How B2B Payments Balances Compliance With A Better User Experience


one of the largest FinTech hubs of the world today, initiatives like Open Banking demonstrate the opportunity for regulatory mandates to encourage innovation and competition — even in markets where such regulatory mandates don’t exist. Achieving A Better User Experience.

Citi Explores The Real-Time Payments User Experience


The payments industry has been riding the wave of shifting consumer habits and demands, placing the end-user experience at the forefront of new products, services and infrastructure. Those users, both consumers and businesses, aren’t just demanding choice, however. What’s so important about open banking, though, is its opportunity to usher in those value-added services and transform the broader user experience. The Best Experience Is No Experience.


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Accounts Receivable Realigns Its Focus To User Experience


The last decade of B2B FinTech innovation not only led to an explosion of product options for businesses to manage a variety of processes, including accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP) and accounting.

New Canadian Digital-Only Bank Banking On User Experience


The challenge for the bank will be remaining competitive when the interest rate is ultimately dialed back and the offering itself – namely its features and user experience — need to steer the ship. The focus for us has to be customer experience,” Dickinson explained of the pause due to speed of growth. “It’s But I think we’re just trying to find a few things that fix the experience, like getting rid of the old construct of checking versus savings,” he said.

Survey shows that tools with strong user experience are key to better risk management across the enterprise

Insights on Business

In the current complex regulatory environment (see Figure 1), and with growing costs associated with reporting, Know Your Customer (KYC), sanctions and the like, it is important to have effective and user-friendly governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tools that staff will readily adopt and use. User experience, or relative effective ease-of-use, is a key driver of engagement. Banking Featured Carousel Featured Homepage FinTech IBM RegTech Innovations

Finding Front- And Back-Office Flexibility In SMB Banking


The small business FinTech arena continues to blossom as more developers explore ways to address a market historically underserved by traditional financial institutions (FIs). “We think of the user experience as critical and want to apply this philosophy on the business side.”

User Experience Design: Insights for Credit Unions


When choosing fintech options, credit unions are uniquely positioned to select products that not only provide state-of-the-art options to their members, but that distinguish credit union value propositions from other financial institutions. This report provides insights for credit unions to leverage their core principles when designing the interface that becomes the customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX).

How Apple Card Brings ‘Existential Crisis’ To Smaller FIs


With the recent launch of the Apple Card , Apple has sent a signal that they seek to offer a better user experience than banks. That’s especially true as issuers are no longer just competing with one another, but are increasingly going head-to-head with FinTechs and Big Tech , as digital is what drives their business and the value they deliver to consumers. Banks are still able to use their legacy systems to honor that notification, but the user experience is far superior.”.

Apple 210

POP, POS, BNPL – Oh My! (Part 1)


Customer Acquisition and Retention Instant Decisioning Trends customer experience customer satisfaction fintech innovation loan underwriting personal financial management user experienceThe post POP, POS, BNPL – Oh My! Part 1) appeared first on Zoot Solutions.

Provident Bank Chooses Gro Solutions, Boosts its Mobile-first User-Experience

ABA Community Banking

To increase its digital platform capability by seeking to deliver a “fast and intuitive” mobile experience Bank Performance Feature Management Technology Customers Branch Technology/ATMs Mobile Feature3 Fintech Financial Trends Mortgage/CRE Tech Management.

ATM 40

Partner Spotlight: Finicity


Data Acquisition Merchant Acquisition Operational Efficiency Partner Spotlight alternative data customer experience customer satisfaction digital banking fintech innovation online banking user experienceThe post Partner Spotlight: Finicity appeared first on Zoot Solutions.

CBA Live 2019: Top 5 Takeaways


Customer Acquisition and Retention Customer Experience Regulations Trends customer experience customer satisfaction digital banking fintech innovation user experienceThe post CBA Live 2019: Top 5 Takeaways appeared first on Zoot Solutions.

POP, POS, BNPL – Oh My! (Part 2)


Customer Acquisition and Retention Instant Decisioning Trends customer experience customer satisfaction fintech innovation loan underwriting personal financial management user experienceThe post POP, POS, BNPL – Oh My! Part 2) appeared first on Zoot Solutions.

REPORT: Payment Tech Tops FIs’ Innovation Agendas


According to PYM NTS’ research, 57 percent of all FIs will focus on this area over the next three years, making it the highest item on an agenda that also includes user experience, consumer engagement, and fraud and security. A significant share of FIs will turn their focus in a different direction, however, to user experience (UX) — how users interface with banking products and features.

REPORT: Why 78 Pct Of FIs Say They Struggle To Innovate


It could be that smaller banks are more agile in pursuing FinTech innovations like cloud-based payment platforms, whereas larger banks are more likely to be weighed down by decades-old legacy processors. Innovation Bank Innovation Banks Consumer Engagement CORE PROCESSING data analytics Featured News FI FinTech i2C Innovation Readiness Playbook IT infrastructure News payment technology real time payments Security user experience

Transferwise’s Käärmann: User Experience And Speed Matter Just As Much As Fees

CB Insights

Can’t make the Future of Fintech conference? High fees and bad customer experience were taken for granted in the remittance space for a long time, said Kristo Käärmann, CEO of Transferwise, who experienced the frustrations of … Continued. Fintech Future of Fintech 2017 PaymentsSign up to watch the livestream.

Banks Are Missing The Point—Alternative Lending Is About More Than User Experience

CB Insights

Can’t make the Future of Fintech conference? Alternative lending platforms deliver an automated end-to-end loan experience from application and origination to underwriting and servicing. Future of Fintech 2017Sign up to watch the livestream. Essentially, these kinds of companies sit at the intersection of … Continued.

