December, 2017

Passport, the technology business for city transit systems, raises $43 million


Passport, company that’s managing much of the technical aspects of how people pay to use public transportation resources in cities like London, Miami and Los Angeles, has just raised $43 million.

The Top FinTech Trends of 2017 … were they?

Chris Skinner

The other forecasting I made at start of year concerned the big FinTech trends of 2017. Again, I thought it might be of interest to revisit them.

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The 5 biggest technology trends affecting FinTech today

Insights on Business

Two years ago I wrote an article on the 6 biggest trends in FinTech. Looking back, I’m happy to say that there has been significant progress in all the areas. A year after that, I wrote Everyone is Talking about APIs to discuss a trend that, at the time, was new to the industry.

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Giving Back Has ROI, Too

Credit Union Geek

Originally published on Does your credit union give back? That’s a silly question. But does your community support program intricately tie in with member engagement? A friend of mine used to work for the local chapter of the American Heart Association.

Waves Platform Launches Venture Capital Fund Focusing on Crypto-Assets

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – Public blockchain platform Waves is launching a new blockchain venture product called Basics Fund to focus on investing in crypto-assets and pre-sale ICO tokens.

How to Boost Metabolism: 8 Foods That Can Skyrocket Your Weight Loss

Mobile Payments Today

I’ve got a secret to tell you. Your body has one powerful tool it can use to start burning fat like crazy. That same tool can also make you gain weight and store all those excess fats in all areas of your body. Can you guess what it is? It’s your thyroid. It’s that tiny gland located in your neck, right below the Adam’s apple. It has dozens of different functions and effects, but perhaps the most important one is metabolism regulation. Via webmd. What is metabolism?

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Why savvy investors should focus on Kazakhstan (and other frontier markets)


If I told you that you could travel back in time, to the end of the nineteenth century, and invest in a country that was recently war-torn, and in great transition, would you do it?

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Lingmo breaks down language barriers with IBM

Insights on Business

Try to picture this scenario: you are in a foreign country, let’s say China, on a business trip. You don’t speak the language, don’t have any contacts, and are relying on a vanilla translation app on your phone to help you get out and about.

Here Are 35 Casualties Of The Retail Apocalypse And Why They Failed

CB Insights

Modern-day retail is at an inflection point as retailers face struggling physical storefronts, massive debt, and inefficient operations, among other issues.

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Mastercard Invests in Authentication Startup Hypr

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – Authentication solution provider Hypr has received a sizable investment from Mastercard to expand its technology to Mastercard’s ecosystem as well as major banks and financial institutions.

3 trends for 2018: Safer data, faster payments, better experiences

Mobile Payments Today

These areas present great opportunities, but also significant challenges

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2017: The Year Of Digital Disruption For Payments


A lot can happen in a year. What makes one stand out from another? How shall 2017 go down in the history books? Search Google for “2017: the year of…” and it becomes clear that many have seen this as a year of “death” and “disaster.”

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91% of consumers have no idea what Open Banking is

Chris Skinner

I was moderating a panel discussion about Open Banking and the panel’s opening was some research presented by Steve Ogborn and Benedict Ireland of the Unlimited Group. The guys said that only 9% of consumers had heard of Open Banking. That means 91% had no idea what it was.

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The year in IBM FinTech

Insights on Business

As we wrap up an unpredictable and sometimes tumultuous year in both the fintech industry and the world, we’re looking back at the last 12 months of IBM FinTech blogs to pick out some of the more popular and insightful posts of 2017.

How Blockchain Could Transform The Way You Buy Your Groceries

CB Insights

Blockchain tech has primarily been associated with financial services — but increasingly it’s making an impact across industries, and the food supply chain is no exception.

The U.S. is Unlikely to Ban Token Sales, But ICO Sellers Should be Careful How Sale is Marketed

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE—While the U.S. is unlikely to ban token sales outright, those looking to raise funds with an ICO (or Initial Coin Offering) should make sure they’re paying close attention to risk.

Going at it alone: Should banks consider their own payments apps?

Mobile Payments Today

By now, it should be obvious to every bank that no company can afford to neglect mobile payments

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Holiday Tunes with a T1D Spin


We asked our readers to give their favorite holiday tunes a T1D spin. Here are some lyrics for all to enjoy: The Night Before Christmas with Type 1 Diabetes.

Rwanda: Africa’s first cashless economy?

Chris Skinner

Another presentation that was enlightening was delivered by Jean Claude Gaga, CEO of RSwitch Ltd, the national e-payment switch of Rwanda.

