January, 2019

Credit Unions Step Up During Government Shutdown


There is no shortage of headlines about the partial government shutdown that is now on its 27th day, and no shortage of articles speculating how long it will go on, what will be affected and (most often) what it will take to finally bring it to an end.

The CEO and Chair make digital banking work

Chris Skinner

I claim that most of the banks embracing true digital transformation and not just treating digital as a channel, are led by people who understand technology. They have a leadership team who are passionate about digitalisation, and see it as a core raison d’etre of the bank’s future.

8 mobile payment trends that matter for 2019

Mobile Payments Today

Eight major trends will help define the landscape of mobile payments in 2019, according to Mark Flamme of AlixPartners

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Risk management in the cloud: A strategic imperative

Insights on Business

For financial institutions, the benefits of moving away from legacy in-house systems to the cloud are obvious. A cloud environment offers financial institutions greater speed and agility than their current environments.

Fortnite’s In-Game Currency Used In Money Laundering Schemes


A new report has revealed that Fortnite’s in-game currency is being used to launder money from stolen credit cards.

Stripe Raises $100M, Boosting Valuation To $22.5B


Stripe, the San Francisco digital payments startup, has landed a $100 million investment from Tiger Global Management, boosting its valuation above $20 billion.

Amazon Plans Whole Foods Expansions In Closed Sears Stores


Amazon has its eyes on expansion for its Whole Foods brand in closed Sears and Kmart stores, according to a report by Yahoo! Finance. The recent woes of Sears and other struggling retailers are seen as an opportunity for the online retail giant. Sources told Yahoo!

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How financial institutions are embracing blockchain

Mobile Payments Today

What's holding the blockchain back? What can make it more secure? Panelists at Financial Services Data Security Summit, sponsored by Thales and Networld Media Group, shared thoughts on these issues

2019: An artificial intelligence-enhanced AML odyssey

Insights on Business

Welcome to the brave new world of regulatory technology.

Why Africa Is eCommerce’s Next Great Frontier


Africa as next great eCommerce frontier? The ingredients for a revolution in payments across the region, fueled by demographics and technology, seem to be there.

Mastercard Fined $648.3 Million By EU Over Interchange Fees


Mastercard was slapped with a $648.3 million fine by the European Union, which alleged that the payments company raised the costs of card payments artificially.

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Blockchain Makes Inroads Into Banking


In Asia, blockchain continues to get a boost from government and regulatory efforts, especially in the realm of trade finance done across borders.

The new FinTech bank

Chris Skinner

For years, I’ve been wondering why people in business operations couldn’t align their needs with the people delivering technology in the organisation. The CIO would sit outside the business, watching and responding to requests.

Podcast episode 14: Switch CEO discusses automating payment card data

Mobile Payments Today

Host David Jones, discusses automating payment card data, and how it protects cardholders and merchants with Switch CEO, Chris Hopen

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mPOS At 37,000 Feet


With the global mobile point of sale (mPOS) market projected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.8 percent from 2017 to 2026, many solution providers are looking to use partnerships as a boost to snag a bigger share of the growing market.

In 2019, Mobilize The Commercial Card: JPMorgan


While commercial card innovation certainly accelerated in 2018, progress can always continue. One area of development that J.P. Morgan Managing Director and Head of Commercial Card Product Management Naney Pandit says should be a focus this year is in mobilizing the corporate card.

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2019: Big Payment, Commerce And Tech IPOs Loom On The Horizon


Tech companies are taking more time to reach their initial public offerings, with the median gap between their early financing and their IPOs hitting 10.1 years in 2017, up from 6.9 years in 2013, according to a recent estimate.

Nearly 100 Chinese Tech Startups Hit Unicorn Status In 2018


China’s startup market had a good year in 2018, with close to 100 technology companies garnering a valuation of more than $1 billion.

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Digital transformation needs a burning platform

Chris Skinner

Ever since I started working in business process re-engineering and transformation a while ago, before most millennials were born I should say, I learnt a lesson early on. Transformation will never work without a crisis point.

The growth of mobile POS and preventing fraud

Mobile Payments Today

Mobile point-of-sale systems are a growing consideration for retailers, but carry a number of concerns about fraud and secure payment

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Why Banks’ Immune Systems Need Both AI And Human Boosts


As fraudsters become more brazen in their efforts, banks are realizing they need to do more than simply respond to suspicious activities as they find them. Instead, a deeper understanding of fraud — down to its genetic outline — is needed to be truly effective in fighting it.

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Corporates Step Up To Welcome AI, Blockchain


In a recent report published by Protiviti and North Carolina State University, analysts found just how important technology and innovation are becoming for corporate executives.

2019: What To Take Forward And What To Leave Behind


Welcome to the first Monday of 2019. According to the Chinese calendar, 2019 is the “Year of the Pig” – which may not, at first blush, inspire much excitement for the 358 days ahead of us.

Alipay In X-Border Blockchain Pact


The new year has dawned with a number of cross-border payment pacts, done across blockchain and other means.

Ten Top Trends for 2019

Chris Skinner

Hello, hello and hello again. Welcome to 2019. A brand new, fresh, shiny year, and just out of the starting gate. Having said that, yes we are still talking Brexit and we still find a group of shady bankers knocking off billions. Same s**t, different day, as Stephen King would say.

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Looking ahead: Setting expectations for banking and mobile payments in 2019

Mobile Payments Today

The banking industry is facing multiple challenges in the face of stiff competition from fintech startups and disruptive applications that provide direct access to loans, credit and other critical services

PSD2 Creates Turbulence For Travel Operators


With PSD2 in full swing in the European Union (EU), any merchant dealing with the payment data of EU citizens must upgrade their payment protocols to stay compliant.

PayPal India Sees Revenue Jump 12x


PayPal has reported a more than twelvefold boost in revenue at its Indian payments subsidiary. According to The Economic Times , revenue reached Rs 260 crore in 2018 from Rs 21 crore the previous year.

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AI Can’t Be Bottled Up — But Will The US Give It A Try?


New technologies face numerous tests that go beyond whether they work. Will consumers use them for daily or near-daily tasks? Are there pragmatic business models associated with them? How will they scale? And how will regulators and lawmakers respond?

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Walmart Tests New Payments Approach To Up Online Conversions


Walmart is testing out a new solution designed to automatically address soft declines on its eCommerce site.

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Banks need to be technology giants

Chris Skinner

I got into one very interesting discussion with a digital banker. He was underscoring how important data is in banking, and referenced the fact that banking started with data.

Automakers expand connected car ecosystem with payment technologies

Mobile Payments Today

Automakers from Honda to GM and Hyundai see mobile payment technology as a key component in developing connected car technology

For Visa, She’s Next Is What’s Next


If knowledge is power, then shared knowledge is … shared power. To that end, Visa said on Tuesday (Jan.

Warehouse Robots Pave The Way For More AI Logistics


Robots have taken their place inside eCommerce and other commerce-related warehouses, and will in the coming years take even larger roles in fulfillment, according to estimates.

What Australia Can Teach The World About Real-Time Payments


On the face of it, the lure of real-time payments might seem like an inevitability. The concept is gaining traction and deployment across any number of avenues and several countries. In a recent example, in the U.S.,

How Inefficient B2B Payments Systems Hobble Business Growth


Business confidence remains strong in the U.S., riding on the optimism of a strengthening economy that brings new opportunity for revenue growth.

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How to get rid of the legacy

Chris Skinner

I often talk about changing core systems, and most people tell me I’m mad. It doesn’t have to happen. You can have an overlay of middleware to deal with it. You don’t need to change those old systems. It’s too risky and too costly. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

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