March, 2021

How Money Will Disappear

Daily Fintech

In recent months bitcoin has had a phenomenal rally and for good reason. Big payment giants and listed companies are adopting it and not just in the US. One month after Elon Musk announced that Tesla purchased $1.5

Getting the Foundations of Your Cloud Platform Right


In my previous blog post in this series on the journey to cloud, I examined how to lay the organisational foundations for cloud by implementing the right operating model. In this latest instalment, I move on to the key step of architecting the cloud platform.


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Cash Forecasting During an Unstable Economy


Covid-19 has turned the world’s economies upside down. As preventative measures (such as lock-downs) continue, uncertainty abounds. This uncertainty is making it difficult for companies to gain a clear picture of their finances.

General Motors Considering Bitcoin As Payment


Some bitcoin investors are watching General Motors (GM) closely in the wake of CEO Mary Barra ’s response during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call to a question about whether the automobile giant might accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

How are organizations using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to derive business value? Renowned author and professor Tom Davenport explains the rise of automated machine learning, its benefits, and success stories from businesses that are already using it.

The Most Influential Women in Payments, 2021

Payments Source

2021's Most Influential Women in Payments honorees demonstrate how a diverse background and a unique perspective can prove crucial in difficult times. Women in Payments

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What Money Scripts Reveal About Your Finances


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your relationship with money refuses to improve. The answer could lie in your money scripts. Not sure what they are? Read on. Every New Year brings with it the promise of boundless possibilities to turn our lives around.

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The personalities driving today’s banking consumers


The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a rapid uptake of digital banking around the world. The incredible speed of the adoption has rewritten some of the fundamentals of the industry, including how consumers behave and what they expect from banks in 2021.

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Customer Service Done Right Makes All the Difference

Strategically Speaking

It was a windy Saturday when I received my market (aka, patio) umbrella. I knew when I ordered it, there could be a struggle because I’m the only one who can assemble it. You see, market umbrellas are very large and this one was no exception.

Bill Gates' Land Grab Fuels Speculation About Smart Cities, AgTech Plans


Bill Gates ’ interests are quietly moving from server farms to soil farms. No one knows why except Bill and Melinda Gates and their inner circle, but the speculation is turning again to their vision of building new ‘connected’ smart cities and farms.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Payoneer works to raise its profile through SPAC and Mastercard pact

Payments Source

By merging with FTAC Olympus Acquisition Corp. and entering a B2B partnership with Mastercard, Payoneer is grabbing for a bigger share of the spotlight. ]]. B-to-B payments M&A

FATF Updates Grey List: What Does This Mean for Your BSA Program?


The Financial Action Task Force Updated Their List of Countries Under Increased Monitoring The FATF sets the standards for international adherence to BSA/AML programs and highlights deficiencies. . Would you like other articles like this in your inbox?

Legendary Cricketing Shots That Can Up Your Credit Score Game


As the Cricket fever sets in, we’ve designed the ideal game plan to ramp up your Credit Score! Curious? Read on!

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Once-in-a-generation chance for banks in payments


Payments is a hot topic for middle market banks. In fact, I think payments modernization is the most consequential transformation that they’ll make this decade. With the shadow of an aging payments infrastructure looming large, banks can’t stay on the sidelines. This is an existential issue.

How to Choose an AI Vendor

This report explores why it is so challenging to choose an AI vendor and what you should consider as you seek a partner in AI.

Request to Pay—a growing global trend in payments


In my last post, I talked about the important role Request to Pay (RtP) will play in the future of payments—it will , bring flexibility to payers, cost reduction and efficiency to billers, and a huge value opportunity to financial services providers that have an Open Banking infrastructure in place.

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The Kessler Collection Teams With BitPay To Allow Crypto Payments At Hotels


Luxury hotel group The Kessler Collection is teaming with BitPay to accept digital currency as a payment method, according to an announcement on Tuesday (March 9). “I

Why 'romance fraud' became big money in 2020

Payments Source

Since romance frauds generate more than 10 times the money for scammers per event than other types of fraud, 2020 saw a substantial boost in the use of this tactic. Fraud detection Digital payments

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FinCEN Releases Notice Related to Trade in Antiquities and Art


Notice provides information about illicit finance risks related to trade in antiquities and art Many financial institutions, particularly those without an international footprint, are not familiar with these channels of money laundering. Would you like other articles like this in your inbox?

B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

Peloton Breaks Out Checkbook For AI, Hardware Acquisitions


Peloton has bought up three companies that will now give it expertise in wearable devices, artificial intelligence (AI), digital voice assistants, and interactive workout mats, Bloomberg reported.

Square’s Utah Bank Now Open For Business


Square is now operating its state-chartered industrial bank , Square Financial Services, in Utah after the state’s Department of Financial Institutions gave it the green light, according to a press release emailed to PYMNTS. Square submitted its application back in September 2017.

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Seizing the $300 Billion Opportunity in Payments


Many banks today are not seeing the returns on their investments in payments modernisation they hoped for. This is often due to a reactive, compliance-driven, piecemeal approach that makes it harder to adopt new capabilities.

New Digital ID Tech Authenticates People And Payments Without Passwords


Maybe it’s a favorite band, plus a few random numbers. Or a first-grade teacher in front of a few symbols. Whatever the method, the average consumer has between 70 and 80 password combinations to remember.

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MLOps 101: The Foundation for Your AI Strategy

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) allows organizations to alleviate many of the issues on the path to AI with ROI by providing a technological backbone for managing the machine learning lifecycle through automation and scalability.

Mastercard offering tech and scale to vaccination passport projects

Payments Source

The card brand is working with the International Chamber of Commerce to support authentication to vaccine and test tracking. It may not be an easy task. Coronavirus Mastercard Digital ID

FinCEN Red Flags for Economic Impact Payment Fraud


New relief may escalate EIP criminal activity. While the typologies of EIP fraud are not new, FinCEN has provided examples of trending types of EIP-related criminal activities. . Would you like other articles like this in your inbox?

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Bitcoin Daily: Investors Pour Over $100 Million In New Bitcoin IRA Program; Robinhood To Expand Crypto Business


Bitcoin IRA , a digital IRA letting users buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies for their retirement accounts, now has over $100 million invested into its new program, IRA Earn , according to a press release. The new program offers interest rates of up to 6 percent annually on cash, 2.7

Banks Wary As Fed Speeds Up Digital Currency Initiative


The U.S. financial services sector is getting edgy as the Federal Reserve’s initiative for a digital dollar or Fedcoin steps up its research to reveal prototypes as soon as July, Bloomberg reported on Monday (March 22).

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Pressure Points: How to Ensure Your B2B Pipeline Passes Inspection

This eBook highlights best practices for developing a pipeline management process that helps sales leaders and their team C.L.O.S.E (you’ll see what we mean in this eBook) more revenue through data-driven prospecting, stage analysis, and subsequent sales enablement.