Traditional FIs Drive Modernization Through FinTech Pairings


In this week's roundup of bank-FinTech collaboration and open banking initiatives, Citi embraces the unlocking of account data to third-party FinTechs, while WEX weighs in on opportunity for banks to take advantage of partnerships.

Banks Team Up With FinTechs To Boost The Business Experience


BNP Paribas is collaborating with open banking FinTech Token to launch Instanea , its instant payments offering for merchant clients across Europe. More open banking initiatives are emerging with a focus on business customers, even in markets in which open banking regulations are nonexistent.

Frictionless finance with fintech


Frictionless finance with fintech on BankNXT. Banking Fintech Mobile & Online UX Alibaba Ant Financial apps Chris Skinner user experienceWhat's the difference between Chinese and American internet giants? Chris Skinner takes a look, and focuses on Alibaba and its mobile app ecosystem.

Digital lending fintech enters auto

Bank Innovation

LAS VEGAS — Bank of Oklahoma has adopted Blend’s digital lending platform, the fintech announced at the 2019 Auto Finance Summit. Blend’s platform is designed to simplify user experience for the consumer to drive increases in completed online applications and funding rates. Blend’s technology uses verified data to eliminate steps and the passing around of documents,” said Olivia […]. Carousel Lending Premium Retail Banking Startups Auto Finance News Blend

5 things fintech entrepreneurs need to know to get ahead


James Allgrove provides five tips that will help fintech entrepreneurs take their startup to the next level. 5 things fintech entrepreneurs need to know to get ahead on BankNXT. Fintech Payments entrepreneur innovation investing James Allgrove money transfer startups user experience

Reimagining the first line of defense with next-gen GRC

Insights on Business

First line of defense business users have increasingly come to realize that risk is not only everyone’s responsibility but also a key part of business operations today. Firms are looking for GRC solutions that are accurate in their risk reporting, flexible in adapting to regulatory change, and easy enough to use so that they can be deployed to large numbers of users without extensive training. How a reimagined user experience in IBM OpenPages with Watson 8.0

3 ways BI is changing the game for fintech


Fintech is becoming an increasingly competitive market. The post 3 ways BI is changing the game for fintech appeared first on Dataconomy. BI & Analytics Data Science FinTech Business Intelligence Cyber Security fintech Marketing and Sales User ExperienceA KPMG analysis saw investments decline in 2016 and investors are now more cautious about betting on segments that are becoming saturated.

PayFacs Are The New ISOs


Merchant Experience Is Priority One. When people say ISOs are threatened by payment facilitators, what they’re really saying is … we’re able to deliver a much better merchant experience with a lot more value at a much lower cost than a pure ISO.”. FinTech companies — PayPal, Square, Stripe, WePay — have gravitated toward that model because what they’re innovating on is merchant experience, or user experience,” said Aberman. “In

Partner Or Compete? Banks Can Take Hybrid Approach With FinTech Innovation


Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told analysts that his firm, and other banks , should be scared “s—tless” by FinTechs. So, banks versus FinTechs may shape up to be the battle of the roaring 2020s. Digital Banking Banks Featured News FinTech i2C Innovation News pymnts tv video

7 ideas fintech startups can use to win consumers


Eric Moeller highlights seven useful tips for fintech startups that should make switching bank accounts a more attractive proposition for consumers. 7 ideas fintech startups can use to win consumers on BankNXT. Banking Fintech Mobile & Online UX consumer banking Eric Moeller startups user experience

UX strategy in banking and financial services in 2018


As we roll further into 2018, thoughts inevitably turn to the big themes we might expect (and hope) to see for user experience in the financial services industry. Banking Fintech UX APIs challenger banks cryptocurrency digital trends open banking PSD2 user experienceStory by Tom Evans. UX strategy in banking and financial services in 2018 on BankNXT.

UX 66

The banking UX revolution happened when you weren’t looking


Banking Fintech UX business culture startups user experienceSome people describe the digital era as fluffy, says Leda Glyptis, but they're missing the UX revolution that's happening right in front of them. The banking UX revolution happened when you weren’t looking on BankNXT.

UX 76

Can FinTechs Get Through A Turbulent Market?


What will happen to all those firms that built a new take on financial services around a slick app, a better and faster onboarding users experience?

Four fascinating facts about challenger bank users


So you think you know challenger bank users? Devie Mohan shares some interesting facts about challenger bank users that may surprise you. Four fascinating facts about challenger bank users on BankNXT. Banking Fintech UX bank branches challenger banks user experience

The Pandemic’s Push For The FI/FinTech ‘Win-Win’


Kikkeri said that’s why FIs must consider how to leverage their FinTech partnerships and push to market the digital services that customers have become habituated to in the past six months. That’s where FinTechs can come in.

Idaho 224

Turning Compliance Burden Into FinTech-Regulator Collaboration


Lithuania wants to become a global FinTech powerhouse. In recent years, the market has gone from one struggling with high financial illiteracy and limited card acceptance, to a bright spot in Europe for FinTech innovation.

Atom Bank app – a flawed effort


The Atom Bank user interface for the Android platform leaves much to be desired when it comes to an intuitive user experience, says Daoud Fakhri. Banking Fintech Mobile & Online UX Daoud Fakhri mobile money services retail banking user experience layerAtom Bank app – a flawed effort on BankNXT.

Massachusetts Mutual To Buy FinTech RIA Platform Flourish


Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) has agreed with Stone Ridge Asset Management , which has over $10 billion in assets under management (AUM), for MassMutual to acquire FinTech registered investment advisor (RIA) platform Flourish , according to a press release.