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Rent Payments With Benefits?


Checks are a dying payment method, according to the Federal Reserve, except when it comes to rent payments. percent fee the company charges. .


Forget GAFA, the real threat is FATBAG

Chris Skinner

I’ve blogged a few times about GAFA – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon – as the worrisome Gang of Four.  Sure, we can worry about them, but the thing is to stop worrying and do something.  Case Studies Fintech Future Grid Innovation Payments


Mastercard Send, Visa Now Powering Stripe Instant Payout

Bank Innovation

Mastercard Send will now be the payment rails behind Stripe’s instant payout feature along with Visa, it was announced today by the parties involved.

Is It ‘A Bot Time’ For Payments To Jump On The Bot Bandwagon?


The media has declared chatbots the digital version of the little black dress: a technology staple that every brand must now have and every payment type must now commerce-enable. It even prompted Bloomberg to all but declare apps — that ancient, nine-year-old digital artifact — an endangered digital species. So, what gives? Add some sizzle.

Banks are not dying

Chris Skinner

I was having a nice relaxing Sunday, when alerted to a tweetfest taking place between industry heavyweights Simon Taylor (an ex-banker) and Mariano Belinky (a banker).  It all started with: Fintech didn’t disrupt banks but banks are slowly dying. Digital Bank Fintech Grid Opinion Technology ValueWeb

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Bitcoin Is Money — For The Purposes Of Facing Criminal Charges


While various criminals have tried it, the “bitcoin isn’t money, therefore I can not be guilty of a financial crime” defense never really works out. The latest such decision comes care of U.S. Most notable among those firms was JP Morgan Chase. “Bitcoins are funds within the plain meaning of that term,” Nathan wrote.

 Why banks need to be at the heart of the community


More and more banks are announcing that they are cutting branches and reducing their presence on the high street – in the UK and beyond.

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Banks' Online Ad Spending Soars in Quest for Trackable Data

American Banker

Bankers may have a reputation for being old-school, but their rapidly growing digital-ad budgets are in step with the rest of the business world.

A 42 Year Old Payment Technology Fights for Its Future

Payments Source

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Is there an ideal time for airlines to launch mobile payments?

Mobile Payments Today

Kristian Gjerding, CEO of CellPoint Mobile, writes in his latest Mobile Payments Today blog post about what airlines need to consider when it comes to incorporating mobile payments into their apps

B2B Subscriptions Change The Corporate Accounting Game


From beauty care boxes to online entertainment streaming services, the world of subscriptions is expansive — and getting bigger. Consumers aren’t the only ones getting on board, though, as businesses jump on the subscription bandwagon in troves. If you need proof, look no further than the Software-as-a-Service world.

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Fintech Fundings: 26 Companies Raise $270 Million Second Week of August


The fintech sector attracted $266 million in new capital the second week of August. Total dollars raised YTD is $19.9 billion, nearly double the $10.2

Why Wells Debacle Is Cautionary Tale for Bank Boards

American Banker

The revelations at Wells Fargo are reminder to directors that when a bank's performance is too good to be true, it likely is.

The Interview Which Began With A Tweet

Credit Union Geek

Originally published on A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a series of tweets from a credit union member to no one in particular.

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The Most Talked-about Companies at Finovate Weren’t Onstage

Bank Innovation

The most talked-about companies at Finovate Fall 2016 weren’t even presenting on the stage at the New York Hilton last week. But they represent everything fintech innovators love to love and love to hate: The Succesful Disruptor and The Evil Bank. If Amazon was the North Star — a beacon of simplicity — Read More.

Making Subscriptions Pay Off


Think of a Netflix account. Though people love the ad-free content and convenient digital access, it’s also nice to be able to enjoy that experience without having to actually remember to pay the bill each month in order to have access to the service. But I really do believe that transparency in the model is really critical.

