Investors Upbeat On Shopify’s ‘Global Retail Operating System’


COO Harley Finkelstein, in a post-earnings interview with MarketWatch , said that strong outcomes were seen across the board from the firm’s efforts to transform itself from a software platform for digital and physical retail into “the first global retail operating system.”.

PSD2 Creates Turbulence For Travel Operators


With PSD2 in full swing in the European Union (EU), any merchant dealing with the payment data of EU citizens must upgrade their payment protocols to stay compliant. PSD2 And The Future Of Travel Payments.

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Top News in Payments: Uber Halts Upfront Pricing in CA; Amex Cleared To Operate In China


Amex Cleared To Operate In China. The central bank in China said it accepted an American Express application to start working in the country but did not say when Amex would begin operations. Retail’s 2020 Digital-First Payments Roadmap.

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Digital payments and the retailer

Mobile Payments Today

Some retail outlets are experimenting with moving to digital payment-only operations. As non-cash payments become the norm, some retailers, particularly in hospitality, no longer accept cash. While there are downsides to managing cash, what are the pitfalls of refusing to deal with it

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Digital Currency Eyes Wholesale — Not Retail — Payments Down Under


As part of those efforts, the lab is being used to explore “whether there is a role for a digital Australian dollar — that is, an Australian [central bank digital currency (CBDC)] — in the context of the bank’s responsibilities for issuing the currency and overseeing the payments system.”.

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Farmhouse Market’s Remotely Operated, 24/7 Grocery Store


These retail models cater to customers who are on the go by offering seamless experiences and convenient payment methods. The pair ultimately designed a concept that could operate without any on-site staff to solve this quandary. “We

Mumbai Bus Operator To Test India’s National Transit Card


India’s One Nation One Card will be test-piloted with Mumbai bus operator BEST in November, NFCWorld reported on Tuesday (Aug. The national transit card system uses a bank-issued card that will run on India’s RuPay payments network, the news outlet said.

Dynamics, Sprint Launch Battery-Operated Payment Card


Dynamics, a unit of telecommunications firms SoftBank and Sprint, announced what it is calling the first battery-powered payment card on Monday (Jan. According to a press release highlighting the new product , Dynamics said the payment card will boast fast data breach response and replacement times. Banks can distribute the card at any time and place, including retail branches, during events or even in-flight, and consumers can activate and use it immediately.

How Unattended Retail Sells Loyalty


Retailers put together window displays and signs to create enticing storefronts, engage customers via social media and send printed ads through the mail. Unattended retail hardware and software can achieve more for merchants than simply vending products in a self-serve manner, Ning said.

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Retail Banking Customer Satisfaction has Improved, But Only Slightly

Bank Innovation

Customer satisfaction in the overall retail banking industry has improved over the last twelve months, but ever so slightly, according to J.D. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study. Open Banking Operations Payments Premium Retail Bank of America J.D.

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Can Amazon Bring More Climate Action To Retail And Payments?


So goes Amazon, so goes most of the rest of the retail world, with the eCommerce operator’s influence also extending to payments. Amazon climate change Environment News payments Retail Sustainability trends

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Payment And Retail Integration Flows From Many Digital Fronts


One of the main goals of digital payments and retail is to encourage seamless connections – and not just when it comes to transactions. Smart operators are figuring out how to integrate payments into not only the workforce, but also the workflow.

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Legal Cannabis Retail Innovates Its Way Around Payments Knot


Legal marijuana may have a massive payments problem, but that’s not stopping retail innovation in perhaps the newest area of legitimate commerce in the U.S. Other figures also point to how much consumers are spending on legal retail pot. Big Retail.

Renting Furniture, Smartphone Chargers With Retail Innovation


Furniture is helping to build a larger retail ecosystem, with the value proposition of Oliver Space centered around providing furnishings, along with design help, to consumers who are moving. 14: Approximate number of hours that Oliver Space has operated a live chat service.

