May, 2021

Managing Financial Risk in a Post-Pandemic Environment


Align inputs, outputs, and teams for risk optimization. How can financial risk models within the bank or credit union benefit from using the same sheet music? Check out this webinar on Enterprise Risk Management. WATCH ON-DEMAND.

How to Build Future-Ready, Intelligent Operations That Drive Customer Experience and Faster Growth


In my first blog on the future of banking operations in a post COVID-19 world, I examined why banks must reduce their operational costs dramatically just to stand still.


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Cities work to bring fintech to underserved communities

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Fintech Financial inclusion

XBRL News from the UK, Ukraine and racing horses

Daily Fintech

Here is our pick of the 3 most important XBRL news stories from the last week. 1 Choppy waters or smooth sailing?

How to Choose the Best Automated Documentation System for Commercial Loans

Not all automated loan doc prep solutions are created equal. That is why we have put together a checklist to help you evaluate potential partners and find the best-automated documentation system for your requirements and needs.

Bank of America, Wells Fargo Hit Minority Investment Targets

Banking Exchange

The banking giants have fulfilled pledges made last year to boost investment in minority-owned banks and businesses Retail Banking Duties Lines of Business Feature Business Credit Financial Trends Feature3 Fair Lending Diversity Socially Responsible Investing. 1Retail Banking

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Assessing Global Cash Flow Post Pandemic


The What, When, and How of Global Cash Flow While many institutions have already implemented global cash flow, are they using it effectively in the post-pandemic world? You might also like this webinar on assessing global cash flow. WATCH.

Introducing The Altimeter, an inside guide to banking in the cloud


As the Covid-19 pandemic abates in much of the world, banks are doubling down on their efforts to embrace banking in the cloud. The pandemic highlighted the relative ease and flexibility of moving to the cloud, and of accomplishing things never before imagined.

Fintechs and crypto pose a creative threat to traditional banking

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Banking Fintech Digital payments Cryptocurrencies

Stablecoin News for the week ending Wednesday 26th May.

Daily Fintech

Stablecoins will strengthen the US Dollar as a reserve currency! Here is our pick of the 3 most important Stablecoin news stories during the week.

Digitally Transforming the Engagement Experience for Financial Institutions

Customer experience has become a key differentiator. Learn how to launch your digital transformation by incorporating two customer experience trends into your digital transformation strategy: self-service & personalization.

How Banks Can Support Small Businesses After COVID-19

Banking Exchange

The pandemic has had a profound effect on small businesses – but the post-pandemic rebirth is rife with opportunity Community Banking Feature3 Feature PPP Covid19 Bank Performance The Economy. 1Community Banking

Memorial Day: Remember Maurice "Maury" Hukill

Jeff For Banks

In 1975, a bloody civil war erupted in the country of Lebanon between Palestinian and other Muslim guerrillas and Christian groups. During the ensuing years, Syrian, Israeli and United Nations interventions failed to resolve the factional fighting and the resulting instability and bloodshed.

What Basic Functions Should My Loan Origination System (LOS) Perform?


Features of a Commercial LOS What basic functions should a loan origination system complete? What should an LOS vendor provide? . You might also like this Aite Group report on LOS vendors. DOWNLOAD.

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A clear-eyed approach to the data dilemma in sustainable banking


In my last blog post, I outlined the challenges and opportunities ahead for sustainable banking. With this post, I’m joined by my colleague Prithika Priyanshi, Senior Principal from the Center for Data & Insights at Accenture, who specializes in AI-powered sustainability.

Data 329

Digital Commercial Lending Technology Case Study: Increasing Loan Volume and ROI

In this Commercial Lending Case Study, you'll discover how to leverage digital lending technologies to accelerate growth and leapfrog the competition in the private lending market. A new and innovative approach to mortgage lending — growing lending volume by orders of magnitude.

MoneyGram braces as Western Union joins it under Walmart's roof

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Remittances Retailers Earnings Walmart Western Union MoneyGram

This Week in Fintech ending 28 May 2021

Daily Fintech

This week our experts brought you the following insights based on their experience as investors, entrepreneurs & executives.

Market Commentary: Week of May 10, 2021

SWBC's LenderHub

Last Week: In an action-packed week, the equity markets continued the big equity rotation trade where the high-flying “Big Tech” and “Fintech Disrupter” stocks lost more ground to value stocks, such as banks. A good example of the activity could be found in two Exchange Traded Funds.

Pandemic Puts Branch-Based Bank Jobs at Risk

Banking Exchange

Wells Fargo analyst warns that 200,000 jobs could be lost as digitization and branch consolidation trends bite The Economy Technology Financial Trends Feature3 Feature Fintech. 1Technology

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The Non-QM Market Experiences a Remarkable Comeback: Check Out the Industry Guide

As the commercial lending market evolves, non-QM loans are becoming increasingly popular. Check out this eBook for a detailed look at the benefits of non-QM loans, how to maneuver your way through, and what the future may bring.

Google steps into the banking sector


Google’s head of retail banking, Zac Maufe, confirmed the tech giant is stepping into the banking sector. “We're really excited because we think that there are so many technologies and capabilities that Google has to offer that can be brought into the financial services space and

Google 117

Five reasons the cloud is a generational opportunity for payments right now


The power of the cloud shouldn’t be news for any leader in payments today. Whether public, private, or hybrid, the cloud’s capabilities are widely known and beyond dispute. But cloud transformation is newly urgent.

The Most Influential Women in Payments: Next

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Women in Payments

Ethereum – Ride the next rocket

Daily Fintech

The cryptocurrency market ended the week with a total market capitalization of $2.23 trillion. After one of its worst periods in 2021, this week ended with gains across the board (Bitcoin +14%, Ethereum setting a new ATH, XRP +52% and Binance Coin +28%).

A Comprehensive Guide to Construction Loan Issues for the Commercial Loan Market

Understand how to mitigate risk & protect the interest of all parties with this exclusive, must-have guide outlining important issues for commercial construction lending & best practices.

Are We Bringing Back the 70s?

SWBC's LenderHub

These days, many of us look back at the 1970s with an eye toward nostalgia. The decade is now fondly remembered for great music, the Golden Age of television, Studio 54, and in many ways, a simpler time where a middle class still thrived.

Course 118

Blue Ridge and Aeldra Partner to Help Underserved Cross-Border Clients

Banking Exchange

Virginia-based bank seeks to boost banking access for overseas companies with US banking needs Community Banking Feature3 Fintech Feature Financial Trends Mobile Online Tech Management. 1Community Banking

Rebeca Romero Rainey: Staying the course

Independent Banker

Photo by Robert Severi. We must work to remain optimistic in the face of adversity and keep in mind that no matter how difficult that feat may be, it’s worth the effort.

Course 114

Three innovative solutions shaping the future of the banking industry


The Efma-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards are always a highlight of the year for me—and 2021 promises to be one of the most exciting competitions yet.

CMBS Lending on the Rise: Uncover 10 Common Myths of Securitized Lending

CMBS Lending is an established and growing industry that is, once again, rising to the top as a significant source of permanent loan financing. Learn the truth about CMBS lending and why it might be the best financing solution.