Top 5 Fintech: Silicon Valley Might Meets South Korean Finesse

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MLB Pilots NFC Ticketing For Stadiums


Some baseball fans should have an easier time seeing their favorite teams next season: Major League Baseball (MLB) announced that the Oakland Athletics participated in a new NFC ticketing solution that allowed fans to enter stadium payments by simply tapping their phone (or Apple Watch) to a ticket scanner. The pilot program with the Oakland A’s lasted for a six-game homestand starting Sept.

Payments firm Marqeta to add 175 jobs to boost global presence

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The Oakland-based company plans to add 175 jobs this year, bringing its total to 400 employees by 2020, CEO Jason Gardner said on Wednesday. Fresh off a $260 million Series E funding round, card issuing and processing startup Marqeta is building its team as it expands to new geographies.

Marqeta Sees Opportunity in Europe Thanks to $45 Million in Funding

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Card-issuing platform Marqeta sees a lot of potential in working with challenger banks across Europe, and to fuel this opportunity, the Oakland, Calif.-based

Payment Processor Platform Marqeta to Launch in Canada Next Month

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Based in Oakland, Calif., EXCLUSIVE -Payment card issuing platform Marqeta will be launched in Canada next month and Europe in 2018, Marqeta’s CEO, Jason Gardner told Bank Innovation. Marqeta uses open API technology to process payment cards, virtual cards and mobile authorization products.

Goldman Sachs To Acquire Credit Card Company Final

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Oakland-based Final is a credit card service, which announced that it would close its card portfolio back in December. Goldman Sachs has agreed to purchase fintech startup firm Final, as a part of its efforts to expand in retail-banking products. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

First United in Md. Seeking $9.3M in Rights Offering

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First United in Oakland, Md., is looking to raise up to $9.3 million through a rights offering. breaking_news capital strategic-alternatives md community-banking

Executives, Directors Resign at Community Bank of the Bay in Calif.

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Two executives and two directors have resigned from Community Bank of the Bay in Oakland, Calif. breaking_news people recruitment ca community-banking

AAA’s Gig Car Sharing Service Now Live In Bay Area


According to a report in TechCrunch , Gig comes out of A3 Ventures, AAA’s venture capital unit with the car sharing service which takes users one way and is now open in Oakland and Berkley. Once the person is done with the car they can leave it at any public parking lot or metered parking space in Oakland and Berkley, noted TechCrunch. In the future, Gig plans to have parking stalls near the BART stations in Oakland and Berkley.

Ripple Asks Court To Dismiss XRP Securities Lawsuit


The class-action suit was filed in Oakland by investors who feel they lost money after Ripple prompted them to buy XRP, which is important to Ripple’s business model.

ICBA Community Bankers of the Year

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Summit Bank, Oakland, Calif. ICBA inaugurated its Community Banker of the Year award program this year to recognize the exceptional work of the individual employees of ICBA member community banks.

2014 ICBA Community Banker of the Year Awards Video

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Founder, chairman and CEO of Summit Bank, Oakland, Calif. The 2014 ICBA Community Banker of the Year Awards are sponsored by D+H. link]. Community bankers rarely work alone but instead are members of dynamic teams of entrepreneurs and visionaries.

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10.3.17 Your morning briefing

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Today: Shake Shack opens a cashless location; Revolut CEO apologizes for glitch; Consumers may not trust PSD2's data sharing; Oakland As test NFC stadium entry. The information you need to start your day, from PaymentsSource and around the Web. Briefing

Lyft eBikes Return To SF After Battery Fire Investigation


The ridesharing company pulled the eBikes off the road in San Francisco — as well as San Jose and Oakland — in July after several reported battery fires. Lyft is bringing its electric bikes back to San Francisco after the company had to stop the service due to several battery fires.

Ex-Uber Employees Launch Cloud Kitchen Startup


The startup, which is located in Oakland, California, aims to facilitate food deliveries for nearby restaurants that receive high volumes of orders from delivery companies like Uber Eats.

