New Apple OS Reportedly Has Payment Security Issues


Two Apple iOS 13 users took to Reddit to share some payment security issues they faced when using the tech giant’s newest iteration of its operating system, according to reports. This is a major security flaw in iOS.

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Securing Unattended Retail Payments


Unattended retail will be a $275 billion-a-year industry in three years. Which Mike Keegan, CEO of Transaction Network Services , said can only spell trouble for consumer adoption unless consumers are convinced that interacting with them digitally is totally secure. The first data point — 61 percent — reflects the number of these respondents, ages 25 to 30, who would rather use payment cards instead of cash when buying items at unattended terminals.

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Reducing Uncertainty In Retail And Payments


Brexit looms , and issues related to payments and commerce are still getting worked out – though some clarity is emerging. Today In Data Commerce fraud Innovation News payments Retail Security Today in Data

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How Retailers Are Gearing Up For Contactless Payments Via mPOS


With the use of contactless payments heating up around the world, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and their solution providers have to prepare for their acceptance. Last year, however, contactless payments in the United Kingdom alone jumped by a whopping 31 percent over the prior year.

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Securing The Self-Serve Store


They may enjoy strolling the aisles of physical retail, but many customers still want support features that enable them to quickly and easily find and buy items, through self-serve offerings and other automation technologies. Around the Automated Retail World.

Delivering Faster And More Secure Payments


The financial services landscape is moving to upgrade existing payment infrastructures or create new systems to deliver faster and more secure payments. In the business-to-business (B2B) space, efforts to truly transform payments are fraught with challenges.

Report: 91 Pct Of Retailers Aren’t PCI Compliant


With retailers struggling to get compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard , qualified security assessors are going to be in more demand and can offer tokenization as one way of achieving compliance.

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PayPay Vows To Strengthen The Security Of Its Payment App


Japanese payment provider PayPay said Monday (Dec. 17) that it will strengthen the security of its app after receiving several complaints from users about charges that were made in error. Bloomberg noted that PayPay has been questioned about the security of the app in the past.

Online Retailers Face New Threats From Hackers


Death, taxes and data breaches – those are perhaps the only sure things in life, and new evidence is emerging that hackers are finding increasing profit in targeting online retailers. That’s hardly the only recent hack involving online retail activity, nor the only form of such criminality.

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Securing Digital Identities In The Information Age


In B2B news, Visa is launching an end-to-end payments network called Visa B2B Connect , which is built on elements of distributed ledger technology and the open-source Hyperledger Fabric framework.

Consumers Are Less-Than-Secure Over Payments Security


How secure do you feel when it comes to payments? Consider a survey commissioned by payment, telecom and financial data solutions provider Transaction Network Services (TNS), which found that 85 percent of adults across the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia believe fraud attempts on debit and credit cards are on the upswing. Consumers are becoming more tech savvy and increasingly familiar with a continuum of payment methods.

Retail Innovation Has Changed — Can SMBs Keep Up?


Still, it’s striking — or, perhaps, significantly hopeful, in a retail sense — that 65.4 percent of retailers have said they innovate to improve customer loyalty. Payments Drives Innovation. Turn a point of interaction into a payments capable device,” he said.

Disrupting The Security Deposit With Insurance


On average apartment rent rates have gone up about 36 percent in the last decade according to retail data firm Yardi Matrix , and in particularly desirable marketplaces like Denver, Austin and Seattle rents have gone up by more than 70 percent. The average security deposit in the U.S.

How Mobile Wallets Could Bring Security To Shoppers


From fuel pumps to convenience stores (C-stores), many consumers worry about the security of their personal financial information. adults are concerned about the security of their financial data when making payments at these venues.

Security Remains a Top Concern for Banks Looking to Innovate in Payments

Bank Innovation

Security and fraud risk remain the top priority for retail banks seeking to update their payments infrastructure, a study released this week by ACI WorldWide and Ovum found.

