December, 2019

Rebeca Romero Rainey: We resolve to support you

Independent Banker

“Our resolution is to continue to bring you the very best support for your prosperity, growth and success in the new year.”. As we enter a new year, we’re filled with a sense of anticipation for everything that will unfold in the coming 12 months.

China’s Singles Day is five times bigger than Black Friday … and it’s all down to Cloud and AI

Chris Skinner

Regular readers of the blog know that I’m a fanboy of Alibaba and their financial firm Ant Financial which operates Alipay, the major payments system of China. On November 11, they had their Singles Day jamboree.

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Black Friday sets online, mobile shopping records

Mobile Payments Today

Black Friday shopping figures in the U.S. showed more consumers embracing mobile and general online shopping for the best deals. Meanwhile average order volume increased, showing more willingness to make big ticket purchases via smartphone

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OnDeck’s Noah Breslow on building a community business bank

Bank Innovation

Small business lending company OnDeck is expanding its ecosystem of products. Through its application for a bank charter, the company wants to become a full-service digital bank for small businesses it says are overlooked by traditional banks.

Nigeria Turns To FinTechs To Boost Financial Inclusion


In an effort to expand access to financial institutions (FIs), the Central Bank of Nigeria is planning to license more payment providers, Bloomberg reported on Saturday (Nov. 30). . The goal is to improve Nigeria’s financial inclusion rate by 20 percent, bringing it to 80 percent by the end of 2020.

Holiday Sales on the Dark Web


Key Takeaways Holiday sales, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are aggressively promoted by criminal sellers on the Dark Web seeking to grow sales and customers.

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Rebeca Romero Rainey: Connections are critical

Independent Banker

“A plethora of new digital payments offerings now must factor into business strategies.”. What does “the best” mean? It can be a tricky question, as “the best” of anything is usually subject to interpretation. What I think is the best restaurant may not fit your palate, and vice versa.

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Four digital banking trends to watch in 2020

Mobile Payments Today

The growing phenomenon of direct, digital banking and Silicon Valley's entry into the payments business are posing a series of challenges to traditional banking institutions.

California’s fintech startups are invading New York

Bank Innovation

When two Irish brothers started Stripe Inc. together in 2010, there was little question about where they should put their headquarters. It had to be California.

NEW DATA: Millennials Drove 2019’s Black Friday Spend


What did you do the Friday after Thanksgiving? PYMNTS asked 2,000 consumers that very same question – and what they told us may surprise you. Of course, the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. is known as “Black Friday” — the traditional start of the holiday shopping season in the U.S.

How Your Customers Want to Communicate With Your Bank

Banker to Banker

Since your bank's primary value proposition is service and you are likely striving for a superior customer experience, then it would make sense that the first stop you should make is to improve your ability to communicate with the customer.

Using BSA Hot Topics to Strengthen Your BSA Program in 2020


Key Takeaways Using exam findings from 2019 can help strengthen your BSA program in 2020. Institutions must create a strong culture of compliance. Pillar violations see a big increase in the nature and seriousness of the violation. . Looking back to strengthen your BSA program.

Why is Open Banking so scary?

Chris Skinner

The UK implemented Open Banking in January 2018 and now, almost two years later, you would think it’s doing really well. This is why the momentum is building.

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Payment security in a world going mobile

Mobile Payments Today

As a rising number of consumers use digital payments to conduct ecommerce transactions, businesses need to make sure their mobile apps are secure. Customer identity and payment information is increasingly at risk as fraud actors find new ways to compromise mobile platforms

A Missouri bank is using tech to secure large deposits from public entities

Bank Innovation

Bank of Franklin County, a Washington, Mo.-based based bank with $273 million in assets, is using ‘cash sweep’ technology to gain large deposits from public funds without having to put up its own assets as collateral.

How Faster Payments And Faster Data Drive Payroll Innovation


Shifting employee landscapes, changes in workers’ demands over how and when they get paid, and technological innovation have combined to open the floodgates for payroll FinTech.

The Irishman’s Guide To Bank Sales and Marketing

Banker to Banker

Throw all the facts that you want at someone, and you won’t move them to a position anywhere near the effectiveness than if you can work the facts into a story.

Prevention is the Key to Stopping Elder Financial Exploitation & Fraud


Key Takeaways Elder financial abuse/exploitation (EFE) is under-reported although it remains on the rise. ABA study shows banks are reporting more cases of EFE. The Senior Safe Act provides a safe harbor for financial institutions reporting suspected EFE. . The under-reported and growing crime. Elder financial exploitation and elder fraud are rising at an alarming rate as they continue to be serious crimes in the United States.

