October, 2018

From sandbox to sandcastle

Chris Skinner

Another lively discussion followed my meeting with the FinTech communities in Asia. It was interesting as we had a chat about all aspects of what was happening in South-East Asia, and the overwhelming message that came back to me was that the regulatory sandboxes had become sandcastles.

Advancing Innovation in the Global Financial Services Industry

Insights on Business

IBM RegTech Innovations. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and cybersecurity are poised to transform the financial services industries.

How Apple's update may turn the payments space on its head

Mobile Payments Today

Recent changes to how Apple deals with the NFC chip in the iPhone and Apple Watch presents a world of opportunities

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Mastercard Will No Longer Require Signatures On Cards, Receipts


Mastercard, the payments company, announced on Thursday (Oct. 18) that cardholder signatures will now be optional for the back of credit cards and receipts. In a press release , Mastercard said it is making the changes due to advancements in technology and security.

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Addressing Key Challenges at the Frontier of Financial Services Marketing

Bank Innovation

There have never been more opportunities – or more challenges – in digital marketing, especially for financial services. With a plethora of channels and corresponding metrics, how do marketers decide which ones to prioritize?

Passwords. An Update.

Credit Union Geek

Originally published on CUInsight.com It’s a topic you’ve seen here before. Time and again. Of course, it’s still pertinent since we keep using them. Passwords are a bane of the tech world.

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Gartner: you’re better than this

Chris Skinner

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Bankers debate today's trends at Bank Customer Experience Summit

Mobile Payments Today

Executives from MB Financial Bank, Wells Fargo and USAA gathered in Chicago for a rapid-fire round table discussion on a variety of topics in the banking industry

Visa Accelerates Tokenization Of Credentials On File For Digital Payments


Visa announced today the commercial expansion of its Visa Token Service for “credential-on-file token requestors.”

The Evolution of Lending Through Fintech

Bank Innovation

The lending market is going through some major, rapid changes, and it’s more exciting than ever for consumers looking for attractive deals on their loans.

This ICU Day, Let’s Aim for Engagement!

Credit Union Geek

I’m a huge fan of the credit union mission and all it contributes to our communities. You’d know that if you’ve read more than a few lines of any previous post. Of course, you’d also know that I’m not afraid to call out things when they could be improved. On that note, I have just […].

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The digital divide: inclusion must not create exclusion

Chris Skinner

I have one slight concern as we go cashless, having experienced it myself. You cannot go cashless if it does not include everyone. I had this experience in China.

Sales Territory Management: The importance of automation & how to choose the right solution

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This blog is reposted with permission – originally posted on the OpenSymmetry blog. Territory management (TM) is one of the hardest – and most important – sales activities to get right.

Global Carrier Billing Summit: Round Up

Mobile Payments Today

Carriers, payment integrators and merchants from around the world met up in London last week at the Global Carrier Billing Summit to share their progress and provide updates

Brexit A Boon For Blockchain?


Questions loom large over Brexit. As the U.K. gears up to leave the European Union (EU), for commerce, there remains the unknowns of how trade will be affected, as well as how capital, goods and services can be tracked.

Consumers Would Be Comfortable Using Google or Apple For Taking Out Loans, Survey Finds

Bank Innovation

Banks need not fear large technology companies like Google or Apple taking their business.

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What is digital transformation?

Chris Skinner

We talk about platform companies, and many use the famous TechCrunch quote to illustrate this: Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory.

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Ring out the old, ring in the new

Chris Skinner

Like many of us, I have several pet hates about banks. My main one is when they sting you with charges you don’t expect. I always remember getting a £50 charge for an unauthorised overdraft a few years ago.

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Your everything IBM at Sibos guide

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The Sibos conference in Sydney is less than a week away. It’s time to pack those bags and hop on a plane. While you’re planning, make sure to book some time with IBM.

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Keeping it personal in a digital banking world

Mobile Payments Today

Digital channels are being widely accepted by today's consumers, but with this adoption comes the increase in impersonal transactions through online and mobile banking, drastically impacting the traditional model of building relationships

How Connected Devices Are Revolutionizing How And Who We Pay


Connected devices — smartphones, tablets, voice-activated speakers, smartwatches, in-car dashboard systems — are changing how consumers in the U.S. buy and pay. Not just some consumers, but almost all of them. We have brand-new data that reveals how much change is happening.

