Retailers, payment platforms unveil mobile technologies to raise omnichannel game

Mobile Payments Today

Retailers, payment technology providers and others are rolling out new services to make it easier to complete transactions on mobile platforms

Advancing Retail And Education With Digital Technology 


In payment methods, Circle K announced a cashierless checkout pilot as convenience stores advance retail innovations. And in education, Google and Apple are facilitating students’ return to class with the help of technology.

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Tapping Into Mobile Payments And Retail Technology Amid Digital Shifts


As retailers scramble to capture the digital shift, it’s easy for some overlooked details, such as unanswered customer complaints, to harm their brands. In payment methods, a shift to contactless is underway, and the stage is set for consumers to embrace mobile wallets more widely.

Self-service retail and the changing landscape on payments

Mobile Payments Today

Self-service technology allows retailers to meet customer expectations established by the pioneering tech efforts of brand's, like Starbucks. These installations take diverse forms, a CES panel demonstrated

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Powering Retail Livestreaming, Banking With Digital Technology


Today In Data Commerce Digital Banking ecommerce livestreaming News payments Retail Today in DataLivestreaming firms are getting ready to roll out in the U.S., with Popshop Live set to rival Glamhive as the early movers in a relatively new format. Popshop Live allows for livestreaming to follow sellers’ schedules while also serving as a marketplace.

Putting modern payment technologies to the test

Mobile Payments Today

Automated testing is an increasingly important consideration as payment providers, retailers and other companies expand the number of options that consumers and merchants can use

How self-service technology and digital payments are impacting retail

ATM Marketplace

Self-service technology allows retailers to meet customer expectations established by the pioneering tech efforts of brand's, like Starbucks. These installations take diverse forms, a CES panel demonstrated

Fueling Retail, Card Innovation With Digital Technologies  


In the automotive arena, sellers have implemented third-party technology such as virtual retailing to enable a completely digital vehicle sales process. 57.9% : Share of credit-centric revolvers who are interested in payment plans for large purchases. 39%: Amount by which virtual retailing use increased in June. Today In Data Commerce data digital commerce News payments Retail Today in Data

Innovative Sales Models And Technologies In Retail


And in tech, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are starting to make more significant gains in the retail world. 1.8B: Amount that virtual reality will generate through retail and marketing in 2022.

Bank of America gained 418 technology patents in 2019

Bank Innovation

“Patents are not always about excluding others from using [the technology]; oftentimes, patents are […]. Artificial Intelligence Automation Blockchain Carousel Daily Post 2 Innovation Strategy Payments Product Design Retail Banking Bank of America patents

Why Retailers Are Making mPOS Technology A Top Priority


In the age of digital payments, mobile point of sale systems (POS) are making inroads with the promise of time-saving conveniences for merchants. But interest in this technology is not limited to the food and beverage space, and is gaining traction in many different verticals. Retailers are becoming more interested in omnichannel offerings: The PYMNTS mPOS Tracker found that 67 percent of those surveyed listed it as a priority for this year.

Can Technology Save Bank Branches?

Bank Innovation

Corporate DataBank Mobile Online Open Fintech Operations Payments Premium Retail Bank of America DBS Bank HSBC SamsungPREMIUM - When was the last time you went to your bank branch to deposit money? Still thinking? That's because most of the daily banking activity has shifted from branches to the smartphone. But that's not to say people don’t use bank branches at all. They do, but not for the same reasons as they […].

Driving Retail Innovation With Digital Technology, DTC Models


In retail, the Flat Tummy Instagram brand was able to make an effective algorithm that could accurately predict the effect an influencer would have on pushing its line of teas. Today In Data Commerce data digital DTC Innovation News payments Retail Technology Today in DataWrench is serving as a mobile source of mechanics – and saving consumers a trip to the auto repair shop.

Blockchain Tracker: Technology’s In Retail


Blockchain technology is slowly slinking through the aisles of retail business. Walmart is using it for tracking product and pork , and analysts are placing side bets on Overstock using the technology. More and more blockchain startups launched in 2016, and investors are starting to seek out companies incorporating blockchain technology.”. Ultimately, payments will continue to become cheaper and faster,” said Shihara. “As

Retail’s 2020 Digital-First Payments Roadmap


Consumers have always influenced how payment methods evolve – stretching back centuries to the barter system, and extending, now, into the digital age. And as payments are done in bits and bytes, across all manner of use cases, consumers prize convenience and personalization.

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Beyond Unattended Retail, There’s Unattended Payments


In an interview with Karen Webster, Will Byrne, CEO of omnichannel solutions provider Worldnet , pointed to what he termed the “Uberization of the payment experience.” There is no longer much tolerance, or enthusiasm, on the part of consumers for digging into one’s pocket to find money or a payment card, or doing the mental math (well, OK, a smartphone has a calculator) to figure out how much to tip a driver. Most have heard of the Amazon effect, and the Uber effect.

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Retailers lag on EMV card technology transition, study reveals

Mobile Payments Today

Some 42 percent of retailers have yet to update payment terminals to be EMV compliant

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Lessons from Distributed Ledger Technology and the Future of Banking

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It’s no secret distributed ledger technologies (DLT) have been front-of-mind for financial institutions examining solutions to existing problems in institutional and retail banking.