02.13.17: Your morning briefing

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Today: PayPal halts Canadian media payment after Syrian story; WeChat and Starbucks extend their partnership; Pepper the Robot arrives in Oakland; Russians arrest more suspects in hacking scheme. Welcome to the new PaymentsSource Morning Briefing, delivered daily. The information you need to start your day, including top headlines from PaymentsSource and around the Web.

Michigan Approves Charter For First LGBT Credit Union


Michigan has approved a charter for a new financial institution designed for LGBT customers. Superbia Credit Union will offer products such as loans for transgender people in the process of transitioning, said Myles Meyers, founder of New York-based Superbia Services Inc.,

Building from Scratch

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Bank Headquarters: Oakland, Calif. Like a craftsman bricklayer steadily assembling a sturdy house, Nelson built her successful career and her community bank in Oakland, Calif., “I love being around people, and people are what community banking is all about.” Shirley Nelson, Summit Bank.

Raiders Stadium Caught In Contractor Non-Payment Lawsuit


National Football League franchise the Oakland Raiders has been named in a lawsuit amid allegations of non-payment for construction on the team’s new stadium in Las Vegas.

PayPal, Kiva Team To Launch New Tools For Small Business Month


The events will take place in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, Omaha, Oakland, Portland (Ore.), PayPal has announced the launch of its inaugural PayPal Small Business Month, aimed at bringing a new level of engagement to small and underserved businesses and their communities.

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Uniqlo Launches Clothing Vending Machines


Places that can expect to see these machines will be in New York, Houston, Oakland, Calif., Retail is undergoing a transitional time and merchants are starting to implement more innovative ways of attracting consumers. One of the latest companies looking to take a new approach to reaching consumers in a more convenient fashion is Japan-based clothing retailer Uniqlo with the launch of its vending machines.

The Solar Industry’s Most Active Investors

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The most active backers are diverse, from French energy utility company Engie — which operates multiple nuclear energy reactors — to Oakland’s Powerhouse, an incubator with a notable focus on the solar industry.

End of an Era: It’s Hard to Say Goodbye to Mortgage Banking Magazine’s Janet Hewitt

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Here’s what she had to say: “I was born and raised in Oakland, Calif., My family used to go to games in Candlestick Park, but then Oakland got its own team, the Oakland A’s. I even have a baseball cap that my dad gave me that is half Giants and half Oakland A’s.

eCommerce Boosts The Warehouse Rental Industry


the market that saw the greatest inflation was that of Oakland, with a 29.8 With the boom of any industry comes the rise of equal — and sometimes greater — cottage industries. For eCommerce, this has meant breathing life back into the once-lagging business of warehouse. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal notes that rental rates for warehouse space in the U.S. jumped 9.9 percent from 2014 to 2015, according to real estate brokerage firm CBRE.

Amazon Takes Territory In US And Beyond


Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Detroit, Austin, Boston and Chicago. This Bay Area city advertised ample office options at one-half to one-quarter the price of nearby Oakland and San Francisco. Amazon’s empire just keeps getting bigger, and although it’s conquered much digital territory, we’re actually talking about its geographical empire this time. In addition to the second headquarters Amazon plans to build in whichever U.S.

Uber To Vertically Take Off And Land


Holden used the congestion and traffic commute between San Francisco and Oakland to promote his concept, claiming that the commute could be reduced to nine minutes for fliers in a VTOL aircraft. Driverless cars once seemed an impossibility, but Uber has made them a reality in Pittsburgh , where it has introduced a fleet of autonomous cars. Now, Uber is presenting the idea of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft as a new form of short-haul transportation.

More Retailers Are Checking Into Hotels In Search Of Innovation


West Elm, another furniture store, says it will open its first hotel next year — later than originally planned — but has locations coming in Detroit; Minneapolis; Indianapolis; Oakland, Calif.;

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Apple App Appeal


The case was thrown out by a federal judge in Oakland, California, but the San Francisco 9th U.S. The U.S. Supreme Court decided on Monday (June 18) to hear Apple ‘s appeal of a lower court ruling that accused the company of running afoul of antitrust laws by being a monopoly player in the market for iPhone software apps.