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Banking in the 1990’s … even then, the writing was on the wall

Chris Skinner

Back in 1997, I was tasked with writing a strategy for NCR. The strategy had to review the likelihood that other industries would enter banking and what threat or opportunity this offered.

Is cashless underserving the underbanked?

Mobile Payments Today

As cashierless shopping becomes more popular, a stark disparity is coming to light — the underbanked are getting left behind. In this blog post, Plain Green's Guy Dilger talks about the move away from cash and how some cities are fighting back


Bank of the West to launch account for eco-friendly customers

Bank Innovation

Bank of the West is currying favor among customers who care about environmental sustainability. The bank, which is a U.S. subsidiary of BNP Paribas, is launching a new checking account in early 2020 called 1% for the Planet that will show customers the carbon footprint of their purchases.

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FinServ Providers Lift Some Of B2B’s Fraud Burden


As B2B fraud threats like the business email compromise (BEC) scam or internal employee theft continue to grow for businesses large and small, experts are urging business owners and executives to take the lead in combatting fraudsters.

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Everything You Need To Know About What Amazon Is Doing In Financial Services

CB Insights

In 2017, Andreessen Horowitz general partner Alex Rampell said that of all the tech giants that could make a major move in financial services: “Amazon is the most formidable. If Amazon can get you lower-debt payments or give you a bank account, you’ll buy more stuff on Amazon.”.

New Year’s Resolutions to Grow Your Financial Institution in 2020


Key Takeaways To book loans more quickly, institutions must create efficiencies and increase loan turnaround. Institutions must be proactive in effectively pricing loans. Looking to mergers and acquisitions, institutions can expand into new areas of business or geographic markets.

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Have Yourself a Merry FinTech Christmas

Chris Skinner

So it’s the holiday season and time for some time off. I’m back on January 6th 2020. The only thing I can say is … here’s to a fantastic 2020 … the year of Doing Digital. Stop what you are doing and read this book.

Cyber Monday results shows mobile driving ecommerce train

Mobile Payments Today

A record holiday shopping performance on Cyber Monday was driven by heavy use of mobile by retailers looking to take advantage of the short holiday season

Marqeta to focus on growing product suite in 2020

Bank Innovation

If 2019 was the year of the challenger bank, 2020 will be the year payments companies move closer to bank territory.

Gusto Cites Security Concerns In Zenefits API Dispute


Small business accountants have said they are now forced to manually transfer data between payroll and human resources solution providers Gusto and Zenefits after the two companies abruptly ended their application programming interface (API) integration, AccountingToday reported.

Quadratic Payments: A Primer

Vitalik Buterin

Special thanks to Karl Floersch and Jinglan Wang for feedback. If you follow applied mechanism design or decentralized governance at all, you may have recently heard one of a few buzzwords: quadratic voting , quadratic funding and quadratic attention purchase.

What SEC Filers Have Learned About CECL Implementation


Key Takeaways An SEC filer with a 2020 CECL deadline recommends starting ASAP on implementation -- even if your deadline is 2023. Assess data before selecting your methodology or methodologies. Be willing to change as needed. .

How is 2020’s banking different to 1990’s banking?

Chris Skinner

Building on my blog post last week, showing the views of 1997, it was clear years ago that banking was under siege. However, that siege never happened. Tesco thought that most banks were “a bunch of clowns”, but never cracked the market and still have not.

An untapped market: The unbanked shopper

Mobile Payments Today

Billions of people do not have access to a bank account, either due to the lack of income, unstable financial markets or the lack of verifyable identification. At the same time, millions of these same people operate in major consumer markets and shop for food, apparel, household goods and gifts

Big tech Is coming for banking: Experts predict fintech’s 2020

Bank Innovation

Financial technology startups will enter the next decade with a little more street cred than the last time around. Nearly 60 upstarts focusing on financial services — from Stripe Inc. to Chime Inc. to Plaid Inc.

Automakers Worry That Qualcomm Appeal Could Boost Cost Of 5G Cars


If microchip supplier Qualcomm wins its case on appeal, the cost of connected cars using 5G technology will skyrocket, automakers and suppliers said in court filings on Friday (Nov. 29), Reuters reported.

Traditional banks are suffocating … they just don’t know it yet

Chris Skinner

An interesting lunch discussion about data the other day.

Funding Loan Growth: How to Set Your Institution Up for Success


Key Takeaways To grow your FI, you must support the growth with proper funding. Relationship pricing leverages your customer base and cross-sells products for a larger share of the deposit wallet. Bundling accounts can make a loan more attractive for both the institution and the borrower. .

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Things worth reading: 13th December 2019

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … ING working on digital assets custody technology Battle over Volcker’s rule outlives its creator Central bankers debate tackling climate change Citi, Credit Suisse drop China’s Ucommune U.S.