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As Rates Rise and Recession Threatens, Alternative Lenders Batten Down the Hatches

Bank Innovation

LAS VEGAS - The CEOs of Prosper Marketplace, Lending Club, and Social Finance Inc. all spoke to a common theme – preparing for the coming storm and choosing loans for quality, not quantity.

Why P2P lending works in some markets and not in others

Chris Skinner

Someone asked me about getting return on investment in fintech. The discussion is about how many firms are actually delivering on their promise. So many unicorns are loss-making firms, and billion-dollar valuations on million-dollar revenues seems like a lot of hype.

11:FS launches Banking-as-a-Service

Chris Skinner

I don’t normally share press releases or advertorial, because this is my blog and it’s meant to be neutral and independent, but I have a stake in 11:FS and so this is different.

How banks use bank-as-a-platform to modernize apps with cloud

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In today’s banking landscape, there’s a growing trend by clients to move their applications to the cloud, including their core banking applications. This movement — core to cloud — is essential for banks seeking to modernize their legacy systems and become agile and flexible.

Podcast Episode 12: The Rise of Digital Identity with Equifax Mobile Strategy Leader, Hrishi Talwar

Mobile Payments Today

Host Will Hernandez, discusses the rise of digital identity, how mobile affects the digital identity, with Equifax Mobile Strategy Leader, Hrishi Talwar

Bitcoin Daily: AML Crypto Regulation Will Be Dictated In June 2019


The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) announced that it will get one step closer to creating international standards for cryptocurrency when it launches its first set of rules in June of 2019.

The Struggles of Banks as Technology Companies

Bank Innovation

It's a common refrain from bank CEOs -- "My bank is a technology company." But the reality is much rarer. JPMorgan Chase is showing it takes fintech seriously by building (or buying) a Silicon Valley campus, which will house 1,000 employees, including 250 from recently acquired WePay.

Open Banking has arrived, whether you like it or not

Chris Skinner

Ten years ago, I was presenting the concept of Banking-as-a-Service, with the idea that I could find a wide range of plug-and-play software in a cloud-based marketplace, and build my own bank by bringing these pieces of code together into an easy-to-use banking service.

AI is only as good as the people who program it

Chris Skinner

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving at a pace, creating a really interesting online debate the other day about its applications. Specifically, the question was raised about self-driving cars and how they make decisions. For example, when a self-driving car crashes, who should die?

Transforming payments and creating new value chains with open banking

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Open banking at its core is about empowering the end customers as the owners of their data and enabling organizations to work together — through APIs — creating new value chains to produce better products and services. It is that simple.

Restaurant and retail executives share their insights about mobile trends

Mobile Payments Today

Restaurant and retail executives that gathered in Chicago this past summer for the Networld Media Group's annual CONNECT: The Mobile CX Summit shared their thoughts with us about the hottest trends in mobile technology in this exclusive video

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Mapping Fraud’s DNA


Payments and commerce fraud has its own ecosystem, one that includes criminals, servers and other computing devices, IP addresses, compromised payment cards and stolen personal data, and even houses and other physical locations.

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T-Mobile, with 76 Million Customers, Taps BankMobile for Banking Services

Bank Innovation

BankMobile, the mobile-first bank launched and (still) owned by Customers Bank, appears to have scored T-Mobile as client. BankMobile indicated in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it will provide banking products to T-Mobile's 76 million customers in the U.S.

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It’s banking Jim, but not as we know it

Chris Skinner

It is interesting how the FinTech world has developed over the past decade. My first memory of any company that would fit the FinTech world stems way back to March 30, 2005.

Is the world being democratised through technology?

Chris Skinner

Someone told me I should start a travel blog, as I fly more than most pigeons do. But I’m not sure my travel blog would be read so much. However, it does make me reflect on travel and money.

Money — and cloud transformation — never sleeps

Insights on Business

A leading financial services institution knew its cloud transformation execution wasn’t hitting on all cylinders. The CIO had made modest gains in cloud adoption, using virtual machines in the data center and some off-premise cloud platform services for customer engagement.