US EMV Migration: Looking for the Silver Lining in the Clouds

Celent Banking

It would be easy to assume that the migration to EMV in the US has gone terribly. The press is full of stories about slow transactions, inconsistent customer experiences and slow merchant adoption. And yet, while the end customer experience clearly must improve, real progress has been made. Banking Retail Banking EMV POS

'You Should Resign': Stumpf's Rough Day on Capitol Hill

American Banker

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How We Know J.P. Morgan Is Serious About The Cloud

Perficient Financial Servies

I love headlines like this: J.P. Morgan Creates Executive Role to Lead Cloud Services. It helps me understand what’s important to a company and tells me that a company’s focus area is real. JPM’s hire of Harish Grama as the chief information officer for cloud services confirms this. JPM is no stranger to the cloud. How We Know J.P.

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Mitek Study Criticizes Banks for Charging for Remote Deposit Capture

Bank Innovation

In this one category—which was somehow broken down into 51 sub -categories when the data was analyzed—Capital Read More.

Mastercard Send Speeds Up With Stripe Instant Payouts


Mastercard announced today (Sept. 19) a new partnership with Stripe to speed up payments for marketplaces. The two payments players are teaming up to help sellers on Stripe marketplaces get paid faster and easier in today’s shareconomy. Mastercard Send ’s real-time payments will now use the instant payouts feature from Stripe to ensure U.S.

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Quantum Computing: 17 Years Of Major Startup Financings In One Timeline

CB Insights

From secure communications via quantum encryption, to enhanced training for machine learning systems, to the efficient design of meta-materials, there’s massive potential for quantum computing to disrupt nearly every industry. Using CB Insights data we analyzed major fundings for select … Continued. Quantum Computing

Bitcoin Industry to Legislators: Lay Off Miners, Multisig Wallets

American Banker

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Welcome to the Dogpile

SWBC's LenderHub

The past couple of weeks have seen a rout of long-dated government bonds across the world and a sharp steepening of the respective yield curves. Commentators have tried to explain the move in terms of investors worried about a complacent Federal Reserve with regard to inflation. think that is nonsense. Fixed Income Market Insight

Circle, Square, and Venmo Tie Into Siri & iMessage

Bank Innovation

With the launch of iOS 10 on Sept. 13, new payment functionality was enabled for Siri, iOS’s voice-activated virtual assistant, and iMessage, Apple’s text-based messaging platform. Commerce E-Commerce Mobile Online Payments Startups Technology Alexa amazon Apple Pay Circle Circle Pay iMessage Moven PayPal Siri Square Square Cash Venmo

The Treasury Management System, Unbundled


There’s been talk of the role of the corporate treasurer elevating into a strategic position for the enterprise. That may be true for some companies, but often, the ability for the corporate treasurer to serve as a strategic player depends on the tools available at their disposal. “In the U.S., It’s a luxury.”

EPAM partnership with OpenWay brings digital finance closer to clients

The Paypers

Clinton Calls Wells Fargo Conduct 'Outrageous,' Vows to Protect CFPB

American Banker

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Standing Up to a Reckless Regulator

Finer Points

Every now and then we have the chance to stand up for what’s right against powerful forces. As the legacy of a group of colonists who stared down and defeated the world’s greatest empire, it’s virtually our birthright as Americans. So in some ways ICBA’s federal lawsuit against the National Credit Union Administration for its […].

Are you a bitcoin denialist?

Chris Skinner

Many of the people I meet believe that bitcoin is bad and will fail.  It’s rare to meet anyone who says that it could change the world and will succeed. But I’ve found one and he happens to have written a very good blog about it: Akin Fernandez, Entrepreneur Developer of Azteco. appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

One Year In, Removing The Masking Tape From EMV


Regardless of the event, anniversaries serve to remind us of what happened, how far we’ve come and what lies ahead. As the payments industry nears the one-year anniversary of the United States’ transition to EMV, of course, it’s an opportune time to take stock of progress and what remains to be done. market. Yet, that may not solve all ills. One

Top 5 Fintech Raises: Point, Promoboxx, DueCourse

Bank Innovation

Even though we’re not seeing quite as many raises as in previous years, fintech funding doesn’t seem to be in any danger of disappearing.

Lenders Need to Help Borrowers with Limited English Skills, HUD Says

American Banker

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is taking a harder look at how mortgage lenders treat borrowers with limited English language skills.

Secco Bank and the Future World of MyDigitalAssets

Daily Fintech

started by referring to MyCreditScore , as a Digital asset, only because it is not that utopian as a concept especially in the US. Read more here.