FinTech year in review: What we saw and where we’re going

Insights on Business

Things seemed different at Sibos this year. The dominant story is that fintech startups and banks are better off as friends than foes. Fintech, once seen as a disruptor, is now becoming a mainstream and also a collaborating partner.

AI 100: The Artificial Intelligence Startups Redefining Industries

CB Insights

Today, CB Insights unveiled the second annual AI 100 — a list of 100 of the most promising private companies applying artificial intelligence algorithms across 25+ industries, from healthcare to cybersecurity — at the A-Ha! conference in San Francisco.

Banks Will Only Slow Fintech Innovation if They Acquire Rather Than Partner, Hyperwallet Says

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE—Should banks acquire or partner with smaller, more agile fintechs? Well, that depends if the end goal of the bank is to further financial innovation, Derrick Walton, EVP of global financial networks for Hyperwallet, told Bank Innovation.

Best of 2017: Did those predictions about mobile payments come true?

Mobile Payments Today

Mobile Payments Today takes a look back at the top features on the site throughout the past year

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Three Tips To Help Managers Understand Their Employees


Have you ever worked for a manager who showed little enthusiasm for your personal interests, unique talents, and long-term career aspirations? Based on the statistics about employees quitting managers , the answer for many people to this question is likely to be a resounding “yes.”

Change my bank? Not on your nelly!

Chris Skinner

I had a realisation the other day: banks are brilliant. Everyone says they hate banks, but I love them. In fact, I think most people secretly love their bank. They just don’t like to admit it. After all, when did you last change your bank?


Jefferies makes huge savings and keeps investors sharp with market data from IBM

Insights on Business

With global interest rates at a record low and increasing levels of regulatory scrutiny touching every aspect of the financial sector, competition is getting fierce for Prime Brokerage firms like Jefferies LLC.

What Is Ethereum?

CB Insights

Think of Ethereum as bitcoin’s multi-talented, more versatile younger sibling. Bitcoin was built using a tech called blockchain to create a global, distributed ledger of transactions. This ledger or digital history is stored on hundreds of thousands of computers. So it can’t be spoofed or changed.

Invoice Finance Platform Finiata Raises $21M in Funding

Bank Innovation

Finiata, a finance platform developed for SMEs, freelancers, and “Self-employed” consumers, has raised $21 million (or €18 million) in new funding for its platform, the company reports.

Giving control of the payment process back to consumers

Mobile Payments Today

The implementation of the new European payments legislation is imminent, affecting the payments industry like never before and bringing the future of banking back into the hands of its consumers

The Power Of Bringing Better Data For The Holidays


Arguably, the internet’s premier destination for auctions is eBay, which is not an unfair statement, given the sheer volume of said auctions going on via its website at any given moment.

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The economics of our future world

Chris Skinner

Taking of moving from the concept of a Universal Basic Income to money without government to tokens to credits, I’ve been reading a fascinating book recently on Star Trek’s economics called Trekonomics.

On credit-augmented market risk analysis

Insights on Business

Many investors appreciate occasional bond rallies throughout their financial year. They may not all welcome the ongoing presence of low long interest rates as much (see Fig. In such markets, low coupons and yields offered by top issuers may not be well suited to the refinancing of liabilities.

6 Best Recruiting Tools Of 2018 [Infographic]

The Paypers

In 2018, hiring volume is again predicted to increase with 61% of recruiters expecting to hire more people.

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3 Fintech Startups to Watch Next Month

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE— Fintech is continuing to grow, as more startups across payments, insurance, blockchain, and other areas carve out niches for themselves in the financial ecosystem. And with more funding and more innovations come more players.

How trending technologies and the user experience go hand-in-hand

Mobile Payments Today

Technology is ever-evolving, but contrary to what you might expect, it can become more human, not less so, in the process. Learn what this means in financial services terms in a video presentation from the 2017 Bank Customer Experience Summit

The Future of Customer Experience: Top 10 Trends for 2018 and Beyond (Infographic)


Over the recent years customer experience has dramatically grown in value to supersede product quality and price. Companies that deliver outstanding customer experience can truly win over the competition, retain more loyal customers and improve their bottom line.

Where are all the women?

Chris Skinner

Despite there being many capable women in banking, finance and technology, it is surprising how few are at the top of the companies I talk about. Most FinTech start-ups I refer to are run by young men, whilst most banks are run by old men. Where are all the women?