Can Digitally-Read Emotions Play a Role in Payments and Retail?


Emotions play a significant role in all human endeavors, and that certainly goes for payments and commerce. Indeed, the role of emotions in payments and commerce in this digital age looks sure to grow even more.

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Automated Retail’s ‘Fast And Frictionless’ Ambitions


However, automated retail is shaded with nuance beyond the confines of science fiction and futurism. In an interview with John Clarke, chief innovation officer and co-founder at Worldnet Payments , it is not technology that is changing consumer behavior.

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Today In Data: Striking A Balance Between Convenience And Security


At the same time, consumers also want a guarantee of security and a belief that their entire digital identity isn’t going to end up for sale on the dark web.

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Retailers Fishing for Distractions Amid Data Security Push

Finer Points

Such is the case with the retail industry sidelining the debate over data security by resuscitating tired and largely […]. Advocacy Community Banks Cybersecurity Data Security Interchange Payments Small Business Technology WashingtonCongress is an intentionally deliberative body.

Visa Tap To Phone Expands POS Acceptance For Retailers


Tap to Phone enables sellers with Android phones to accept contactless payments without the need for additional devices or peripherals. Acceptance, that is, on the receiving end of the payment methods that buyers – both people and businesses – want to use when transacting.

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Automated Retail Speeds Up Delivery And Checkout


Automated retail might conjure up images of robot cashiers, but beyond a few convenience stores in Japan and Korea, that sci-fi development hasn’t yet become reality for the wider world. The automated retail landscape in the U.S. The most familiar unattended retail model in the U.S.

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Corporate Payments Firm AccessPay Secures US Backing


based corporate payments and treasury technology company AccessPay , reports in The Telegraph said on Sunday (Jan. Corporate payments have not seen the same level of innovation as consumer payments. investors have placed new funds with U.K.-based

USAT: Unattended Retail’s (Dawning) Age Of Self-Serve Ubiquity


Evolution is the hallmark of everything that survives over a long period of time — and so it should come as no surprise that unattended retail has evolved, too, over more than a century since the first coin-operated vending machines made their debut in the late 1800s.

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6 holiday security fears for retailers

Payments Source

As the holiday shopping season kicks off, retailers are preparing for an influx of payment volume from shoppers and scammers alike. Mobile wallets Mobile payments Compliance Network security Device security Data securityHere are a few of the problems they face.

Staying Secure With Digital Identity


In faster payments news, the Fed is planning to build its own instant clearing and settlement rails. And, in retail, malls are looking for innovations with new uses for old commerce spaces. 2015: The year the Fed launched its 500-person Faster Payments Task Force.

Why Online Retail Fraud Is On the Rise


According to a new LexisNexis study , overall retail fraud attempts doubled year-over-year and tripled since 2017. The rise of mobile commerce and selling of digital goods has added to retailers’ fraud problems. Retail Fraud Prevention and Solutions .

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How Digital Tools Change The Security Landscape


Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics are changing the digital security landscape, and a recent study found that social media networks have become a more popular way for hackers to target new victims.

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Green Dot Launches Secured Credit Card

Bank Innovation

Today it was announced that Green Dot, a leader in the prepaid space, is launching the Green Dot Platinum Visa Secured Credit Card—a credit card designed specifically to help those without credit build it, or those with low credit scores, build them up.

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For security, payment tech providers need to think like retailers

Payments Source

Payment companies have a responsibility to both merchants and consumers to emerge as brands in their own right, with values that resonate not just with the businesses they are supporting, but with the customers using their services, writes Koen Vanpraet, CEO of Intrapay. ISO and agent Payment processing Security risk Customer experience

Apple Pay Trending Up as Target, Other Retailers Add Payment Option

Bank Innovation

Apple Pay was trending across social media today on news the payment option will soon be accepted at Target, Taco Bell and other major U.S. retailers. The company touted the service’s ease of use, security and speed at the register.