Deep Dive: How Restaurant Operators Are Driving mPOS Evolution


Recent research indicates that restaurant operators are no longer interested in taking a back seat when it comes to industry evolution, and instead want to be active participants as new POS and payment options are unveiled. Impacts on Day-to-Day Operations.

How Unattended Retail Is Shaping Retail’s Future


The world of unattended retail has come a very long way in a very short time. Less than a decade ago, the unattended retail space was more or less defined by vending machines. Until very recently, unattended retail really wasn’t an innovation-focused space.

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Square is growing its platform into a one-stop shop for retailers

Bank Innovation

Square, which is best known for its physical and digital payment solutions, is building out its product ecosystem to manage nearly all of the operational needs of retailers.

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Bank Of England COO Joins New Payment System Operator


The Bank of England’s chief operating officer is joining the U.K.’s s New Payment System Operator (NPSO). Payments Administration’s current Deputy CEO, Jenny Crawford, is joining the NPSO as its chief people officer. The Payment System Operator Delivery Group is closing to hand down operation of the nation’s payment systems to the New Payment System Operator in an effort to streamline the payment ecosystem.

For Retailers, Getting Ready For Automation


In an interview with PYMNTS, Tim Moran, senior vice president of product and marketing at Worldnet , told PYMNTS that the age of automated retail is dawning — but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The tech savvy consumer, he told PYMNTS, expects choice and autonomy in a retail setting.

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Music Crafts New Melodies For Retail Innovation


But no matter the case, music is a big part of the retail world, and is helping to create new harmonies of innovation and disruption. Although Apple will operate the playlist, a fairly young label called UnitedMasters , founded in 2017, will provide much of the music.

Why Search And Logistics Will Shape The Future Of Retail Payments


The two most powerful forces shaping the future of retail payments have nothing to do with payments at all. Retail commerce has had many evolutions over the thousands of years buyers and sellers have engaged in trade. Digital Transforms More Than Payments.

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Why Retailers Are Crowdsourcing Delivery


The general experience can apply to retail goods, including groceries. After all, the principle is the same, no matter the retail sector: using a digital platform that crowdsources from big commerce ecosystems to provide more efficient deliveries of goods. Retail Benefits.

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TRENDING: Real-Time Payments Networks — For Real In Retail?


financial players are still exploring the best practices to offer faster payments to corporate clients. A recent survey of 20 of the nation’s top-60 banks found that there’s a lack of consensus among banks when it comes to managing and charging businesses for real-time payments.

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USAT: Unattended Retail’s (Dawning) Age Of Self-Serve Ubiquity


Evolution is the hallmark of everything that survives over a long period of time — and so it should come as no surprise that unattended retail has evolved, too, over more than a century since the first coin-operated vending machines made their debut in the late 1800s.

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Retailing The Automated Way


The headlines may seem to gravitate toward Amazon Go and the cashless store debate, but automated retail efforts are seen across any number of vendors and settings – from vending machines to big box stores to delivery services. Data: 13: Number of Amazon Go stores in operation.

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Why Amazon And Other Retailers Are Turning To Biometrics


Retail keeps embracing numerous new technologies, and biometrics is not only one of them, but an area of recent growth and development, including via some of the biggest names in commerce. But silence can sometimes be deafening when it comes to Amazon and its plans for the future or retail.

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Can Digitally-Read Emotions Play a Role in Payments and Retail?


Emotions play a significant role in all human endeavors, and that certainly goes for payments and commerce. Indeed, the role of emotions in payments and commerce in this digital age looks sure to grow even more.

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Mastercard Teams With Clothing Retailers To Enable Digital Payments For Factory Workers


Mastercard is aligning with clothing retailers in a global effort to digitally pay factory garment workers to ensure they consistently get paid, the company said in a press release on Thursday (Sept.

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Savvy Online Retailers Add Connected Consumer-Friendly Payment Options


And, whether a service offers streaming or on-demand delivery, it needs to make purchasing and payments as seamless as possible for the consumer. These are just some of the ways that these merchants are evolving to meet the commerce and payments needs of the modern-day connected consumer: .

