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Augmented Reality Growth Fueled by Chinese Investments


One of the new realities of augmented reality is this: the technology is attracting more investment from China than from sources in North America.

The digital divide: inclusion must not create exclusion

Chris Skinner

I have one slight concern as we go cashless, having experienced it myself. You cannot go cashless if it does not include everyone. I had this experience in China.

Advancing Innovation in the Global Financial Services Industry

Insights on Business

IBM RegTech Innovations. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and cybersecurity are poised to transform the financial services industries.

How Apple's update may turn the payments space on its head

Mobile Payments Today

Recent changes to how Apple deals with the NFC chip in the iPhone and Apple Watch presents a world of opportunities

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In Fight Against Human Trafficking, FIs Turn To AI


Most people today think of slavery as a barbaric system from a bygone era, but for millions of victims around the world, it continues to be a day-to-day reality.

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What is digital transformation?

Chris Skinner

We talk about platform companies, and many use the famous TechCrunch quote to illustrate this: Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory.

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Rebeca Romero Rainey: Community bankers take the high road

Independent Banker

“Your character, integrity and strong reputations will continue to serve you well.”.

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As The Dawn Of 5G Nears, Will It Be All That?


5G is coming. Now if we can just figure out what it’s good for. That’s a little bit unfair, but it does reflect some of the talk around the mobile connectivity standard. What types of business will it support? What will emerge as the “killer use case” for payments and commerce?

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Research lays bare the banking issue

Chris Skinner

A new study of the 50 largest banking groups in the UK and Europe has revealed that although profits have increased, future profitability is at significant risk.

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New Entrant Tries to Crack Digital Gifting

Bank Innovation

Digital money movement is convenient, and works well for utilitarian scenarios like paying bills and reimbursing friends, but falls a bit flat for gifting. It lacks ceremony. It's cold.

Global Carrier Billing Summit: Round Up

Mobile Payments Today

Carriers, payment integrators and merchants from around the world met up in London last week at the Global Carrier Billing Summit to share their progress and provide updates

Curve Aims To Become The Amazon Of Banking


An Amazon of banking? That’s the description — perhaps clichéd but still apt — applied to FinTech firm Curve , which is on the hunt for $50 million in fresh capital, according to recent comments made by CEO Shachar Bialick to CNBC.

If you think it’s evolution and not revolution, think again

Chris Skinner

Another regular argument I’m having is whether digital is a revolution or evolution. I firmly believe it is revolutionary. When industries are being rebuilt from the ground-up with new technologies and new business models, then it is a revolution.

Bank of America Mobile App Now Allows Seamless Connection to Merrill Edge

Bank Innovation

One of the biggest impediments for banks in acing customer service and user experience is being unable to seamlessly manage cross-product, cross-channel interactions.

Mobile carriers will have large role to play in IoT, payments with 5G

Mobile Payments Today

Video, gaming, AI, robotic, AR/VR platform CIOs and CTOs looking to embrace newer digital transformation solutions should look holistically within the mobile infrastructure ecosystems, and tag the mobile telecom operator as a strategic partner

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Unpacking Smart Packaging’s Insights And Engagement Promises


Consumers interact with product packaging on a daily basis. Packaged goods often reach consumers’ hands after traveling across oceans and being shipped between manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Ten years of payments changes: a lookback

Chris Skinner

I was recently asked by TSYS to write a piece celebrating ten years of payments changes, as they are celebrating their ten year birthday of ngenuity, TSYS’s payments magazine. So I wrote something.

Avoka Wins the Business of Credit Union Serving the Tech Community

Bank Innovation

First Tech Federal Credit Union, a Mountain View, Calif.-based based financial institution that services companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, are updating 47 of the CU’s banking products and services.

Mobile Payments 101: Retail

Mobile Payments Today

The world of mobile payments has changed significantly over the past decade – and particularly over the past few years as smartphones and other mobile devices have become ubiquitous. In this report, we will review some of the main themes and trends in the mobile payments market

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Inventor Of The Web, Tim Berners-Lee, Wants To Take It Back


What would one say about a computer geek who said he could protect their online identity , and while doing do would make a bold move against the likes of Facebook and Google ? What would one say if that person happened to be the inventor of the World Wide Web?

Things worth reading: 2nd October 2018

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Euro slides after Italian lawmaker mentions return to own currency Tesco Bank fined £16.4m


New Season, New Products from Square, N26, Credit Karma, and Newcomer Sila

Bank Innovation

It’s officially Fall, and financial services companies are taking to this new season with a fresh batch of new products and services. Payments company Square today launched Square Installments.

FaceCoin: Here’s What Facebook Could Build In Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

CB Insights

Could blockchain be an answer to scandal-plagued Facebook? It’s starting to look like it. A variety of different signals point to Facebook getting serious about blockchain and digital currency. Download our 78-page report on the future of the blockchain.

Uber CEO Eyes ‘Portable Benefits’ For Drivers


Uber ’s CEO revealed that the company is looking into offering its drivers health insurance and other benefits through a “portable” system that would cover contractors from job to job.

Things worth reading: 1st October 2018

Chris Skinner

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Western Union Discovers New Ways for an Old Business

Bank Innovation

Aside from the theoretical mention of blockchain technology, there haven’t been many major changes in cross-border money movement technology.

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What The Largest Global Fintech Can Teach Us About What’s Next In Financial Services

CB Insights

Ant Financial was initially launched to support online payments. Today, it’s the largest fintech player globally.

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Bitcoin: 10 Years Of Smoke And Mirrors


The end of this month, Oct. 31, 2018, will mark the 10th anniversary of the day that a link to a paper , authored by Satoshi Nakamoto , describing the digital currency called bitcoin was first publicly circulated.

The Finanser’s Week: 24th September – 30th September 2018

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Breaking through the barricades I blog a lot about banks needing to change and adapt. I do not blog about the end of banks and I do not predict that banks will be destroyed.

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How Startups Help Insurers and Banks in the Wake of Disasters Such as Hurricane Florence

Bank Innovation

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, communities are struggling to rebuild, and banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies are at the center of this process. Giving tech, which facilitates charitable giving, could play an important role for banks. Goodcoin, a Charleston, S.C.-based

Tech Cos Confront The Ethics Of AI

CB Insights

Artificial intelligence is having a growing impact on our health, education, security, and economy.

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Google Assistant Can Now Book Users An Uber, Lyft Ride


Google Assistant can now help users book a car from Uber , Lyft , Ola , Grab , GO-JEK and other ridesharing services.

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Things worth reading: 4th October 2018

Chris Skinner

Millennials Prefer Venmo to Cash, Duh

Bank Innovation

A new report shows that millennials use Venmo more than they use ATMs as if there was any doubt that to this audience an app like Venmo is a prime method of payment.

How Saudi Arabia Is Hedging Against An Oil-Less Future

CB Insights

Saudi Arabia — the largest exporter of oil in the world — is investing in electric vehicles. The country’s sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF), was the first Saudi-based investor to enter the EV space.

New Jersey Shows The Good And Bad Of Gambling Payments Progress


It’s a good time to be a sports gambler. Football. Hockey. Baseball playoffs. The upcoming Netball 2018 Sunshine Series featuring Jamaica vs. England.

How to monetize your data in the right way