that compromises at ATMs (read: fraud) were at the highest levels in 2015 than had been seen in years (according to FICO) brings back some concerns over how strong security is, or isn’t, at the point of cash dispensing. Remember those skimmers?

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Anti-Fraud ATM Blocks Mobile Phone Scams


Hitachi is teaming up with a regional bank in Japan to introduce anti-fraud ATMs. The machines are designed to stop users from being conned into transferring money from their bank accounts at an ATM by preventing transactions from completing if it detects the person is using a mobile phone, Bloomberg reported. Joyo Bank, a regional lender located north of Tokyo, will begin operating the new anti-fraud ATMs early next year.

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Checker ATM Security

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Checker ATM Security preserves your ATM application software, libraries and operating system integrity, leveraging cryptographic signatures and hard disk encryption designed specifically for ATMs

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Bitcoin Daily: 7,000 Crypto ATMs Worldwide, Data Says; Marshall Islands Plans National Digital Currency


The appointed organizer for the initiative, SFB Technologies, tapped the Algorand protocol because of its scalability, speed, security and its “ability to effectively implement required compliance controls and the transaction finality needed for a national currency.”

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DPL’s Comprehensive Guide to ATM Security

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Each year there is an increase not only in the number of ATM attacks but also in the type and extreme nature of attacks

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Security Firm Finds Flaws In Nautilus Cash Machines


Researchers at New York-based Red Balloon Security identified two vulnerabilities in retail cash machines manufactured by Nautilus Hyosung America, the companies said in a joint press release on Monday (Nov. Nautilus has more than 150,000 installed ATMs in the U.S.

New App Pinpoints Card Skimmers On Gas Pumps, ATMs


Created by a team of computer engineers, the new app, nicknamed Bluetana, can detect even the most discreet skimmers on gas pumps and bank ATMs. Security & Fraud ATM Bluetana bluetooth Card Skimming credit cards gas pumps News security & fraud skimmers What's Hot

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Is India’s ATM Disappearing Act A Digital Payments Boon?


News came this week that as many as half of the ATMs that dot the country’s landscape may be shuttered by March of 2019. The estimate is courtesy of the Confederation of ATM Industry (CATMi), which focuses on the domestic ATM industry. In India, get ready for new lines.

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Vocalink signs deal for real-time switching, settlements for U.K.’s Link ATMs

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Vocalink beat out four other competing bids to secure a 10-year contract to provide real-time switching and settlements for U.K. ATM operator Link Scheme. ATMs Payment processing Real-time payments Mastercard U.K.

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How is ATM fraud still a thing?

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Attacks on ATMs and point-of-sale machines are getting more sophisticated and frequent. ATMs Point-of-sale Device security Network securityCrooks are trying to get as much use as they can out of their skimming devices before the migration to chip cards is complete.

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'Traditional' e-security won't cut it for mobile ATMs

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Mobile ATMs are generally more secure than card-based machines, but still require more security than more traditional digital transactions, writes Sam Shawki, founder and CEO of MagicCube. ISO and agent Mobile payments ATMs Security risk Mobile technology

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