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Legal Pot Starts Pulling Its Retail Weight


Trends in legal cannabis retail are just now emerging, and fresh numbers from Colorado are providing insight into how the industry is evolving. Other figures also point to how much consumers are spending on legal retail pot. Payments Progress.

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Are Connected Devices Threatening Payment Security?


While it’s not uncommon for these Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be accessed by attackers looking for a stealthy way in, it’s also not uncommon for merchants to overlook these as a point of security vulnerability. Intel Director of Mobility and Secure Payments Michelle Tinsley noted that, oftentimes, businesses are so hyper-focused on safeguarding payment data and PCI compliance that they easily lose sight of the other places where consumer data is left unprotected.

Millennials Show Caution With Online Payments Security


With a decent amount of this age group remembering a time without internet access, it’s likely this may have contributed to their cautious nature when it comes to online identity and payment security. As such, TransUnion’s new research shows the millennial generation is much more cautious than other generations when it comes to payments security as a whole. What may be the issue for most is not only secure online payment options but the fear of stolen identities.

Why Retailers Are Making mPOS Technology A Top Priority


In the age of digital payments, mobile point of sale systems (POS) are making inroads with the promise of time-saving conveniences for merchants. From Walgreens to HP , retailers and technology providers are embracing the world of mobile payments through the help of point-of-sale technology.

Visa Announces Continued Support For EMV Secure Remote Commerce Specification


Visa, the payments company, announced Tuesday (Oct. 23) that it continues to support the draft of the EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) specifications. With SRC, consumer buying experiences online will be easier, faster and more secure.

The Evolution Of Digital Banking Security


Digital banking customers are looking for an institution that can keep their data safe, with security mishaps creating the possibility that they can move to other apps. And Neighborhood Goods is looking to help brands that want to connect to physical retail, while Hong Kong-based Klook has global ambitions for one-stop activity shopping.

Instagram Invites Security Experts To Hack Its Checkout Feature


Instagram is inviting a group of security researchers known as white hat hackers to stress-test its Checkout feature before it launches outside the United States. Checkout by Instagram includes participation by PayPal and its retail partnership program.

Pet Retail And CBD Combine Innovative Forces


Retail trends and innovation can come from unlikely places, and that seems to be the case now when it comes to pets and CBD, two hot areas of commerce that are intersecting. The industry still has trouble processing payments and maintaining bank accounts and Square appears to want to help.

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Trust And Speed Light A New Path To Omnichannel Retail


For retailers, nothing really ever comes easy — and things aren’t getting any easier, at least when it involves gaining and retaining customers. And what they want and expect are what’s going to drive so much of retail and payments in the coming years and decades.

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ZAFUL Adds New Security, Payment Options


Global online discount apparel marketplace ZAFUL, based in China, recently announced new upgrades to its payment protocols and SSL checkouts to boost the security of its eCommerce system and grow confidentiality for its individual shoppers. The upgrades come as consumers more than ever are concerned with the security of online shopping platforms they use. “We These new upgrades make it easier to shop and also offer more payment options.”.

How Unattended Retail Is Getting Smarter


The rise of smart vending machines, driven by data and contactless payments, has the power to upend the way we shop, building loyalty and speeding adoption of contactless payments along the way. According to Will Byrne, CEO of Worldnet Payments , the kiosks and smart shelves that are gaining traction across any number of commerce and retail settings may even shift the employment picture a bit. The Changing Retail Footprint.

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Report: Retailers want secure mobile wallets with integrated rewards

Mobile Payments Today

Payment security was cited by 72 percent of retailers polled, with integrated loyalty options, 71 percent, and seamless ordering, 55 percent, as top three features wanted in mobile apps

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Enterprise Security Returns To Top Of B2B Investment Mountain


Cybersecurity returned to the top of the B2B startup investment list as three companies in the enterprise security realm landed nearly half of the $246 million in B2B venture capital this week. Cequence Security. Contrast Security.