Online Retail’s Next Phase: From Adapt To Accelerate


Consumers aren’t going back to their old ways, he said, which means the only thing left for retailers to think about is how to build the omnicommerce experiences customers are beginning to adopt today and will expect in the future. “If

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The Digital Shift In Retail And Payment Methods


In retail technology, Yotpo is helping brands capture the digital shift by making a compressed marketing stack for online shopping. And in payment methods, consumers are changing how they pay for items to decrease contact amid the pandemic, while BBVA is one of the six banks that will work with Google to deliver “smart” digital bank accounts. Today In Data Commerce data digital shift News payments Retail social shopping Today in Data

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Traditional FIs Now Driving Cashless, Contactless Payment Adoption, USA Technologies Says

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EXCLUSIVE— Contactless, cashless payments are on the rise in retail, driven forward as payment companies like Mastercard and Visa increase support for these solutions. This is according to Steve Herbert, CEO and Chairman for USA Technologies during the company’s most recent quarterly earnings, reported yesterday. USA Technologies, a payments company, has a market capitalization of […].

Digital Currency Eyes Wholesale — Not Retail — Payments Down Under


As part of those efforts, the lab is being used to explore “whether there is a role for a digital Australian dollar — that is, an Australian [central bank digital currency (CBDC)] — in the context of the bank’s responsibilities for issuing the currency and overseeing the payments system.”.

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Retailers are pushing mobile apps, but not always security

Payments Source

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced retailers and consumers alike to consider the benefits of shopping via a mobile app, providers of shopping and loyalty apps were seeking partnerships with security vendors to deploy fraud prevention technology.

Positive Developments In Disbursements And Retail Inventory


Digital disbursement technologies have recently emerged, allowing consumers to access funds within a half-hour—or even within seconds, in some cases. And in retail, several reports are indicating healthy inventory positions as a point of optimism in retail’s comeback process.

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The Challenges Of Self-Checkout, IoT Technology


There’s not much argument against self-checkout systems as a means of improving the customer experience, but at least a temporary blowback to the technology has begun. Today In Data cashless checkout Commerce Innovation IOT News payments Retail Self-Checkout Today in Data

How Retailers Can Ride The Rise Of Mobile Wallets


Mobile payments have long been billed as the next big thing. Consumers were suddenly doing the majority of their shopping digitally — and when shopping in-store, they had access to touchless payments that didn’t require them to lay hands on a public keypad.

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Data shows smaller FIs are far behind because of weaker mobile technology

Bank Innovation

Carousel Innovation Strategy INV Fintech Payments Retail BankingSmaller banks and credit unions are under increasing pressure from larger banks and tech-centric financial services companies.

Meet the New Technologies Demoing at Bank Innovation 2017

Bank Innovation

Commerce Compliance E-Commerce Mobile Online Payments Retail Risk Security Startups Technology Alloy Bank Innovation 2017 BeSmartee Blispay Deloitte Eyeprint ID Fiserv PayKey SizeUp SnapCheck tellerCompanies from a wide range of fintech are finalists in the demo contest at Bank Innovation 2017, the event announced today. The finalists were chosen from applicants from around the world. A total of 12 companies will demo at Bank Innovation.

Stripe Powers Digital, In-Store Payments For Lightspeed Retail, Restaurant Customers


Canadian global point-of-sale (POS) and eCommerce firm Lightspeed is teaming up with Silicon Valley payments platform Stripe to advance in-store and online payments for retailers and restaurants in the U.S. retailers.

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Bain Capital Technology’s Bet On hey And Japan’s Digital Payments Shift


Japan’s history of mobile payments progress is one of the more curious stories in the field. It’s just a very different cultural market,” Abrahamson said in talking about Bain’s participation this week in a Series E funding round for hey , a Japanese eCommerce and digital payments platform. Second, massive political efforts have started to “bend the curve a little bit on this” by giving consumers rewards and cash rebates backed by the government for making cashless payments.

Mobile payments can redefine the customer experience for unattended retail

Mobile Payments Today

One of the best-attended educational sessions at the recent National Automatic Merchandising Association show in Las Vegas focused on how payment technology innovations — namely mobile payments — are impacting customer expectations

Powering Innovation With Wedding, Transportation Technology


And in transportation, Lyft is innovating on its technology stack as the firm rolls out features like the Lyft matching platform. Today In Data bridal Commerce Innovation Lyft News payments Retail Ridesharing Technology Today in Data weddings

Unattended retail struggles with mobile payments acceptance

Mobile Payments Today

Mobile payments continue to expand, making it important for operators of unattended retail equipment to invest in the technology. A speaker at the National Automatic Merchandising Association show in Las Vegas urged his fellow industry executives to get on board with the trend

How Retailers Are Gearing Up For Contactless Payments Via mPOS


With the use of contactless payments heating up around the world, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and their solution providers have to prepare for their acceptance. certification: They must, for instance, resolve issues when a payment reader’s too-powerful field strength results in damaged smartphones and cards. Last year, however, contactless payments in the United Kingdom alone jumped by a whopping 31 percent over the prior year.

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Look Beyond Technology for Better Digital Banking, Fiserv Says

Bank Innovation

Exclusive Mobile Online Payments Retail biometric authentication cardless ATMs contactless payments digital banking Fiserv Mobile banking online paymentsEXCLUSIVE—With mobile banking services offered at the majority of financial institutions, innovating the digital space is becoming more important in the fintech ecosystem, especially for smaller players like regional banks or credit unions.