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Automated Retail Speeds Up Delivery And Checkout


Automated retail might conjure up images of robot cashiers, but beyond a few convenience stores in Japan and Korea, that sci-fi development hasn’t yet become reality for the wider world. The automated retail landscape in the U.S. The most familiar unattended retail model in the U.S.

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Ally Financial Has Milennials to Thank for Its Impressive Retail Deposit Growth

Bank Innovation

s robust marketing strategy for its retail bank has paid off, as the bank today reported that half of its new retail customers were millennials. Ally Financial Inc.’s

Retail’s Voice-Assisted, Meatless Summer


As PYMNTS prepares to BBQ and drink sangria and maybe even hum some union solidarity anthems in honor of this holiday weekend, we ask you to take a few moments to join us on a “greatest-hits tour” of this past summer of retail. One example was provided by retail chain Urban Outfitters.

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Retailers Ask The Fed For Real-Time Payments


The system may eventually shorten the lag time between when a shopper pays with a debit card to when the funds arrive at the retailer, The Wall Street Journal reported. But such a payments system would face some challenges.

Retail 191

Retail Pulse: Luckin Taps Into Automated Retail; Little Caesars To Team With DoorDash


Coffee retailers are tapping into digital technology that helps them grow their reach beyond their stores, especially in China, where competition has been brewing between Chinese coffee chain Luckin Coffee and Starbucks. The retailer’s stock had risen as high as 7 percent on Wednesday (Jan.

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Trending: The New Face Of Kiosk Retail


The August Automated Retail Tracker examines all the latest ways that supermarkets and other retailers are implementing technologies to provide more robust, high-speed services. Around the Automated Retail Wo rld.

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Online Retailers Face New Threats From Hackers


Death, taxes and data breaches – those are perhaps the only sure things in life, and new evidence is emerging that hackers are finding increasing profit in targeting online retailers. That’s hardly the only recent hack involving online retail activity, nor the only form of such criminality.

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Today In Data: Digital Retail Innovation


New technologies bring new opportunities to serve consumers, and retailers are offering their customers more digital options than ever to meet their wants and needs. 56 percent: The percentage of retailers that say they innovate to meet consumer demand for new payment methods.

Unattended retail struggles with mobile payments acceptance

Mobile Payments Today

Mobile payments continue to expand, making it important for operators of unattended retail equipment to invest in the technology. A speaker at the National Automatic Merchandising Association show in Las Vegas urged his fellow industry executives to get on board with the trend

USAT: How Emerging Tech Is Forging Unattended Retail’s Future


To boost the bottom line and get consumers interested, actively engaged and ready to spend, retailers have increasingly been turning to advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to fine-tune businesses — in real time. Improving Operations.

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Why Retailers Are Making mPOS Technology A Top Priority


In the age of digital payments, mobile point of sale systems (POS) are making inroads with the promise of time-saving conveniences for merchants. From Walgreens to HP , retailers and technology providers are embracing the world of mobile payments through the help of point-of-sale technology.

Retail Innovation Has Changed — Can SMBs Keep Up?


Still, it’s striking — or, perhaps, significantly hopeful, in a retail sense — that 65.4 percent of retailers have said they innovate to improve customer loyalty. Payments Drives Innovation. Turn a point of interaction into a payments capable device,” he said.

In UK, Late Payments Report Finds Fault With Big Retailers


The scope of late payments in the United Kingdom continues to be illuminated across government reports. Among the names cited in the report, retailers WHSmith has payment terms that have stretched between 90 days to 120 days, and Boots has terms that range from 75 days to 120 days.

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Beam Links Blockchain, Retail Mobile Payments


Global tech startup Beam Wallet is ready to launch a new mobile payment solution, which will link smartphones and blockchain technology to enable faster and simpler retail payments. In China, 90 percent of consumers use WeChat as payment for offline purchases. Take a place like the UAE, where the phone penetration rate is much higher than average at 228 percent, you’ll find higher rates of mobile payment adoption.