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Mastercard Will No Longer Require Signatures On Cards, Receipts


Mastercard, the payments company, announced on Thursday (Oct. 18) that cardholder signatures will now be optional for the back of credit cards and receipts. In a press release , Mastercard said it is making the changes due to advancements in technology and security.

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11:FS launches Banking-as-a-Service

Chris Skinner

I don’t normally share press releases or advertorial, because this is my blog and it’s meant to be neutral and independent, but I have a stake in 11:FS and so this is different.

Capitalizing on Open Banking as a catalyst for digital transformation

Insights on Business

There’s a new normal in financial services. Regulations such as the second payment services directive (PSD2) and the Open Banking project spearheaded by the UK’s Competition and Market Authority (CMA) are driving disruption in the banking value chain.

Leveraging digital wallets to tap into revenue opportunities

Mobile Payments Today

A recent study conducted by ath Power Consulting revealed that banks and credit unions are the most favored providers of digital payment services. How can financial institutions capitalize on it

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Visa Accelerates Tokenization Of Credentials On File For Digital Payments


Visa announced today the commercial expansion of its Visa Token Service for “credential-on-file token requestors.”

Open Banking has arrived, whether you like it or not

Chris Skinner

Ten years ago, I was presenting the concept of Banking-as-a-Service, with the idea that I could find a wide range of plug-and-play software in a cloud-based marketplace, and build my own bank by bringing these pieces of code together into an easy-to-use banking service.

Your everything IBM at Sibos guide

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The Sibos conference in Sydney is less than a week away. It’s time to pack those bags and hop on a plane. While you’re planning, make sure to book some time with IBM.

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North Korean Hacking Group Lazarus Takes In $571M


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It’s all about the data

Chris Skinner

Just continuing on the theme of how different industries can learn from each other, I used to work for NCR. NCR had several major industries they served: retailers, airlines, telcos and banks.

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Transforming payments and creating new value chains with open banking

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Open banking at its core is about empowering the end customers as the owners of their data and enabling organizations to work together — through APIs — creating new value chains to produce better products and services. It is that simple.

Keeping it personal in a digital banking world

Mobile Payments Today

Digital channels are being widely accepted by today's consumers, but with this adoption comes the increase in impersonal transactions through online and mobile banking, drastically impacting the traditional model of building relationships

How Much Of The Consumer’s Paycheck Goes To Amazon?


In 2009, consumers first coined the term “Whole Paycheck” as a tongue-in-cheek way to describe the sticker shock many felt when looking at their receipts after a shopping trip to Whole Foods. Whole Foods is, of course, the organic grocery chain that Amazon bought for $13.7 billion in June 2017.

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Customer intelligent marketing is not a scary thing

Chris Skinner

I grew up as a marketing guy. My first career roles were in marketing. I was trained by Kotler and Drucker, and still hold true to first principles of marketing: the 4 P’s or, if you’re not a marketing person, product, price, place and promotion.

Don’t miss these IBM sessions at Money20/20

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As we head into Money20/20 next week, I want to make sure you are aware of the best ways to engage with IBM at the conference.

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Podcast Episode 13: The Power of Loyalty Programs & Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments Today

Host Will Hernandez, discusses the power of loyalty programs and how they relate to mobile payments, with Zachary Goldstein, CEO of Thanx. He also discusses restaurants in the mobile space, with Shelly Whitehead, from Pizza Marketplace and QSRweb

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Nationwide Study: SMB Owners Lax About IoT Security Risk


For smaller firms, the IoT has its lures and its dangers.

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Banks can learn from airlines

Chris Skinner

The CEO of Australian bank Westpac says that we could all learn something from the airline industry. I agree, so here’s a learning story from United Airlines. Last week, I was having a moan on twitter about them.

Know Your Country: Keeping pace with the sanctions tsunami

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During the last few months, the current U.S. administration has repeatedly utilized economic sanctions to further its foreign policy objectives.