Changes Loom Around The (Crowded) World Of Food Delivery


The startup, located in Oakland, California, aims to facilitate food deliveries for nearby restaurants that receive high volumes of orders from delivery companies like Uber Eats. As the year winds down — and people are more tempted to order food delivery thanks to bad weather or the simple desire to relax during the holiday season — questions about what’s next for the crowded food delivery space are increasing.

National Small Business Week Celebrates the American Entrepreneurial Spirit


This year’s National Small Business Week , themed “SBA: Dream Big, Start Small,” will include special events in Atlanta, New York, Denver, Phoenix, San Jose, Oakland and Washington, D.C. Guest Post By Maria Contreras-Sweet, Administrator of the U.S.

Why Libraries Are Giving Up On Late Fees


Paul, Minnesota; Dallas, Texas; and Oakland, California – in what has become known of late as the library fee amnesty movement that has been quietly (they are libraries after, all) picking up steam in 2019. It has happened to all but the most organized among us.

Are QR Codes The Salvation Army’s Digital Salvation?


He thought this idea was adaptable to his situation, and so he got permission to place a brass pot in the Oakland ferry landing with a sign that said “Keep the Pot Boiling.”.

Can Lime Make Consumers Feel Safer About Scooters And Bikes?


Large billboards will go into these markets: San Francisco/Oakland, Columbus, Dallas, San Diego, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Reno and Nashville. Scooters are so retro that they are almost brand new.

10 Early-Stage eSports Startups To Watch

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Headquarters: Oakland, California. eSports startups account for a large slice of funding to the broader gaming landscape, and have received significant investment and press coverage in recent years.

Deja Vu, All Over Again


The city of Oakland, California is the latest municipality to sue one of the nation’s largest banks, accusing Wells Fargo ( WFC ) of allegedly steering minority borrowers into higher-cost loans, which caused rampant foreclosures and neighborhood blight. Here we go again.

Wish They All Could Be California Bots


And then there is Oakland-based Boxbot, founded by ex-Uber and Tesla engineers and backed by Toyota AI Ventures.

Helping Merchants Chalk Up X-Border Commerce Wins


Signs of the Golden State Warriors’ recent success are far from contained within the NBA team’s hometown of Oakland. The global appeal of the Warriors – and their record-breaking season and superstar 3-point shooter Steph Curry – has earned them fans all across the world.

50+ Startups Tackling Sports Stadium Technology

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The Oakland As, for example, are looking to build out a new tech team to “revitalize systems and infrastructure that power the fan experience” at the ballpark. Sports stadiums are facing an uphill battle for fans’ attention.

Can A Digital Platform Make The Grade With Teachers Trying To Buy Homes?


Talk with old-timers from the Bay Area – or people approaching old-timey status – and there’s a good chance you’ll hear stories, lamentations and rants about how that metro area used to have a solid blue-collar feel, and how San Francisco, Oakland and the surrounding cities were pleasant and affordable for middle-class families.

Grocery Tracker: Food Markets’ Lag In Online Presence


In San Francisco, Oakland and Albany, California, consumers voted to see a one-cent-per-ounce tax on all sugary beverages, joining Berkeley, California, which instated a similar tax two years ago. Grocery retailer Winn-Dixie opened a second location of its next-gen, upscale store concept in Tampa, Florida, in the beginning of November. The remodeled store focuses on organic, local and prepared products.

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Changing the Conversation About Income Volatility


The tour will wrap up later this year in Oakland, Calif., According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, the group of workers whose incomes rise and fall by as much as 25 percent over the course of a year is mostly made up of hourly workers in retail and gig economy workers. But while they make up a large segment of those affected by income volatility, they are far from alone.

The Metal Shopping Cart’s High Tech Makeover


The owner of the Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain in Oakland, California, Goldman pondered how customers would be able to move the groceries they were purchasing, dreaming up the shopping cart as the answer. Groundbreaking, innovative, trailblazing — these aren’t the type of adjectives you would think of to describe the typical shopping cart that gets pushed around physical stores. In fact, most of them look pretty similar from store to store.

Stop extreme cash and stop it now

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