Payments Providers Combat The Conflict Between Security, User Experience


In financial services, demand for ease of use and security are sky-high, even for business customers. Greater Security Without Compromising UX. Financial services firms deploy more and more point security products to cover the gaps created by the expanding attack surface,” he explained.

User Experience Is Key to Customer Satisfaction, Report Says

Bank Innovation

Having a "frictionless" user experience (UX) is among the top three qualities that bank customers look for when picking a new bank, right after "security" and "trustworthiness," according to a new report by financial technology provider, FIS. Artificial Intelligence Daily Post 2 DataBank Exclusive Experience & Design? Open Banking Operations Premium APIs open banking Bank of America Capital One FIS millennial customers Mobile banking


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Streamline the User Experience with Mobile Carrier Data


This norm of using mobile devices to do everything from shopping to banking, mean security and a great user experience need to go hand-in-hand. We spoke with Mark Miyamoto, Director, Compliance, Risk, Fraud Solutions for Danal; a company that provides mobile identity and authentication solutions driven by real-time connections into the databases of mobile network operators (MNOs), to discuss the latest in m-commerce.

New Canadian Digital-Only Bank Banking On User Experience


The challenge for the bank will be remaining competitive when the interest rate is ultimately dialed back and the offering itself – namely its features and user experience — need to steer the ship. The focus for us has to be customer experience,” Dickinson explained of the pause due to speed of growth. “It’s But I think we’re just trying to find a few things that fix the experience, like getting rid of the old construct of checking versus savings,” he said.

FIs Hiring Customer Experience Teams, But What Are They?

Bank Innovation

Demand for a combination of speed, simplicity, security and convenience in banking services has financial institutions thinking more about customer experience, particularly in a digital sense, and hiring people to design that experience. JPMorgan Chase, for one, is in the market for numerous “digital consumer experience” heads, as searches on the jobs site Indeed for […].

Trulioo: Dramatic Fraud Spike Threatens Secure Digital Future


A massive spike in fraud of all kinds has taken businesses by surprise and left them scrambling for solutions, Trulioo Chief Operating Officer Zac Cohen told Karen Webster in a recent conversation. Security & Fraud biometrics Coronavirus Featured News fraud News podcast Security trulioo

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Idea Bank Is Driving ATM Innovation — Literally, In A BMW


According to Idea Bank’s internal research, 80 percent of merchants make daily trips to their banking branch to handle large deposits — often in the evening hours, which presents additional security concerns. Getting the service up and running has taken some considerable user education and fleet expansion. “We Since we launched the solution in April 2015, we have built up the mobile ATM fleet — now consisting of 22 cars, operating in major Polish cities.

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Braintree: Behind The Contextual Commerce Buy


So does securing a dinner reservation on Airbnb , at a restaurant the consumer might never have found near the house they just rented on the site. Of that group, 84 percent report satisfactory experiences with it. With the proliferation of these experiences, you’ll [see] these numbers increase,” Habibi said. Security of transactions, after all, stands as one of the top priorities of online shoppers.

Visa’s Chief Risk Officer On Securing The Commerce Ecosystem In The 2020s


Now four months in, he told Webster that the idea of a secure and trusted payments ecosystem is part of Visa’s “corporate DNA.” Regardless of the product or initiative, every conversation starts and ends with a single overriding question: “Is it secure?”.

Five Star Mobile Banking Apps Give Banks A False Sense of Security


Many users, particularly younger customers like millennials don’t like their banking apps — marked by what they see as slow, clunky or even wrong — features. As Nolte posited: “How do we ensure that it’s a true omnichannel experience?

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Blockchain Security A Moving Target For Both Developers And Hackers


Regardless of where blockchain makes its mark, what is certain is that corporates have to trust that a largely unfamiliar innovation will work the way it should; that means securely, efficiently and easily. In an interview with PYMNTS, Jeffrey Wheat, global director of Cyber Operations , said the testing of blockchain-based software is just as critical to software developers as it is for the companies using these tools.

5 Consumerism Tips for Healthcare


And in healthcare – an industry that tends to segment consumers into patient or member experience silos – consumers increasingly expect a seamless, holistic, digital health journey. Providers need to think about the entire patient care experience, not just the marketing-led version.

Deep Dive: How FIs Can Secure Mobile Onboarding Without Adding Frictions


Digital’s appeal to younger users has not been enough to push all FIs to offer comprehensive mobile banking services, however. Getting the mobile experience right can be tricky, however, and various inconveniences have impeded usersexperiences for years.

How The Z-Wave Alliance Is Balancing IoT Interoperability And Security


This presents problems for developers, who need to make sure that their products run both smoothly and securely. Developers keen on addressing these concerns must carefully consider how to design and connect their devices to provide reliable, secure performance. In a recent interview with PYMNTS, Z-Wave Alliance’s executive director, Mitchell Klein, discussed the consortium’s role in the IoT space and how it ensures the security of its interconnected devices. .

Data Rails Help Issuers Shorten Virtual Card Activation To Usage Gap


In the card-issuing space, a predictable pattern exists with plastic cards, Very Good Security ’s CEO and Co-founder Mahmoud Abdelkader told Karen Webster. But, as Abdelkader noted, the issuers need to know they are compliant while they control the entire end-to-end user experience.

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In Payments Security, Hunting For The Goldilocks Effect


To put it another way, the theme of the fairy tale applies to the transactional world in which we live — getting it all just right and in balance, a crucial concept when it comes to the consumer experience and security in card-not-present (CNP) transactions. So opened a May webinar moderated by PYMNTS’ Karen Webster and featuring CA Technologies ’ Vice President of Payment Security Strategy, James Rendell, and Vice President of Data Science, Paul Dulany.

