REPORT: Payment Tech Tops FIs’ Innovation Agendas


However, financial institutions (FIs) are getting better at separating vital areas of innovation from the hype. Banks are increasingly focusing on the fundamentals when determining their innovation agendas.

Where Credit Unions Invest To Get The Best ROI


This means CUs must be carefully attuned to member’s financial needs and the innovations they want most as CUs invest in new products and services aimed at improving the way members engage with their FIs. Most CUs strive to delive r a simple, personalized user experience.

Why Drive, Not Size, Is Key To FI Innovation


When it comes to technological innovation, however, the smaller players have long been outgunned by larger FIs and their sizable IT budgets. Today, small banks are more aggressive and ambitious in their innovation strategies than medium-sized and large FIs.

YES BANK On Developing APIs For Speedy, Scalable Service


For corporations that want to stay ahead of the competition, innovation is a must, but developing and supporting a payment solution can prove challenging. Many crave greater opportunities to administer their solutions and control the user experience.

How Innovation Priorities Are Evolving for FIs


But how much are FIs really investing in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) compared to more foundational innovations? The latest Innovation Readiness Playbook looks at where FIs have been focusing over the past three years and what their plans are for the near future.

In Banking Innovation, Eyeing The Needs Of The ‘Digital Native’


Depending on where you look, the chasm yawns wide when it comes to innovating with new technologies or features. It might be the case that as institutions scale larger, caution increases too — at least when it comes to innovation. percent of mid-sized firms plan to focus on innovation.

FinServ At The Intersection Of ‘Expertise, Functionality And Experience’


For Fiserv, a focus on financial services innovation means a focus on the end-user experience. Last year, the company won not one but two awards at the PYMNTS Innovation Project 2016 Awards, nabbing Gold for Best Check Innovation and Gold for Best Debit Innovation. This year, Fiserv is nominated for yet another PYMNTS Innovation Project award, this time for the NACHA Best Innovation in ACH Award.

Chinese #InsurTech Update featuring big moves by Alibaba and Tencent plus the increasing opening up of Chinese Insurance market to foreign firms

Daily Fintech

According to data released from the Wechat team, the number of Wechat daily active users reached 902 million in September, 2017, which is a 17% YoY growth. It is clear that Tencent is in no rush to push forward their insurance strategy. Consumer’s shopping experience is not impacted.

Finovate Fall 2016 Live Blog – Day 1

William Mills

User can add accounts and turn accounts on and off. User friendly, easily digestible bites. Also a pretty good customer experience. The network lets the user ask family and friends to HELP the user buy something. How can you preserve the digital user experience?