The Evolution of Lending Through Fintech

Bank Innovation

The lending market is going through some major, rapid changes, and it’s more exciting than ever for consumers looking for attractive deals on their loans.

Fraudsters Prize Payment Via iTunes, Walmart Gift Cards


A new report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that fraudsters are increasingly requesting to be paid with gift cards, with some even asking for certain brands such as Google Play and iTunes gift cards.

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Things worth reading: 19th October 2018

Chris Skinner


Carrier billing in 2018: Middle East & North Africa

Mobile Payments Today

This market report gives an overview of the mobile payments landscape of the Middle East and North Africa. It covers 10 markets where Fortumo has coverage. These markets are (by population): Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain

Consumers Would Be Comfortable Using Google or Apple For Taking Out Loans, Survey Finds

Bank Innovation

Banks need not fear large technology companies like Google or Apple taking their business.

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Tapping Into The Digital Economy With Restaurant Innovations


In a bid to serve customers through digital channels, quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are rolling out new innovations. These technologies bring more options for consumers to order and pay for their meals, such as kiosks and mobile ordering.

Things worth reading: 16th October 2018

Chris Skinner

Blockchain, Inc: A Look At The Ownerless Company Of Tomorrow

CB Insights

It’s no secret that everyone from small startups to m ajor corporations is jumping on the blockchain trend.

T-Mobile, with 76 Million Customers, Taps BankMobile for Banking Services

Bank Innovation

BankMobile, the mobile-first bank launched and (still) owned by Customers Bank, appears to have scored T-Mobile as client. BankMobile indicated in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it will provide banking products to T-Mobile's 76 million customers in the U.S.

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Menswear Brands Get An Online Spotlight With Deal-Of-The-Day Platforms


Small menswear brands, even some that are considered to be medium or large, might face a challenge when it comes to marketing: How do they get in front of consumers?

Things worth reading: 15th October 2018

Chris Skinner

21 Lessons From Jeff Bezos’ Annual Letters To Shareholders

CB Insights

Today, Amazon is a hugely successful, precedent-breaking company. The online bookseller didn’t turn a profit for six years — today, it’s the second publicly traded company ever to hit a $1T market cap. GET THE 64-PAGE AMAZON strategy REPORT.

Crowdfunding, investing, & listing – DESICO for STOs

Daily Fintech

Interesting times! I am not referring to politics but financial markets both the traditional stakeholders and the disruptors. From Roubini lashing out on the crypto ecosystem, to Morgan Stanley gearing up to trade crypto derivatives, and Circle buying crowdfunding and broker-dealer Seedinvest.

Citi, HSBC Join Bank Group In Global Trade Finance Effort


Citi , HSBC and Banco Santander are among seven major global banks that are banding together to form a cross-border trade finance network, Reuters reported Thursday (Oct.

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Things worth reading: 18th October 2018

Chris Skinner

FSS Payment Gateway Emerges on Top at Great Indian Sale

Mobile Payments Today

FSS Payment Gateway processed an approximate 14.7M transactions this festive season

Disrupting Trick-Or-Treat: 80+ Investor-Backed Candy Brands Taking On Halloween

CB Insights

From costumes to decorations, spending on Halloween in the United States is projected to reach $9B in 2018. Candy alone is projected to reach $2.6B in sales. While M&Ms, Hersheys, and Twix dominate Halloween candy sales, old and new players are reinventing the candy experience for consumers.

Supply Chain Management Fuels IoT Investment Boom


A new study is predicting that Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will see a major boost in investment over the next five years, mostly due to projects in inventory and supply chain management.

Things worth reading: 17th October 2018

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Why your fraudster could be getting better customer service at the bank than you are ECB Bank Watchdog Race Intensifies With Donnery Gaining Momentum City watchdog extends access to dispute resolution service for small firms after string of bank scandals Banking chiefs at HSBC … The post Things worth reading: 17th October 2018 appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Reading