Highspot Secures $60M In Funding Round Led By ICONIQ Capital


Sales enablement platform Highspot announced it has secured $60 million in Series D funding. Highspot’s platform combines machine learning and intuitive user experience to connect sales and marketing in order to deliver personal, relevant customer conversations. We make our users trusted advisors to their customers, which is a real competitive advantage.”

Why Openness Is Critical to the Future of Banking

Strategically Speaking

We know that in today’s market, consumers don’t compare financial institutions (FIs) so much as they compare experiences. And it naturally follows that the FIs that will thrive in the future will be those that demand an open platform that is focused on optimizing the end-user experience for today’s consumers. Information Security Community Banks FI Operations Future Ready

Building The Credit Card Rails For Data Requires The Help Of An Alias


Very Good Security (VGS) CEO and Co-Founder Mahmoud Abdelkader told Karen Webster that data aliasing leads to payments optimization — and, eventually, to the connected economy functioning smoothly, with the safe exchange of information across a continuum of services.

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LoginID Launches WordPress Plugin With Passwordless Authentication


The plugin makes it easier for WordPress-powered websites to authenticate their users with a regulatory-compliant biometric login that uses a public key cryptography to ensure a secure login, the release stated. “In Passwords are a particular point of weakness for online users.

Full Stack Observability Driving Customer Experience in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Cisco Retail

This drives a higher-level of expectation on the infrastructure and teams alike – towards providing an exceptional digital experience. Digital Experience Visibility. What is required is the ability to trouble shoot more holistically – via a data driven operating model.

An End to ‘Security Theater’


Thanks to emerging technologies, a single picture can eliminate numerous security vulnerabilities. What we have now is what industry professionals call ‘security theater.’ Now, a generation of companies is using facial recognition technologies to develop far tighter security. In essence, this is security without the theater. And while the face does its thing to enhance security, the voice has been a key factor for a long time, and seems to be getting better.

New Report: Hit Reset: Five Recommendations For FIs To Modernize Their Tech Stacks


FI leaders measure their success based upon whether they have created efficiencies at scale, bolstered security and achieved savings while maintaining or boosting performance. The pressure to innovate comes from outside and from within for financial institutions (FIs).

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Balancing Familiar Tech With Novel Tools To Drive B2B Payments Progress


On the other hand, it takes patience to overcome the habits of user behavior. New ecosystems are emerging as adoption of B2B eMarketplaces grows, enabling third parties to operate as matchmakers or even direct distributors. A Familiar User Experience.

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Geolocation Puts A Pin In Anti-Fraud Solutions


Wingert asked, adding that it’s important to have powerful geofencing capabilities for sanctions prevention and account security to ensure compliance with jurisdictions that are prohibited or have sanctions concerns.

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Sift Partners With McDonald's On Mobile App Fraud


Sift's experience will lend cybersecurity help to the McDonald's app in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, the release says. We’re excited to be a part of McDonald’s Digital Trust & Safety strategy that enables them to streamline the customer experience associated with mobile orders.”.

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Zeta Closes $250 Million SoftBank Funding At $1.5 Billion Valuation


With the digital acceleration, the financial services space was in need of “security, privacy, scalability and reliability as the core foundations,” Gaddipati said, adding that Zeta has solutions that “answer that need.”.

The Cybersecurity Juggling Act Of Buyer-Supplier Connectivity


Maersk Chief Technology and Information Officer Adam Banks spoke earlier this month at a cybersecurity conference, reflecting on that 2017 attack and noting that the company was “not unusually weak,” and adding that this is a fact for many organizations that can, unfortunately, lead to a false sense of security. Experience Over Security. Given that these are suppliers and customers, user experience tends to win out over security almost every time.”

How ?Adaptive? Decisioning Helps Issuers Stop Treating ?Good? Customers Like Fraudsters


Some merchants, operating primarily across offline channels, have had to go digital in a hurry. The limits of operating budgets and top-line pressures mean merchants must do more with what they have.

Stopping Fraudsters From Taking The Travel Industry For An $11B Ride


Users who clicked the links would see their computers infected with viruses. Malware targeting computers running the Windows 7 operating system were especially hard-hit, rising 125 percent, according to the report.

Deep Dive: How Loyalty Innovation Improves Member Relationships, Boosts Brand Awareness


This month’s Deep Dive examines loyalty programs’ significance for retaining members, generating customer referrals, adding cost efficiency and enabling user-generated content, such as ratings, that can help boost brand awareness.

How Airbnb Uses Payments To Stay Competitive


They must also excel at securely handling payments and personal data, while recommending services at the right moment to enhance transactions along the way. The digital platform provides hiring, training, compliance management and payroll solutions to its clients, and is geared toward the facilities management, private security and logistics industries, to name a few. Airbnb on Payments, User Friction and Security Challenges in a Global Market.

Rebuilding Document Authentication For A Faster-Paced Planet


Yet, of course, once excitement has been built, the challenge is matching the experience with the expectations. However, in the case of visual and image-based authentication processes, Trulioo Chief Operating Officer Zac Cohen told PYMNTS, the emerging picture is a bit cloudier.

Document Forensics Help Companies Keep ID Fraud In Check


It’s an example of the speed and scale at which fraudsters operate in the digital-first economy – and it’s been a continuing concern of Ofer Friedman , chief business development officer at ID verification firm AU10TIX. Cryptocurrency is a much bigger issue than the price of bitcoin.

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Trint On Safeguarding The Customer Experience


Firms looking to forge strong security measures with seamless customer experiences must produce products that users trust, and must have deep knowledge of their customers. This means businesses must prioritize security, even if it means sacrificing transaction speed.